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Purple Spy’s Purple News: Click it! Jan. 5, 2010

Posted by dapurplespy on January 6, 2010

Thanks to Purple Spy on scouring the net and providing the following while his plunger is on the mend.


Expect mass red-shirt protests later this month: “They will carry hoes and shovels and food supplies and will occupy plots of land in the Khao Yai Thiang area,…” “…the UDD will hold mass anti-government demonstrations at Sanam Luang, Ratchadamnern road, Royal Plaza and Government House,”… “The mass demonstrations will end only when the government announces a House dissolution and calls a general election to allow the people to make a decision on the new government.” Great!

“Passengers of Thai Airways International (THAI) can expect to be served by younger female flight attendants…” “Older THAI cabin attendants earn about 100,000 baht a month, while younger colleagues get about 30,000 baht.” “In total, THAI has about 6,000 cabin attendants, of whom 4,800 are women.” “…the average age of female attendants is said to be in the early thirties.” THAI is thus on it’s way to become like Singapore Airline : “…SIA normally begins hiring cabin attendants when they are between 19 and 23, so they would retire as attendants at between 29 and 33.”

A hi-so chick is complaining that in Thai soap operasThai men are often seen trying to dominate women while women are seen responding to it via a mixture of manipulation, vulgar frustration or submission by trying to be cute. Too bad she does not plead for even more sexy sluts on high heels and shirt skirt on the screen. One day, I’ll wank on them!

Obama has appointed his first ladyboy. And it’s talking about sucking…

A Thai chick took 300 pages to conclude thatGoing to dern len [walk around] inside upmarket malls is one of the most widespread and easily accessible middle class ways to emulate elite culture, because the bare fact of the matter is that most middle class occupations in Bangkok are not accompanied by sufficient income to permit individuals to live the extravagant, consumption-heavy lifestyle portrayed as desirable by hi-so discourses. I never would have guessed it!

Seems like a Phuket tuk-tuk driver does agree that most Frenchmen are actually dickless gays : “the tuk-tuk or taxi driver came out of the little shed where all the drivers are sitting, and insulted us. ”He said we weren’t allowed to park, it was reserved for the police.”We said ‘It’s nonsense’, because there was no sign. There were plenty of other cars. We actually left and were going to do some shopping. ”One specific gentleman… came out with the bat …and went straight at me with all his strength and aimed at my head, trying obviously to kill me. ”I put my arm in front of me, so it broke my arm. My father jumped on him and got the bat away from him, so he went to get another one. ”He came back and tried to hit me again and missed me, he hit my wife and eventually my father disarmed him again, and he left and we left as well.Purple question : Where are all those baseball bats coming from?

France to introduce new law banning *psychological violence*The law is expected to cover every kind of insult including repeated rude remarks about a partner’s appearance, false allegations of infidelity and threats of physical violence.
Now–can you imagine a French fag complaining to a virile policeman : “My wife said I look like a monkey–ugly, fat, with a monstrously jaw.” 😆 I would expect more French farangs in the Land of Sluts soon to escape, if only momentarily, the living hell that those lawmakers are preparing for them, but hey, most don’t have no money anymore!

Warren Beatty has apparently fucked 12,775 different women…
Keep on shagging, Tiger Woods…


5 Responses to “Purple Spy’s Purple News: Click it! Jan. 5, 2010”

  1. doctorbond said

    You can never have too many baseball bats

  2. bigdummykenny said

    Just what everyone in Thailand wants – more protests during tourist season.

  3. blu avatar man said

    In Avata

  4. blu avatar man said

    In Ava

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