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No Bullshit Means No Bullshit

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 23, 2009

Some websites talk the talk, but most certainly can’t walk the walk when it comes to a No Bullshit policy.  If it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit and a bull is in close proximity, what would be the poker odds that it is not bullshit (not sure what poker odds has to do with it, but sounds smart and clever, doesn’t it?).

Unlike BigBlogZero, we here at BigDummyKenny have decided to take a hard line on bullshit.  But how does one take a stand on No Bullshit without Censorship?  Difficult problem to solve and difficult problems require really smart people to solve them.  Fortunately, although we aren’t that smart, we have access to a lot of cash to buy some really smart people.

So we turned the problem over to the BigDummyKenny – Covert Operations Contractors Knowledgebase (since that is a mouthful, we refer to them as BDK-COCK for short here at BDK Central).  BDK-COCK consists of the sharpest minds from NASA, The RAND Corp, some former bar staff from the Old Dutch and one crack whore pmmp we found wandering lower Sukhumwit at 4AM (don’t ask).  Expecting this to take them several days, we sent them to task and turned our attention to other issues.  Less than 30 minutes later the BDK-COCK head approached us with a solution (smug prick).

Originally the BDK-COCK team had presented a hard to beat but complex procedure to purge bullshit from the BigDummyKenny blog.  This was a backdoor method that would only be suitable for other websites with loosely defined Censorship parameters.  Realizing they were dealing with a BigDummy, they worked out a simple solution any BigDummy reader will be able to implement.

Exclusively and only on BigDummyKenny will you find this innovative and groundbreaking solution!  Any reader can challenge any questionable comment by identifying the commenter and quoting the content in question and using the tried and tested diplomatic method of challenging a statement by including the words “I CALL BULLSHIT” in their response  The only other prerequisite is the challenger must provide the reason the statement lacks credibility.

The accused bullshitter will have three days to provide credible proof that backs their claim (credible decided by the BDK-COCK leader).  Any commenter who fails to provide credible proof of claim will not be censored or deleted.  No, no, that would be Anti-American, or something like that.  The BDK-COCK team has a much better method.  Any comment where proof can not be provided will have the text of the comment changed to red and the following icon (or similar) will be inserted into the comment:

We hope this is an effective way of keeping the Bullshit out of BigDummyKenny.   Now excuse me while I fire the BDK-COCK head (the smug prick).


(Did we mention Exclusive, Innovative and Groundbreaking?)


35 Responses to “No Bullshit Means No Bullshit”

  1. UnCochinoWetback said

    will there be any penalties for those who us this marvelous innovation in excess?? public flogging? or perhaps we can lock them in a cage with 5 yaabaa’d out ladyboys armed with tubesocks filled with ten baht coins?

  2. sidney sidebottom said

    How long before we get the Lexicon of BDK? It’s really confusing understanding a website without the Lexicon.

    I mean, what is “bullshit”?

  3. bigdummykenny said

    @UnCochinoWetback – I like your flair for punishment and the ten baht coin torture idea. Not quite Hitleresque, but more in the Chinese water torture style. Alternate torture technique being considered is a Soi Cowboy Dunk Tank filled with sewer water during Song Kran. Glad to see you’re in tune with the ways of the Far Eastern Cultures.

    @sidney – The Lexicon project has been assigned to the BDK-COCK leader scheduled for completion next week. Reader participation on the first draft is expected, but not mandatory.


  4. Daffy said

    I really suggest for readers to stop posting, even under hilarious pseudonyms, on BBK’s site. He’s using those posts to claim traffic (not that we care what he thinks), but it *is* giving him traffic.

  5. kenny's not asian... said is like a slow motion train wreck. u cant look away, even though u know how it is going to end. his smug, self serving & asinine commentary, while beyond belief, is almost as entertaining as it is infuriating. i wont post there anymore though.

    funny thing is, when it first came out, i naively thought it was a cool alternative / additional outlet to the nightlife blogging monopoly that tfs2m seemed to have. no more. as ck louis likes to say about white trash: ha ha ha, fuck that guy, boxhead gookamonkey loser.

    ps – drummy, you’re so gay.

  6. sad fuck farang said

    what about my destroyed cock? I look like a dick; my mom calls me dickhead; my friends cock-monster. What will I become? Can I turn my burned manhood into a clit’?

    • bigdummykenny said

      The gender bender surgeons in Bangkok are able to work wonders with even the smallest amount of rod and tackle to work with. I suggest you book your ticket to BKK as soon as possible, get the operation and book your spot in the Nana car park.

  7. sad fuck farang said

    Btw BDK, — the above post is NOT bullshit. — ronru

  8. Daffy said

    kenny’s not asian — at first, I had the same impression from A friend brought it to my attention, and we enjoyed it for a couple of articles, but it sadly, quickly became obvious that Kenny’s just another Self-Proclaimed Master of the Universe, and is off in his own little world chasing windmills in the form of the Mango Boys.

    It’s unfortunate, because as an alternate, he certainly had the possibility of catering to a niche audience – but he screwed that up all on his own. Well, I certainly hope his job at CalState Northridge pays him enough, especially after he’ll get investigated.

  9. sad fuck farang said

    daffy, u really think he’s gonna be investigated? That would be sad, kind off – – the guy’s a *big baby*, probably a creepy control-freak, but certainly not a threat to his students!

  10. Daywalker said

    I thought the ‘rate my professor’ was a spoof site – the amount of negative reports on Mr. Kenneth Ng. However, it’s not false. – he’s crap at teaching also.

    My pal Kenny has just written some more lies about me. Normally I’d just wade in and beat the living fuck out of him… but as I am such a nice guy, I’ll just sit back an laugh at his attempts to generate traffic.

    I hear that Kenny is looking to hire a venue for his loyal BBK readers new years eve party. So if anyone knows of a Telephone booth available… a double booth, so he can fit moRonru in between the cracks of his arse.

  11. UnCochinoWetback said

    there’s also someone posting with a handle similar to mine and kenny is too stupid to spot the different. he’s really a professor? if so then i feel horrible for whoever is required to take one of his courses.

  12. We have a winnner!!!!

    The first bullshit comment is by none other than the multiple personality poster ronru.

    You can find his comment here.

  13. sad fuck farang said

    happy clissmace lonlu — u win! U ting tong maak maak…

  14. Elwood said

    sff is NOT me!

  15. Elwood said

    @ucw — yes, BigBabyKenny is really a professor, at California State University Northridge. Hi name is KENNETH NG. Strangely enough, however, it’s impossible to find with Google any academic litterature published by the guy!!! Nada, niet; there’s fucking nothing. Baffling.

  16. UnCochinoWetback said

    he’s too busy taking fucked up pictures and pretending to be a gigolo (even though he’s the one who pays) to write boring academic shit.

    i wonder what his colleagues and superiors would think of his hobbies?

  17. adman said

    Calling out Bullshit comments. Outstanding. I like this site already.

    Checked out the ratemyprofessor site. One former student made a comment which really stood out. Can you call someone a teacher when the average grade is in the 50% range? That’s terrible.

    I understand why most the raters tell students to AVOID AVOID AVOID.

  18. Daywalker said

    (inspired by moRonru)

    For the benefit of the students who might consider enrolling for an economics class waaaaaaaay over in Northridge, I reprint a couple of reviews by students who have actually been taught by our favorite Nutty Professor.

    “I am about to graduate college next semester, never once have written a comment about one teacher here at CSUN, but this professor, by far, is the WORST. The average on all tests are F’s if you want to pass this class with anything higher than a C avoid him. Did not open my text book once because the class had nothing to do with it!!!”

    “The worst professor ever. This guy is such a jackass. DON’T TAKE HIM! AVOID AVOID AVOID…”

    I know I said a couple of reviews.. but as it’s Xmas, have a couple more….

    “Do not, do not, do not take this professor unless you want to fail. His lectures are about gambling in Vegas & purchasing a car, his exams are so hard that are not even worth trying.”

    And my personal fave….

    ” The WORST teacher EVER!!! He looks like shrek and his lectures are completely irrelevant to what he puts on the tests! but he can give some good advice.. on stuff that has nothing to do with econ”

    There are waaaaaaay too many to list.

    check it out for yourself.

    @moRonru… Not sure if the Uni allows pets, so you may not be able to attend the good Profs class. But then, you’d most probably not be able to hear the lectures with two great arse cheeks pressed against your ears.

  19. ronru said

    What’s the problem losers ? I was only trying to be helpful and provide guidance to the unsuspecting victim who might consider hiring a motorbike taxi and try searching for that elusive hard to find bar waaaaay down Soi 4 in a most hard to find narrow alley.

    I’d like to believe that the reports of people getting food poisoning are not true.

    P.S. Thanks for the award. I trust the prize is in the mail.

  20. Daywalker said

    I’d like to think the reports of people not getting the education that they paid for are not true also.

    Hey moRonru… are you lonely over at that site? And please, tell us more about yourself….. what did you get for Xmas? Barbie Doll? I do hope you are having fun on your time off from school.

  21. ronru said

    I’ve been going through some of the comments on Kenny’s site and found this beauty:

    Graham says:
    August 12, 2009 at 1:27 pm
    Daffy… All establishments will have the odd customer that is, well…. a dick. My guess is that you have done the Mango a favor by not going back.

  22. ronru said

    Graham = Daywalker

  23. ronru,

    even i am getting tired of reading the phrase “hard to find bar waaaaay down Soi 4” over and over and over. i know i lack creativity but you are a even sorrier sod who simply copys and pastes what i have written. i mean strewth don’t you think it’s boring enough when i constantly cut & paste the same bullshit over and over? when you do it too it only draws more attention to my lack of creativity.
    the constant cencorship that i have had to perform over the past month is also getting me down. i really thought that i could let people say anything and they would all agree with me. i never suspected that all those mangoites would come to my site and make things difficult by asking questions and asking for accuracy and consistency. it’s hard to have a blog when everyone is constantly questioning what you say. that’s something i never have to face at work. nobody questions me there no matter what i say.
    i am happy about your support, but my un-hidden agenda was always to drive the TFS2M blog off of the internet. now that it is gone and the evil forces of skynet or the empire or whatever are defeated i’m no longer feel that it is necessary to continue
    i guess i finally had to admit that the end had come for me when i saw myself copy a TFS2M blog, post it and try to use it to generate discussion. that was even lower than when i tried to say that stickman started posting quality photos after seeing my blog. even i know that stick was posting quality photography on his site for the past ten years.
    i have an announcement to make. i wanted to post it on my blog, but i’m scared that no one will see it. the fact is, that now you and elwood are my only readers. i think we can follow the excellent advice given earlier and simply keep in touch using MSN Messenger.
    my announcement is that ive decided to delete my blog and declare victory. TFS2M is gone, it is totally defeated like skynet or the empire.
    i decided to go back to living my life. i beg you to do the same with yours. THE BLOG THAT REDEFINED BANGKOK BLOGS!


  24. Elwood said

    bigbabykenny ROX!!! Ronru, email me at We could totally stalk on WW and Young Fagfold! Are u on, Kenny? 😀

  25. Daywalker said


    Your attempt to try and cause trouble is pathetic. Yes I did say that… but if you carried on reading, you’ll see that Mr.Daffy and I COMMUNICATED… Something that doesn’t happen with your little tribe. It’s all one-way traffic.

    The Dafster even found the Mango bar down that little soi without the need for a GPS.

    So try again dipshit.

    Tell us, what is it with this unhealthy attraction to the Nutty Professor?

    Also, I hear that Micky Mouse is walking around wearing a Ronru wrist-watch.

  26. ronru said

    Check out my new comment on @Dec-25 at 1:42 pm.
    It’s a good one.

  27. fatwallet75 said


    You are boring. The site has gone from cutting and pasting standard responses, to cutting and pasting posts from other sites, to cutting and pasting old comments!!!!!

    Trying to be clever just exposes you to be even more of a dumb Moron!!

    You are correct though, the new readers to that site are countless!! Ha!!!!

    Seriously moRonru, answer these questions… and please… everyone here don’t ask moRonru these questions aswell…

    – What is your (gay?) fascination with Kenny?

    – What are your thoughts on all the people that rated the Professor at Uni?

    and last….

    – Are you looking forward to your 16th birthday?

    You dipshit

  28. ronru said


    Go and screw your attractive camel in the middle of the Sahara desert. RULES !!!

    • bigdummykenny said

      Well, well. At long last we know what qualifies as attractive for runru: camels

      Ronru, Do the camels let you bareback them if you ask reallllyy nice?

  29. fatwallet75 said

    Now now young moRonru… you are showing your age.

    I’d rather shag my camel in the middle of the Sahara than suck on the Nutty Professor.

    You dipshit.

  30. Naanaaa said

    me vely likes fat wallets. Joob joob . But me no likes ronru. He smells and he kineeown.

  31. Elwood said

    KENNETH NG IS IN BANGKOK! I spotted him on Sukhumvit.

  32. Daywalker said

    If someone would be as so kind to give him my regards 😉

  33. UnCochinoWetback said

    Lets invite him to that movie theatre where the motosai drivers buttfuck people. he’ll enjoy that.

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