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Restaurant Review : Coyote Bar & Grill Mexican on Sukhumwit

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 1, 2010

Coyote Bar & Grill is a mexican restaurant on Sukhumwit.

They serve Mexican food.

The food is tasty and very reasonably priced.


59 Responses to “Restaurant Review : Coyote Bar & Grill Mexican on Sukhumwit”

  1. doctorbond said

    …. and their happy hour jugs of margarita can ruin pretty much any evening…

  2. Thai Pad said

    Excellent review. Blurred photos and a very brief review. Just like!

    LOL. Outstanding.

  3. Purple Spy said

    😆 😆 😆

  4. BigDummyKenny Spy said

    Another excellent review Daffy.

    Well done.

  5. BigDummyKenny said

    After this THESIS QUALITY review there remains no doubt that DaffyDuck is the equivalent of Hemingway in the world of restaurant reviews and a Picasso with the camera.

  6. I was taught by the best.

    Just wait, I got more stuff brewing!

  7. Purple Sky said

    Daffy’s the Duck!


  8. Werewolf said

    what? No GPS coordinates?????

    (and you’re required to drink diet coke at every meal)

    It’s a shame that this particular restaurant got the BBK treatment… it’s one of my favorites due to it’s nearly constant 2-for-1 happy hours on beer & margaritas.

    Mon to Fri 3 pm to 7 pm & 10 pm to midnight

    Sat and Sun 11 am to 7 pm & 10 pm to midnight

    Monday nights they have an all-you-can eat Mexican buffet that runs from about 5 pm till about 9 pm priced at 249 baht. Many of the buffet items cost between 300 and 500 baht if ordered a la carte.

    Thursday nights from 6 pm to 8 pm is ladies night. Females drink house margaritas for free. You’ll find the biggest collection of farang women in BKK there every thursday night slurping their free margaritas, along with a good collection of professional Thai women and the occasional p4p girl. The place is packed every thursday and it can be pretty good fun.

    The crew of bartenders and waitresses (and managers for that matter) are 100% female, easy on the eyes, and usually dressed in pretty sexy denim outfits with cowboy hats on the wait staff. Aside from the music occasionally being cranked a bit too loud, this is one of my favorite restaurant/bars in Bangkok.

  9. Werewolf said

    Oh yeah, BTW, normally you have to wait at least 5 months after eating in the restaurant to post the “review”.

    Waiting only one week makes you a premature evaluator.

  10. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Werewolf – Do you go for the food or the drink & atmosphere? I recall reading that the Mexican food in Thailand is average at best. So I’m wondering if The Coyote is better than most.

    What about those Thursday nights? I imagine the girls get rather friendly after downing several free rounds. Any stories of conquest? I would guess more than one of those farange women had their way with you.

    Come on, don’t be shy 😉

  11. Purple Complainer said

    “a premature evaluator”


  12. Werewolf said

    I go for the drinks & atmosphere more than the food. There are a few menu items I really like though:

    The coyote nachos are probably the best nachos in Bangkok — maybe in SE Asia

    The quesadillas are tasty

    The Firehouse Chili is expensive but very very good, using thick cut chunks of high quality steak

    I’m not a fan of fajitas, but if you are, then you probably won’t find better in Asia

    The menu is generally good quality and quite filling (large portion sizes), but ordinary in terms of really good Mexican food. You won’t really go wrong with the tacos, enchiladas, burritos, etc.

    I have “entanglements” among the staff of the restaurant, so I never try to score with customers (or staff) there. I wouldn’t be ‘appropriate’ for me. HOwever, the Thursday night atmosphere generally gets pretty raucous by 8 pm.

    I think I said it already, but this is one of my favorite restaurants in BKK. The happy hour, atmosphere and the attractive staff members make it a great place to begin or end an evening.

  13. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    OK, I just about spit coffee on my monitors first thing in the AM when I scrolled down to the pictures. Daffy, you truly are Edward Weston to Kenny’s Ansel Adams. Keep up the good work.

  14. Daywalker said

    Thats some funny shit.

  15. Daywalker said

    Will there be a post on how to follow tiny Thai girls on their motorcycle whilst you are in a big Pick-Up Truck holding a camera out of the window?

  16. Kenneth Ng said

    Lovely pics, but 782 baht actually puts this more expensive than here in California, and I’m sure its not as good as California. Maybe if I lived in Thailand full time this would be a good eats sort of place, but as a short time visitor, maybe a burrito at sunrise in enough to carry me over.

  17. Vice Squad said

    I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Kenny and his shit website much longer. The following letter was sent today to the Human Relations staff at CSU Northridge as well as the CSU Northridge Newspaper.

    Hello, I hope I am writing to someone who can respond to or forward my concerns to the correct person. I have also CC’d the Daily Sundial.

    I’m writing to advise / warn you that a member of your academic staff — Associate Professor Kenneth Ng — has a second occupation as a professional sex tourist and online proponent of and advocate for prostitution. While he has been trying very hard to disguise his identity, it’s now been revealed that the “brains” behind is, in fact, your College of Business and Economics lecturer.

    If you read through the filth that Ng has published on his website and the comments he continues to make, it’s clear that he takes his vacations from teaching the youth of California at CSU Northridge by vacationing in Thailand and exploiting the young women of that impoverished country then using his experiences to fill his blog with stories and advice on how to “bang more cheaply and efficiently.” He apparently was being published on another website before and was ejected after trying to post a story about how he would stalk young Thai women at temples in order to arrange sexual encounters. Similar tales on his website showing him doing similar things at Starbucks and, God forbid he did it here, in university libraries.

    Once he was removed from the original website, he began his blog and has shown some very troubling signs of mental instability in his continued rantings about the owners of the former website. It’s a very unhealthy obsession.

    I shudder to think my children could end up in his classroom.

    His identity became known when people who found his website started a rival website called and then exposed him.

    He has also been tied to this website on Rate My Professors:

    There are several photos of him here:

    Just take a look at the disgusting smut Ng is posting in his “Best of BigBabyKenny” section, where he refers to girls as “fresh produce” and gives tips on negotiating price with hookers.

    MInd you many of his students are the same age:

    This is not the type of person the California State University system needs and I urge you to quickly investigate and take action against this sexual predator.

  18. AnonymousCowherd said

    Vice Squad, you will also want to get in touch with the California state legislature’s members who sit on committees dealing with the state educational system. CSU is a state school.

    Make sure you let them know that Professor Kenneth Ng, by posting from CSUN offices, is violating the CSUN Code of Conduct.

    • Would anyone like copies of Professor Ng’s posts, originating from a CSUN IP address, with date and time stamps (thus they can easily be verified by CSUN IT staff based on the traffic logs?)

      Here for the asking!

      (By the way, not smart to post your M.O. on here. Forwarning Kenny is not a good idea…)

    • AnonymousCowherd said

      It’s not a good idea IN YOUR OPINION and your opinion was not asked for. A word to the wise… Stay the fuck out of my business or join the ranks of the disgraced and unemployable.

    • dapurplespy said

      @ AnonymousCowherd

      “Stay the fuck out of my business or join the ranks of the disgraced and unemployable.”

      Go away, asshole.
      Get the fuck out of here, understand?

      Dummy, can you ban this motherfuker?

    • Anonymous Cowherd : “It’s not a good idea IN YOUR OPINION and your opinion was not asked for. A word to the wise… Stay the fuck out of my business or join the ranks of the disgraced and unemployable.”
      Actually, your attitude shows why you FAIL, and will always FAIL – as you appear to be the one eminently unemployable, disgraced, and bitter. Why is that?

      Yeah, DahPurpleSpy pretty much nailed you, as the asshole that you are. Big surprise, there, again. You should at least have the balls to post under your original alias, Mr. BKKSpy / Jack Bauer — now, run along, and go back to hiding under your rock.

  19. Daywalker said

    Vice Squad. You must be a business partner that I don’t know about?! As no doubt Kenny will assume you are part of the Mango.

  20. THE Drunk Plogger said

    I’m a bussiness pardoner too. Does that mean I can share in the massive losses that I have heard about? (Hick)

    THE Drunk Blogger

  21. Young Penfold said

    Getting back on subject – has anyone tried the ‘Tacos & Salsa’ place across the road? I walked past it once, and was accosted by a greasy looking tout, who claimed to be Mexican, and started slagging off the food at Coyotes

    Seemed like a bit of a cunt to me, so I avoided it

  22. SBDOTKU said

    Damn. The shit got real REAL all of a sudden.

    I may not think BBK is going to win a Pulitzer any time soon, nor invite him on any trips with me but if the info above is correct, this could do some real damage to him.

    You don’t like him, he doesn’t like you – OK. Call each other bad names and flip off your computer all you want. Does the “crime” match the punishment? Because someone is argumentative and pompous that is reason to try and get him in serious trouble at his place of employment? Seems a bit intense to me.

    As a famous peacemaker once said: “Can’t we all just get along?”

    Jai yen, my friends, jai yen.

    • You may want to consider that Mr. Kenny has started seriously attacking and endangering the livelyhood of those working at the Big Mango, by deliberately using their real names, and deliberately and repeatedly associating their activities in his writing with what he knows could place them at risk with employers and employment in the West.

      Thus, I only smirk at what is being done here, in response to Kenny deliberately lashing out and trying to rob people of their livelyhood — turnabout’s not only fair play, but in this cause, the points made by those contacting Kenny’s university, is appropriate.

      He is violating his University’s code of conduct, and as a teacher, and state employee, he is thus placing his employer, and the state at risk – particularly as the US media loves to pursue such a story.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Yeah, I thought about that and agree that he is getting a karmic body slam for his attitude and action toward the BMB guys. I just find it very disappointing. What can I say, I ENJOY Thailand and appreciate others who enjoy it and like hearing about others’ experiences and contributing my own song satang when I have something somewhat intelligent or humorous to add. I just kinda assume that’s what others want out of these sites too. *shrug* And then there are few guys obviously off their meds.

  23. Twoser said

    More bitch fighting … oh the joy.

    If I remember correctly, Mr Daffyduck has nothing to do with the Mango. So if BBK outed the Mangoloids and Daffy helped out BBK, does that give someone the right to try and out double D himself? (Not that he cares because he owns a multinational and has an iphone and shit). It’s a never ending, joyous road of bitch fighting.

    “Where is the love?”

    Having read many of DD’s girly-squabbles with people from Prufrock to BBK I wonder what makes him angry so much? True Kenny is a cunt, so is Daywanker (maybe not the same league but a twat non the less) – oh, nothing but nice words to say about Pmmp, a real gent. But what is DD’s beef? What makes him so angry about things that don’t concern him?

    a) Born with a micro penis;
    b) Ejaculates prematurely;
    c) Short 😉

    Answers on a postcard to mailbox in Nana.

    And in the interests of fairness, even though I don’t like the Mango, one positive I can say about the place is that all the girls I’ve spoken to who work there seem happy with their work place. I only go on 20 baht beer nights and there seems like the turnover is small (girls as well as cash).

    Just wanted to stick my oar in and stir.

  24. Young Penfold said

    I love how off topic this thread has gone

    Kind of reminds me of reader comments. When a video on darning sock, turns into a comment stream on ‘niggers and jews’ or ‘Your mom is fatter than mine’ with people offering to slash each others throats and fuck the gaps

    Can we get back to quality advice on Fajitas and Burritos?

  25. Purple Sky said

    Yp — you can be such “stay-on-topic-please” pain in the arse!

  26. BigDummyKenny said

    I agree with YP and ask that people direct their Big Mango – BigBabyKenny comments here – UFC 666

    Back on the subject of Mexican food. I thought I read somewhere there’s a new Mexican restaurant on Soi 14. Maybe it was on Anyone know anything about that?


  27. Twoser said

    Words has it that Daffy has a mini burrito and squirts guacamole before stuffing the fajitas.

  28. SBDOTKU said

    Back on topic, more or less.

    So there is Coyote and I’ve also heard of Sunrise Tacos. Not that anyone except a Southwestern US native could have a really VALID opinion 😉 but Kreung Thep locals, any other good places for Mexican / Tex Mex / something with salsa you enjoy (or don’t)?

  29. Young Penfold said

    BigDummy – Its called Los Cobanos (I think)

    According to the TFS2M review, the opening night was a bit of a cluster-fuck, but I’ve spoken to 3 different friends who have been there since, and said the nosh (food, not oral sex) is first rate, and the Margaritas are pretty lethal.

    Ill check it out this weekend and report back.

    I would take pictures of the food and the bill, but 1. I cant be fucking arsed, and 2. Im a fucking cheapskate, and I have a 10year old Nokia Bargirl/Songkran phone, which does not have a camera

    • Purple Sky said

      ” I have a 10year old Nokia Bargirl/Songkran phone, which does not have a camera”

      same here — except that mine does have a camera…

      time to enact one of your new-year res?

    • Purple Sky said

      Last week, I thought my phone was dead. It was totally irresponsive. Then it became alive again after I’d dropped on the floor.
      “old Nokia Bargirl/Songkran phone” rocks!

    • Time to update your hardware, buddy – lest you enjoy being a luddite in the company of luddites.

    • Poodle said

      When I was shopping for ill-fitting condoms in Carrefour yesterday (Rama 4 branch) I noticed they had a bunch of Samsung phones on sale at 795 baht a pop. I read somewhere that supermarkets are a good place to buy bargirl phones, even bargirl phones for yourself.

      795 baht for a brand spanking new unlocked phone with a COLOUR screen is fantastic value. They also had a double sim phone for a 1,000 and something baht which is a cracking idea. One sim for filthy slags and ladyboys you’re ashamed of and the other for friends and semi-normal girls.

  30. Young Penfold said

    Oh, and Sunrise Tacos is shit. Shit service, wank delivery, and bland food.

    Theres a really small Mexican food stand inside the Tops Supermarket on Thong Lo (next to Burger King)

    The food wont set your world on fire, but its very cheap and cheerful – just like a 35year old Pattaya bar-whore with 5 kids, 3 teeth, 1 eye, and rent that is a week over-due

  31. Young Penfold said

    @Poodern – I had a Samsung before (I threw it at my ex GFs head in a Thong Lo subsoi, and couldnt find it) and found them to be a major cunt to use. Im a ham-handed twat, so the Samsung touch-screen technology really doesnt work with me. Im a bit of a Nokia whore.

    A guy I work for, bought me a swish Nokia 6600i a few months back. Straight out the box for 10-12,000baht. That lasted the best part of a month. Less said about that, the better. I tore through 3x Nokia N72s, a Samsung slide screen and 2 Nokia greenscreens in 2009. My current bargirl special, has lasted a stellar 2months. Almost a record

    Now, for fuck sake, can we get back on topic?

  32. Poodle said


    If Los Cobanos or Tacos and Salsa is the purple-ish fronted building opposite Coyote that looks like a Tijuana shop house the food is the bollocks. Great stuff.

    Sadly there are no donkeys inside but there is a rather fetching dude with a black cowboy hat.

    If I can get back off topic for a moment.

    YP: “A guy I work for, bought me a swish Nokia 6600i a few months back.”

    You’re a personal trainer aren’t you? Is it usual for clients to buy their muscular, slightly camp, young gym buddies phones or was some other kind of “work” involved? Only asking.

  33. doctorbond said

    ermmm … right mexican debate…
    Well I’m some 6000 miles away from Coyotes at present, but I’m a big fan since Werewolf introduced me to the place a couple of years ago.
    …. their table sauces are available to buy at a whopping 380 Baht each !!!
    Food was pretty good though and certainly waaaay better than Sunrise

  34. Young Penfold said

    Poodern – Tacos and Salsa is the vile purple place. Must be 50 metres north-east of Coyotes. Los Cobanos is at the foot of Asok BTS, by Exchange Tower and The Black Swan. What did you eat there?

    Apart from the Personal Training, I also mug old ladies, and perform grizzly acts of indecency in Silom toilets on young Thai boys for 500baht a throw.

    The 6600i guy is a WHOLE other story

  35. Poodle said

    YPie; Been there a few times for breakfast – breakfast burritos soaks up the booze. Also had the burritos when drunk and tamales. Obviously chips and guacamole, etc. Not been for a while, but the food was to my liking. Nothing fancy but good stodge. Reminded me of some of the smaller joints I used to go to in Echo Park.

    Never been to the other place – can’t think where it is. Which side of Rachadapisek? Exchange or Black Swan?

    Anyone know where you can get good Ceviche in Bangkok? Not quite Mexican but I used to love that stuff with an ice cold beer ….

  36. karmako said

    Has anybody noticed the Nachos plate at Coyotes has gotten smaller? I’m hoping it was just my last visit. Will try again, but I hope it’s not their way of increasing profits. This is a fun place with the great buy 1 get 1 free margarita happy hour. Girls in denim and cowboy hats add a very nice touch.

    Sunrise Tacos is crap, in my humble opinion. They started out okay but went cheaper and cheaper on their ingredients.

    Oh, and back on topic, when is the “March on California State U, Northridge” happening? I think a good protest is in order. I will be glad to make the signs for the event. “Is your daughter safe working late in the library?”, “Buddhists Beware”. Is there a Thai Students group at CSUN? Can some legal person do a post here breaking down the CSUN Code of Conduct and see if Kenny is breaking it? If he is, does have a lawsuit? Bring it Bring it Bring it!

    • karmako : “Oh, and back on topic, when is the “March on California State U, Northridge” happening? I think a good protest is in order. I will be glad to make the signs for the event. “Is your daughter safe working late in the library?”, “Buddhists Beware”. Is there a Thai Students group at CSUN? Can some legal person do a post here breaking down the CSUN Code of Conduct and see if Kenny is breaking it? If he is, does have a lawsuit? Bring it Bring it Bring it!”

      Look here:

  37. Young Penfold said

    @Poodern – Its on Sukhumvit 14. Cant remember which BTS exit its at, but it has a big sign on the corner of the street, and seems to be about 50 metres up the soi on the left. I’ve never been, but intend to check it out, and a few mates have said its some pretty good shit.

    Ceviche? What the fuck is that? When I first read it, I thought you had mis-spelt ‘crevice’. Although m sure I just spelt that wrong aswell

  38. Poodle said

    Ceviche is raw seafood with sliced onion marinaded in lemon juice and chili. A bit like goong cha nam pla although maybe it would be goong cha manao and not just goongs.

    Okay, I know Los Cobanos. I’ve never eaten – looks a bit posh for me and my ladyboy hookers. It’s next to the Thai place run by two old ladies and frequent by nervous, Lonely Planet carrying, tourists.

  39. Young Penfold said

    I wanna hear more about these ladybot hookers. Any going spare?

  40. karmako said

    Awesome link at . He so deserves every bit of this and it’s probably just the beginning. He is bigdummykenny, dumbest person on the earth. He’s done so much damage that even if he took down his website and put up an apology to those he has lied about, bad shit is still going to come his way for the rest of his life.

    Great link, now time to do my part. For those that think he doesn’t deserve this, try for a second to put yourself in the shoes of those he attacks and lies about. Pure evil will get pure evil in return.

  41. Young Penfold said

    I went here last night for the 249baht buffet. Some good shit. They have the firehouse chilli in the buffet, which goes for 400 plus baht a bowl normally. Get there before 7pm and its buy on get one free on grog aswell

    Time it right and you can shovel a tonne of food and a bunch of booze down your neck on the cheap

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