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ausrob: The Other Side of Sukhumwit

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 17, 2010

Most hours of the day the areas around Sukhumwit are crowded with people. Thais coming to and from their work in the shops, office buildings, restaurants, the street hawkers, errant motorcycle driver and tourists all jostling for space on the sidewalks and the street is bumper to bumper with traffic. Everyone knows this Sukhumwit area of Bangkok is alive with activity extending well into the early morning. I don’t get to see much of that action. I see another side.

Since my work schedule requires me in the office early, unless someone from work or my mates are begging to go out, I can’t do much of the night life stuff. During the weekends this means I’m waking up way too early without much to do (well, that is if I don’t have company). I do some of the usual stuff like watching a bit of tele and maybe checking the email and Bangkok papers. Even with those things out of the way it’s a bit past 7am when I head out for a walk and grab a coffee or breakfast.

The early mornings, especially weekend early mornings, are incredibly different from the late morning to late night Bangkok most people see. It’s eerily quiet for a city this size.

Missing are all the crowds, traffic and street noise. Even the construction sites which are notorious for their noise are quiet. The air is surprisingly clean and crisp and alive with the sounds from birds of all types (including the occasional cock call). Walking deep down most the Sois it’s a different world this time of day. The side streets are almost empty. Even on Sukhumwit, Asoke and Rachadaphisek there is nearly no traffic.

As you get closer to lower Sukhumwit you see a few more remnants from the night before. Trash is being swept up and a few Thais can be seen still in their all night drinking and gambling session.

Only the earliest of street vendors are open for business at this time of the morning. Besides the early risers, there are usually a few despots sleeping on and under the pedestrian bridges, the occasional dodgy farang (such as myself) and a few street walkers.

I was going to approach the girl below to have a chat but one look from her told me she’d rather I buzz off than to talk to me. I guess this guy was more to her fancy.

After making a few stops, I usually make my way back by 9am. Still early enough for me to make it to a nearby park before it gets too hot. On the way back I notice the city is quickly changing back to it’s noisy, gritty, busy self and the peacefulness of the morning is already gone.

Delivery trucks are busy dropping off their goods, street vendors are busy setting up for another day of business and the streets are again busy with traffic.

I quite enjoy my weekend mornings in Bangkok. No crowds to jostle with on the sidewalks. No cars or motorcycles to dodge. The refreshing air and relative quietness is reinvigorating.   I make it a point of getting out each weekend morning (unless I have company).

[Thanks to ausrob for the writeup – BDK]


11 Responses to “ausrob: The Other Side of Sukhumwit”

  1. That’s what it looks like when I go home from partying. Nothing says piece of shit farang, like being drunk on the BTS at 8am.
    Joking aside, nice piece and good photos.

    • Don’t you know it!

      “Nothing says piece of shit farang, like being drunk on the BTS at 8am.” — isn’t the short version of this description known as “Aussie” ??

    • ausrob said

      Aye now, some mornings I am that drunk person! But I take a taxi so I’m not noticed 😉

  2. There’s something wrong with your camera — this is a great report on the unseen side of Sukhumvit (unseen, unless you are an early riser), but somehow your pictures are all relevant, and in focus. This is odd — something may be broken.

  3. ausrob said

    Ummm, I haven’t an idea of what happened with the photos. I did all I could to muck ’em up (w-balance, shutter speed, iso, f-stop). Now who’s the big dummy? My camera outsmarted me.

    I’ll try harder next time. Take scandalous photos of people in the park and write about going to the gogo bars with my mates.

  4. ausrob said

    I got a question and maybe someone out there is in the know. Are those street walkers down on Soi 5 on duty 24×7 now?

    Every time I’ve been past there in the last couple months, and I emphasize every time, there is at least a couple girls working. The morning of these photos I eyed five.

  5. @ausrob
    I am constantly, and I mean constantly outsmarted by my camera. I stopped caring, I just point and click, sometimes I even turn it on.
    Regarding the FL. A good technique to see if there working or not is to ask them if they want to fuck.
    Sorry the smart-ass in me is winning the fight tonight.

    • SBDOTKU said


    • ausrob said

      All right there ChuckW, I do know how to spot them mate. What I wanted to know if it seems they are out in numbers more than they have been in the past. Sunday morning and again I spotted a group of them plying the trade.

  6. Bill Simons said


    A lovely story and I enjoyed the pictures. I’m in the States right now, but that really brought me back to Thailand. The lady in pink? I would have double tapped that ass, as we say on the line of fire!

    your pal,

    Bill Simmons

    • ausrob said

      Bill, I see several every time I take my morning walks. With the economy slow they must be hard up for doing a naughty. You’d have no problem grabbing an ass to tap. 😉

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