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Welcome to BigDummyKenny

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 20, 2009

Many of you know BigBabyKenny from The Farang Speaks Too Much.

BBK claims that after an unfortunate episode of censorship and some rough treatment were the reasons he stopped contributing to TFS2M.  What actually happened is he was banned for comments made under an article where he recommended people go to Thai shrines to stalk and pick up the girls.

He claims he harbors no bad feelings or ill will toward the owners of the TFS2M and that they run a great bar, the owners remain honest honorable guys and that he hopes to continue being a long time steady customer of The Big Mango Bar.  The fact is he has not yet been to the new Big Mango location and regularly bashes the Big Mango Bar.

So BBK decided to start his own blog with the hopes that becomes a place for those who love Thailand, especially enthusiasts of the Thailand Girl Scene, will come to share information, express their opinions, and debate their ideas.

He pledged to you that will be a place where everyone’s ideas are welcome and freedom of speech and expression are respected, protected, and cherished. But only as long as your ideas are in alignment with his.

His tagline is Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit!

I pledge this site will be the foremost parody of, Kenny and the daily goings on at his website.



98 Responses to “Welcome to BigDummyKenny”

  1. DaffyDuck said

    31 comments are missing?

    Where? I see nothing missing.

  2. ronru said

    There are meant to be 56 comments on this thread.
    Only 25 are showing now.
    All the comments of the fake Elwood have disappeared.

  3. ronru said

    Now from 57 comments only 1 left…

  4. Daywalker said

    Poor ronru just doesn’t get it does he.

    Thick cunt

  5. ronru said

    No, I honestly don’t. Care to explain why 56 comments have disappeared ?

  6. Daywalker said

    They are all there.

  7. ronru said

    OK Daywalker, my bad. I missed the older comments link.

    BTW, couple of days ago I wrote the following on BBK’s blog:
    “If you have any favorite posts on blog X save them (the page – not a link) on your computer before the blog disappears.”

    Clever eh ?

  8. DaffyDuck said

    Uhm … Ronru, there are 62 comments in this thread, not 25. I think you simply don’t understand how the commenting system works.

    Fake Elwood? I’m talking to him right now and he seems pretty real to me.

  9. DaffyDuck said

    “Clever, eh?”

    ??? Coming from someone who can’t figure out how reading comments works, and who immediately jumps to paranoid assumptions …?

    No, not clever.

  10. sidney sidebottom said

    It’s interesting that wickedtraveler and tfs2m suddenly had to be shut down, no warning, the site was just pulled due to “re-organising, but the pub sites and durianseed stayed up. So only re-organising the whore mongering sites …. hmmmm.

    Stick said in his last post that the sex bloggers were getting noticed and things would be changing. I don’t think it will be long before Kenny gets blocked in Thailand.

  11. ronru said

    Interesting… no more votes figures for the polls only percentages…
    And you guys dare challenging BBK for his stats ?

    This site is so full of shit !

  12. DaffyDuck said

    Ha ha ha.

    Still, the actual figures were great to have as they are by proxy an indictment of Kenny’s claims, and a verification of my traffic statements.

    Bear in mind, BDK acts in true Kenny-Style, so I find it odd that you bemoan someone acting the sane way to your personal hero.

  13. Daywalker said

    I am waiting for ronru to draw suspicion on the opening of this blog, and the ‘hiatus’ of another blog.

    I personally think it’s just a coincidence.

  14. DaffyDuck said

    I hear what you are saying – heck, he’s accused me of being behind this blog. Now, that’s a crazy notion, isn’t it?

    Lots of weird coiincidences happening lately – I’m sure it’s also purely coiincidental that with the opening of this blog, nearly the entire userbase from BBK has migrated over here – leaving BBK with … Nothing.

    Well, ronru and Elwood are trying to drum up some traffic, but mostly just talking to each other… but really, who’s left there? BBK, ronru/Elwood (one of them, at least) – heck, even Prufrock has abandoned Kenny, and WW will probably write him off next, if he tosses a few more abusive insults his way.

    Heck, I’d have posted more over there, if he didn’t deliberately make iPhone posting impossible – just look at the traffic I generate over here, just between walking around and grabbing some dinner. Bad choices, mr. Kenny, bad choices.

  15. Elwood said

    ********** breaking Dummy news ***************

    82-year-old man arrested for allegedly raping 77-year-old wife

    Only on 😀

  16. Elwood said

    ********** breaking Dummy news ***************

    List of SCAMS at Suvarnabhumi Airport!!!

    Only on 😀

  17. Elwood said

    ********** breaking Dummy news ***************

    To divorce a woman in Thailand based on infidelity, one needs photos of her IN THE ACT!

    ———————- ^_^ ——————-

    Don’t forget to lock the door of the short-time room! From carrying out PI tasks over the years

    ———————- ^_^ ——————-

    A lot more police activity in Nana…

    ———————- ^_^ ——————-

    Many of the busts and arrests of foreigners are as a direct result of tip offs by other Westerners.

    ———————- ^_^ ——————-

    Only on 😀

  18. Daffy said

    Kinda funny – right now the only traffic Kenny is getting, is:

    – ronru and Elwood arguing with each over who’s real and who’s not
    – Elwood posting links to
    – Kenny frantically deleting them, claiming the posts contain ‘personal information’

    Of course, I’m not even going to bother asking Kenny what constitutes ‘personal information’ anymore, seeing as how he never answers, and prefers to just pretend that no one asked any embarrassing questions – as he always does.

    …which is, I guess, also a reason why most people just moved on and left.

    Hey, where’s Bill Simmons ? 🙂

  19. init4 d_lulz said

    m43 betta than full frame!

    sez boxface bertha

  20. DaffyDuck said

    Cool stuff, news and links.

    I think the relevant excerpt above is :

    Many of the busts and arrests of foreigners are as a direct result of tip offs by other Westerners.

  21. Daffy said

    Couple of things missing, and suggestions

    – Feedback / contact form : some kind of method for us readers to send DummyKenny some feedback, or, if we have them, contributions.

    – *maybe* a better editor in the data entry field for comments? Sometimes we may want to highlight something, or underline something for emphasis.

    – Some sort of better tie in to the content over on — basically a way to mirror the content on here, so that everyone doesn’t need to provide traffic to Kenny, but the first person to see something new can copy it into a section on BDK.

    A lot more fun things can be achieved, with some additional tweaks.

    I even have some goodies for DummyKenny.


  22. Elwood said

    Yeah Ducky Boy — I’m so fucking cool ! :shy:

    Two Bangkok party-boys SHOT in their car in Pattaya…

    ———————- ^_^ ——————-

    Another fucking KEG caught up in Pattaya – for snatching a necklace this time.
    Only meters from Police Box… —
    Moron? :What do they learn in those islamic *schools*?! lol:

    BigDummyKenny ROX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — Elwood 😉

  23. Daywalker said


    You have my e-mail address. If you drop me a mail, I may have some submissions for you, from my ‘crew’?

    Also, I can tell you how to redeem your free drinks that I will throw your way.

    Did you know the Mango has free wifi?


  24. Daffy said

    Yeah. What he said.

  25. Elwood said

    WereWolf is quoting this very website — Yeah!

    Alas, he’s not providing any link!

  26. Elwood said

    But he’s not linking to (anymore?) as well! 😆

    Okay, I’ll get a life now…

    Ciao Ciao na Krup!

  27. HappyNewCustomer said

    This site is awesome! That Kenny is just a very bad person. I’m sure this is just scratching the surface of the payback he will receive for his actions. One day, he will certainly ask himself “Why did I do what I did? For what? I brought on so much shit into my life, and for what?”. Attacking people as he does is bad kharma, very bad kharma. He will be paid back ten times the harm he put out. The payback will be music to my ears. Whoever started this site deserves high praise. You are doing what’s right, and it’s just the beginning. REGRET will be the tagline for the rest of Kenny’s life.

  28. Hey hey hey! Happy Holidays everyone. Been a bit busy, so I’ll catch up here.

    @Elwood – Thanks for the links with the info. You are a sage and we appreciate the THESIS QUALITY CONTENT (to steal a phrase). Keep ’em coming.

    @ Mr. DayStalker & @DaffyDuck – Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I will get a feedback page in the next day.

    Concerning all those other suggestions, I’m all boxjaw, I mean ears. I’m just a BigDummy, so any goodies you have to improve the site to make it easier for to use I would happily implement, but to be true to BigDummyKenny style, I would have to take all the credit and write a post of how everything you told me to do was wrong and how I was able to figure it out during the same day I solved the Afghan and Iraq conflicts, global climate change and negotiated a bi-partisan Health Care Reform Bill in the US. Sorry.

    @ALL – Concerning traffic. I am taking screenshots of BigDummyKenny webstats. They are way past fukkin’ awesome. I can understand why BBK is deleting all the reader’s references to this site as soon as he spots them.

    Thanks for all the feedback and contributions.


    BigDummyKenny Factoid – Did you know??? 9 out of 10 bloggers prefer BigDummyKenny over BigBrandZero.

  29. Prufrock said

    Interesting site BigDummyKenny.

    Would you consider putting up a 911 page for me to post a few articles?

  30. ZeroPruf said

    .. only of it’s an inside job!!!! and the pharmaceutical industrial complex is behind it.

  31. bigdummykenny said

    Prufrock, Yes, yes, and HELL YES. So long as you promise only to post your 911 stuff there – deal?


  32. UnCochinoWetback said

    I actually enjoyed the 911 debate. but could we expand the debate to talk about how shitty their service is in urban areas. One night some homies and I were playing cards and dem niggas from the northside drove by hot and sprayed my compadres house. fucking 911 took 2 hours to arrive.

  33. Daywalker said

    I hope moRonru and the Nutty Professor are having fun on MSN together.


  34. UnCochinoWetback said

    well, at least they have their muslim ideology to keep them company.

  35. Daywalker said

    I wonder if the Nutty Professors bet is still on offer?
    – Can’t see him publishing any screen shots can you?

    Now that we can see the comments on his site, is there any reason to actually visit his site? It was only the comments from Drummy that made any sense anyway.

  36. ronru wannabe jr said

    @daystalker u forget all the Purple people, as well as Big Skippy and Pibar and the manly Sam. Bill Simmons sucked, and so did that fello puckfock

  37. ronru wannabe jr said

    my TGF dont wanna swallow my vanilla-tasting man-juice. I said to her mom ‘if Nok dont drink me there’ [I then flashed my white dick] ‘no money anymore for u’. Seconds later, she’s hitting me with a dirty frying pan!

  38. ronru wannabe jr said

    dwhat did I do wrong? Professor Kenneth Ng of Csun wrote on that us farang whoremongers have the power and that we should play the whore’s mother against the daughter to extract SEXUAL FAVORS…

  39. ronru wannabe jr said

    so that’s what I did but it did not worked out… What part of Kenny’s modus operandi did I miss? 😯

    • bigdummykenny said


      What you fail to understand is that your girl already has several sponsors and her mother knows that.

      Your bigger mistake is not understanding that Mrs. Frying Pan knows you need services more than the family needs money.

      In poker this is referred to as calling your bluff. This is when you represented to have something better than your opponent. In this case, you executed the bluff poorly and Mrs. Frying Pan could see that the pipes were getting backed up and you needed relief.

      Next time, try leaving the house and go into the village. Find the ugliest girl you can for the cheapest amount of money, go back to the house and make your demands. If they are not met then have the uggo service you right then and there. Now if you get the flying frying pan at least it is deserved.

  40. ronru wannabe jr said

    thanks! 😉 now I wish that Pr. Ng will write a post about the *cheapest and more efficient way* for the Thai gvt to deport those 4k Hmong back to Laos while getting laid at the same time…

  41. kenny's not asian... said

    deport them? much rather see some thesis quality content on how to get laid better, cheaper, more efficiently (or whatever the fuck he was on about) by stalking the hmong at a shrine, or pretending you can get them permanent visa in thailand in order to sleep with them. now that’s some compelling content that i’d expect from him.

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