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The Death of RSS Comment Feed

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 28, 2009

The BigBabyKenny RSS feed is Gone. Done. Finished. No More. BigBabyKenny turned off the RSS comment feed sometime last night and most likely he will be deleting everything —the ultimate form of censorship. All that remains are a few old comments from a decaying carcass of a website.

The BigBabyKenny RSS Comment feed is what always separated from other Thailand whoring sites and drove his traffic. Without the RSS feed drawing readers to his alternate universe of speculation, rumor and wild theories, it is hard to see how the blog can survive. You are not going too far out on a limb to predict the BigBabyKenny website will close down soon too.

One of the sad things is that all the people who took their time, creativity, and made the effort to write for the blog will lose their work—vaporized because BigBabyKenny decided to turn off the RSS feed. For the people who only recently contributed the closure seems particularly unfair.

No official word on why it was done and, personally, I know nothing about the reasons for it’s demise although the comments here at BigDummyKenny contains some background.


42 Responses to “The Death of RSS Comment Feed”

  1. ronru wannabe jr said

    i was addicted the bbk feed. It’s a sad day! I wonder what Werewolf and Pattaya Ghost — who r well-known BBK insiders — will have to say about it. It must be a technical upgrade shulely?

  2. rss feed fag said

    particularly purple

  3. Purple Fag said

    Feed it!

  4. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    It’s probably Kenny’s way to express his anger vis-à-vis your blog, BigDummy. Now that we can’t access the comments from here, we have to log on BBK to enjoy them. Ronru and milkshake and simmons and Daffy RULE!!!

  5. RSS Feeder said

    I want to see BBK action figures.

  6. doctorbond said

    The demise of the BBK website would be a sad day for those men with metal plates in their head who need an outlet for their creative writing – where will they go?

  7. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    @doc err, here?

  8. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    no joke: Kenny deleted my Q asking why he did terminate the RSS comments feed.

  9. BBKMOATU said

    Hello BDK readers,

    I just left a comment at BBK.COM and I see that Kenny has indeed shut down his RSS feed. Certainly a direct result of putting his feed on this site – GREAT site by the way!.

    Guess I should also say hello to BBK, BKKspy, and the other members of the infant ward (should be part of the BDK Lexicon) since it’s obvious they’re reading this site – a true NO BULLSHIT site.


  10. doctorbond said

    @ Revenge – yes probably 🙂

  11. ziggy_pop said

    maybe prof ng is on one of them hiatus thingys.

  12. RealDaffyDuck said

    Yep, pretty much a direct result of you guys publishing the RSS feed — Kenny is nothing if not driven by fear.

    Two suggestions (fuck, I really need my own thread of suggestions, or you guys need a forum):

    – Just blatantly copy any of his newest articles into a sub-section of this site (or I can provide an alternate location for that) – that way we can enjoy it, without giving him traffic.

    – Let’s put together a collection to find out which hotel he stays in, albeit that should not be difficult to find out. It’s gotta be a cheap place, and at a conveniently large distance away from Big Mango Bar 😉

    RotGJ : “no joke: Kenny deleted my Q asking why he did terminate the RSS comments feed.”

    No surprise there. Does his tagline still read ‘no censorship’?

  13. RealDaffyDuck said

    Do you all think it’s coincidence that his ‘best’ buddy Werewolf just so happens to be out of town while Kenny’s in town?

    • Werewolf said

      Actually, I’m still here at the moment, but – yes – it is a coincidence. Because of the long-term nature of most of my contracts, I have to plan my holidays about three months ahead, which means I put together my vacation plan in late September. Believe me, Kenny’s travel plans were not a consideration in my vacation planning.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      You’re very kind in your response — it certainly is a convenient coincidence.

      Then again, Kenny’s probably not much fun to hang out with these days, seeing as how most venues in Bangkok are off the menu, as he’ll be more scared to be recognized, seeing as how quite a few of his fans are ‘looking’ for him all over.

      Then again, what better excuses to explore the finer things that Nakhon Nowhere has to offer. 😉

  14. UnCochinoWetback said

    Alls you gotta do is be on the lookout for an asian dude resembling sloth from the goonies wearing high quality thread while carrying an expensive camera they don’t know how to operate.

    • BigDummyKenny said


      The BDK Tagline Poll is open for write-in votes. Limited time only. Get in there. We will be watching you like BBK on the lookout for the Burger Boys.

  15. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    i was wrong: Kenny did not delete my question; it was only held into moderation for about 11 hours.

  16. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    ‘resembling sloth from the goonies’ :translation peleeaaze!

  17. The RSS feed has always been working. Sometimes when I post something, I pause the feed so that I can correct typos and improve the English before it is fed out to the hundreds of RSS subscribers.


  18. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    BBK = 😆 😆 😆 😆 we was tawkin’ ’bout the COMMENT feed!

  19. Ooops. Forgot to say that the feed pauser seems to have a couple of bugs in it and doesn’t pick up the comments that were posted while it was paused. That is why the RSS comments feed misses some comments. Now that I know that the comments are being fed over here I will be more careful about pausing the RSS feed.


  20. Revenge of the Giant Jaw said

    BBK seems to think we care about his ‘posts’! 😳 😳 😳

  21. Lesbi@n Boy said

    Thanks kenny baby, u good man maak maak! R u in bangkok now mai? Me want pixture U!

  22. RealDaffyDuck said

    I’ve studied psychology for about 10 years, and I can’t even come up with a reasonable description of the disorders inhabiting that guy.

    That’s all nice and good posting over here addressing our ‘concerns’ (read: covering your ass and restarting the RSS feed after you realized it’d cost you your traffic), but how about addressing the queries on your own site, for people asking you about the URL of your ‘fan site’? huh?

  23. RealDaffyDuck said

    Continuing in the tradition of Kenny’s self-referential writings – in a recent post, about some guy living with his Thai family, Kenny comments:

    “The bitterness that someone else is enjoying their life, the envy that someone else has is happy, and the jealousy that someone has found a viable living and financial stability in Thailand are staples of the psyche of many Expats”

    …or, I might add, internet blog autheurs.

    Seriously, doesn’t this sound suspiciously like Kenny, to a ‘T’ : “The bitterness that someone else is enjoying the life Kenny covets, the envy that someone else is happy, and the jealousy that someone like the Mango Boys has found a viable living and financial stability in Thailand are staples of the psyche of Kenny” — wouldn’t you say?

  24. Lesbi@n Boy said

    i say : me NO see big-head monky-kenny! Me thong loy! 😦 😦 ….. No monkey see, no money-soth 😦 …. ^_^

  25. Lesbi@n Boy said

    is kenny on or facebook? ^ ^

  26. I have asked the owners/moderators for a no censorship guarantee on this site and am awaiting an answer.

    If the owners/moderators are willing to make this plege, I would be happy and honored to post here.


  27. RealDaffyDuck said

    Well, for starters, Kenny, you are allowed to embed the URL to your site as part of the link on your name — which is more than can be said about your policy on

    We’re also still waiting on you responding to numerous requests for you to reveal and post the URL to your ‘fan site’, which you boasted about, but somehow keep forgetting to post the link.

    I find it ironic, if not hypocritical, for you to demand a no censorship policy on this site, when you engage in the utmost and continued censorship on

    My personal feeling is that you’re not going to get any such assurance or guarantee — or, if you insist, I’m certain the operators of this site will assure you to provide the same level of openness and free speech / no censorship, as you demonstrate on your site.

    In fact, they don’t need to do so, as by demonstration they already provide a far higher level of no-censorship than you provide on your site.

  28. Werewolf said

    You’re very kind in your response — it certainly is a convenient coincidence.

    RealDaffyDuck: This sounds pretty damned condescending in tone, and it’s at least the second time you’ve trotted out the “convenient coincidence” line, which just sounds snotty and dismissive of the answer I provided to your query.

    It’s the holiday season — a lot of people travel at this time. My friend the Dude is in town at the moment but about to go to Viet Nam this week. I don’t think I’m telling any secrets if I say that Penfold is in England spending the holidays with his family.

    I’m in the Philippines because back in August my friend Inver sent me an invitation by email saying that he would be here in December and January and asking if I’d like to join him. He invited me last year (he and his Filipina girlfriend visit every year) but I wasn’t able to make it, so he invited me again this year.

    Because of some mis-communication with someone in my business who arranges some of my scheduling, I had to work pretty hard to free up this week to see Inver.

    Trust me when I say that I did not spend a single moment considering Kenny’s travel plans — or the Dude’s or Penfold’s or anyone else’s besides Inver’s — when I arranged my holiday time. The sole consideration was my own work schedule.

    I definitely don’t sit around all day obsessing about Kenny, what he’s writing about, what he’s thinking about, or when he’s travelling. I’ll leave that to others… I’ve got many more important things to do.

    If you want to try to stir shit, feel free to do so, but I’d appreciate it if you left me out of it and didn’t assign motivations to me that aren’t mine. I don’t like it.

    If Kenny and I are in town at the same time and he wants to meet up then he and I will do something together.

    Frankly I find it a little boring to keep reading my name tossed around on this site and with commenters assigning their feelings about Kenny to me. I’m able to speak for myself when there’s something to say (and, often, even when there’s nothing to say).

    I’ve got 924 blog posts to prove it.

    If you’ve got something to say about Kenny, I suggest you say it yourself and leave my name off of it.

    • DaffyDuck said

      Dude, relax – like everyone on this site, I am having quite a bit of fun with this, and I’m sorry you’re taking it too seriously, and I’m certainly sorry if I offended you.

      No offense intended – to you, at least. 😉

  29. Waldo said

    Can we have a Dummies Guide on how to alienate readers?

    I’d like that.

    And then I’d like some ice cream.

  30. Waldo said

    Why does Kenny’s Avatar on this site look like it’s worried?

  31. doctorbond said

    Although he has no need for me to step forward and defend him I feel that I should. Werewolf is amongst a number of people in BKK who go about their lives free of ANY sort of agenda – In my humble opinion these are the sort of people worth knowing – I have never known him to take sides or have a bad word against anyone, even if he is attacked in some way, he doesn’t retaliate, he just absorbs it and carries on with his life. If things get difficult he may try to avoid contact with someone but that’s as radical as he gets. I think he would like to be friends with everyone if he could and I’m certain that he hates being drawn into other peoples arguments. I’m sure he doesn’t rate as perfect, nor do I, but to assign various intrigues to him in any way is to not know him at all.

  32. el nerdo said

    yer, what he said

  33. ronru wannabe jr said

    ww is a noble gentleman; while daffy’s an envious villain. Obviously.

  34. Werewolf,

    They just don’t get it.

    We are friends.

    What’s the problem?


  35. Daywalker said

    So Kenny,

    Fancy coming to a party?

  36. the_laughing_policeman said

    ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello, wotz all this then..

  37. ronru wannabe jr said

    yeah kenny, they just can’t get it right! 😳

  38. ronru wannabe jr said

    kenneth ng = 😳 😳

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