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Monday Morning Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on January 24, 2010

It’s gonna be a long week.

We know what you need.


The End


29 Responses to “Monday Morning Cheesecake”

  1. This is a perfect start to a new week.

  2. Purple Spy said

    Why am I feeling so good? What’s powerful rush running through my veins?
    I’m going back to Bangers tonight. From deep deep Isaan.

  3. Purple Spy said

    Pregnant Girl has delivered a baby who’s not genetically mine.
    She’ll stay in Isaan. We don’t plan to build a house anymore; but I’ve helped her set up a beer’n’whisky shop. She’s financing 100% of it. The place is almost completly built.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Purple Spy – Is this conclusive based upon test results? Was this a plan concocted by her mother to shake you down for spare cash or a case of mistaken sperm?

    • Purple Spy said

      No, her mother doesn’t know a thing about it. All her village thinks the adorable lil boy is mine. As well as the Thai Authorities, for I signed the papers this morning. It’s a matter of face, for her.

    • Purple Spy said

      we know the boy’s not mine coze he came ex utero 38 weeks after I first nailed her mother. And she did bang a Brit for a coupla days 2 weeks before wt condom.
      The calendar doesn’t lie.
      The bet I had wt her is void.

  4. Purple Spy said

    The shop is adjacent to her mother’s. She financed the 2-floors her family lives in.
    Another advantage for a girl to have a large pair of flashing tits is that her baby can drink from em while she lies down on her side.

  5. Purple Spy said

    i’ve had no sex since 9 days. I’ll have to stop by Lolita’s before taking the after-hours clubs by storm this week.
    i’ve got a 300k baht bankroll for sluts’n’whisky; and I’ll irrigate my gun with Cialis.

  6. Purple Spy said

    new rule: no barebacking anymore.

    I agree wt Stick in that I would’nt at all Soi Cowboy and Nana and Patpang to be shut down. Who needs them when there are so many sluts hanging out in dancing clubs? Only horrible fellas who couldn’ pick up a whore at a cunt-infested bar such as Bossy.

  7. Purple Spy said

    Would an obese moron such as ronru come in LOS if there was no Cowboy, NEP or Patpong or Walking Street?
    I don’t think so.
    And who would miss them? They’re cheap bastards anywax, I’d guesr.

  8. SBDOTKU said

    @BDK – I like cheesecake. Hope to never have to do without.

    @PS – glad to hear it appears all has been straightened out. Good of you to go along with it all for her and the baby’s sake. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass. And when you’re back in BKK we expect detailed reports of where you are finding these semi-pro and amateur girls. All of us normal looking guys need to take a page out of your book and find some fresh Thai produce (as BDK has been writing about)!

    • Purple Spy said

      I feel like I understand her.
      We will marry this summer in Bangkok so I’ll have a marriage visa–which excludes the pain of visa runs; instead, there’s a trimestrial rendez-vous at an immigration office. She promised she’ll accompany me every time as I need her to do. It’s like an bona fide exchange.
      Besides, she’s starting her own business;if she’s not back at whoring, I might want to impregnate her in a coupla months. (and yes I’m going to test for Aids and co this week.)

    • Purple Spy said

      She’s very clever. She knows that being honest with me ’bout the paternity thing (from now on at least)And not asking me any money And not going back to whoring–only endear her to my heart and mind. And it appears she’ll be a fantastic mother: calm, present and caring.
      But we’ll see how it turns out. Like any other gamble.
      On the plus-side, it immunised me against falling for any Bangkok slut–up to an point…

  9. adman said

    Purple Spy

    If preg girl’s business doesn’t make enough to cover expense will you toss money her way to keep it going?

    You’re getting yourself into quite a financial commitment, aren’t you?

    • Purple Spy said

      I’ve made no promise. In fact, I’ve told her she’s on her own since the boy’s not mine.
      Besides, she and her mom already have a big functionnal house and 2 new motorbike. Plus PG is also making about 12k/month loaning cash to a casino shark-loaner who’s an old friend of her mother.
      Life is very cheap up here if one doesn’t fancy a new pick-up or a small castle.
      The only real danger I foresee is her mother gambling PG’s money away…

  10. adman said

    Almost forgot.

    Thanks for the cheesecake BDK.

  11. Fun Loving Guy said

    Marrying a hooker and saying you’re the father of her work related offspring seems a very complicated and risky way to avoid visa runs. Things might be groovy now but further down the line, worms will wriggle out of the can you’ll be opening.

    When her business goes flat, when you get another girl pregnant, when the mum finds out she’s married and didn’t get her dues; ad infinitum … trouble.

    • Purple Spy said

      As *Soi Lawyer* wrote on, “multiple Tourist visas are frown upon”. There’s some kind of limit. Yet I REALLY wanna live here in Thailand for the years to come.

    • Purple Spy said

      I don’t need nor want to own a job or a business here. I make enough cash playing the stock market and betting on politics.
      So a marriage visa looks like a good option. I’m 34, too young for the Retirement-visa.
      Sure, the girl will gain power over me. But I’m willing to bet she’ll not abuse it. I know since 380 weeks and spent many many hours wt her.
      I’d not do this with any other slut I’ve met; with her, I’m ready to take the risk. It boils down to her own ethics and perspective on me.

    • Purple Spy said

      err “i know her since 38 weeks” not 380 😳

    • Purple Spy said

      about her mother: PG told me today that her mother will be happy to act as a witness for our conveniant wedding if she’s able to give her 5k per month. We plan to marry in 6 months, probably enough to verify if she can manage it.

  12. Fanta said

    @Purple Spy: If you marry her she will, irrespective of the of the sprog’s genetic heritage, be legally entitled to claim 50% of your post-marriage earned assets/cash. As with those diggers who stick their heads in the mouths of crocodiles,I’m not saying don’t do it, but be careful.

    • Purple Spy said

      she never will be able to grab any of my money nor capital gains resulting from my tradings.
      I don’t plan to buy no condo in Thailand. The only thing I’vo got here is a 40k moped!

  13. Fun Loving Guy said

    There are other options.

    You can get an Ed visa – study Thai at a crap Thai language school for 25,000 baht a year. (Pay more and you can study Thai at a better school).

    Or you can get an O or B visa. In fact I’m pretty sure you can get a non-immigrant O if you say you are the kid’s dad, even if your not married.

    • Purple Spy said

      mmmm. Interesting. I’ll be sure to look into this in due time. Many sincere thanks.
      But first, I have urgent charity work to do: I shall indeed nail lots of young REALLY HOT sluts and shower them with cum and money; take blurry pictures with my nokia iphone, and report my good service here.

  14. Fanta said

    @FLG: Ed Visa? Is that a visa for erectile dysfunction? Makes sense.

    @ Purple Spy: You marry her here (LOS) and your marriage is recognized in the US. Better hope she doesn’t go there and channel the ghost of F. Lee Bailey.

    There was an interesting case in Australia quite recently where a man was cuckolded, progeny sprung forth from the ever so popular loins of his inconstant wife and when this man found out he had been cuckolded, he divorced his wife. The court decided that he must pay child support – child support until such time that the adorable evidence of his having been cuckolded turns 18. I dunno, but I get the feeling that you’re walking down a dark ally in the Khlong Toehy slum drunk at 3am and calling out “come and get me”. For a marriage visa?

    • Purple Spy said

      And mmm… Interesting.
      I shall look into that antecedent.
      There might be a way for me to get a pre-nup, u know: that contract that protects one’s asset?
      Both my mother and sister are lawyer; I shall ask them for advice.
      Mmmmm… To trust or not to trust an Isaan farmer girl turned barwhore turned a shark-loaner whisky-dealing mother of a lovely lil bastard?

    • Purple Spy said

      I’m not sure that marriage is such a great idea now!

  15. Fanta said

    @ Purple Spy: Get two – one for each jurisdiction. Consider that legal prophylaxis might protect where physical prophylaxis failed.

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