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POLL – RESULTS: Best Description of BBK

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 27, 2009

We have tallied all votes and are able to provide the results from the BigDummyKenny poll booths. It was a close contest coming down to the wire (ok, it wasn’t really close but if I say that nobody will give a shit and then I won’t get page hits which will make BigBabyKenny BigDummyKenny the premier outlet on the Girl scene in the alternate universe) but we have a winner.  We would like to thank the many millions of thousands of hundreds of readers who participated in the poll.   Personally, I must say that I was quite surprised at the results.

Here at BigDummyKenny the thought never crossed our minds that Kenny is a hater. Some people may argue that statement is somewhat inconsistent with the poll since Hater was a choice.

To that I can only say one thing: You are wrong and I am right.

Tagline (TBA)


6 Responses to “POLL – RESULTS: Best Description of BBK”

  1. Thai Pad said

    Let me be the first one to comment I had no doubt it would be Hater. 😉

  2. Lesbi@n Boy said

    u no good bid gummy. I ask u pay me but u go to another page. Oye! I not see flying monkie kenny. U say u give me monie if i see. I not see but Me Look all night in sky. Now U give me monie-soth now may?

    • bigdummykenny said

      Lesbi@n Boy,

      I told you no baht until you get photo of flying gookamonkey, ok? How I know you not go to Nana carpark and drinking Hong Thong whiskey and playing card with Young Penfold and Ladyboys everyday?

      Also, you know Wheel Of Fortune, right? OK, well this isn’t it. You can’t buy the letter “a” for $500 and I’m not Pat Sajak.

  3. UnCochinoWetback said

    can we have a submission contest for the tagline next? that would RULE!

    also, when will a lexicon of the thailand gookamonkey scene be published. i really want to brush up on the necessary nomenclature.

    • bigdummykenny said


      I see no reason we can’t have submissions for the Tagline poll. But I would like to propose we debate whether we allow write in submissions first. This way I can tell you all what dummies you are and that you are wrong and I am right.

      But I will still call it open debate. Argue that with me and I’ll tell you that you’re wrong about that too! 🙂

      Ah, F-it. Too much energy and I’m still hungover from Saturday night. Comments are on in the Tagline Poll so go for it.


  4. sidney sidebottom said

    Can you open up a Nana Post Office box so we can post in our submissions? I think that would be the best way as bigdummykenny is all about making our lives easier, cheaper and something elser.

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