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Imitation: The Biggest Form Of Flattery

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 3, 2010

It was bound to happen sooner or later. What we here at BigDummyKenny didn’t count on was it happening so quickly. In a fit of desperation to boost anemic web traffic, BigBabyKenny lifted the first, of no doubt what will be many, articles from

Everyone in the blogisphere knows why: Readers looking for insight into the Thailand girl scene are abandoning their old sources for information and visiting BigDummyKenny in droves. According to the BDK-CLIT and BDK-COCK teams, a new blog covering the Thailand girl scene having such major impact on the blogisphere is unprecedented. Did you hear that people? Unprecedented! These aren’t just run of the mill people saying this. These are RAND Corp. and MIT rocket scientist type minds saying this shit!

First, caused editors to go on hiatus to rethink their website strategy. Closing down a major Bangkok club and bar information portal during the busiest part of the high season just doesn’t happen. Rumors abounded about the mental and physical health of the editors. Yes, running a blog is a time consuming and sometimes stressful activity….

…and sometimes life changing.

Nick (aka Nicky 1 finger) has been seen in various Sukhumvit locations displaying his unshaven face and a carrot-top-esque coif promoting what can only be described as fly-by-night Nigerian internet scams (is there any other type?). There have also been occasional reports that he’s been seen with the Indian “Lucky Day” promoters taking copious notes and even manning a bug cart, hawking bugs to Issan girls as they arrive for work at Nana Plaza.

It has been reported that Mike (aka Jose’) has been spotted in no less than half a dozen Indian Tailor shops on lower Sukhumwit being fitted for an assortment of Indian style groom’s suits and then hitting the happening nightlife hangouts making on the spot marriage proposals to 80kg+ western women dressed in moo-moo’s or blue jeans and tank tops exposing their jelly roll. Can this be the same guy who had hot Thai girls melting in his hands, wanting to bare his children after only a glimpse of his smile and hearing a simple “Sabai dee mai?”?

How the mighty have fallen.

To the guys at we can only say hang in there. We hope there are no hard feelings and complimentary gift certificates for tulip massages are on the way.

The state of affairs at the situation is much the same as they are at, however they’ve taken a more aggressive approach to dealing with their dwindling readership. In the past week we’ve seen BBK.COM duplicate several of the cutting edge features which have only been available at To which we can only say, what have you been waiting for? However, this is simply too little too late. There are many imitators but only one original BigDummyKenny. Nice try and better luck next time.

The only reports we’ve received from our undercover BDK operative is that late at night BBK has been heard running around empty University buildings naked yelling at the top of his voice, “I am the Master Of The Universe! Me! ME! I am the Master!”

As with the crew, we want to show there are no hard feelings and we here at BigDummyKenny will be enrolling you in a summer University photography class in hope of you learning how to take quality photos with that fancy camera of yours. We believe that once you’ve mastered that camera you may be able to contribute to the blogisphere in a positive way.

At BigDummyKenny we realize that we couldn’t have achieved such success without you, the long time (almost 1 month!) loyal readers. With the type of momentum we’ve seen it won’t be long until both Stickmanbangkok and Werewolf’s Lair sites will suffer the same fate as tfs2m and bigdummykenny, with servers sitting idle, IT staff being laid off, traffic and ad revenue dropping to a trickle (on a positive note, they may be able to apply for carbon credits as their carbon footprints will be close to zero). We’re a bit concerned this may trigger another worldwide economic crisis and that this momentum may put on several countries national security threat lists. However, undeterred we will move forward.

The statistics don’t lie and we continue to see exponential growth with hundreds of additional page hits each day.

All we can say to all the potential contributors and authors out there is you now have a superior outlet for your work which will be syndicated to countless other websites in the blogisphere. Why settle for less when you can go with the best?

All this is only available at! YEA YEA YEA – TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else.


38 Responses to “Imitation: The Biggest Form Of Flattery”

  1. Ronru posting as Barry Price posting as Ronru said

    I’m Barry Price. I’m very ugly. Yes quite so. But guys, I’m running out od funny clever things to say. Help me pleases.

    Please send me some submissions that can really skweewer Kenny.. I need your help. So far our RSS grab has only backfired on us. We need new ideas.

    What’s really sad is that I am a small guy and quite ugly. I really can’t defend myself in any arena except sometimes here, but usually, I later get beat down. My homosexeualality (yes I have fucked a ladyboy) is really fucking with my head too. I have so many issues. I’m just glad my father didn’t kill himself when he discovered I was gay as Penfold’s father did. Oops, did I reveal too much?

    Never mind. Just send me idea how we can destroy BBK. He’s a rival ya know. And besides, the DUKE OF WELLINGTON can’t get sold when the truth is known. Cooked books.

    The Duke of Wellington…Cooked books. Don’t buy.

  2. Funny Man said

    Hehehehehehehe.hohohohohohohohoho. hehehehehehohohoheehe

    you’re right the wellington is no good.

  3. Former restaurant buyer said

    Duke of Wellington = Cooked books.Cooked books.

    (Note: Ronru, I’m considering deleting your repetitive posts since you’re stating your same unsubstantiated opinion over and over and over. You are one to complain about the lack of creative content here? Which we know is really you just taking a piss because BigBabyKenny is in the sewer and he’s pulled you into his BigBabyKenny campaign against the Big Mango. Don’t be a puppet on a string, sock puppet or Avatar of BigBabyKenny. You really need to own your own thoughts and come out from the multiple pseudonyms. BDK)

  4. Purple Spy said

    Your site’s interface, BigDummy, is better than Kenny’s : it load faster, is easier to navigate, and it’s looks prettier (with the avatar and all). Congrats!

    I preferred however *home of the flying gookamonkey* as the main subtitle– it was childish in a good, funny way! Anyone else? I suggest we go back to the gookamonkey tagline!

    • bigdummykenny said

      @Purple Spy – I’m thinking of having a run-off election later on the tagline. Just because we know there are those who say the election was rigged.

      Thanks for the comments on the site. I knew everyone would like it, because, well, you know.

      For those who don’t like the design it will grow on you. Trust me. I am right and you are wrong. 😉

  5. ronru said

    Mangoidsareabunchoffuckers.Alltheirwebsitesareaboutfloggintheboozeandmuttonintheirpubs.Youlookattheir durianseed.comsite.Supposedtobeindependentreviewsofpubs’n’clubs’eateries,etc.Butit’sallbullandpiss.Gotry givetheDukeo’Wellingtonlessthan4outof5starsandthereviewgetspulled!Thatain’tfairisit!Peoplereallysupposedto

  6. ronru said

    heh, managed to fugure who YP is from the clues above. yeah, stupid feckin haircut, daft tats and a weasle face.

    i used to fuck guys like that in prison.

  7. bigdummykenny said

    Wow! Looks like I’ll be handing out quite a few Bullshit Awards.

    I’m calling bullshit on the following.

    @ronru posting as Barry Price, Former Restaurant Buyer and Funny Man – Automatic Award. Although you may wish you had something to do with this website, you don’t.

    Your wishful thinking does not make it fact. Back everything up or suffer the consequences.

    @Ronru posting as Ronru – Bullshit Award coming on everything you said. You being in prison would explain quite a bit but you have to substantiate your claim.

  8. Hehehe said


    Not ronru you dumb fucking red headed twat.

  9. Daywalker said

    Ha! Ronru you Moron!

  10. Hehehe said

    Daytwalker, how’s your investment portfolio doing?

    hehehe 🙂

  11. Daywalker said

    My investment portfolio is doing pretty well thanks.

    Hows your 9-5 job?

  12. Purple Spy said

    I’m working 15-9 nowadays. My life sucks.

    Have to eat fruits and workout at the gym. Eat proteined food.

    Clean my room and remove all the long black hairs from bathroom floor.

    Change the bedsheets yet again. Have to do it almost daily!

    Little siesta.

    Shave and put some clothes on.

    Hit a club. Hit a chick. Taxi to my room. Bang her as hard and long as I can. Get her out of my place. Eat and sleep if possible; otherwise eat and hit the gym and sleep.

    Do it over all again.

    I’m bored out of my fucking mind.

  13. Jake Sully said

    n 2154

  14. bigdummykenny said

    @Jake Sully – Since your post is obviously stolen from another website (and probably copyrighted) and you haven’t provided the link to your source or anything original to your comment you won’t mind if I pull a BigBabyKenny and edit your comment, do you?

    BTW, we don’t steal content from other websites. Who do you think we are? http://www.BigBabyKenny.Com ? Hahahaha! Ouch, that’s a good one.

  15. Hehehe said


    I like what Spy said. Hehehehehehee, because it’s true.

  16. Hehehe said

    Jake Sully,

    You are great. Cheers.

  17. BKKSpy said

    Micheel E. Smith you are a trafficker of humans. You do own the Bigmango bar, that does have girls available for barfine/sex (video exists of you explaining details). Yes it’s you, Micheel E. Smith. (you can thank Daffy for this undo attention) that owns a bar that girls for sexual services that provide sexual services. You are a human trafficker. You also have underage girls working there,

    BKKSpyy says:
    Jan-04 at 10:49 am
    Click to Edit

    Sideshow Bob (way unoriginal) is really

    Micheel E. Smith

  18. BKKSpy said

    I love meta. 🙂

  19. Daywalker said

    BKK Spy, you sound jealous to me?

    Are you competing with moRonru for BBKs affections?



    Forget about the wannabes and posers on the information superhighway. The best information about Thailand on the information superhighway is available on these sites. Werewolf’s Lair – Reviews

    Pattaya info can be found at

  21. ronru said

    Comments 1 – 3 are NOT mine but not saying that I don’t fully agree with comments 2 & 3.

  22. ronru said

    Bullshit award to the administrator for messing up my comment #5 or shall I post it again ?

    • bigdummykenny said


      Your comment #5 was not messed up by any of the administrators at BigDummyKenny.Com. We believe the problem is with the automatic delayed reformatting filter which was installed last week. We turned the filter off but noticed that on occasion it will reformat some posts and comments.

      We have reported this bug and hopefully the widget developers will have it fixed shortly. While you’re waiting for this bug to be fixed we recommend you make good use of your time and review the many youtube videos available on how to navigate webpages on your computer. 🙂


  23. Daywalker said


    The more I see your comments, the more I feel I should be donating money to some charity for special needs.

    Tell me, which charity do you represent, and I’ll make a donation in your name.

  24. doctorbond said

    Unless ‘Biggest’ is some deliberate reference to the ‘Ultimate Web God’ can I just point out that the saying is as follows….
    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
    – it has been grating on me for the last few days and I could stand it no longer….
    … whaddya mean shut up?…
    … oh ok.

  25. bigdummykenny said

    @doctorbond – Uhhhh? I did extensive research and “Better” was the top choice as rated by google. So, even though you are technically correct, my google Ace high beats anything you might think you have. So actually I am right.

    Besides I just couldn’t bring myself to use the word “Sincere”

    I hope you enjoyed this open debate as much as I did.


  26. Purple Spy said

    Zithromax works!

    I’m enjoy pissing again…

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