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Drill Man’s Take on Thai Girls

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 2, 2010

This isn’t meant to be some how-to or BigDummy’s Guide on the Girl Scene in Bangkok. I realize every guy has his own objectives and circumstances and I’m not going to say this is the end all of approaching the girls in Thailand. This is just one farang sharing his thoughts on his Thai girl experiences with other guys. My only though is that by writing this it will give you a few new angles on what to consider when approaching the various types of girls taking into consideration your own circumstances. Maybe dispelling some stereotypes and reinforcing others along the way.

I first came to Thailand about 7 years ago on contract with an oilfield services firm. Initially I though I would be here short term but with no baggage back home I wasn’t inconvenienced when the contract was changed to long term and then indefinite. I figure I’ve been with somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 girls over the past 7 years. It’s not as bad, or good, as it sounds (depending upon your viewpoint). Most the girls I met were during the first 2-1/2 years. Then, I was hooking up with six or seven girls a month. What type of girls? Well, all types. Young, party their asses off hi-so girls, middle class office girls, 30ish well to do professionals, university girls and of course the go-go and hostess bar girls. Thai, Thai-Chinese and even went through a Thai-Indian phase. I ran through the spectrum (and until recently, still do). I’d meet these girls at places all around Sukhumwit and Silom and a few Thai only party areas, but spend most my time at the clubs or bars at various hotels or nice restaurants in the Bangkok business districts. I just like the more upmarket feel of those places and generally speaking I run into girls who’s english is alot better than those you run into at the go-go or hostess bars.

Many of the places I once went to aren’t around anymore and some that are have changed so much I don’t go because I don’t like the environment now. There are way to many places to name but if people need to know what’s hot in Bangkok right now there are plenty of on-line resources to get that information. What I can tell you which you’ll find helpful is nearly all bars, clubs and restaurants will get a certain segment of customer. I mean, you won’t see groups of go-go dancers just hanging out at Sirocco Sky Bar or The Long Table waiting for guys to come along and start chatting them up. Likewise, you’re not going to find hordes of hi-so types in their authentic Louis Vuitton dresses at the Biergarten. For me it is all about what I’m in the mood for when I plan to go or if a last minute urge hit me.

What I struggled with most when I decided to write this was how to discuss the different types of girls without stereotyping them. Though after giving it considerable thought what I realized is that within each group of the girls I gone out with there were generalities which were true and there were always those who were atypical of that group. So here’s what I’ve (generally) found to be true.

I’ve found that the young girls, from 19 to about 23 are generally less reliable but way more fun. They are the ones who I find are usually up for hooking up last minute, have a lot of energy and love to party. However, I’ve also seen that these girls are the ones who fall way to fast and too hard in love. So if you’re into these girls, watch it. Some of them will threaten to do stupid things which usually involve physically hurting themself (most common is drinking themself into oblivion and calling at all hours or showing up at your door in the middle of the night). Not a pleasant situation. I made more than a few mistakes when I first came here by juggling more than one of these girls and not being upfront. I don’t do that anymore because I’m a bit more sensitive to hurting one of these girls and know I can find another without much problem.

The 20-26 year old Hi-So types. Fun, energetic and have a sanook attitude and are excellent party pals. However if you’re looking for a long term arrangement with these girls I have to say just stay away. Nearly all these girls are pampered little primadonnas and most expect you to entertain their needs. If that’s what you’re looking for that’s fine, but that’s not me. Fortunately, time takes the wind out of their sail for the ones who are divorced, with kids or separated by their mid to late 30s and you certainly see a different attitude – isn’t payback a bitch?

It’s really difficult to categorize the girls in the mid to late 20s. I’ve found they are all over the map and it starts to have more to do with their individual experiences and situation. The office girls in this age are mostly reliable and don’t do the last minute, late night hookup very often, but most still like to put their man first and please him. Some of these girls look absolutely stunning when dressed up and you’d never guess it beforehand. More than once I’ve invited one of these girls out for a nice dinner and when I picked them up I’m sure the look on my face was priceless. I would also say the shop girls and the girls working in retail stores are similar to the office girls. Shop owners, young professionals and the hi-so girls in this age range – I just don’t bother anymore. I’ve found they are too much into making a go of their work career and don’t have the time.

The Thai-Chinese and Thai-Indian are a tough nut to crack. If you’re just looking for fun I’d pass on these girls, no matter how hot. For me they’re just too much effort and for the most part aren’t that much fun. Don’t believe me? How many hard partying 20-25 year old Thai-Chinese or Thai-Indian girls do you see working in the hostess bars? What about out at the clubs partying the night away? I suppose if someone is looking to settle down and settle into a routine this may be what they want. For the few party girls you run into in this group all I can say is “watch out” and “viagra”. It seems they are determined to make up for the misgivings of their peers and are some of the wildest of the wild partiers.

The girls in their 30s are an interesting bunch. To state the stereotypical obvious, they know time is running out and they are competing with the younger girls. For those with money or hi-so it’s less of an issue unless they are in “hunt” mode for a husband to start a family. Problem is most still have alot of bad habits and are still more into themselves than you. I like the late 30s business owners and young professionals in this group. They’re established and have more free time than their 20s counterparts. It’s easy to get out of Bangkok for a weekend get-a-way and most have a certain flair about them. They also aren’t so worried about settling down so I’ve found they are more relaxed and casual relationships.

One thing I’ve generally found to be true is girls with at least one baby, no matter what the age, are usually more grateful, more stable and will be more attentive to your needs and taking care of you. Most of these girls had a Thai guy do a runner on them (after endless promises) and realize they have baggage that many guys don’t want. Most of these girls are looking for stability and aren’t just dating so they can jump in the sack a few times. I dont go near these girls anymore because I’m not looking for an instant family but more importantly they’ve already got it tough and don’t need to have another foreign guy hitting on them to just get them in the sack.

The last group I’ll mention is the northern and Issan countryside girls. If you’re looking for someone refined or hi-so these are not the girls for you. But if you want a girl who makes you their world, in my experience, these girls are hands down the best at attending to your needs. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because with Issan being so poor the girls are taught that the most important thing is to take care of their man and their family. If you can find one without baggage or drama (see next paragraph) they are absolutely a treat to be with in a relationship (full disclosure: I’m in a 4 month relationship with a 21 year old from Issan now).

What I think the biggest lesson learned along the way is no matter how fun, charming or attractive a girl is there is no need to put up with any drama. There are too many good looking girls in Thailand and staying with a girl who exhibits the same bad behavior more than a couple times in my opinion, inexcusable. Cut the ties and move on. You’ll gain bonus points in the man club because for a few girls it may be the wakeup call they should have gotten long ago and perhaps they’ll be more cooperative with their next guy.

Drama has many forms and I learned I really need to be cautious with a girl I’ve just met. Asking many questions and close observations before getting sucked into liking one of these train wrecks. Good paying job but little to show for it? Gambling problems (hers or her mother/father)? Drinking problems? The “brother” that is always showing up who doesn’t look anything like her? Unreachable the majority of the time? These are signs guys. Look at the signs and take a dose of reality. Stickman’s site is littered with stories where “something wasn’t quite right” but the guy chose to ignore it. The most common problem I find I come across is the way the girls are taught they need to take care of their mother and father and it becomes your problem. If the mother sees you as an ATM or has money management issues you’ve got a long fight ahead of you. Remember, there are plenty of girls.

One thing that I had to adjust to is the way Thai girls handle problems. Most Thai girls just don’t talk about things that bother them. The have a tendancy to keep it inside, but if it’s really serious you’ll hear about it in the form of a Mount Pinatubo eruption. If that doesn’t happen things may be a bit chilly for a day or so or you may not hear from her at all before everything is back to normal – all without the need for lengthy discussions – how great is that?

It’s not just the beauty and style that I love about the girls in Thailand they way the girls aren’t all all hung up about the age difference is very refreshing. Maybe I should say I don’t see it yet, even with me being close to 40. Sure, there are some places you go where the crowd is all 20 something Thai and you get very little attention, but the girls will in most instances still talk to you if you approach them (provided you speak Thai or they speak English). There are so many girl scene outlets in Bangkok that with a little research and planning you can be in the ideal environment for finding the type of girl who meets all your requirements in short order….or you can just say screw it and head off to the go-go bars 🙂

Drill Man


89 Responses to “Drill Man’s Take on Thai Girls”

  1. Big Black Gulliver said

    Isn’t it interesting that Prufrock just conveniently skipped away, when hard questions are being asked of him.


    • Are you surprised?

      BTW – looks like ‘Comment Spam’ will be the last poster on Kenny’s site. Typical that he’s even too dumb to set up a spam filtering system.

      Oh, have you ever considered that one reason for the site abandonment could have been an investigation? Might also explain why PrufWreck poof’d away.

      That guy sure bet on the wrong horse.

      Something to consider.

    • Used to be that comment SPAM got removed nearly immediately – now, it’s left to hang around for weeks.

      Haven’t really tested posting anything ‘questionable’ and usually censored, simply because I don’t care enough. Anyone else wanna have fun with it?

  2. adman said

    I was in Bangkok a few weeks ago. I did notice fewer anglo tourists. However, I also noticed more Japanese and Indian tourists.

    Didn’t make it to Soi Cowboy though.

    Stayed near lower Sukhumwit and that bar waaaaayyyyyyyyy down Soi 4. Hahaha hehehe hohoho

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      The increase in Japanese tourists is probably appreciated by service providers — the increase in Indian or Arab tourists, not so much.

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I was in Pattaya yesterday and took a customer down to a place called the beer garden by the water. The place was loaded with freelancers at 3 pm. I know people exaggerate on these blogs but it was loaded. He is Japanese and took a a liking to a couple of the girls. Surprising. We sat for a while and spoke with a couple of them. Seems that the new trick the Indians pull is that one guy goes out and gets the girl, brings her back to the room where they try to convince her to bang the 4 for the price of 1.


    • Not necessarily a ‘new trick’ – the Indians have been trying to pull that one for at least as long as I have been traveling to BKK, and which is one of the reasons girls don’t like Indians.

      I mean, seriously — what a weird culture where everything apparently has to be deceitful and dishonest. The ones who get out are the lucky ones…

    • MongerSEA said

      As bad as the new-money Russotrash and the stumbling, bumbling Chinese tour groups are, it’s the Indians who are most likely to be the death of what little good was left in the nightlife scene. If there was a online listing of nightlife establishments who specifically exclude groups of persons, it would be most welcome.

    • Hmmm…. that would be an interesting resource, indeed.

      Good contribute, MSEA!

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      I had never heard of the waiting back in the room trick before. The 4 guys with 1 drink trying to take 1 girl, yes.

      I drove him through Soi 6 so my Japanese Buddy could see it for the first time! The look on his face was truly priceless. A combination of shock, horror and disgust all at one time. The quote “you mean people pay money to sleep with those girls”


      BTW to somewhat validate the points above I only saw one western guy besides myself the entire “tour” down Soi 6. The place was loaded with Indian, Paki and from what I could tell some African guys. That was a new one for me. Soi 5 in Bangkok yes, Soi 6 in Patts not till now!

      See ya.


    • “you mean people pay money to sleep with those girls”

      Seriously, never understood that myself — all things being the same, ie all girls costing the same 1000 / 2000 baht, and there being a wide variety available, all in the same environment, then why settle for the less salubrious ones, when there’s hot lookers in the same space?

      You’ve seen guys with ‘less attractive’ girls before, walking down Sukhumwit, haven’t you?

      I always ask myself “Why?”

  3. Big Black Gulliver said

    @ Daffy

    “I mean, seriously — what a weird culture where everything apparently has to be deceitful and dishonest. The ones who get out are the lucky ones”

    I agree we at one time outsourced some IT development work to an Indian company called Wipro. I traveled to Chennai to address some issues we were having. The main trait I witnessed from them was an unparalleled ability to lie in order to get you out of their face and to move onto the next subject.

    They would promise you the moon in order to avoid any type of confrontation. They could never deliver the moon but promised that it would happen.

    The issue resolution to an email that asked tough questions…..delete it and deny you had ever received it. A specification you didn’t understand, no problem they would throw them in the trash!

    A smelly Indian dude who wants to buy pussy for 300 Baht and a crazy tattooed LBFM in Pattaya, sounds like a match made in heaven they deserve each other.

    • Best reason why I mostly stay out of Pattaya – plenty of better places, than scraping the bottom of the barrel.

      It’s not just the smelly Indians, but the Russo-Trash, and not to forget the retired farang expats who retire in Pattaya, thinking about how cool they are to have bought property for their hooker wife, and their hooker by-products.

      As for your experience with Indian ‘specialists’, every one who thought they could save some $$$ by going through Indian programmers ended up with the same experience, with NO exception. Shitty work, empty promises, blatant lies to your face, and ignoring criticism.

      I made the mistake once of ‘hiring’ some ‘system admin’ to install something on a server of mine. After 3 months, *nothing* was done, except empty promises. Fortunately only cost me $150.

      Finally paid an American to do the same. Had it done in 48 hours, and it cost me $150 as well.

      Business’ don’t get it — you’re not saving any money outsourcing shitty work, to shitty people, and paying more.

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    Krup, lessons learned. But what can you expect from a guy like me after all I’m “a guy who NOBODY at the Mango knows”

  5. Jethrow said

    I hear you guys on the Indian model of business. Was in a Nana bar (Mandarin I think) on Friday night and 3 of these guys walk in and try to order 1 drink and 3 glasses!

    The staff was having none of it and told them they each needed to order a drink or hit the road. Thankfully they hit the road because they smelled of shit or curry or whatever the hell they’ve been eating the last week. Do they ever shower and use deodorant?

    BigBlackGulliver. You know why they promise the moon? To get the business. Seen it happen a dozen times in Singapore since the Sing’s are almost as cheap as the Chinese (Oh that’s right, the ones who run the businesses and government ARE of Chinese). They figure getting 10 Indians for the price of 4 Aussies is a deal and things will get done faster.

    Makes me happy though. Because I’m usually the one they call to cleanup the mess.

  6. Big Black Gulliver said

    Great points. That has been my experience, one-third the hourly development rate but it takes three times as long to get the project completed.

    On another note. Once more, proofie positive of a weak mind. Geraldo on Fox gets him out of bed to take his medication and start posting again?????? W

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      1/3 the rate, but more like 6 times longer or more. You *never* break even with Indian outsource development, or any third rate country outsourcing.

  7. SBDOTKU said

    How did I miss this post? Thanks Drill Man, nice write up. I’m sure you have opportunities as a “local” that us vacationers just don’t have. So I’ll probably just stick to the go-go girls and bar hostesses unless opportunity bowls me over.

    As for Soi 6 Pattaya, I have seen some pearls there, but would have to shuck a lot of bearded clam to find ’em. To me, worth the extra 1K Baht to actually ENJOY the experience. Though if I lived there perhaps I would become jaded and warped and so sample the trolls for variety. %-/ Pray for me boys, pray for me.

    Getting ready to go back with the farang herds over the holidays – no choice, that’s when I can get away.

    VERY interested to see how things are. I paid about 30% more than I did for a ticket about a year ago and the hotels are about 20% higher. I wonder how this will all translate to the amount of Westerners present.

    But, no matter, THIS Westerner will be there having a GREAT time. I’ll be sure to send a trip report or two. Any of the regulars here that want to meet up let me know. We can get in contact through the admins.

    As for offshoring… unless they are a tenth the price I can’t see how it is worth it. We have offshored some work to the second most populous country and the time difference and lack of language skills alone has already caused plenty of headaches. Wasn’t my choice.

    And I think I’ll have to visit that bar waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy down Soi 4, what was its name?

    Best to all and long live the train wreck that is BBK!


  8. Dumb Comment Spammer David Issokson said

    [editor’s note: comment spam, and spam links removed. Spammer identified by real name]

    Overall I’d say the hardest thing about relationships between foreigners is language difficulties. Also, the languages very different and this can cause misunderstandings.

    • MongerSEA said

      Overall I’d say you’re a domain-speculating, blog-spamming asshole, David.

      % whois

      Registrant ID:CR65525161
      Registrant Name:David Issokson
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      Registrant FAX Ext.:

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