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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, etc.

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 24, 2009

We here at BigDummyKenny would like to thank all the readers who have contributed  to our exponential traffic growth and made BigDummyKenny an interesting and daily read. Improvements will contine to take place and make BigDummyKenny your #1 source on BigBlogZero’s take on the Thailand girl scene.  Look for more in depth stories in the upcoming year.

For those who have inquired, you can find a link to send email to the BDK-Covert Operations Team on the About page. So if you have an idea or story or some interesting Factoid send it to us.  You may be the next Pants Elk and we at BigDummyKenny will take all the credit.

We’re #1 (Temporary Tagline)


15 Responses to “Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, etc.”

  1. Porky Pig said

    Just wanted to point out that Ken seems to have ZERO left to say on his blog because he just reprinted IN FULL the entire text of a blog that appeared on TFS2M last week as his newest blog. Times are tough at

  2. Daffy said

    On the other hand, it’s cool that you can also reach this blog just by going to:

    Cool that you guys thought about this too, and that Kenny wasn’t smart enough to grab it himself.


  3. UnCochinoWetback said

    you no remember say about festivus. you no good. i brokenheart na.

  4. sad fuck farang said

    festivus-festivus ; u pustoopid na ka. Miss u soo much my love. Joob joob xxx

  5. UnCochinoWetback said

    Festivus good. many jai dee happy festivus day.

    buffalo me luv seinfeld. him say about festivus all the day. him pumpuuy so much but him good me.

  6. Porky Pig said

    ON the blog which received only two comments today, ronru wrote:

    “Merry Christmas to you Kenny and all the readers of this blog.


    It should have read:

    Merry Christmas to you Kenny and the other reader of this blog.


  7. RealDaffyDuck said


  8. Daywalker said

    Anyone seen the Nutty Professor around today? Maybe he is lurking round Cowboy looking for those upstairs rooms that his little pet moRonru u wrote about.

  9. UnCochinoWetback said

    I have my scouts on the look out. we put up pictures of shrek everywhere in the pay for play areas.

  10. bigdummykenny said

    I checked with the BDK-Covert Ops team and nothing to be reported.


  11. ronru wannabe jr said

    could Kenneth Ng have dramatically changed his appearence? — losing lots of weight for instance in virtue of rigorous pee-drinking; or having been to Californian cosmetic surgery for a radical jaw reduction?!

  12. low-paid Kenny stalker said

    I can’t stand the suspence anymore! Can I have a leak now boss?

  13. Lesbian Boy said

    me not see flying monkie na krup

  14. bigdummykenny said

    low-paid Kenny stalker “I can’t stand the suspence anymore! Can I have a leak now boss?”

    Only if you can find a restroom in one of the upstairs rooms where cluey takes his underage girls to do it.

  15. Lesbi@n Boy said

    me not see flying g-monkey na krup. 😦 me look upstair all night. Tsing tsing loy. Give me money-soth now may?

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