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Home of the Flying Gookamonkey

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 8, 2010

It took awhile, but the BDK-CLIT operatives in Bangkok finally captured a photo of the endangered Boxjaw Gookamonkeys in their native environment. It was our impression that human cloning was not possible and human cloning research was prohibited, but this photo clearly shows that at least one rogue lab has been busy repopulating the earth with this endangered species.

Credit to sidney sidebottom

We here at BigDummyKenny.Com hope you enjoy this photo as much as we did and ask that you provide the appropriate commentary in the form of what each gookamonkey in this clan is saying or thinking.



40 Responses to “Home of the Flying Gookamonkey”

  1. adman said

    Gookamonkey on the far right with the camera,

    How do you work this thing. Anyone here know how to work this thing?

  2. smelly farang said

    gookamonkey in the white shirt to waitress

    “hey, did i mention my 1 million baht pickup truck is parked outside? do you validate?”

  3. Daywalker said

    (slurping DIET coke that isn’t working)

    “how old is your daughter?”

  4. Daywalker said

    (all of them)

    “By the time I’ve shaved my chin, I have a 5 o’clock shadow”

  5. Daywalker said

    (talking to the girl)

    “If I give you some money, can you go get the cops, as Daywalker over there looks like he’s gonna kick fuck out of me”

  6. Daywalker said

    (far right)

    “I thought this was a Sony PSP”

  7. Daywalker said

    (far left)

    “Do you like my Big Mango T-Shirt”

  8. Daywalker said

    (to the girl)

    “I was a stunt double for Mickey Rouke in Sin City”

  9. Purple Spy said

    i just got assaulted by a yaba-crazed barwhore in Climax!

  10. Purple Spy said

    sure – i impregnated her best friend 8 months ago…

  11. Purple Spy said

    and sure, i was going to nail a thai-nese cunt i was working on since a few weeks…

  12. Purple Spy said

    but WTF?!!!

  13. Young Penfold said

    WOW. Kenny is one ugly fucker. He looks like a gook Buzz Lightyear.

  14. Purple Spy said

    @ WOW — but he’s beautiful on the inside… clean liver, etc.

  15. smelly farang said

    Due to

  16. gorm said

    second from right

    look at us, we’re having our own sausage party and i couldn’t be happier!

  17. gorm said

    in the white shirt

    can i take a photo of your food and borrow the receipt?

  18. gorm said

    with camera

    what’s an F-stop?

  19. sidney sidebottom said

    I know you all think there are four gookamonkies but i’m pretty sure that’s Thaksin on the left.

  20. bigdummykenny said

    White shirt: No, no. You don’t make that much. Here’s how much you’re really making. You have on average 1-ST every other day and 3-LT each week, minus 1-ST and 1-LT for your period, then the formula would be…

  21. dapurplespy said

    Grey shirt on the right, thinking : *Wow. I captured this bill perfectly. Fantastic lightening. Quality paper, quality inkling. Cool. Maybe not blurry enough, however. *

  22. ronru said

    Who are the 4 gentlemen and the lady featured in the above picture ?

    [Note: Responses moved UFC 666 – BigBabyKenny vs Mango – BDK]

  23. Steve said

    [Note: Responses moved UFC 666 – BigBabyKenny vs Mango – BDK]

  24. ronru said

    [Note: Responses moved UFC 666 – BigBabyKenny vs Mango – BDK]

  25. Daywalker said

    moRonru…. Do you live in a village?

  26. Thai Pad said

    The one on the left thinking to himself:
    I usually don’t go for ladyboys but wow! If I stare and smile long enough I wonder if she’ll come over and talk to me.

    Next to the one with camera:
    I usually don’t go for ladyboys but wow! If I stare and smile long enough I wonder if she’ll come over and talk to me.

  27. Daywalker said

    …and guess what moRonru…. One of those nice little pics of the ‘The Jaw’ is taken from the Duke of Wellington Pub. – That one he hates so much, yet used to go to before everyone nailed him on his creepy Shrine post.

    Not that you’d understand any of that you besotted ignorant little fuck.

  28. ronru said

    Why is it that whenever I refer to the little fuck as a little fuck I’m being told that this blog is not for me but when the little fuck calls me a little fuck there seem to be no problem ?
    Daywacko – YOU ARE A LITTLE FUCK.
    $300,000 haha hehe hoho..

  29. ronru said

    Why my avatar has changed ?

  30. ronru ponders – “Why my avatar has changed ?”

    …because you’re not ronru.

  31. Daywalker said

    I see that Kenny has now resurrected another name out of his closet and attempted some humor. Failing badly. I thought this BBKSPY said that a certain member of the mango had skipped town? They (Kenny) really should remember what crap he has written.

    I’ve heard that he is also posting profanities under the name of ‘Daywalker’. I am surprised it took him this long to be honest?

    Sad and pathetic. What depths will he sink to next?

    I was actually quite pleased with the guy in the pic that was labeled ‘Daywalker’, as he is at least 2″ taller than me.

    Kenny/BBKspy/Daywaker or whatever it is you are currently calling yourself today.. Leave the comedy to others. You just haven’t got it. Unlike the pic above. I still laugh like a little girlie daywalker when I see it!

    • BKKspy is actually a sad fattie posting longfully from Southern California, and being (check my song lyrics) just jealous of those doing and having things he doesn’t.

      Jealousy, not a pretty color to wear.

    • doctorbond said

      @DW – YOU may laugh like a girlie but frankly I think the middle kenny is the least convincing… Photoshop Phatigue?

    • Daywalker said

      I am mistaken.. Kenny has sunk lower!!! I am soooo upset about him saying I look like the guy in his picture. Too funny. But interestingly, it does link to a question that I’d like Kenny and his sockpuppets to address….

      The term ‘Big Whitey’.. Why is it that Kenny refers to a farang that rescues a girl from poverty as ‘whitey’? Is that not racist? And if I am not mistaken, isn’t Kenny of mixed race? Is Kenny saying that only white folk are in a position to ‘rescue’ these girls? Please puppets, explain. Aswell as posts on where to score underage girls, you are also being racist.

      – And since when did I grow some hair?

    • Oh, and Kenny has absolutely no idea how funny he is when he wrote : “One of these days, when someone posts a picture of Daffy, everyone will be in for a big surprise.”

      Yes, indeed Kenny – everyone who has been listening to you and ronru (or that BKKSpy guy – who’s not much of a spy, for sure) will certainly be in for a surprise.

      Kenny really is doing himself a disservice for listening to the wrong people… but hey, that’s just fine by me.

    • “… Aswell as posts on where to score underage girls, you are also being racist.”

      Well, I think the Kenny and his friends’ connection to child pornography has been well established, so far.

      It’s also quite telling that unlike previously, when ronru would jump on here to quickly deny and try to dispel any allegations and accusations of his mentor (Kenny), the peanut gallery is staying strangely quiet every time we bring up the very real and very pathetic child pornography connection that links Kenny, ronru, BKKspy, etc… It’s almost as if they don’t want to stir *that* particular pot, and are hoping for it to go away.

    • ronru said

      I said what I said only couple of days ago.

    • ronru, I am glad to see you confirming that BBK and yoruself are behind the child pornography filth being posted. (because, certainly, BBK hasn’t shown any *proof* of anything else…)

  32. Katechon said

    “What depths will he sink to next?”

    I’ve to admit that I would never have foreseen BBK sinking sooooo loooow!

    Stupefying. In a morbid fashion.

  33. Katechon said

    sidney sidebottom roxxxxxxx!

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