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User’s Guide to the Japanese Specialists of The Tops: Version 1.00.00 – Part 2 of about 1000

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 24, 2010

Getting full mileage out of The Tops requires wrapping your head around the reality that The Tops is a scene unto itself. It’s unlike any of the other fresh produce girl scene in Thailand. The girls have their own agenda and the scene has its own rules. Once you get inside their heads and understand the rules of how things work you can get what you want easily, cheaply, and more efficiently – BigDummyKenny rules! Yea! Whoopee! Yay! This site kicks ass don’t it?

Today The Tops is mostly a Japanese hangout. The guys doing business there are Japanese dudes and all the girls (and a few guys) are there to service them.

Japanese outside The Tops

Japanese Man Leaving The Tops

The root cause of The Tops bad internet rap is because it was a dirty, dingy and smelly fresh produce outlet with big whitey occasionally getting refused entry by the fresh produce specialists. Old white dudes that think of The Tops as just another Thermae or Soi 7 Biergarten or remember the old The Tops, get put off when their cheap charlie, take or leave it, sub 1000 THB checkout offers get politely declined. Or even worse, The Tops service girls take one look at them, correctly size them up, and studiously but politely avoid them so that they don’t have to reject the cheap charlie, take or leave it, sub 1000 THB checkout offer. Some of The Tops service girls start their careers with Japanese management and have little experience and still have a little fear of farang. These rejected and/or neglected old white dudes are the ones who routinely badmouth The Tops on the internet. Getting ignored or turned down by fresh produce service girls seems to bullseye a raw nerve and triggers the keyboard response.

The fresh produce at The Tops have the goal of being taken home, preferably by a Japanese man. So what is the attraction of young Japanese dudes? The first thing is Japanese guys, at least the ones in Bangkok, are clean, polite, and dress well. If you ranked nationalities the Japanese contract men and young Japanese guys probably rank as the cleanest and politest in a poll of Thai girls. They know that the Japanese man are oral specialists and take good care of their fresh produce prior to getting down to business. The fresh produce of The Tops also know that the Japanese men are very clean and they will be thoroughly washed and cleaned before satisfying a Japanese man’s appetite.

After getting your head around understanding the Japanese guys are clean, polite and looking for the best value for their money it is easy to understand why they hang out at The Tops. As you can see from the photos, The Tops is newly remodeled and nothing like the place the close to the line expats routinely complain about on the internet. Brightly lit, cool music that you don’t have to shout over to be heard and plenty of space to move around, The Tops is the ideal place to look for and purchase fresh produce. When all the finishing touches have been completed, the Tops will have a complete dining area and a wide variety of fresh produce which will blow Thermae away.


Tops Remodeling

Tops Remodeling

The Tops even has a pharmacy with lecithin, condoms and all the other items needed to prepare for your evening with your Japanese specialist fresh produce (or to get rid of that unwanted little surprise from your last Thermae or Soi Thaniya adventure). You can also stop by the GNC section to boost your energy and speed your recovery.

The Tops GNC

GNC at The Tops

Other websites say Thermae is the best place to go for picking up fresh produce. I don’t know about you, but given the choice between Thermae and the Topps, The Tops would be my first choice.

Inside Thermae

Inside The Tops

(continued in Part 3)


One Response to “User’s Guide to the Japanese Specialists of The Tops: Version 1.00.00 – Part 2 of about 1000”

  1. Pete said

    Tops has a GNC? When did this happen? Wasn’t there last month.

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