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POLL – RESULTS: Bangkok Best Nightlife Area In 2009

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 1, 2010

The results



55 Responses to “POLL – RESULTS: Bangkok Best Nightlife Area In 2009”

  1. Purple Spy said

    Pregnant Girl in Isaan: “I have many friends; every night you go out in Bangkok, I know.” Gulp!

    • What, you didn’t know about the phenomenon known as the ‘Bargirl Telegraph’?

      Dude, you better Man Up…

    • SBDOTKU said

      Oh yeah, their cute little friends have their cute little eyes on you EVERYWHERE! You know what that means don’t you?… PATAYA ROADTRIP! ; – )

    • Purple Spy said

      it’s one thing to get the *barwhore’s telegraph* in theory; it’s another one to actually hear ur hooker-‘girlfriend’ enumarate by memory the places u’ve been to in the last week

    • Purple Spy said

      as i wrote in Da Diary I tell her almost everything I do while in Bangkok; yet the girl uses Da Networka to fill the gaps with a disturbing accuracy.

  2. SBDOTKU said

    Usually I would vote for Soi Cowboy – I tend to find the best girls there: cute with good attitudes. But this last time a buddy and I went to Patpong to buy some VERY REAL purses and crap to appease the women back home. We stopped into some random Go-Go. There were only a few girls, and most of them had been around too long. BUT there were these two super cuties. I went to the b-room and when I came back we were groin deep in tight, smooth, Thai tastiness. (My buddy rocks!)

    My cutie was all of 18 (yes, the ID said so) and drunk off her butt. She was new to BKK (not saying she was new to go-going) and that was obvious ’cause she was wearing this hilariously modest polka-dot bikini and her bra on underneath which really did nothing to hide the fact that she had an AMAZING body. A few more tequila shots she didn’t need and much mutual groping and kisses later, some food to try and suck up some of the alcohol and we were back to my place…where she promptly passed out.

    In the morning she woke up and I reintroduced myself as I assumed her memories were pretty hazy. After a shower and some more food we got down to business. Three words: Gravity-Proof Breasts! And the rest was tight and fresh… *DAY-AMN!*

    All of this is a long way of saying that I voted for Patpong for the memorable cutie, but otherwise Soi Cowboy would have been my vote.

    • All hail to your buddy..

      Yeah, I would agree, obviously, with the Cowboy Assessment. Nana is too much like factory farming (albeit in a pinch, Mandarin, Angel Witch and Morning night are always good to go), and way to densely packed.

      Cowboy generally just exudes a nicer atmosphere and attitude – albeit I think the quality of girls is more or less the same (quality and percentage of hotties) in either of the two venues.

      Patpong – well, that’s another story.

      I vote for NEW HUNTING GROUNDS!

  3. Bill Simons said

    Although my Thai is rather rudimentary, I enjoy this one area up by the Elizabeth hotel. You get a few white people there, but mostly its a Thai scene, but I’ve always enjoyed myself there and have constantly walked away with companionship.

    • SBDOTKU said


      I researched and found that the Elizabeth Hotel is out by Chatuchak. But where exactly do you go? I assume the places are freelancer-filled bars. Any location names you can provide? Give us more info about the scene there. And feel free to share a story or two about your exploits!

  4. Purple Spy said

    o/t [wt my nokia iphone, i can’t read the poll] If Scott Brown wins TODAY in Massachusets, I’ll have over TB 400k of *play* money for the next coupla months. Otherwise, i’ll have to stick with internet porn and blowjobs bar!

  5. BigDummyKenny said

    @Purple Spy – With that thai bargirl telegraph system working the way it is have you considered you may be better off sticking to the internet porn and blowjob bars even if Brown wins?


    • Purple Spy said

      u ting tong maak maak ! I now live to shag horny young sluts, as well as to gamble! Me want to boom boom many many thai girls!

  6. Purple Spy said

    With Brown winning, i got TB 300k that I was not expecting 2 weeks ago! Bangkok sluts: beware! If some people wanna play HOLD’EM POKER IN BANGKOK, please email me: ThaiBettingBoy[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. Purple Spy said

    i don’t care spending/losing it all! — my Health Insurance stock and BigPHARMA r rallying like my dick on Cialis!

  8. smelly farang said

    this website yay

  9. Thai Pad said

    Soi cowboys gotta be the run away winner here. I just can’t see nana or patpong coming close. Yea, nana has some good bars but the place is a dump and the overall energy of the place is not good.

    Patpong? There is no energy, almost no girls and the go-go bars there are more rundown than in nana. If the bars there are to survive the place needs at least 5x the number of girls working in most the bars there now.

    SBDOTKU, you got really lucky on the score in patpong. I’m curious what bar was it you checked out that provided such good service?

    • SBDOTKU said

      I wish I could tell you (so *I* can find it again when I go back!). But we literally just picked one at random and walked in. I *might* be able to puzzle it out if I walk around the place. My buddy is still in contact with his sweetie from there. I’ll see if I can get him to get the name from her.

  10. LMW said

    My favourite has to be the afterhours clubs… do those count as a nightlife area? More of a mental than geographical.

    All those areas are fine for a warmup… but meet girls there… not so much.

    • SBDOTKU said


      What are your favorites? I’ve only been to FKA: Spice (now Climax, I understand) until the early morning. Sounds like you could do a write-up on these. I’m sure Big Dummy Kenny would be happy to post.

    • Purple Spy said

      i second that: after-hours clubs work best for me

  11. smelly farang said

    this website gay. go change it ya fag

  12. Purple Spy said

    pregnant girl has delivered today a beautiful 4.3 kg boy wt a pink skin. Im a lil surprised cose i know her only since 38 weeks. Anybody knows a good place to DNA-test the child?

  13. Purple Spy said

    Anybody know where in Bangkok I can have a BUCCAL SWABS performed to verify my now unlikely fatherhood?

  14. tuffty said

    Police Hospital do it – but require mothers consent. I’d use one of the online mail order tests. Just post in two swabs and wait for the happy news.

    • Purple Spy said

      that’s what i was planning to do. Anybody ever experienced this buccal-swabs dna-testing here? Any specific recommendation?

    • Purple Spy said

      i just waged 15k TB wt my babe’s girl cousin –a cow-boy whore sponsored by a chopper-flying Brit–that the lil pink creature is not mine. The 4.3 kg baby was at least 40 weeks old before going ex utero. I know the girl since 38 weeks. That shall cover the DNA-test.

    • Purple Spy said

      Being a superstitious gambler, I’m entertaining the possibility of giving the bastard’s mother half of my Brown’s winnings–for the creature came into this world at about the same time that the GOP candidate became senator-elect. It should bring me luck.

  15. LMW said

    My favourites are Climax, Spicy and Bossy. not sure how good my write up would eb as I don’t even know if these places are still opening afterhours. Last trip in october involved a fun taxi ride round all the shut places at 2am. 😦

    • Purple Spy said

      bossy usually was still opened @4 in my last 20ish trips there — only once did the lights were turned on @2. The night of my last threesome actually. We moved to Climax. When we left around 4h00, the place was still rocking.

  16. LMW said

    @Purple spy – You do know a typical pregnancy is 9 months, right? 😉

  17. SBDOTKU said

    Hey BDK,

    When are you going to show us the results of the poll?

  18. BigDummyKenny said

    @SBDOTKU – I’ll post up a sneak peek most the day Sunday. So you can check in then or wait until after the poll closese on the 31st.

    @Purple Spy – So you may not be the responsible party? Hmmmmm, plot thickens.

    @LMW – You realize you’d be trying to top dapurplespy if you do submit anything. Just something to think about 😉

  19. Purple Spy said

    *Game Alert*
    How much do u think the hospital bill was:
    – Pregnant-Girl checked in @15h00. @8h30 she had delivered naturally.
    – we then moved to a private room wt a/c, 2 beds n TV for 2 nights. Plenty of food and water was provided for her. No towels nor baby stuff. Painkillers and vitamins/minerals were also provided.
    -the hospital is in rural Issan. New and surprisingly neat n clean.
    – last hint to guess the bill amount: I was kinda shocked!

  20. Thai Pad said

    My guess is 16,000 baht.

  21. smelly farang said

    it costs ya mums anal hairs?

  22. SBDOTKU said

    Anybody else notice that BBK’s site seems to have been down for a couple days? If I were BBK, I would naturally assume that he must be shut down for good.

  23. Daywalker said

    I have noticed that Kenny is once again avoiding all questions and telling people to man up?!

    It’s getting boring now.

  24. Crackpot said

    BBKs site seems down when you type www in the address,but not if you just type http://

    Just had a butchers over there… Bill Simmons for real,or another fabrication/creation of the site owner to keep things a-flowing?

    Mr Ken should do some gardening over there….his site is a disgrace,the worst Thai-orientated one I’ve ever seen.

  25. Purple Spy said

    the answer is: TB 1,200!
    They only charged us for the private room: 2 nights * TB 600. All the rest was provided freely. This is an hospital nearby her native village that was inaugurated by the Princess. I guess healthcare is free there for the residing mothers-to-be.

  26. All contributors on are genuine individuals. I have said so before, and I will repeat that I never post under other assumed names, and only as BBK, on or any other sites.

    That is what differentiates from all the other sites with their haters, dedicated detractors, and failed investors and entrepreneurs in an obscure side soi all the way down soi 4 – maintains its status as the #1 site for Thailand related information, by holding true to ‘No Hidden Agenda, No Censorship, No Bullshit’ combines on spot and accurate Thailand news and information, a large and varied readership, and cutting edge technologies to give you the top growing Thai specialized site. A meteoric rise in daily traffic and unique visitors rivaling if not surpassing the former holders of such titles proves us to be spot on in approach and dedication. has achieved this by steadfastedly observing a strict ‘no censorship’ policy, and despite coming under constant fire for it, has grown to be Number One — while other sites hide their failures behind the label of ‘hiatus’, to cover up their failed business ventures and their meteoric financial losses.

    Learn how to get banged cheaper, better, and more efficiently — without censorship!

    You know where —

    • Purple Spy said

      oh noh… BBK is back trying again to bash the Big Mango Bar Burger Boys… He must be sex-starving again. Ur back in Da States, hey Kenny? 😆

  27. Daywalker said


    Notice how our friend Kenny gets brave when he is back in his Uni surrounded by kids.

    I welcome him to come and say this shit to my face in Bangkok? But he gives me a wide birth? Why? Because he thinks I will beat the living shit out of him probably 😉

    Anytime you want to meet up Kenny, you know where I am. Come out from behind your monitor.


  28. BigDummyKenny said

    @ BBK – Nobody here is calling you a hater. Well, except maybe those 46% of the voters on the BBK poll who voted that they thought you’re a hater. That was all in good spirit.

    Now you know that since we have No Something. No Another Thing & No Something Else I’ve got to call BULLSHIT (I forget if that is the No Another Thing or No Something Else though) on a couple things you said. So put your best spin, I mean clarification, on this if you would be so kind

    1. “All contributors on are genuine individuals……That is what differentiates from all the other sites with their haters, dedicated detractors, and failed investors and entrepreneurs in an obscure side soi all the way down soi 4”

    OK, using Werewolf’s site as a standard (because I respect his site for a true No Bullshit policy) who/what on his site meets any of the criteria you listed? Who are the investors and entrepreneurs in a Soi 4 side soi? I didn’t know the Thai government allows individuals to buy/invest in Sois.

    2. “….has grown to be Number One — while other sites hide their failures behind the label of ‘hiatus’, to cover up their failed business ventures and their meteoric financial losses.”

    What is this #1 status? Based upon what?
    What are these meteoric financial losses?

    I won’t call BULLSHIT on the other stuff since I can see you’re expressing opinion and pumping your website. I’d do the same thing but I don’t want more readers or more submission. I wish I didn’t have so many readers. They keep asking me to add more stuff to my site and keep e-mailing me about how funny the stuff is and sending in submissions – I’m way behind and don’t have the time (BTW – someone sent in a submission claiming it was from you. A spoof on picking up girls at orphanages. You know anything about that?)

    I see a bit of anger in your comment. I’ll have to take a look at your site and see if I can find anything said that has you wound up and attacking other websites (again – I thought you were over that stuff).

    Maybe Purple Spy is onto something. Would another Asian Cheesecake post help take the edge off? 😉


  29. Fun Loving Guy said

    Werewolf censored me on his site.

    I simply informed him that the symptoms of his recent illness seemed like a primary HIV infection. He deleted it.

  30. Fun Loving Guy said

    According to Adbrite if you advertise on bigbabykenny you can reach 40 unique viewers a day! That’s certainly a massive readership and deserving of the gookamonkey’s self proclaimed number 1 slot.

  31. BigDummyKenny said

    @Fun Loving Guy – I’m guessing it’s on some obscure economics formula which he may or may no divulge.

    BigDummyKenny, on the other hand, don’t need to boast about our readership, traffic or ad revenue. However, since I’m sure there are a few people who want to know the value of BDK.COM I will provide some insider’s information for everyone of BDK’s loyal readers.

    According to, the current value of is an astounding and astronomical


    Daily ad revenue is estimated at $157,894.74 (give or take).

    The haters and dedicated detractors will say “Bullshit” since there are no ads displayed on BigDummyKenny.COM. That is because we used the next generation ad technology that the other sites don’t know about (even though “they” claim to be using the most advanced web technology. All the ads are subliminal via 3rp party webbugs linked to complex javascript code. In addition, there are a number of ads hidden inside the Hubble Space Telescope quality photographs.


    • Purple Spy said

      Is that why I’ve booked a suite for 2 weeks at Amari in the middle of am insomniac night?

  32. smelly farang said

    this gitis fukn ray.

  33. adman said

    Can’t say I’m surprised at the results. Soi Cowboy is so much more alive than the other nightlife areas. Until Nana cleans up it’s act and Patpong cleans up it’s act and gets more girls Cowboy will continue to dominate.

  34. Pattaya said

    Hello. Excuse me just a question. I heard talking about Thailand here. I’m about going on holiday to Asia. I would like some info on Pattaya in Thailand. I would know if It’s a good place to go with family or should I choose another place? Thank You so much.

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