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Only 1.02%…

Posted by dapurplespy on January 31, 2010

As per Dr. Saul Kruggerand :

According to exhaustive studies by the Chuwit Foundation staff, the 2009 volume levels of Professional Service Provider (PSP) transactions per year in Thailand’s Desire Sector were as follows:

Uni Girls

Approximately 4 billion PSP transactions of which:
77.45% took place in the male/female heterosexual sector and involved female PSPs and:

* Thai men (70.77% of the overall 4 billion PSP transactions in 2009)
* Farang men (both residents and visitors) (1.02%)
* Japanese men (both residents and visitors) (.06)
* Various other men (Malaysian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, HK, Singaporean, Indian, African and Arab) (3.5%)
* Overseas remittance transactions involving various non-Thai men (2.1%)

Via AbsolutelyBangkok

According to the survey, Thai men average 2.36 transactions per week, and pay only 1000 baht (30 USD) per transaction — where Farang tourists, Japs and Korean pay about TB 2300 (70 USD).
Farang tourists indulge twice as much as farang locals, with 5 per week versus 2.5/wk…. Farang expats also pay around 500 baht less than your average farang tourists… 😉

*Purple News UPDATE

Karla Cripps, the Bangkok city editor for CNNGo, wrote today:
Friend of mine got beat up by a group of Thai men with bats, guns and bottles in Samet Fri night because he talked to one of their ‘girls’
Careful with the hi-so chicks, boys!

Petty scam…
After leaving the (Lela Thai Massage Parlour, in Pattaya) (Mrs Junlar) contacted her former colleagues inviting them to join her in Finland at a massage parlour she had established. Mrs Junlar requested that the group send a small amount of money to her and informed them that she would cover the rest of the costs involved with the travel and documentation. After sending over 30,000 baht to Mrs. Junlar the group never heard from her again. Fortunately the group were able to locate Mrs. Junlar upon her return to the Kingdom, bringing her to the police in an attempt to recover their lost monies.

The use of Ya-ice is expanding much faster than Yabba did…
…the price of Ya-Ice from the north of Thailand is only 1-million baht per kg, but immediately upon arriving in Bangkok, the rate will be double, then the final retail rate will be 5-million baht per kg…

Another fat German roof-jumping! An extreme sport for a 71 y/o…

The Drugging Lady is now arrested…
…Miss Uh-on’s… would pose as a cosmetic sales woman in order to meet and befriend wealthy men. After successfully striking up conversations with the men she would begin dating them and after gaining their trust, she would drug them with the sleeping pill Alprasolam. After the men had been drugged Miss Uh-on would then steal all their money, valuables and even their vehicles.
Amazingly, she’s ugly as a tart on CB’s dick.

N.B. The picture of the annoyingly sexy Thai Uni Girls comes from


4 Responses to “Only 1.02%…”

  1. dapurplespy said

    is it the computer i’m using now, or the font we are using, BigDummy, simply looks horrible in italic?

  2. Purple Spy said

    Hey Dummy,

    I suggest adding this website to the blog roll:

    I’d advice also to take out of it the Pattaya websites… who cares? I for one never read them…
    It would thus gives more emphasis to the real stuff, like absolutelybangkok, WW’s, etc.

    Take out also; and fix the link to bbk (by removing the www).

    I’d also suggest adding a link to pattayaghost’s twitter account.


    I’d like also to remove the “generated links” that appear at the bottom of every new posts… They’re never relevant, are they?


  3. Purple Spy said

    i don’t know if you can do it, but it would be great if the rss sections — both comments and posts *Latest Posts From….*– could include not only stuff from BBK (which is very boring now), but also from TheBigMangoBar and AbsolutelyBangkok for instance!

  4. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Purple Spy – I used the default font. I’ll dig around to see what other fonts are available. I added the link for Thai Intel New. You need to give me the link for Pattaya Ghost’s twitter feed.

    The generated links are now gone as far as I can tell. I’m leaving the Pattaya links. Believe it or not, there are readers who click on them.

    I’ll see what I can do about adding more comment and post feeds from other blogs.


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