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Do I Deserve to Be Hanged?

Posted by dapurplespy on January 29, 2010

Fuck, I chose the wrong girl, tonight.

First, I noticed in the taxi on our way to my place that she had an annoying voice.
— “Are you sure you’re a man”, she asked.
— “Mmmmmm?”
— “Your heart is a lady. And you dance…”
She was too talkative.
To shut her up, I gently put 2 fingers in her mouth. She licked and sucked them gracefully. Good.

In my room, we showered together. She had a nice little tight body, really great legs, and large breasts, with small nipples.

— Don’t speak too much, I said, smiling sweetly, and softly caressing her boobs with soap.

I’ve brushed my teeth, and happily noticed that she’s now laying naked on my bed.
I grabbed a bottle of pure Almond Oil, and poured some of the golden liquid on her large tits, on her flat stomach, on her long, long tights. Gravity lead a trickle of the potion toward her shaved puss.
I then proceeded to finger the top of her flower very gently while we were kissing tongue to tongue…

— “Ouch!” she exclaimed. “I’ve pain.”


— “You have pussy pain?
Let me have a look,” I replied, with an echo of virile dissatisfaction in my voice.

Everything looked ok. It smelled real fine too.
Nevertheless, I was kinda pissed. No, *annoyed* might better described my reaction. I mean — Why on earth would she come to my room if her puss’s over-sensitive or somethin’?
She knew I had a huge hardon at Bossy Boss… She really did. So WTF is wrong with her?

— “Ok Ba”. “Go” I said, a bit sulkily, standing up, and moving toward my folded clothes on the sofa.

— “No no, it’s okay. I can boom boom you. We can fuck” she virtually begged.


I came back to her, snaking my way on the bed by her side, and began to massage her firm tits with the pure, lovely Almond Oil. She kissed me quite lustily, it seemed.
Her stomach was very flat. And strong. Mmmmm. And those long long legs… Oohhh… I was now very aroused. Again.
I stood up out of the bed to open a condom. She sat, her feet now on the floor, and massaged my thick dick between her large, round oiled boobs.


— “Go ahead, tell me what you want!” she said playfully.

— “Don’t speak to much”, I replied, moving my cock into her open mouth.

She wasn’t very skillfull. But she was very into it nonetheless. My feeling was that she’d be happy to make me cum now.

— “When I’m inside your mouth, roll your tongue there…” I instructed, pointing the said area with my left index.

She sucked. And licked. And roll her tongue there.

“Oh shit! I’m gonna cum…” “Don’t stop.” “Holy cow….”

Needless to say, she responded to those imprecations by sucking and licking even more vehemently. And moaning like a pornstar faking pleasure for the cameras.

Of course, she wasn’t even close to make me cum… But hey! I like a girl who puts real energy into it… 🙂

After 15 minutes or so, I opened a condom, flipped her on her stomach, lift her loins, and shagged her oil-lubricated cunt doggy-style.

First, let me tell you I had to penetrate her very slowly, and not too deeply, going in and completely out, — again and again, and again — coze her puss, folks, was as tight as tight can be…

I was fucking her harder now, and then gentler, — basically following the waiving rhythm of Resurrection, a techno theme I love.

But that girl was not enjoying it. She’s the kind of girl who doesn’t like sex. Or she wasn’t that much into me. Or both. I honestly can’t tell.

Suddenly craving the sight of her perky bosom, I flipped her on her back, and grabbed her feet in my hands above my head, to bang her silly.

Oh, the pain on her face…

For 20 minutes or so, I went deeper, and deeper.

Oh, the moanings echoing from the depth of her body…

A coupla songs passed by. And I was still banging her.

— “Ok, I wanna cum on your tits”, I said at one point, unfolding the condom out of my dick.

But first, I cleaned it in the bathroom. That’s the kind of thing a monger has to do with a girl who’s not so much into him, or into sex, or both.

— “If you make me cum with your mouth now, [insert her name], I’ll give you 5,000 baht.”

Holy shit, she was trying as hard as she could. “5,000 baht”, I repeated.

15 minutes later, I began to fuck her real hard in the mouth.

But of course, I never went even close to cumming.

“Ok, no problem” I said, opening another condom… “I know how I can cum. Put your shoes.”

They were very high heels.

I fucked her cunt again from behind in front of the mirror, her hands resting on the table, while I was massaging her giant firm tits. For about 20 minutes, I’d guess, I shagged with great pleasure.

“Stop”, she then said. “Pain. Pain.”

I said “Ok, no problem. You can go now.”

“But you not finite.”

“No problem”, I said, “I’m going back to Boss Club. I wanna have real sex tonight, with a girl who doesn’t have any problem with her pussy.”

She showered, dressed up, and I accompanied her to “The Evil Motosai of my soi” (more about this shady character in another post).

She pocketed along the way the 1,100 baht I had handed to her.

“I’m sorry na” she said, sitting on the bike.

“Don’t worry, I’ll find another girl tonight”, waiving my hand.

I didn’t go anywhere. It was 5 in the morning, after all.
I drank an Ovaltine from the 7/11, and went to the lady from Isaan selling kapoon (20 baht), and to that guy selling grilled liver (5 baht a stick) — which is so very tasty with Moutarde de Dijon (available at any Carrefour, btw).

[The pictures are shitty, I know, but they may still convey a feel. Maybe.]

Now it’s 6 o’clock, and I’m going to bed.

‘Nite from Bangkok!

*** Also by Purple Spy: Photo-Diary of a Slut-Junkie ***


14 Responses to “Do I Deserve to Be Hanged?”

  1. Fanta said

    Dude, that’s not liver!!!

  2. dapurplespy said

    it kinda tastes like liver….

  3. Fun Loving Guy said

    Chicken hearts. Chewy little fuckers.

    Can we have more photographic porn and less description please. I’ve never been a fan of literary porn. And I bet you never said “Holly Cow” …

  4. smelly farang said

    yer, i just bet your dick is “real thick”

    good one

  5. Waldo said

    Hmmmmm? What’s with all the bitching and moaning lately? I give credit to Purple Spy for having the balls to post what he does. You don’t seen any other sites doing what hes been doin. Maybe some of these complainers would get off their ass an put up their own post?

  6. dapurplespy said

    @Fun Loving Guy : “Can we have more photographic porn and less description please. ”

    Krap! Yet yesterday the atmosphere was not really conducive to snapshot taking…

    Chicken heart, hey? Very tasty.

  7. dapurplespy said

    btw, I agree totally that this post is boring. Away below the 2 last ones, for instance. I was just very tempted to delete it.

    Yet i refrain to do so coze this is actually what happened last night, and I want to archive it. Who knows? — I might find it funny to re-read it in a coupla years!

    My goal here is not only to entertain; it’s also to build an archive that will help me remember what I went through later on.

  8. Baa loy yet mae said

    @ Purplespy
    The food porn is just as interesting as the literary porn too me.Have to say love the food as much much as the pussy.Obviously you are a gourmet on both accounts.Keep on fornicating,feeding,and posting.BTW the grass is always greener when it comes in a baggie.
    Be good ,and if you can’t,be be good at what you do.

  9. SBDOTKU said

    Dear fellow readers,

    Purple has been giving better stuff than elsewhere(read: BBK). At least he provides clear pics AND these pics are of hotties with GPBs (gravity proof breasts – gotta start our own lingo now ; – ).

    While obviously I appreciate the sexy stuff, I also find the other things interesting. I assume at least some of you fantasize if are not outright planning a move to the LoS (or are already there) so hearing about how to manage the day-to-day should be of interest to you too and leads to some interesting cultural comparisons.

    Besides, Purple writes all with wit, honesty and, best of all, without EGO.

    And without his content, what would we all be reading and discussing? It is DIFFICULT to come up with content especially with the frequency Purple has been providing. I’m sure BDK appreciates it – otherwise he would be stuck trying to keep this site being something other than “not that other site.”

    In conclusion, I concur with your sentiment – breasts are good but I would hope you all are appreciative of the fact that we have anything on which we can hang our interest and jealousy.

    Chok Dii to all!

  10. Daywalker said

    Did I read somewhere that Kenny said the TFS2M website was deleted?

    Gonna call bullshit on that one. But then, I call bullshit on everything he says.


  11. Suk-Dog said

    Do people actually read Kenny’s stuff?

  12. Daywalker said

    Kenny just said that the Big Mango Bar has been sold? Odd? Being one of the owners, I thought someone would have told me?

    Oh no.. it’s Kenny getting it wrong again!

    Kenny, why dont you just ask?

  13. Fanta said

    It would be nice to be able to say that what motivates Kenny and some others on his site was simply dickishness. But it’s not. It is, excuse the French, ressentiment:

    “Ressentiment is a sense of resentment and hostility directed at that which one identifies as the cause of one’s frustration, an assignation of blame for one’s frustration.”

    Poor lads, wanted to be in on what they thought of as in-crowd. Their projection of mythical membership blighted, they proceeded to ….well, no need to go on.

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