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From the Hotmail Account of a Soi-CowBoy Barwhore…

Posted by dapurplespy on February 4, 2010

Here are several extracts I’ve copied and pasted from the electronic correspondence between a fiftyish medical doctor based in the UK, and a Cow-Boy barwhore from deep, deep rural Isaan. They exchanged emails over 18 months, more or less.
She was 17 y/o when she received this first email from the good doctor:

I have only known you a short time but I love you and want to be with you forever. I can’t wait to go back to Thailand and be with you, marry you, have babies, live in Bangkok.
Tonight will be terrible because you will not be in bed beside me!!! I love waking up in the morning and seeing you.
I would love you to leave your job and study English. I will try to find
somewhere I can take Thai lessons.
I have been to Thailand many times but never been with a Thai girl because
everyone says they just want your money. I know you are different.
I want to look after you because I love you.

Some days later :

I am very worried. For the past few days I have been pissing blood from my penis and it is so painful when I go to the toilet.
The only woman I have had sex with for a long time is you. I have never never had any problems like this before. I think you might have a sexually transmitted disease.
I have to ask you some questions. Please answer me honestly:

how long have you been having sex with men you don’t know?
Has there ever been a time when you have not used a condom?
How many times? How often do you have sex with men you don’t know?

If you have EVER not used a condom you MUST go and see a doctor for tests. I have an infection and it must have come from you.

I will send you money to see a doctor (tell me how much). You must change
your job. You might never be able to have children. I cannot believe that
your parents would be happy if you could never get married or have
children just to earn money!!!!!

I tried to send you some money today but I couldn’t send it online. I will send you some tomorrow baby.
I would love to buy you a Christmas present and I would like to send it to
your new apartment!!! I hope you find one soon because I can’t wait to
spend 2 weeks with you in January. When I come to live in Bangkok maybe we
could stay there until we find somewhere bigger.

Weeks later:

By internet you can only send up to £500 per day via Western Union so I have sent you £500 today, approximately 31,273 baht. ….
I will send you more next week.
I hope you will be able to buy a phone, pay your rent, arrange English
lessons and eat!!


I do not understand how your mother can need more money. I gave her 60,000 baht just a month ago. That is equivalent to nearly a year’s wages in Isaan!!
I wish money was not so important to Thai people.
I will send you money, don’t worry.
I could easily stop work and we could have a very comfortable life in
Thailand but I am not a millionaire–and you will not find a millionaire.
I do not want to leave you in Thailand when I need to go back to England–
I want you to be with me in Thailand, in England and everywhere I go. That
is why I want you to get a visa–maybe we can arrange that when I see you
in March.
Darling I want you to know I love you.
I have been so sad not talking to you for the past few days…

I’m not sure whether to buy you some clothes in England or wait till I get to Bangkok. Top Shop is very popular with girls here but it is always
difficult buying clothes for women!!!!!!
I know your bra size is 36D (most important, oooh) but do you know if you would be a British size 12 for tops and stuff? What size shoes do you take? I know I will be spoiling any surprise if I ask you too much. Is there anything you would like from England, that I have not thought of? As you know I am not very good at shopping!!!
I have not had a reply from the British Embassy yet. I would really love you to visit England so if there is any way you can find out how to do it please do. I think just asking friends is not very reliable (by the way, if anybody official asks I think we should say we met a year ago). You need to ask someone who really knows.


I have just sent you some money (24,300 baht approx). Please use some of it to pay your rent!!!! Do you have a bank account? If not I think it would be a good idea to have one.
I feel so depressed! I have been checking my holidays at work. …
Please can you come and see me in England soon?!!!!!
If I work up to September, … my pension will be much better and I will be able to look after you and your mother much better. After … my idea would be to maybe work in England for 2-3 months, then spend a month in Thailand, then work in England for a few months again.
What do you think?
In that way we would have a lot more money to buy a house, have a nice life and be able to look after my family and your family (and OUR famiy!).
Please tell me what you think. I would be very happy if you were with me in England when I was working.
Your English is relly getting a lot better and I am sure in a year you will be able to speak English very well.
If I stop work in …, move to Thailand and don’t work I will get about 1,600,000 baht per year–but remember I will still have to look after my mother and pay for … to go to University, travel back to England a few times each year and I want us to possibly start a business together.
Tell me what you think about all this my love.
I am sure about one thing–I want to be with you forever. I love you so much…

Meanwhile, the busty young “ex”-bargirl was going in and out of Phuket with some cute Japanese dude, and *seing* many, many other young men while in Bangkok…

I’ve just sent you 100 pounds (exchange rate now only 59 baht to the pound. 74 not long ago!!). By internet with Western Union I can only send
500 pounds in one month (I already sent you 400 pounds). I will send you
more next month. It might be easier to send it to your bank….??

Weeks Later:

If 30,000 baht was stolen why did you not tell me?
You told me your phone had been stolen. Why did you not tell me so much money had been stolen?
You shouldn’t carry 30,000 baht in your handbag- especially if you keep losing it!!!! Please please please do not lie to me. I can forgive anything but not lies. If people lie to each other there can never be trust. If there is no trust then there is no relationship.
I will send you some money now by Western Union so that you will have it
for your birthday.
Darling, when I love someone I really love them. I love you. Please do not let me down. If you don’t really love me I want you to tell me and I will move on and change my plans.

Months later :

I am now back at work. I tried to ring you yesterday but just got a “number not available” message and no answer today.
Darling I am very confused. My heart is telling me one thing, my head is
telling me another.
When I was with you we just seemed to fight all the time. Not good.You
only wanted to eat and buy gold. You did not seem interested in ME.
I don’t know what to do…


I think you are too young and we are too different for it to ever work longterm between us.That is why we were fighting so much last time we saw eachother.
I am very sorry and it is breaking my heart to write this.
You are very young and have plenty of time to find someone suitable.
Please please don’t just go back to being a bar girl. If you do you will never be able to stop and will find it very difficult to have a normal, happy relationship with a man.

Later :

I am sorry I have not contacted you for a long time-I have been in the USA.
I will be visiting Thailand again soon but I have been thinking so much over the last few weeks and I don’t think we should be together. You are so young and our lives are so different. My heart still feels very very strongly for you but my head tells me that it could never work. I think you need to find a man nearer your own age.

Later :

I am in Bangkok. I am just emailing home and guess what music has just come on–Take me to your heart. Nearly makes me want to cry. I feel very bad about letting you down. I really do love you but I know in my heart you are too young for me. I am trying to do the sensible thing–for me and for you.
I tried to ring you but there was no reply. I was not sure if it was a good idea to contact you but I felt I should at least tell you I am here.

Last night I got very drunk and ended up in, I think, XX XXX or possibly the place next door. I saw your friend (forget her name) dancing on the stage. Too many memories so won’t go there again.

— Brought to you by Purple Spy.
All the pics, as usual, by Purple Spy.

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    10 Responses to “From the Hotmail Account of a Soi-CowBoy Barwhore…”

    1. Purple Spy said

      I might blog again about my own crazy experiences soon.

      Just let you know for now that today, I took the *sms in love* picture above in the room of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever slept with….
      At least it feels that way now…
      But I can tell you that for sure: She’s nothing like the other Thai gals I’ve shagged so far…

      She’s got a huge pick-up that look pretty new to me… (!?)
      …yet she lives alone in a small room in Huay-Kwan…

      She’s very white-skinned, and tall — from Chiang May, actually…. Drop-dead gorgeous to my eyes…
      Her body’s a different kind of body; stronger, I’d say : amazing legs, very tight stomach, and perfectly sculpted flowery lips…

      She’s naturally classy, contrary to your average Isaan slut. And hence does not emanate any whore-vibes. None. Whatsoever. That’s the kind of sleek gal one can bring anywhere. Methinks.

    2. Twoser said

      Are you going marry the slag?

    3. doctorbond said

      I’d just like to point out that not all doctors are such complete twats

    4. Purple Spy said

      @doctor bond,

      The most revealing line for me was:

      “You only wanted to eat and buy gold. You did not seem interested in ME.”

      In you?!


      She doesn’t have any kind of education, really. She’s a very clever and pragmatic gal; but it’s impossible to discuss politics or art or science or anything with her! How could she be interested in him? She really doesn’t care about London and Paris — except maybe for a brief shopping excursion… But living in the UK? No fucking way…. She’d be perfectly living in rural Isaan…
      So maybe he’d hope she’d be insanely attracted to his body? Errr….. he was fattish, oldish, and sporting a quite ugly acned-scared face, I might add. (Yes, he sent her pictures of him too! 😆 )

      Poor chap. I hope everythin’ all right for him now. He’s kinda of good fella. I mean — he was always very gentlemanly with her; very smooth. Never even whispered a demeaning word to her. Classy guy — in its own peculiar, awkward way.

      He really did love her, I guess…

      “I wish money was not so important to Thai people.” 😆

    5. dapurplespy said

      @twoser — i dunno yet.

    6. doctorbond said

      @ PS – In a way, it is sort of charming that people can be so trusting – but a great blow for them when they wise up.
      Luckily, when I first came to LOS I was already the most cynical bastard on two legs – that, and a good reading of TFS2M meant that I arrived prepped to disbelieve pretty much anything anyone with black hair told me.

    7. Wombat said

      What is the best University i the UK in which to study medicine? As my IQ is far greater than my shoe size I believe I will do quite well.

    8. doctorbond said

      Go for it wombat – as for your question – I haven’t the faintest idea – in real life I’m a Pigswill Collection Technician for Croydon Council

      • damn cancre sore said

        Is a Pigswill collection tech something that will allow you to retire by age 40 (i am 23 now). If so where do I sign up?

    9. dapurplespy said

      the site says it’s 29C — and it feels cold to me…
      I’ve already been here too long?

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