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POLL – RESULTS: BigDummyKenny Tagline

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 1, 2010

The choice has been made. We are no longer the home of the Flying Gookamonkey.

Thanks to the hundreds of participants for contributing to make BigDummyKenny the #1 resource in the blogisphere for our take on BigBabyKenny’s take on the Thailand girl scene.

BigDummyKenny – GO GO GO!!! To Infinity & Beyond!


3 Responses to “POLL – RESULTS: BigDummyKenny Tagline”

  1. sidney sidebottom said

    cheesy, sleazy, lemon squeezy

  2. ronru wannabe jr said

    bareback in the sack, yeah!

  3. Daywalker said

    Where is moRonru? I do miss him.

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