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The Stats Are In!

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 24, 2009

Hansum Man! Where you go? Have a look, have a look!

We hab stats! Stats look good naaa? Other place stats no good. No show stats.

I show you my stats you take me, ok?

Only & Exclusively on BigDummyKenny will you see portrait quality screenshot.

The Stats Say It All

In less than two weeks it must be said:  BigDummyKenny is the preferred source for information about BigBabyKenny and our take on BigBabyKenny’s take on the Thailand girl scene.  We have seen infinite growth in our web traffic and would like to give a BigDummy shout out to all the readers.

This is not to say we didn’t have our doubts about starting BigDummyKenny.  After the first week of operation we at BDK Central were a bit concerned.  Had we made a mistake?  Is there no interest in the BigBabyKenny scene?  We were dumbstruck as to why we were showing Shitty numbers.  We pointed out our problem to the BDK-COCK head and he went to work on the problem.  Several days later he suggested a viral solution was desperately needed.

What has happened over the last couple days has shocked everyone but the BDK-COCK head.  Through the implementation of the viral program we are proud to report we have already exceeded all expectations (not sure what those expectations were to begin with, but we exceeded them). On the 20th our numbers were still Piss Poor, but it was a vast improvement over shitty.  It was a much needed improvement that gave us hope that we would soon match BigDummyKenny traffic levels.

Could we smash through BigDummyKenny’s traffic records in such a short time?  I was a bit concerned we’d only the same few readers constantly coming back multiple times using multiple screen names giving everyone the illusion the site was going gangbusters when in reality we were stuck between Piss Poor and Why Bother traffic figures.

All doubts were squashed on the 21st and 22nd as we have seen infinite growth over our web traffic from less than one week ago.  So much growth that we received the following e-mail from WordPress yesterday.

Dear BigDummyKenny,

We are not sure what your are doing at BigDummyKenny that is generating such heavy server loads and bandwidth requirements but we would like to congratulate you on your success.  However, we regret to inform you that if this growth continues we will no longer be able to host you as a free account and will have to discuss alternate hosting methods (paid account, traffic limits) for BigDummyKenny


WordPress Account Management

After a slow start it can be seen from the screenshot that BigDummyKenny has reached critical mass and has gained traction in the blogisphere.  It’s visitors grow every day and is a must read for everyone on the internet.  Forget about BigBrandZero.  Their haters can come by with their daily dose of poison but they are only embarrassing themselves and fooling no one and it is not working.

BigDummyKenny  YEA BABY! GO! GO! GO!

(PS – Don’t ask for a screenshot of the e-mail from WordPress.  I accidentally deleted it…..really!)ft


16 Responses to “The Stats Are In!”

  1. Daffy said


    This is exactly the kind of transparency we need on a site that expects to be taken seriously – only BigDummy could react so quickly to reader demand for accurate stats, and then promptly provide them, for all to see.

    It’s nice to see how quickly this site shot past the ‘piss poor’ and ‘why bother’ traffic marks.

    It is interesting to note that has undergone an inverse traffic pattern, having lost most of its traffic almost overnight (well, except for the frantic reloading of pages from the same dedicated dummies — *that* has actually tremendously increased in frequency for reasons we are continuing to try to investigate.)

  2. @DaffyDuck. I also enjoyed those upcountry reports of his that weren’t misrepresentations of opinion as fact. But can you really have an open discussion with someone who refuses to ever acknowledge he is wrong?

    Working as a Professor is the perfect job for him. In that environment (the classroom) he can’t be challenged.

    BTW, the actual number on the last day was 460 views.


  3. sad fuck farang said

    😆 funniest post i’ve read in a while! Man, put a paypal *donate* button…

  4. sad fuck farang said

    i’m still worried ’bout my burned cock however…

  5. Daywalker said

    Not long ago, I saw Kenny in a pub on soi 7 and was eager to ‘have a chat’ with him.

    However, it was not possible he was busy handing out cash to girls who then scuttled out the door in a hurry. There was me thinking that they were off getting his bottle of water or some GPS coordinates.

    Imagine my surprise when the girls returned with the BIB who centered all their attention on myself and a pal.

    – Kenny then darted out a side door in full Ninja style.

  6. sidney sidebottom said

    Do you think Kenny was born with his boxjaw or did it developed like a boxers nose after being broken so many times?

  7. Daywalker said

    if it is the latter…. it is showing great potential to grow bigger. Although, after surgery, I am sure he could reduce it to the size of Mickey Roukes character in Sin City.

  8. sad fuck farang said

    … he has a boxjaw due to steroids intake methinks…

  9. sad fuck farang said

    daywalker — u saw him @ Gulliver’s?

  10. UnCochinoWetback said

    i think he’s an asian version of Rocky Dennis. or maybe Mr. Peanut went and go him some poontang in the Nam or Inchon. sadly, professor Ng was the result.

  11. doctorbond said

    You can stop being sarcastic about GPS co-ordinates – in fact they are very useful – I just checked mine and found out I’m in fucking England !!! – no wonder the asian girl across the street told me to fuck of with my strange looking money.

  12. UnCochinoWetback said

    fuck gps. i’ll stick to my sextant.

  13. sad fuck farang said

    girls-positionning-system fucking ROX!!! *sweating like a pig-cunt*

  14. Daywalker said

    sff… check the gps my friend. ‘Gulliwa’ is in soi 5. Boxjaw was in the Beergarten.

  15. bigdummykenny said

    doctorbond, and you still couldn’t understand the language?

    You will find that the more time you spend in The World and walk around the more things come into focus, or something like that.

  16. nigger man said

    i needs da lexicon for us dum niggas and spics.

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