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A Stroll Waaaaaaaaaaaay Down Soi 4

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 1, 2010

How far is it actually to get from Nana to the Big Mango bar?

There are so many conflicting reports — from Kenny’s assertion that traveling to Cal State Northridge, from Bangkok, in the Snow, Backwards, while being continuously beaten by one’s parents is faster than having to walk all the waaaaaaaaaaaay down Soi 4, to other claiming a more realistic “just a short walk’.

So, which is it?

It was time for an investigation, along with appropriately blurry video to illustrate the long and arduous 2 minutes trip waaaaaaaaaaay down Soi 4.


13 Responses to “A Stroll Waaaaaaaaaaaay Down Soi 4”

  1. Purple Spy said


    Come on, Daffy! — Is this the best you can come up with?

    Nothing about girls?

    Who cares if it takes 2 or 5 minutes to reach the Mango from NEP, exceptionfor a coupla fat angry men, hey?

    Boring maak maak, Daffy.

  2. Yes, it is.

    Sometimes, in order to be spot on and accurate, you can’t always aim for the lowest of bottom feeder denominators – the highest levels of accuracy demand rejecting dedicated detractors… 😉

  3. doctorbond said

    ahhh…. home… it’s calling to me..
    (nice to see my camera shy bud in the closing seconds)

  4. Purple Sky said

    ” the lowest of bottom feeder denominators ”

    I’m shy to ask, really, but I will anyway : could you list some of those denominators for a clueless monger?

  5. Crackpot said

    I don’t give a toss about the Big Mango bar….it’s a lousy drinker in a grotty alley close to the Ghetto in Bangers.We know stalker Kenny is obsessed with it,but it’s doubtful any of the readership are.If you ain’t in with the pissed-up gobshite in-crowd there,then it’s meaningless commenting on it or even reading about it.There are hundreds of better places to pass the time of day.Jeez,I’d much prefer the Chequers,and thats saying something.

    So,Kenny got driven off a messageboard,threw his toys around,and now campaigns about a toilet of a bar that hardly anyone visits anyway.

    The rest of us like to watch a firework display,but deep down we dont give a toss about stalker Kenny,The Burger Boys or an untidy bar down a scruffy alley.

  6. Daywalker said

    BKKSpy is a dumbass piece of shit.

    Good one Daffy. Once again, you have called bullshit on one of Kenny many many statements.

    Did I hear that he say the Big Mango has been sold?
    – What a stupid fat fuck.

  7. SBDOTKU said

    Double D,

    Thank you for your investigative diligence in giving conclusive proof to what many of us knew: Kenny has a rather intense issue with regard to the gentlemen owners of and the establishment itself known as The Big Mango.

    The only questions I have for you are:

    – Why didn’t you either stop to chat up that attractive backside / beautiful hair that was in front of you in the beginning of the video OR barring that, get her to continue with you to BMB? (Or may we please see the video of you dashing back to speak with her after arriving at the BMB?)

    – Where are some pics / vids of TGs? Cute ones in general if not specific ones you are getting to know personally. On my next trip I plan on trying the Purple Slurper’s type of “anonymous body part-centric” photography that is thoroughly enjoyed by all of us and yet still gets around the “I’m shy” usual excuse.

    And where is all the imbedded data on this video so we know it is recent and really in the location you say it is? How do we know that everything hasn’t somehow magically changed since you took this? 😉

    Your new assignment: video and photograph conclusive proof that Thai women are attractive both when clothed and with as little clothing on as possible! There is much debate, raging controversy and insults flying regarding this hotly debated topic and your assistance is urgently required!

    Go forth and make us proud!

  8. twoser said

    Was that the faggot also known as Young Penfold leaving the bar, answering calls from jealous ladyboy?

    Daffy you’re queer. In your hasty walk to the bar you ignored lots of girly ass which would have been nice to look at. Sad when someone is more concerned with Kenny than ass.

    Only time I go to the Big Mongoloid (like 99% of their “customers”) is when they have 20 baht pints of beer. I drink as much as I can during the allotted time then get the fuck out of there. The reason why Dafty Goose didn’t walk into the bar was because it would have have shown the place for what it is – a depressing dive.

    As much as I think Kenny is a depressing fat obsessive fucker, I also think that the Goose is far more obsessed with Kenny.

    Word on the street is that the Goose stood next to Kenny at the urinals and was jealous of what he saw …

  9. Daywalker said

    I guess that Twoser struggles on his English Teachers salary?

  10. Twoser said

    Daybitch, you fat bald tosspot, I’m really, really rich so there. Retired at 40 🙂

    Cheers for the cheap beer on your biirfday 🙂

  11. Daywalker said

    Twosser, – You had to work until you were 40? Or you cant find work now that you are knocking on a bit?

    Either way, I am glad to have subsidised you the other night. Where would we be without peasants like you?

  12. Kenneth Ng said

    location-location-location. This is a very bad location, down that ally, they would need a low over head low investment sort of business to make a go of it.

  13. Interesting comments, Twoser — I wrote a post just for you.

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