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POLL – RESULTS: BBK Most Overused Cut-n-Paste

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 6, 2010

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  1. blu avatar man said

    In Avatar, the Na’vi are a fictional indigenous species that live on the fictional world of Pandora. They are humanoid in appearance, having pairs of eyes, ears, arms, and legs like humans, as well as a nose, a mouth, and expressions recognizable to humans. The Na’vi differ by having blue skin, pointed ears, huge eyes, and tails. They are also taller but also have narrower proportions in body frame. The Na’vi were originally conceived to be more alien in appearance. Cameron recalled that when one of the main characters, Neytiri, was drawn, she had fins, gills, and other protuberances. In addition to feline features,[7] the species was redesigned to look more like humans so audiences could relate to them better. Cameron said that Avatar was more “science fantasy” than true science fiction and said that he would explain in the novel for the film why in the fictional universe the Na’vi look like humans.[8]

    According to Entertainment Weekly, “The Na’vi can commune with animals on their planet by literally plugging their ponytails into the creatures’ nerve systems. To become a warrior, a Na’vi must tame and ride a creature known as Ikran.”[9] The Na’vi also use this neural bonding system to mate with a “life partner”, a bond that when made, cannot be broken in the Na’vi’s lifetime.[10]

    Conceived for the film was the Na’vi language, a constructed language often spoken by the actors when they played Na’vi characters. The Na’vi language was created by linguistics professor Paul Frommer of University of Southern California. Frommer designed the language so it could be spoken by human actors, and it combines syntactic and grammatical rules from other existing languages. The professor created over a thousand words for the Na’vi language and taught the actors who played Na’vi characters to speak it for the film.[11]

    A deleted extended “sex scene” between Jake Sully and Neytiri, that was removed from the theatrical version of the film, will be included in the DVD realeses.[12] Cameron says it will bring knowledge to the audience as to how the Na’vi mate: “That [scene] will be something for the special edition DVD, if you want to see how they have sex,” Cameron said.[12] Zoe Saldana commented that, “If you sync to your banshee and you’re syncing to a tree, why not sync into a person? I almost feel like you’ll have the most amazing orgasm, I guess.”[13]
    [edit] Fauna

    James Cameron’s core idea for the Avatar’s fictional creatures was for them to be “superslick and aerodynamic, and be like a race car with racing stripes”.[14] Neville Page worked on Avatar as the lead creature designer. He adapted Cameron’s conceptions of the fauna into design that served three purposes: look expressive, function with animation technology, and be believable enough for audiences.[15] He and creature designer Wayne Barlowe sought to base the design of Pandora’s creatures on race cars, but they struggled to adapt the concept. Page drew on his education in automotive design, recognizing the irony that race cars were based on real-life animals in having “bone lines”. Existing automotive designs drew from seashells, turtle shells, and insects, and the creature designers returned the design to the fictional creatures. They found the biggest challenge in designing most creatures to give them organic appearances since they lacked excessive skin texturing. Some creatures were also designed to have special breathing holes located in the trachea, copying how cars have intakes.[14] Challenges that the creatures posed for visual effects technicians were to create believable “walk and run” cycles for six-legged creatures and believable flying for creatures that had four wings.[16]

    The fictional creatures are not connected telepathically according to Cameron and the designers. However, even though they discussed the idea of the creatures being part of Pandora’s “Worldmind”, they preferred to interpret the creatures as having heightened instincts. Page explained, “Animals are hooked up to this planet. We’re the ones who are detached… The way I dealt with it was, We have so much rich [material] here to reference, that we don’t have to dream up a whole new process of animal awareness.”[14]

    The wildlife on Pandora is considered mostly scientifically valid. The fictional moon has less gravity than Earth, so the creatures’ larger sizes match their environment. Most Pandoran wildlife are hexapodal, or six-legged, which would be more expected in a world with more significant gravity than Earth’s. Half of all Earth’s known living creatures are hexapodal (being insectile), so hexapodal creatures are possible. The fauna and the flora are also bioluminescent, which is seen in creatures on Earth, such as fireflies and algae. The aforementioned breathing holes, located on multiple parts of a creature’s body other than the mouth, are similar to spiracles in some of Earth’s animals.[17]
    [edit] List of fauna

    * Direhorse (Pa’li in Na’vi language) is a hexapodal equine-like mammal.[18] The Direhorse was conceived and designed by Cameron and Stan Winston Studios. Cameron described the creature as a “six-legged alien Clydesdale with moth-like antennae”.[19]

    * Great Leonopteryx (Toruk in Na’vi language) is an airborne predator native to Pandora. The fierce beauty and nobility of the leonopteryx gave the species a place in central Na’vi lore and culture. It is celebrated in dance, song, and with elaborate totems that symbolizes both the fear and respect accorded to the creature. The leonopteryx is considered crucial to the Na’vi sense of destiny and interconnectedness. Prior to the events of the film, it had only been tamed five times, and Neytiri tells Jake that the riders (Toruk Makto) brought peace among the Pandoran tribes. The Great Leonopteryx and the Banshee were designed with bright colors. Page based the colors on Earth’s birds, poison dart frogs, and Monarch butterflies, though he altered the patterns so they would not obviously come from Earth’s animals.[20]

    * Hammerhead Titanothere (Angtsìk in Na’vi language) is a large herbivore with a head shaped like a hammer.[21] The creature, which resembles a cross between a rhinoceros and a hammerhead shark, is angered easily.[19]

    * Hexapede (Yerik in Na’vi language) are hexapodal deerlike creatures.[19]

    * Mountain Banshee (Ikran in Na’vi language) is an airborne predator who lives in mountainous territory on Pandora. Na’vi warriors attempt to bond with a Banshee, a dangerous and required rite of passage. A Banshee bonds to a Na’vi warrior for life.[22] Page spent the most time designing the Banshee for the film so it would be convincing when it flew or perched. The designer said, “The hardest thing of all was having a Na’vi on top of it and flying it. You had to backwards engineer it. It was like designing and engineering an aircraft.”[23] Barlowe, who contributed to the Banshee’s design, was influenced by manta rays and skates as well as relatively little-known pterosaurs and plesiosaurs that had “many, unique aerodynamic and hydrodynamic” characteristics.[14] Like the color scheme for the Great Leonopteryx, color schemes based on Earth animals were used for various Banshees, though Page was inspired by Art Nouveau prints to warp the schemes so they would not look familiar to film audiences.[20]

    * Prolemuris Blue, hexapodal creatures based on Earth’s lemurs.

    * Thanator (Palulukan in Na’vi language) is a large hexapodal land predator.[24] Cameron personally designed the creature.[25] Its appearance is similar to a panther; Cameron describes the Thanator as “a panther from hell”. The director explained how the Thanator is the most fearsome creature on Pandora, “The Thanator could eat a T-Rex and have the Alien for dessert.”[19]

    * Viperwolf (Nantang in Na’vi language) is a hexapodal nocturnal carnivore.[26] Cameron described the Viperwolves, “[They are] hairless with shiny skin that looks like overlapped armor. Most disturbing are its paws, which are like leather

  2. filme cu vampiri said

    apropo merci de comment de pe blog sper sa mai intri si alta data si daca ai timp intra si tu pe filme cu vampiri

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