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adman: There’s A New Cowboy in Town

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 16, 2010

Rio Club - Bangkok

This week Soi Cowboy saw the completion of a 2-1 reverse split as a new gogo bar opened in the space formerly occupied by Toy Shop and Joe’s Bar. Rio Club make it’s debut. First and exclusively on www.BigDummyKenny.Com you can read the initial review and see photography nearly equaling BigBabyKenny technique and style with a crappy phone camera. 😉

The new bar on Soi Cowboy is Rio Club. Apparently it is run by the same owners as Our Place (with the drink menus inside Rio Club still having the Our Place name on them). The drink prices are very affordable during happy hour which runs from 6:30 – 8:30 with a limited selection of drinks only 50 baht. Beer will run you 100 baht during happy hour and 130-190 after happy hour. Mixed drinks run 130-185 with the majority in the 135-145 range. Lady drinks are 150 or 180 (alcohol) and 200+ for “coyote” drinks.

What does the inside look like? Like a house of mirrors. Really! The interior of the club is wall to wall mirrors and you get the reflection of a reflection of a reflection effect. All the walls, even the support columns, are covered with mirrors. The floor is black tile and the ceiling is flat black. The seating is all red vinyl and are not the narrow bench like seats which is the standard for most Cowboy gogos. Around the main stage is a chrome rail with barstool seating.

The interesting feature of the bar is the opaque white plexiglas main stage dance floor which is lit from underneath with bright green neon lights. The same type of plexiglas treatment was given to the counter tops where customers place their drinks, with multi-colored lights under the plexiglas which change colors every few seconds. The ceiling has bright neon purple and black lights. The color scheme just didn’t do it for me (green lights on the stage, black lights and purple in the ceiling and read seating) but I suppose it’s part of the colorful “Rio” theme.

The music was a good mix of pop, dance and hip-hop with a few techno-beat tunes tossed in. At least half the music played I hadn’t heard in any of the other gogos during the past couple days of cruising the bars.

There were a couple shortcomings to the club that I noticed besides the color scheme. The plexiglas already looks old and dirty on the main stage, like it’s been there for nearly a year instead of a week. Also, the lineup needs work. There are plenty of girls, but I only spotted a couple cuties the entire 3-4 hours I was there. I noted a sign outside indicating they are hiring so given a couple weeks this situation is sure to change for the better.

The service was good and the staff was prompt with no funny business on the bill. Overall a good night was had by all even with the few shortcomings. Once they get the lineup worked out (and maybe tweak the color scheme) this should be a good place for a few happy hour drinks at the very least.

[Thanks to Adman for the report and photos – BDK]


19 Responses to “adman: There’s A New Cowboy in Town”

  1. Purple Spy said

    Real good description, Adman. Felt like I was inside.

    Regarding the line-up : Am I the only one, or it is becoming increasingly difficult to find girls in Soi Cowboy that are actually both sexy and beautiful?

    • adman said

      We stopped in maybe 6 other bars and the lineups were average at best. We went across to Shark and Baccara after Rio and saw many cuties there. But overall I’d agree.

    • Purple Spy said

      i find that many Shark *cuties* are not so cute on close inspection… Some look great on the dance floor but once u see them in a 7/11, many times i’ve found horrible skin under the make-up! And loose skin. Many cuties aint look fresh under a white light!

    • You just gotta look — maybe there’s less attractive girls at first, but in the ‘old hideouts’, I haven’t seen any shortage on my last trip – and I aim to dive right back in next week and report LIVE.

    • Purple Spy said

      good daffy, and please spice up ur reports with red hot photos. I’ll be absolutely sex-starved in a week here in rural Isan wt Pregnant Girl.

  2. smelly farang said

    how is it that bbk dun even know anyting bout dis?

    this site is the new go to site for bangkok nightlife!!!

  3. Werewolf said


    I might have missed a memo somewhere but as far as I could tell when I was sitting on Soi Cowboy last night the Rio is just a new name on the outside of the old OUR PLACE SHOWCASE bar, which has disappeared.

    The interior shots you have posted look to me to be the OPSC decor, which was just remodeled about 18 months back.

    Meanwhile Joe’s Bar was closed down but the signage still visible on the front of the bar a bit further west on Soi Cowboy, almost across from the Shadow Bar. The bar next to it (could have been Toy which you mention, but not sure)was also dark. I understand the two of them (side by side) have been purchased for US$750K and will be opening after the remodeling has taken place.

    But, as I say, maybe I’m mistaken.

    • bigdummykenny said

      @Werewolf – Was the $750K USD price only for the building or include the land as well?


  4. adman said


    The guy I with said it was the old Toy Bar and Joe’s but since the menus were all Our Place you’re probably right.

    I didn’t notice if the space next door was still dark. It would explain why the tile on the dance floor looked so beat up if it wasn’t a full remodel.

    • Werewolf said

      From your descriptions and photos there was no new remodel, just a new name out front. The interior is exactly what was put in when OUR PLACE was re-branded and “SHOWCASE” added to the name.

      As to the details of the Joe’s/Tony’s deal, I don’t know. A friend of mine in the bar business is the one who told me the 750k figure. I don’t know if ownership of the bars at Cowboy involves ownership of the building or simply a lease on the space. My guess is that it’s simply a lease on the space.

  5. Thai Pad said

    Looks like Our Place.

  6. Purple Spy said

    hey dummy, can u tell us how many singular users, in average, r visiting ur site?

  7. bigdummykenny said

    @Purple – I can’t tell how many unique users, only the number of page hits each day.


  8. Davbro said

    It was Joes and Tony’s bar that were bought for 750k. Toy bar is under the same ownership as Moonshine, Fanny’s and Jungle Jims and is down next to Long Gun.

  9. Canister Set said

    dance floors that have laser lights and disco LED lights would be very cool *.-

    • MongerSEA said

      …spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam… or Lobster Thermidor a Crevette with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.

  10. thailadyboy said

    I simply want to give a huge thumbs up for this post. I might be working on Soi Cowboy soon.

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