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The BigDummyKenny Year In Review

Posted by BigDummyKenny on December 31, 2009

I don’t care much for all these year in review articles, news stories and TV shows. In my mind it’s just a way for people in mass media with nothing better to do to generate a little extra ad revenue and readers/viewers. But, in order to keep up with everyone else, we’ve come up with our own BigDummyKenny style end of year report.

The Year In Review

Another year has almost passed. Like most years, this year started on January 1st and will end on December 31st. Some people celebrate the New Year on different days depending upon their culture, but since English is the international language of business and the internet and the Gregorian calendar is generally recognized in most English speaking countries to start the year on January 1st, everyone else can get stuffed. Except the Japanese in Thermae. Oh, and the Koreans and Chinese in Thermae that I think are Japanese. But not the Taiwanese, they don’t go to Thermae. I’m sure. I can recognize Taiwanese.

The longer you live the less things around you are a blur. Things which were once confusing and made no sense begin to crystallize and slowly come into focus.

This year some good things happened and some bad thing happened.

Some eventful things happened and some uneventful things happened.

Some things were extraordinary and some other things were ordinary.

Some famous people died who we wished hadn’t. Some famous people we wished would die didn’t.

There were several breakthroughs in technology.

People adjusted to all these changes.

The world did not come to an end.

Print this Year In Review as a reminder of not only what has happened this past year, but what will happen for years to come. You’ll be respected and gain notoriety for your ability to predict the future. If not amongst your peers, amongst your superstitious Thai friends.

Happy New Year!


4 Responses to “The BigDummyKenny Year In Review”

  1. ronru wannabe jr said

    😆 😆 😆 😆 Very good parody of K’s style, BigDummy :obvious and useless banalities expressed in a lengthy and pompuous fashion from someone who doesn’t seem to have any lived experience at all! U got it right.

  2. el nerdo said

    why does BBK have such bad ratings on the rate my professor site??

    please explain.

    el nerdo

  3. BigDummyKenny said

    @ronru wannabee jr,

    My theory on life is much like my theory on the Thailand Girl Scene: there is no wrong way to live your life unless I tell you there is only one right way to live your life. Then every other way is wrong. But maybe you are right and I am wrong. I have always been a believer in freedom of speech and letting the free market decide based upon who has the better product. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. But I know my arguments will win the day because I am never wrong.

    In summary: I know you agree with me and therefore I agree with myself.

    I hope that clears everything up and answers your question. Oh, you didn’t have a question? Well, in that case, use this answer for some other question you may have in the future which I won’t answer.

    @el nerdo,

    You question is unclear and cryptic, but I will try to answer it as best I can. RateMyProfessor is an internet site that gives students a venue to rate their professors.

    Some professors rate poorly and others rate well. There is a hidden agenda at ratemyprofessor. The site is sponsored by University X and it’s dedicated detractors are bringing the daily hate and invective. This hate has been going on for years and years. Even before began, so it is clear this was a well thought out and coordinated effort by University X. To that all I can say is come out from behind the multiple student reviews. You are only embarrassing your University and it is not working. At our University students learn to own their own thoughts and ideas. All potential students should come to University X as a superior outlet for the learning abilities.

    Hope that helps. If not, please see my answer provided to ronru wannabe jr.


  4. Teem Mango said

    Special New Years day promotion tonight. All beers, 40 baht and all food at half price. Many surprises too.

    Party begins at 18:00. See you there guys and thanks to all for your support.

    (BDK Note: The Haters of all things Mango finally found their way to BigDummyKenny. Welcome)

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