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BS Is BS – Part 1

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 31, 2009

I enjoy reading BBK. Really, I do. There is absolutely, positively without a question nowhere else on the internet that you can find such a humorous viewpoint on the Thailand girl scene. No place else in the whole blogisphere (except here, of course). It had been a little quiet over at BBK and we here at BDK were getting a bit worried. Had he run afoul of the Mango Boys? A yabba’d up Lady Boy? Overzealous (purple) Thai Immigration officer? Maybe an angry G-Club girl who’s photo he’d featured on his website (mind you, angry because her photo was featured, but because the photo of her was out of focus and blurry – she had to save face you know).

Our fears were put to rest when his latest collection of thoughts appeared yesterday in the “User’s Guide to the Japanese Specialists of the Thermae –Part 1” (sighs of relief all around were heard coming from the BDK-CLIT and BDK-COCK teams).

This isn’t the first time BBK has covered Thermae or the Japanese scene there, with several articles featured on his site earlier this year as well as older reposts. What we here at BDK find especially humorous is how things said in one report directly contradict things said in other reports.

So after some research by BDK-CLIT we can provide you with the article in full (in forestgreen text, because it’s a soothing color) as well as the commentary from past articles in comment. We only hope you get as much levity from his post as we did.


User’s Guide to the Japanese Specialists of the Thermae –Part 1

(viewed by 103 unique visitors)

The Thermae has a bad reputation on the internet. The conventional wisdom of the Self Professed Masters of the Universe is “don’t waste your time” because the same bottom of the barrel, no visa, no work permit, struggling to keep their heads above water drug addicts and Cambodian girls who fill Nana parking lot also populate the Thermae (who says this? –BDK).

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Thermae is world unto itself—-unique and full of new adventures waiting to happen for those willing to leave their comfort zone and try something new.

Today’s Thermae is mostly a young Japanese hangout. The guys doing business there are young Japanese dudes and most of the girls (or at least the fresh good looking ones) are there to service them. The girls dress to Japanese tastes– school girl uniforms, curly bouffant hairdos, cutesy party dresses and high heels are the uniform dejure. Not many of the girls wear the Beergarden jeans and T-shirty uniform (is this the new adventure? I want to see photos) –BDK).

The root cause of the Thermae’s bad internet rap is Big Whitey getting turned down or ignored by the Japanese specialists of the Thermae. Old white dudes that think of the Thermae as just another Soi 7 Biergarten or remember the old Thermae, get put off when their Cheap Charlie, take or leave it, sub 1000 THB short time offers get politely declined. Or even worse, Thermae girls take one look at them, correctly size them up, and studiously but politely avoid them so that they don’t have to reject the Cheap Charlie, take or leave it, sub 1000 THB short time offer. Some Thermae girls start their careers with Japanese guys and have little experience and still have a little fear of farang. These rejected and/or neglected old white dudes are the ones who routinely badmouth the Thermae on the internet. Getting ignored or turned down by “hookers and prostitutes” seems to bullseye a raw nerve and triggers the keyboard response.

Better looking and better dressed? Oh-oh-oh-ah-hmmm (raises hand). Uhhmmm, but Kenny, in your article posted earlier this year, “Gulliver’s Gets its Groove Back.”, you say,

“If you hang at Gulliver’s you’ll notice that the girl’s are generally better looking and better dressed than at other freelancer hangouts like the Biergarten.

This is because it costs money to sit at Gulliver’s. Unlike the Beergarten (and Thermae) girls can’t just sit there all night twiddling their thumbs spending nothing while waiting patiently for action. At Gulliver’s, you actually have to order something. Doing this 3 or 4 nights in a row without generating any revenue amounts to a real and significant expenditure for many Reservation girls.”

BBK says Jun-13 2009 at 10:20 am in “Gulliver’s Gets its Groove Back.”

There is no way to get a definitive answer but the SWSM and the Thermae are packed with girls the times I swing by. These are both low rent places that girls who are new, don’t know how things work, and who don’t have much capital tend to patronize.


I get it, the Thermae girls are really low rent girls who get a makeover, buy some new clothes and by the power of modern science are reborn into these mostly young little hot rods (just don’t look under the hood) and are really new to the scene. It makes sense to me now! Fantastic!

Getting full mileage out of the Thermae requires wrapping your head around the reality that the Thermae is a scene unto itself. (uhhhhmmmm, aren’t most places? – BDK). The girls have their own agenda and the scene has its own rules. Once you get inside their heads and understand the rules, just like everything in The Thailand Girl Scene getting what you want (or at least experiencing something new) can be done easily, cheaply, and efficiently– rules! (in most places for free-lancers they want to either hook up with a guy for a long term commitment or just pay the rent, so how are the Thermae rules different? –BDK)

The best looking Thermae girls short and long time for cash to survive financially but most have the goal of girlfriending (sic) a young Japanese guy or mistressing (sic) an older Japanese contract man (so the only difference is they want to go with a Japanese guys? But I’m not Japanese. Then again, didn’t you say that most would go with anyone? I’m so confused. My head is going to explode. Think happy thoughts…better, faster, cheaper…better, faster, cheaper… –BDK). What is noteworthy is how many actually achieve their goal hanging out at the Thermae.

There are a ton of karaoke places that cater to Japanese men but the Thermae is the only place where Japanese men can meet Thai freelancers/long ballers that cater specifically to them. Many of the girls have educated themselves and adjusted their behavior to conform to Japanese social norms and a surprising spattering of them actually pay their own money going to school to learn Japanese. There is way more fresh produce at the Thermae than you will ever see among the hard cores working the Soi Thaniya Karaoke’s and massage places. The Thermae is the only down market outlet for Japanese dudes. (Say what? Soi Thaniya, which should be called Soi Japan, with 30+ Japanese venues and you’re telling people the few really good looking fresh girls at Thermae outnumber those available on Soi Thaniya? Bullshit!)

So what is the attraction of young Japanese dudes?

The first thing is Japanese guys, at least the ones in Bangkok, are clean, polite, and dress well. If you ranked nationalities on the spectrum of rude disgusting and boorish, Thai girls would probably put Arabs in the number 1 spot and farang somewhere in the middle with lower class Brits and Aussies above the Swedes and other Scandinavians (amazing that most Thai girls actually make a distinction between different Scandinavians!). Japanese contract men and young Japanese guys probably rank as the cleanest and politest in a poll of Thai girls.

This behavior stems from the tight social control that is a part of everyday Japanese society. The range of acceptable behavior is much more proscribed that in the USA and the celebration of the individual is just not a part of Japanese culture. Japanese guys are more polite and dress better because back in Yokamaha they have to. Hang out with Japanese guys who have acclimatized to Western culture and wrapped their heads around the idea that they don’t have to conform to group think and you won’t find a bunch of wilder or crazier guys.

The second thing is that in Japan P4P is embedded in the culture. A couple of long time Chicom girls I know in The World have a professed preference for gamblers because they believe gamblers are freer with the money and are not put off by large financial requests. Thermae girls have a professed preference for Japanese guys, both young and old, because the idea of men banging girls and supporting them is an everyday fact of life in their culture. If a Japanese guy boyfriends or mistresses a Thai girl, monetary support at some level is assumed and freely provided.

The Thermae is a way more target rich environment for Thai girls than the down market clientele of the Biergarten, the Cheap Charlie local expats in the GoGo’s and the hardcore mongers in Nana Parking Lot and the fact that some pretty good looking Thai girls with good social skills find their way to Thermae and end up targeting Japanese guys is not surprising. It’s is just the forces of supply and demand at work.

Reminder of what was said in “Gulliver’s Gets its Groove Back.”,

“If you hang at Gulliver’s you’ll notice that the girl’s are generally better looking and better dressed than at other freelancer hangouts like the Biergarten.

This is because it costs money to sit at Gulliver’s. Unlike the Beergarten (and Thermae) girls can’t just sit there all night twiddling their thumbs spending nothing while waiting patiently for action. At Gulliver’s, you actually have to order something. Doing this 3 or 4 nights in a row without generating any revenue amounts to a real and significant expenditure for many Reservation girls.”

What makes the Thermae cool is that the prospect of good money attracts good fun girls. I don’t mean all the Thermae girls are lookers and sweeties. Far from it. There is a die hard contigent of hard core down market Cheap Charlie farang and a crew of “only look attractive through the beer goggle girls” who service them at the Thermae. On many nights, the hard core down markets predominate but there is also the core of Thermae girls who are the Japanese analog to Gulliver’s long ballers which make the Thermae a worthwhile destination.

When you get to know some of the upper strata of Thermae Japanese Specialists they are a ton of fun. Just like premium G-Girls these girls are specialists at attracting, intriguing, and satisfying men albeit with a Japanese twist. They are what they are because they are either born with an inclination to it or learn to be good at it along the way. They couldn’t survive otherwise.

Earlier this year in “The Dummies Guide to Banging G-Club Girls”, Part 1 BBK states,

This is why the Biergarten, Nana Parking Lot and the Thermae are full of ugly girls (as well as some very good looking girls) and ugly G-Club girls are rare. Ugly Biergarten and Thermae girls can survive with an occasional customer because it costs nothing to sit and wait for a customer. An ugly Biergarten or Thermae TG who averages one customer every three days will still get 10 customers every month. If she averages 1500THB per customer that is a monthly income of 15,000 THB it’s enough to survive but not prosper in Bangkok. Ugly girls at G-Clubs who only get an occasional customer won’t meet their quota and will end up working for nothing. That is why G-Club girls are on average better looking than girls you see at other venues; the economic forces a work weed out and eliminate the ugly girls.

Japanese guys are known for pushing the envelope (okay some would just call them super freaks) in the bedroom. Thermae Japanese specialists are generally at home and comfortable with this. You can bring up some pretty weird shit with these girls and they are down with it. Who knows they might even be enjoying and getting off on it. Think of all the weird Japanese porn and then imagine doing it in real life—-now you are wrapping your head around the allure of the Thermae Jap Specialists.

Like Gulliver’s longballers, Thermae girls are also fun outside the bedroom. Getting them drunk, taking them out to a club, or playing cards for their clothing are all part of the portfolio and the good ones are good at it and good at making it a ton of fun.

Since the Thermae is right in the heart of The Reservation, there is really no reason not to put it on the rotation and stop by on a regular basis.

Let me make sure I’ve got this straight. I should go to Thermae because the best looking girls like the Japanese guys and typically want 500-1000 more than other venues, but most the girls really aren’t that good looking. I’m sold, fire up the tuk-tuk and throw on the quality fabrics, I’m there.

Only and exclusively on BDK do you have the BDK-COCK going deep for hard to find information. There was another article BBK wrote which also discussed the Japanese and Thermae at some length. Here is that article for your own analysis.

Night Crawlers, Bottom Feeders, Break in Jobs and the Fresh Produce Market by BigBabyKenny

“The Thermae is home to the TG FL Japanese specialists-both Long and Short Ballers. Most people think of Rainbow Nana when they think of where Japanese men go, but the Thermae is where younger Japanese men go when they are looking for freelancer action similar to the Biergarten Soi 7.

At the New Thermae, you also find TG FL’s who specialize in Japanese customers. You can identify these girls because they are better looking and younger than the typical Biergarten or Old Thermae TG and are well groomed and attractively dressed to suit Japanese tastes, e.g. pony tails, nice party dresses, and schoolgirl minis with sporty shoes.

A lot of these Japanese guys are into some funky shit. If you visit Thermae take a close look at the Japanese guys walking around and you will invariably see full backpacks or curiously large obviously full fanny packs. These frequently contain what a friend and I refer to as the Arsenal-a collection of sex toys, costumes and other paraphernalia that get hauled out during banging sessions. Befriend some of the Thermae TG regulars and ask them about banging Japanese guys if you want some good amusement.

The New Thermae is not just for Japanese. There is a large contingent of regular FL TG Biergarten types. Girls who have limited English skills and lack the personal appearance, personality, experience and style to move up market or for whatever reason are content to ST in the farang middle market. Most of these girls do not get any action from the Japanese men and their customer base is the non-Japanese. There is only a slight overlap between Nana parking lot, Nana Disco, and the Biergarten so most of the Thermae girls are fresh faces to Biergarten, Nana Parking Lot, and Nana Disco aficionados.

On any given night about half the men are Japanese. The rest are a mix of Cheap Charlie longtime Expats and other assorted farangs. The old time Ex-Pat Cheap Charlies and the TG’s willing to service them are still there but they are slowly being pushed into extinction.

Personally, I like pulling the Japanese specialists from the Thermae. Generally they are younger, better dressed, fresher, adventurous, and a lot of fun when you get them home. Many of them are stunners. They won’t agree to 1000 THB for ST but 1500 THB is usually agreeable.

The pricing at the Thermae is the same as at Nana Disco and the Biergarten. The girls want 1000/1500 for ST and LT is 2000 THB. Most of the TG Japanese specialists won’t go home with the worst of the Cheap Charlie ExPats and Trolls and a few of the Japanese specialists will only go Japanese.

My experience at the New Thermae is that 98% of the girls will go with anyone presentable who pays the prevailing price.”

Wow! Now that is profound writing! Thanks for that tip that will help everyone get more girls better, cheaper and faster! Whooo-hoooo! I’m booking my ticket for the first flight out tomorrow.

If you are a BigBabyKenny fan (like I am) you’ll soon uncover conflicting information which make it very difficult fun to determine if I am doing things right. You know, better, cheaper and more something or other. Here are a few examples.

From in “Photo Gallery-Japanese Specialists of the Thermae” BBK comments,

“BBK says:
Jun-03 at 12:49 am

Sean Murphy,

Don’t listen to the Self Proclaimed Master’s of the Universe (I like that. It makes him sound really smart. – BDK)

A lot of internet pundits say don’t go to the Thermae because the girls are only interested in Japanese guys.

It is not true.

What the better Thermae Japanese specialists are not interested in are Cheap Charlie expats who want to ST for 1000 THB, smell like a dirty gym sock, and slouch down there in ratty cargo shorts, filthy shower sandals, and ripped tank tops.

The normal and bottom half of the distribution Thermae girls are just like Beergarden girls. They just want some scratch and will go with almost anything. The bottom half will probably go for 1000 THB ST.

If you are dressed normally (jeans, a shirt, and shoes or sneakers) and are willing to pay 1500 THB for ST they are interested.

At that time of night on The Reservation (1-2:30AM), the best FL action is at the Thermae.”

In “The Truth About the Japanese in Bangkok” BigBabyKenny says the following,

The going rate among the Japanese at the Thermae is only about 500 to 1000 THB higher than the normal ST rate of 1500 THB. If you take into account the fact that the girls getting this premium are better looking, better dressed, and better groomed you can easily explain the 500 THB differential.”

In “Looking Forward to a Legendary Summer” Kenny says,
2) On the supply side, the dearth of farangs will drive down girl prices. If when you walk into the Thermae, there are 50 girls 25 of whom are Japanese specialists and no Japanese customers, night after night after night, that 1000THB ST offer starts looking pretty juicy. Is it possible that ST will drop to 800THB….. 700THB…….500THB? Stay tuned for future reports.”

I don’t know there Kenny, after reading the articles and comments it all sounds like a lot of conflicting information. If you’re going to claim a no bullshit policy you should either stand by the policy or change the policy. There are so many inconsistencies between the articles and comments it all comes across as nonsense to me. I’d have to call BULLSHIT if someone submitted the above to But then again, maybe it doesn’t make sense because I am just a BigDummy.



35 Responses to “BS Is BS – Part 1”

  1. 2 Cool 4 Words said

    I dont get the draw to Thermae. It’s not that big and rather rundown. Only a few hotties and they are mostly after the Japanese guys, supposedly because they pay a bit more. Even if I was a Japanese guy I’d go to Soi Thaniya if I want selection. If I’m on Sukhumwit even Baccaraa in Soi Cowboy has a better quality top to bottom.

    Don’t make sense to pay more for downmarket FL girls. Why would anyone bother?

  2. So, I wonder, when was Kenny in the Thermae, last time? I asked the same question on his site, but somehow doubt I’ll get an answer.

  3. ronru wannabe jr said

    @2cool – can u unfold more info about soi Thanyia please (or provide a link or two)? – sounds interesting…

  4. ronru wannabe jr said

    i’m in chiang mai now and the atmosphere is crazyly festive — looks like almost eyerybody’s back from bangkok to party wt family! Lots of police on the road however!

  5. ronru wannabe jr said

    @bigDummy I liked Kenny’s ‘mistressing’ & ‘girlfriending’… It’s all about process!

  6. ronru wannabe jr said

    Bullshit Alert 😳 😳 😳 kenny told me my comments were NOT AUTOMATICALLY put in moderation. I posted *Hello!* and guess what happened? 😉

  7. Big Dummy Kenny,

    I realize all the advanced ideas are hard to grasp the first time.

    Just keep reading everyday, studying every post studiously, and if you are lucky it will all come together for you.

    Sort of like when Newton was hit on the head with the apple.



    P.S. great post!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      “it will all come together for you”

      Not the way you explain it. For example, in one story you say the ST price at Thermae is 1500 and in another you say it’s 500-1000 THB higher than the going ST rate. Which one is it?

      In one comment you say the girls are better looking than other FL places and in another you say the girls are generally uglier in Thermae.

      Things haven’t changed all that much in the venues you mentioned this year.

      What I find funny is the reason you recommend Thermae. The opportunity to see a handful of attractive FL girls interact with Japanese clients or the hope of scoring one yourself. Why do that?

      As pointed out by ‘2 Cool 4 Words’, a much better selection in terms of quantity and quality is available at Baccara and Soi Thaniya.

  8. ronru wannabe jr said

    i posted on bbk under *sad fuck kenny wannabe no3* ; email:

  9. ronru wannabe jr said

    so what do u say, mmm, kenny?

  10. In the meantime, the Brand X crew coming with the daily dose and the gang of dedicated daily detractors are all continuing to provide and produce an interesting and dynamic daily must read.

    Since I have failed to secure assurances from the owners and operators of this blog for a no censorship environment, I would like you, who value the free speech environment of, to please consider as the outlet for your work.

    Instead of having your work controlled, edited or rejected by other blogs, you can control your own work if you post it on

    I do not insist that your posts promote an approved message and will not censor or delete your thoughts.

    I will happily allow posts where I disagree 100% with the poster!

    And, of course, you will enjoy the unedited, uncensored, wide open comments and debate only available at!

    You have my word that these promises are spot on – only at !!

    • BigDummyKenny said

      BULLSHIT Kenny. Back up your claim on these items or face the consequences:

      “In the meantime, the Brand X crew coming with the daily dose and the gang of dedicated daily detractors are all continuing to provide and produce an interesting and dynamic daily must read.” – Proof?

      “And, of course, you will enjoy the unedited, uncensored, wide open comments and debate only available at!” – I’ve seen the complaints both here and on your website from people claiming you’ve edited the comments. Are you calling all these people liars?


    • WOW said


  11. Are you shitting me?

  12. ronru wannabe jr said

    furthermore, my comments can rot in moderation for hours, even while Kenny’s logged-in, posting and responding to comments. 😯 😯 😯

  13. Nigger Man said

    So how longs does dis thermae keep da cofee warm?

    • Soi OG said

      It be hot. Damn hot my brother. Hot enuf to do sum crotch pot cookin. It’s tha shit, ya dig?

    • Big Nigger Juice said

      dun be givin me dat sheeeet fool. you aint no niggers. i is da only nigger in da village. coffee is for da whitey, i be drinkin some sweeeeet malt liquor.

      pity da fool

  14. BigDummyKenny said

    “Since I have failed to secure assurances from the owners and operators of this blog for a no censorship environment, I would like you, who value the free speech environment of, to please consider as the outlet for your work.”

    BBK, Could you send your e-mail again? It must have gotten caught in the spam filter and was accidentally deleted.

    I’d also like to know your word-for-word definition of censorship so I know that we’re comparing apples to apples.


  15. BigDummyKenny said

    It’s apparent that there’s a lot to be debated on the censorship that is or isn’t happening at BigBabyKenny. Hold onto your thoughts and I’ll open a post up for discussion.

  16. Daywalker said

    I am getting pretty fucking sick of that dumb fuck face twat keep saying that “Brand X crew coming with the daily dose” blah blah blah…..

    Shall we talk about the BBK Brand that was posting shit on a DAILY basis? Your little ‘SPY’ and his pet Moronru?

    Of course, we don’t talk about that do we?

    Just like he avoids confrontation, questions and the truth.

    – wanker.

  17. ronru said

    Hey daypecker … you were funny with that moronru gag for maybe one millisecond, but it’s getting tired. Try mongaloidru or fatbaldcuntru or barryru.

    You ever get fucked in the ass by a nigger?

  18. ronru wannabe jr said

    ronru/ big nigger* — are u actually a Negro? That would explained quite a lot! (*same avatar = same email address?)

  19. ronru wannabe jr said

    ronru = a big nigger = 😆

  20. Daywalker said

    Ronru. I was just making sure you realized I was having a pop at you. Knowing that you are a bit slow (well, a lot slow if we are honest) I wasn’t sure that you understood that YOU are the moron. So from now on, take it a given, that when you see the word ‘moron’, I am indeed, talking about you.

  21. ronru said

    I aint no nigger. And that bald cunt dayfagger aint no nice guy. He be a dumb ass, low down, no good, bald, fat cunt who pays for cuddles.

    Happy new year, i hope your bar waaaaaay down the end of soi 4 earns enough to pay your rent and internet cafe fees.

  22. Hometown Hero of BBK said


    That’s friggin funny as hell, “moronru”. LOL.

  23. Hometown Hero of BBK said


    I think that comment is very funny, “moronru”. hahaha. Almost as fitting as the pedophile label.

    Right cluey? I mean moronru?

  24. 2 Cool 4 Words said

    Hey ronru wannabe jr,

    Sounds like you’re having a great time there in Thailand. Wish I was there to ring in the New Year. Oh well.

    Anyways, Soi Thaniya, or Little Tokyo is near the Sala Daeng BTS stop in Silom and is between Silom and Surawong roads. As you’re walking toward Silom on Soi Thaniya, about 2/3s down on the left hand there is another small soi, Little Ginza, that has a few more Japanese style clubs.

    Here is a
    map of the location so you have a better idea of where it’s at.

    All that I can relate is that just over 2 years ago myself and 2 friends who were on holiday would walk through Soi Thaniya on our way to the Silom BTS from our hotel on Soi Surawong. The street was busy with hot Thai girls and Japanese tourists. Anyways, on our walks through there we would see groups of girls, maybe 5-10 girls, sitting outside each club. A couple Japanese guys who I managed to get to talk to me who’d been in the clubs said plan on spending about $200-$300 USD to have a really good time. My buddies and I never went in because we are more into the clubbing scene. But I will say the way they were all dressed in their tight little kimono outfits made us think about changing our plans for the evening.

    A couple times we walked through some Thai guy (same guy each time) asked us if we are lost and trys to get us to go to some clubs he said were down off Surawong. We never went. I don’t know if it was because we are young guys or the way we dressed or something else. Whatever. It was evident at that time there was someone hired to get “lost” westerners off the Soi. Amazing Thailand, right? I’ve seen western guys walk into the clubs and there is a Stickman article that gives some good details on his experience in one of the clubs. He didn’t have any problems getting into the club so I guess there was something about us that made us out of place.

    A couple other links on the Soi Tokyo scene for you to check out are in the Bangkok Picture Review and the Patpong Nightlife Review.

  25. Daywalker said


    Maybe MORONRU could have some wisdom teeth put in?

    I believe that BBK turned off his Avatars a few moments after I changed my Avatar to a nice little picture of him sitting in the Duke Pub playing with his camera.

    If only moronru was old enough to go inside a pub….

  26. ronru wannabe jr said

    i wish u all a lot of bareback action in Bangers for 2010! And for the next decade. @kenny — lose some weight ffs!

  27. ronru wannabe jr said

    @2cool — wow! I’ll take careful notes when i’ll land back in bkk from chiang-m. I’ll provide some feedback via this very platform. U sound like a fun guy!

  28. smelly farang said

    i’m a bit surprised kenny came over here and posted. thought he would have known better than to talk shit here but i see i’m wrong.

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