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Purple Spy is Back! — From Isaan to Bangkok

Posted by dapurplespy on January 26, 2010

I’m back in Bangers from deep, deep Isaan.

And tonight I really need to nail a slut. Or two.

Last week, Pregnant Girl naturally delivered a beautiful pink baby-boy. I was with her, at the rural yet sparkling hospital.

I strongly doubt the kid is mine, but that’s a story for another post. There’re chapters of that story I’m yet to live.

I took a Van yesterday evening and arrived in Bangkok when the birds began to sing this morning. The sky was bright once I finished my shower.
(You gotta trust those van drivers, coze we went VERY deep in suburbia to bring home some of the passengers. Very late in the night.
But I do have faith in them.)

I then crashed deeply in a bed that felt so luxurious, and, amongst other things, I dreamed about a geeky friend of mine stuck in Farangland! In the dream, he hooked up with a leggy Russian blonde; we were in a local bus when it happened. I should perhaps ask *Wendy* what it means in The Book!

I think I have a new neighbor in the floor below. For a girl was screaming her lungs out this morning, in Russian methinks. Intermittently–for 2 hours, I’d estimate. Gosh! She was real hysterical. I don’t know what I’ll do if it reoccurs, but I’ll definitively do something; I heard her from my dreams FFS.
I’d bet she’s a jaded whore, to act so savagely, and without any civilized inhibition.

Despite the sleep interruption, I was feeling quite fresh, but vaguely worried about a $20,000 bet I had placed yesterday night, while in the van, via my nokia iphone, on Bernanke to be confirmed as Chairman of the Fed by the US Senate.
I’m such an action junkie. I have to bet when I’m stuck in some boring place for hours. The Internet in Thailand is very efficient. From anywhere I’ve been, so far, I was able to connect via my mobile and trade and bet on various markets. Fantastic.
I remembered getting excited last night in my relative torpor when I was able to get 1:9 odds on the Bernanke Confirmation after Senator John McCain had stipulated loudly that he would NOT vote for the bearded guy.
Fortunately, everything was fine; I mean–all the signs point in the right direction. He’ll be confirmed… thus allowing another TB 60k to fall in my wallet from an electronic sky.
At 34, I still believe in magick and ATM. Silly me.

But to remember that large bet HAD made my heart jump a few times too fast, so I had to move out of bed. And get some exercise.
But first, I thoroughly washed my room; put lots of clothes and towels and sheets in many a 30-baht washing machines; changed the bedsheets I had used for the threesome I enjoy before the Isaan trip; and refilled a few big bottles from the 5-baht-per-gallon water-providing machine. (I generally drink mineral spring water, but this cheap water is useful for noodle or oatmeal cooking late at night. I often enjoy it between 2 rounds of hardcore sex to replenish my energy stack).

Laundry, room-cleaning, water-refilling : I kinda like to perform those automatic tasks. I wouldn’t hire a maid or something for now. Unless she’s a pure sexy slut on high-heels with black nylon stockings, of course.

I then proceeded to undust my moped, and went to see this guy.

For TB 120, he changed the oil, oiled both breaks and chain, and fixed something that was making an annoying noise when the bike was decelerating. For 80 bath, he also installed the license plate I got last week in Isaan from the local Suzuki retailer where I had bought the machine last summer.

Bangkok’s so fucking cheap. And way hotter than rural Isaan now.

When I don’t sleep much, I hate to eat. Yet I had to fuel my organism before hitting the gym. In the Thai country side, it’s hard for me to make exercise.

Where can I do yoga alone? There’s no gym.
And I barely walk there, for some reason.
No dancing, of course.
And now no sex — yet — with Mother-Girl.

So I ate some fruits and drank coconut water–a magick potion, if there’s such a thing.

Got 5 bags of water-melon, 2 kind of cantaloupe, pineapple and pappaya cost 50 baht. And 2 bags of coconut water-and-pulp: 20 baht.

Yet on my way to Esplanade, where there’s a California Wow gym, I fancied wolfing on a Tom Yum SeaFood Noodle Soup. The best one I know of is at the Court Hall of Siam Paragon. So I happily rode to destination.

Fueled by fruits and squids, I hit the California Wow treadmill for 30 minutes only. Lazy boy.

On my way back home, feeling hungry again, I stopped to get some fried fishes. 20 baht.

And had peaceful nap in my room.

The Russian hooker must have been knocked out by her boyfriend. Hopefully. Or not.

It’s almost 19h30 now, and I just brang back my dried clothes from the roof-top. I’m ready to gob 10mg of Cialis, and I plan to have illico a massage down-town. I’ll take a moto-taxi to the MRT, stop at Sukhumvit Station, and walk to soi 12. Werewolf recommended several times *The King and I* for a fantastic and legitimate Thai massage.
I’m on.

Ciao Ciao. Krap Krap.

*** Also by Purple Spy : Photo-Diary of a Slut-Junkie ***


10 Responses to “Purple Spy is Back! — From Isaan to Bangkok”

  1. @Purple
    Welcome back. I asked Wendy about your dream. She started talking about “See water, see fish, see crab.” I tuned her out. She babbled some silly shit about if you dream your pants are to short, you will have two wives WTF!!!
    Russians are OK, expensive though. When I lived in Dubai I sampled the talent on occasion and found it suitable.
    I think the boy is yours. He is going at that tit.
    Be safe, see you out there sometime.

  2. Baa loy yet mae said

    Nice post @Purple.You are leading the life.Sounds like that Russian chick needs a little “pig on the spit”action.that would shut her up methinks.Btw nice in focus pics,unlike another blog that espouses QUALITY FABRICS.Can you imagine a gookamonkey in a silk G-string?Fuck it ,I have just made my self sick.Keep on posting

  3. Baa loy yet mae said

    @Chuck Wow
    Sorry Chuck, product of a fertile but seriously sick mind.My name is apt I think

  4. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Purple Spy – Your bet on Bennie & The Jets getting the nod looks good. Today Sen. McConnell is saying they have the votes for him getting another term.

    Another good post and the photos would make NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope team proud. I really like that first photo as it nicely captures what I remember of the Issan countryside looking like.

    But tell me that’s not a pink helmet on your moped 😉


    • Purple Spy said

      It is indeed a pink helmet Mistah; I always carry one for the girls… u silly boy. Police, ya know….

      My own black helmet was on my side, duh.

      As for the *quality* pictures, I realised afterward only I had cropped some of them too fast!

      Thanks for the Bernanke follow-up; I just woke up.
      It’s so easy-and fun!–to bet on politics. I really wonder why everyone’s not doing it.
      — Tory Overall Majority as a result of the Next General in the UK? You bet! 😉 Can get a stunning and juicy 40% return on betfair right now. I’m pilling on, and on, and on…

  5. Baa loy yet mae said

    “fertile but seriously sick mind”,sounds like I have been thinking with my cock…..again.

  6. Purple Spy said

    I’ll have pictures for u guys of some REALLY really really nice tits.

    I got ditched by a stunning girl last night, but was rescued by a busty one. With a doll-like face.

    Pictures on the way…

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  8. Big Daddy said


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