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Looking At The Thailand Blogisphere

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 11, 2010

As part of our continued effort to make sure you don’t read BigDummyKenny.Com I thought I’d do something a bit different and offer the readers some information on other websites in the “Amazing Thailand” links on the home page. Being a fairly frequent visitor to Thailand I keep current with the going ons and plan at least part of my time in the LOS based upon what I read in the other websites about Thailand. Since I usually only have a few days each trip, I want to get information that’s as current as possible (hey crew, when is the hiatus over? I need my weekly updates). This past week I went through the links that THE BEST ALTERNATIVES provided as a comment on one of the posts and decided to do a quick synopsis. Most of the sites listed I visit at least semi-regularly while others I visited the first time this past week.

Hopefully this will keep you busy on the other websites.

So go away already.


Absolutely Bangkok – I’d call this the thinking man’s take on Thailand (that being the case, why are you reading BigDummy?). If you really want to get a good start on understanding Thai culture before you make the trip you should check the articles here. Well researched articles abound.

Bangkok Truth – Looks good so far Chuck. Biography/documentary style blog stories.

Bangkok Bargirls – Ever wonder about bangkok bars? What about bargirls? This site gives you the what’s hot and what’s not for the major nightlife entertainment areas. If you are making your first trip to Thailand and need a quick primer on what to do, what to watch out for and where to find companionship for your visit to Bangkok this is where I’d start.

Bangkok Afterhours – When you’ve graduated from the “normal hours” bars, what’s left? Afterhours. Another good site for nightlife info for Bangkok as well as Pattaya.

Bangkok Eyes – Go to Bangkok…look at people…what do they have? Eyes. Bangkok Eyes. One of my favorites. If you make frequent trips to Thailand you’ll enjoy the read. Has reviews and current happenings on the nightlife scene. Interesting archive of historical articles as well.

Bangkok Diaries – Ever wonder what was in your sister’s diary? Look here. It’s what the name says. Lots of personal stories about life in Thailand.

Bangkok Pundit – For those of you who think the only thing happening in Thailand is the entertainment and tourism industries nothing could be further from the truth! This site covers Thai Politics, the economy and other non-entertainment topics.

Baron Bonk – It’s hard to argue there’s nothing like a good bonk in the morning. This is a newsletter style blog about the nightlife areas on and off Sukhumwit.

Bangkok Tonight – This has a good list of pubs, bars and clubs and includes upcoming events in these venues which are noteworthy. Looking for a specific band, DJ, other event or party news? Look here.

BigBabyKenny – You either hate him or love him. Unless you don’t hate him or love him. In that case you’re just indifferent, or maybe not.

Dave The Rave – Dave has been raving for years. Problem is nobody can understand a word he’s saying. More information on bars, nightclubs and hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Pattaya Addicts – Addicting! The lively discussions in the forums are well worth reading.

Pattaya Rag – What a rag (no, not that type). Plenty of photos of Thai hotties and a well rounded selection of stories and articles with a focus on Pattaya.

Pattaya Secrets – Come on guys! How can it still be a secret? You’ve ruined it for everyone (just ask Kenny). Has information on Hotels and Nighlife. One of the largest forums on Pattaya around.

Pattaya Talk – You want the talk? You want the talk?!? You can’t handle the talk!!! Free membership forum about Pattaya.

Pattaya Revealed – The is another forum, revealing Pattaya for everyone. Most the good stuff is in the members pages. Newbies Section is worth looking into for those who’ve never been to Pattaya before.

Pattaya Live – I think we can all agree most things are better live than dead (except maybe tom yam or Pad Thai goong). This is another forum and one of my favorite sites. The “Stop Press!” section usually has a good story or two that you may have missed from the mainstream press. Covers all of Thailand, not just Pattaya with forums on Bangkok, Issan and the south. Not just about the entertainment industry.

Sukhumvit Psycho – (This guy must have watched too many Alfred Hitchkok movies before coming up with a name for his website.) Very good reviews of bars, clubs, massage joints, etc. throughout Thailand.

Thai Anxiety & Pattaya Gogos – Not sure why all the anxiety. Maybe not enough time to check out all the Pattaya venues during your visit. A very nicely done, well organized website. Good articles and bar reviews with complete pricing information in the gogos review section. Check it out.

Thailand Crisis – If you want to read about something other than the entertainment industry then this is the blog for you. Covers politics, the economy and other mainstream topics. This site covers Thai Politics, the economy and other non-entertainment topics.

The Farang Speaks 2 Much – Covers everything from politics to the hard core entertainment industry with ample bar room commentary. One of Kenny’s favorites 😉

Stickman Bangkok – Anyone know the significance of “stickman”? Although some people give him low marks for being overly critical of Thailand and the culture it’s hard to argue with the rich library of reader’s submissions. The Sunday evening column is the site’s most popular.

Werewolf’s Lair – Don’t forget the Wolfman. His site is always in my top three favorite websites. What I enjoy most is his matter of fact and open open style about his life in Thailand. Describing events which most in the west would call racy as ordinary, almost mundane, every day events.

Wicked Traveler – Do you travel? Are you wicked while you travel? Do you want to know where to go to be wicked when you travel? This site will tell you. One of the most complete lists of Bangkok entertainment venues available.


14 Responses to “Looking At The Thailand Blogisphere”

  1. Werewolf said

    Stickman has given the etymology of his screen name before. It dates back to his youth when he worked in a cinema if I remember correctly. Since it’s three years or more since I read the story I won’t try to give any more details, as they’re sure to be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that there was somebody with a walking stick in there somewhere.

    Bangkok Pundit is among my daily reads and Bangkok Eyes is one of my favorite sites because you find things there that you just don’t find anywhere else.

  2. Purple Spy said

    *THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED” — Nick Nostitz

    *There are dangerous days ahead.*

    Fascinating interview of Nick NOSTITZ by AbsolutelyBangkok’s BangkokDan; extracts:

    …I have photographed the Bangkok nightlife for many years, first from the foreigner’s perspective, I published the book “Patpong: Bangkok’s Twilight Zone” about the addiction to a hedonistic lifestyle. I continued taking nightlife pictures, spent then years with the Por Tek Tung. That was an incredible window into the Thai life we Westerners do not see gangs, murders, all functioning with patronage networks. It was a fascinating time.
    …I also learned how Thai society actually functions.

    …The whole system, all the aspects, everything here deals with the patronage system. At the same time my wife and me bought some land upcountry, so her family can make a living. I learned about much of the social problems and corruption up there. In those early days I obviously had my political opinions, without much in-depth knowledge about politics. But after 2005, when politics became visible on the street, I shifted my focus.

    …In these last three years since the [2006] coup the political consciousness has been developed quite tremendously within the Thai political context. It has become a strong social movement.

    …I personally think there will be bloodshed, the question is only the scale and how long it will take. It won’t just be about a change of government, it’s about a system change. Look at the scenarios. If the reds would win through violence with an overthrow of the government, their opponents will still be there. And it would mean further endless confrontation. Same if the yellow side of the conflict wins.

    …In the end we need a new social contract in Thailand, through negotiations and compromise.

    …In Thailand there are actually two systems of power distribution at work, the formal power distribution, in which [Prime Minister Abhisit] is the main representative of the nation. But overlaying this, there is the informal power distribution along patronage networks, and within this he is just a face without much influence.

    The neighborhood I am living is a mostly lower middle class, working class neighborhood. The majority of the people, obviously working class, are pro-red. You have a couple of moo baans, there you have more yellow supporters. And in the market, the red supporters go to the red dealers, the yellow supporters to the yellow dealers.

    — How do they know?

    They know, they just know. During the red protests, red shops were closed because people were at the protests. Same with the yellows.

    …These whole conflicts are not new, they are the locigal conclusion of Thailand’s development over the past decades. It’s a natural conflict. Sure, it has horrific aspects, such as the violence, the uncertainty. But the previously unpoliticized sectors of society are getting politicized, and I think that is positive. Whatever violence might happen, this trend of politicization might be the foundation for one day having a society of equal opportunities for each citizen. This will be a problem for a lot of foreigners coming here. Out of their own delusions they find Thailand to be their own little paradise. Maybe Thailand will not be a very nice place anymore, but a more fair and more just society. The demands foreigners have are pretty irrelevant.

    — Many foreigners feel still treated as third class citizens, just to mention the visa and residency rules.

    I don’t think we are. The problems Thais have in their own society are so much worse than the problems foreigners face in Thailand. I have never really seen the Land of Smiles here. It’s a very rough and raw society, very forbidding. It’s very difficult to be a Thai in Thailand. Compared to the average Thai we have a very nice life here I think. A lot of the real problems in society don’t really affect us much.

    — So what will happen over the near future?

    Difficult to say, it’s been going on for a very long time and every side is beginning to lose patience. I think this year will be quite turbulent. Anything can happen. All sides have used violence, could use it again. There could be an agent provocateur, such as the blue shirts. They turned around Songkran, they initiated the violence. After that the red shirts couldn’t control their people anymore. Today, Abhisit’s public statements about negotiations are quite sarcastic and sound unwilling. As in every conflict, it’s a
    question of timing as well. The time for a solution is not yet near. The biggest mistake was the coup 2006. We still suffer from that.

    …My big worry is that as with previous conflicts or threats against the security of the state that Thailand faced over the past decades, after a certain period of inactivity and confusion patience runs out and there’s a violent crushing of the resistance. There are indicators that leaders here don’t care anymore what the outside world thinks, such as their allies, the U.S. They’ll do what they want to do, no matter what. New investment to Thailand will stop in this case. Investment already here will stay and somehow Thailand will remain America’s most important ally in the region.

    There are dangerous days ahead.

  3. bawbag said

    For sure, when kingy dies it’ll be civil war. And my money’s on the Reds: the working class aint afraid to get their hands dirty.

    Out of Thai blogs, i liket Nam era stuff in Bangkok Eyes.

    That Big Baby Kenny site is gash – awfully uninformed, shite photos, boring discussions, too many sockpuppets.. it fuckin sucks.

  4. bigdummykenny said

    @Werewolf – I could never make out where the name comes from but suppose if I dug through the archives I could find the story. Thanks for that nugget of info.

    @bawbag – I can’t imagine how much time Bangkok Eyes spends digging around for those old articles. Aren’t sock puppets used to entertain kids?

  5. SBDOTKU said

    I’ve also found of interest. With many expats discussing in-country issues from the sublime to the mundane.

  6. Crackpot said can be of interest. Was pointed to it by some guys in Finnegans….has a teaching slant,but good topics and discussions too.

    Bangkokbob used to be a good ‘un before he pulled the plug.

  7. Thanks for mentioning my blog
    This site is really growing on me.

    A lot of useful info on the blogisphere here in BKK.
    BTW. Is BKK the most blogged about city in the world. I mean everyone here seems to have a blog of some sort.
    Des Moines, Iowa not so many.

    Chuck out.

    • bigdummykenny said

      @Chuck – It does have a considerable number but most blogged about? I;ve never looked into it. I would think cities like Paris, Los Angeles, New York are sure to have more tho

  8. bigdummykenny said

    @SBDOTKU – I’d never heard of that one before. I’ll check it out.

    @Crackpot – I also look at Ajarn but very infrequently and had forgotten about it when I wrote up the post. I’ll add it to the list on the front page.

    No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else

  9. Bill Simmons said A nice site that I have always enjoyed.

  10. bigdummykenny said

    @Bill Simmons – Thanks.

    I’ve added several new links to the list on the home page so check them out.


  11. trapshooter said

    Scratch Baron Bonk off the list. There’s not much to be gained by reading the site of an obese and aging homosexual paedophile. His real name is Tim. Google at you leisure. He’s in Thailand because he made himself persona non grata at the boy-toy resorts of the Mediterranean.

    His sole redeeming virtue is that he can put coherent sentences together unlike the rest of the shills and tossers on your list.

  12. Lotsa love in the Blogosphere…

  13. Added to the “Amazing Thailand Links” list is mongerSEA’s blog.

    Looks like he’s not holding anything back and gives the gritty details on things some people would prefer you didn’t know.

    Check it out:


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