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Inside the Big Mango

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 5, 2010

It was declared in a prior thread by some two bit loser (twoser, how aptly named), that “The reason why Dafty Goose didn’t walk into the bar was because it would have have shown the place for what it is – a depressing dive.

Oh how I love to prove him wrong, and provide award winning content second to none.

Sure looks like a dive to me, quite certainly a depressing one , at that:

But to really capture the ambiance, here’s some videos from my visit.

Sure looks like a bar doing extraordinarily badly, doesn’t it?


50 Responses to “Inside the Big Mango”

  1. doctorbond said

    Yep – depressing as hell – the sight of people enjoying themselves in amongst a heaving mass of party revelers – just makes your heart sink into the pit of your stomach….

  2. Daywalker said

    Once again, Daffy exposes the ‘Kennys’ of this world.

  3. Werewolf said

    Another reminder in this age of mobile phone cameras to never go anywhere or do anything in public that you wouldn’t want posted on the internet.

    Let’s hope no one in the photos or film told his wife that he was working in Hong Kong last weekend, and that none of the girls behind the bar have a sponsor sending her money to keep her at home watching TV night & day and waiting patiently for the sponsor’s next trip to Bangkok.

  4. Werewolf said

    BTW, I stole one of your photos and posted it on my blog.

    • ROTFLOL!

      (I see your concern for those folks’ privacy knows no bounds – smile).

      You made some valid points, but I think essentially no one should have any expectation of privacy these days, anywhere.

      (also, I doubt that anyone’s wives read this site)

    • Werewolf said

      A pal of mine recently sent me an email that said:

      “She found the blog”

      you’d be amazed what they can do with google if they know how to spell

  5. Twoser said

    Hey daffy, you’re being daft again aren’t you, what exactly did you prove? Did I not say I go to the bar when they have 20 baht pints of beers, as you obviously did as I’m in one of your quality video clips 🙂 Do you ever go there on a regular night? Doubt it. Depressing as fuck.

    Apart from these parties, on an average night, as you walk in the door, you get two or three Mangoloids supping their San Miguel Lights at the bar on the right, and a couple of lonely people straining their necks trying to watch TV on the left. Miserable bar girls shooting pool. The bar is badly designed, badly conceived and only exist because of the blog.

    I really don’t like Kenny’s blog, because of his obsessiveness (I made the pic of him in the beer garden, which Daywalker waxed about). He has some good info but his preaching style sucks.

    What can I say? All you punters, try the place and see what you think.

    But what really grinds is Daffy’s obsession with Kenny it is far worse than Kenny’s obsession with the burger boys.

    Peace 😉

    • Twoser : “Do you ever go there on a regular night? Doubt it. Depressing as fuck.”
      Not sure about your definition of ‘depressing as fuck’, but I was just there about an hour or so ago, and while there were only a handful of folks there (7:00pm, Duh!), this is generally what’s there during the day as well — and doesn’t differ much from other bars around the same time.

      They have their special nights, they have their higher season – and as for the design and architectural concepts — well, I might have designed it differently, but I also don’t see how the present design is a failure.

      Twoser: “The bar is badly designed, badly conceived and only exist because of the blog.”
      Seeing as how you don’t provide a constructive and competing suggestion for how the bar would have been better designed and conceived, your argument has no merit.

      The location is the only valid criticism, and aside from that, lack of signage directing to Big Mango. I think we can all agree that the NEP location was far superior in terms of traffic, but hey, a bunch of greedy Indian towelies didn’t want that to remain there (and subsequently took it up the shitter for the better of a year without any renter).

      The only thing that I am curious about is what is your deal? You seem to have an obsession all your own, not just with me, but in also going to the Mango, taking advantage of free and cheap offers, and then biting the hand that feeds you (which, I’d have to say, should come as no surprise).

  6. dapurplespy said

    Daffy : 1
    Twoser : 1

    Now, shall we bring these two into a fighting cage?

    Hmmmmmm…. That would be entertainment….

    Who would you bet on?

  7. Daywalker said


    For someone who doesn’t like the Mango, you seem to go there a fair bit!? Is that because you have no friends? Or no money? – Or both?

  8. Wombat said

    San MIguel Light? No chance. I prefer Beer Lao.

  9. Twoser said

    Ahhhh, if only you knew who I was 🙂

    “Handful of folks” … errr did I say 5 people? We agree on something.

    I don’t have a problem with the Mango. I don’t like the place but each to their own. I just find this whole Kenny / Daffy / Daywalker bitch fest childishly funny and in a childish way I like to stick my oar in and stir. Kenny was a dick but the Goose seemed to really take offence – why I wonder? Who’s gang are you in, if you like him I won’t be your friend … bunch of fucking high school bitches me thinks.

    Daywalker, I go there every time you give away beer for 20 baht a pint and head out as soon as you turn off the tap. As do 90% of the people on those rare days. Cheap way to start the night. Otherwise, i can’t see a reason why to visit.

    And if I have any problem with the Mango it because it’s tied to the blog. TFS2M was great, funny, well moderated, good info. What we have now is lame and tame – shite. The “hiatus” bullshit was … bullshit.

    This site started as a joke about Kenneth but has become quite good. I hope it picks up from what the Mangolids destroyed.

  10. Daywalker said

    Twosser. And your bar and blog are where?

    Oh.. sorry, forgot, you are a balloon chaser.

    – You are just not worth the key strokes.


  11. Twoser : “Daywalker, I go there every time you give away beer for 20 baht a pint and head out as soon as you turn off the tap. As do 90% of the people on those rare days. Cheap way to start the night. Otherwise, i can’t see a reason why to visit.”

    Drinks – check.
    Cheap – check.
    Has to live in Bangkok – check.

    Okay, then.

  12. dapurplespy said

    I suggest we give twoser a break. I dunno why, but I feel he’s an okay guy… Pure instinct. At least he’s in Thailand — so odds are he’s having a great time.

    For as much as my last nght sucked, tonight absolutely rocked — beyond my wildest dreams. Fuck, I love this country, this city.

    I’m definitely hooked now — officially a Bangkok-junkie.

    2 lesbians in a hotel suite… A leggy one, and a busty one.

    Fuck me.

    I’m looking like a monkey. And they apparently have more money than me — I mean — a car? a five stars hotel? WTF?

    One owns a beauty salon in Pattaya; another’s doing an MA in Finance.

    Only in Thailand, methinks. At least for a monkey man.

    You gotta be fucking handsome or real rich for this to happen like that in, say, Monte Carlo…. (Not that I have evah been there…)


  13. Daywalker said

    From Kenny……

    “Finally, The Big Mango Bar employs girls whose condition of employment is that they must have sex with 5 customers a month. If they don’t have sex with 5 customers a month, they don’t get paid or get paid only a fraction of their salary.

    That is fact.”

    This IS NOT FACT and utter bollocks.

    Kenny is once again full of shit. He maintains that the Mango crew are constantly posting there under different names, yet has no proof.

    What if I were to say that we have many negative bloggers on the Mango blog all coming from the same IP address as Kenny?

    I’ve only ever posted on Kennys site under my own name and Kenny knows it.

    Kenny has many haters. He has to pay girls for sex and is not a well thought of Professor. He makes shit up to try and generate discussion away from him. What a fuckin loser.

    If you are reading this Kenny (and I know you are 😉 ) I shall personally explain to you that we DO NOT force any staff into having sex with customers and DO NOT cut salaries. I promise not to beat the shit out of you where you stand. Honest.

  14. Twoser said

    I’ll scratch you’re eyes out and pull your hair …

    • dapurplespy said


    • Twoser said

      Sorry about my tardy reply mr purplespy but I’ve been out drinking, fucking and enjoying the delights of Bangers. Just making a joke about the BBK/BM bitch fighting … it’s funny.

      When are you posting again … always good stuff.

  15. Daywalker said

    Lucky for me, I have no hair!

  16. Vice Squad said

    I’ve already sent letters to Cal State Northridge HR department and student newspaper, as well as reported him to the new york times for using their article w/o permission. Hopefully he crawls back into his little hole again soon.

  17. Daywalker said

    Says Kenny…..

    “Make me an offer but keep in mind they are bidding on the #1 Thailand nightlife blog and will be denying the legion of readers there daily dynamic read. The legion of readers will obviously be pissed and it won’t be good for their business.”

    Since when has his hate site been the #1 Thailand Nightlife Blog????? I don’t recall many articles on the nightlife. Cameras and mobile phones, but not much nightlife?!

    Also, has anyone else noticed his constant plea to people to submit posts, yet there are only a couple of people (Kennys alter egos) that post? Yet, there are plenty being posted on the Mango site. Number 1 Kenny? Number 1 joke I think you’ll find.

    Forsale also you say? Didn’t you also say that the Duke would not sell? And that the Mango has been sold? If Kenny had any credibility, it would surely be lost by now.

    His site is worth fuck all and he knows it.


  18. doctorbond said

    Big Mango Bar

    There are people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
    The Kenny thing has been going on for so long now that many people have come in half-way through and have some trouble working out what is going on.
    Allow me to elucidate.
    Big Mango Bar and TFS2M were a compulsive double act. They seemed to have this weird idea that if you provided a friendly and helpful environment both on the blog and in the bar then you would generate customer loyalty – well, surprise surprise, they did and despite Kenny’s best efforts that loyalty continues.

    On TFS2M Kenny was a regular contributor. His posts were often repetitive, seemed to draw on gambling metaphors where none were relevant and were often a little bit creepy (stalking girls in university libraries for example), but in their attempt to be open to all, TFS2M still published them – often against the majority wishes of the readership. Then Kenny submitted one that was truly odious. It concerned stalking women who had just finished praying at a religious shrine and approaching them while they were emotionally vulnerable. This seemed, to TFS2M, a step too far and the post was spiked.

    Kenny’s response since then has been to try to bring BM/TFS2M down. It has been remarked that this is childish behaviour but children tend to get over this sort of thing. Not so Kenny – his obsessive behaviour has been going for at least a year. The fact that the majority of the blogosphere and indeed his students think he is an idiot fails to stem his life mission… to bring down the people who had the temerity to refuse to publish his work.

    The BM boys were certainly worn down by this suprising and un-warranted assault. If Kenny were to succeed in his goal he would remove from all of us something far more valuable than the mere location of a bar or how busy it is on a particular hour of a particular day – he would remove a community and resource which hundreds of us have found vitally important and replace it with his brand of irredeemable tat.

    So, yes, some of us fight back – big surprise – hold the front page!

    The BM bar can be packed to the rafters or have a few genial drifters reading the paper – pretty much like any other bar in BKK. But, to a large number of people it is ‘base-camp’ or a ‘Mongers HQ’

    Luckily, a large number of people who do know their ‘values’ from their ‘costs’ will continue to be grateful and avid supporters of it.

  19. dapurplespy said

    Great post, doc!

  20. adman said


    You provide a good writeup on the BBK-Big Mango situation and mini-review of what you’ve experienced in the bar. If I may add, Ive been to the Big Mango Bar quite a few times in the last year (maybe 8-10 times). When I’ve been there for lunch the place is usually quiet with only a few other customers. Every time I’ve been there at night the place has been close to half full or better. I wouldn’t have ever known about the Big Mango had it not been for BBK’s consistent rants against it on his website.

    To say there’s a love it/hate it attitude toward the bar would be inaccurate. There are people who say they enjoy the bar for different things but I don’t see where people are pumping it up. The hate side is something else. I’ve read on BBK’s site a number of comments by several people who have stated they will do what they can to ruin the business of the Big Mango. Why?

    As far as I can tell, it’s for Kenny’s accusations that anyone critical of what he says is an owner/investor/regular of the Big Mango. Some of his readers, people like Bkkspy and Ronru, don’t seem to be very bright. They must have pretty empty lives to make one of their priorities in life discrediting the Big Mango.

    Kenny likes the controversy because it drives traffic. He has openly commented on his jealousy of TFS2M’s success and is pumping his website as enthusiastically as he bashes it and the Big Mango. That on it’s own should be enough for most readers to see there is an agenda at BBK.

    Have your doubts? Look at the posts and comments on BBK between when TFS2M was on hiatus and when the blog was brought back. There was very little posted or commented about the Big Mango after Kenny posted that everything was deleted on TFS2M. TFS2M come back at and immediately Kenny starts up with the attacks.

    Why he thinks he has to do this for his website to be successful is beyond me. On much of what he says I think he’s wrong (take his photography skills and excuses). I still visit his site because I do enjoy some of his reports. I certainly don’t visit nearly as frequently as I once did because other sites (like the ones listed on Bigdummykenny’s home page) provide better information and don’t have the bullshit or agenda that I see on Bigbabykenny.

    As for the Big Mango. I will continue to visit there. I find the burgers are second to none in Bangkok and the beer is always ice cold (not cool or lukewarm like most the bars I’ve stopped in at on Soi 4, NEP or Soi Cowby). The staff has never pushed me to buy them a drink. Some might find them a bit standoffish but I enjoy not being interrupted while talking with friends or eating. Nearly everything you read on Bigbabykenny about the bar is wrong. Or should I say a lie?

    I agree the placement of the TVs make it a bit difficult for viewing if you’re sitting at the bar. Maybe placing one on the wall where the entrance is at would have worked better?

    “Luckily, a large number of people who do know their ‘values’ from their ‘costs’ will continue to be grateful and avid supporters of it.”

    It is good value Doctorbond, no doubt about it. Despite being located waaayyyyyyy down Sukhumwit on Soi 4 (a 2 minute walk) I doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon. A new motel was just completed and another one is being completely rebuilt meaning there are 4 or 5 motels on that street that will bring even more people down that obscure soi to the Big Mango.

    • doctorbond said

      Ahh – good balanced reporting – thanks Adman.
      I don’t visit his site anymore because as far as I am concerned he launched an unwarranted attack on some decent friendly people and put something I value at risk.
      Try as he might he’ll never ape FS2M’s success because he doesn’t have the morality or character to pull it off.

  21. Daywalker said

    Note that Kenny is always spouting off saying that Mango people (I assume he means customers?) are going to his site on a daily basis posting all kinds of crap. He can’t back this up with any proof of course. And even if it were true, it is not the Mango owners that are responsible for this.

    It is also worth noting that Kennys ‘gang’ including Kenny himself are constantly visiting the Mango site and posting all kinds of crap. – But, as the Mango site is not run by a childish dick, all these are deleted. No one wants to read that garbage.

    What amazes me is that Kenny continually accuses people of posting under several aliases (no proof again) yet gets all defensive when someone accuses him of the same.

    I laugh at his boasts about being the no.1 site on Thailand nightlife, yet he is hardly in Thailand?!?! How can give us upto date information on the nightlife from California? It’s not like he has any people queing up to give him field reports.

    We all know who Kenny is and what he is about. We know his reputation at his place of work and we know what kind of a creep he is when persuing young girls in Thailand.

    I wonder when he’ll realise that his unpopulairity far exceeds the Mango owners and patrons.

    And for the record, I can confirm that the Mango has not been sold, is not forsale and will be there for many years to come.

  22. Bored Silly said

    Daywalker said…”We all know who Kenny is and what he is about. We know his reputation at his place of work and we know what kind of a creep he is when persuing young girls in Thailand. ”

    I say get over it and move on. Ignore the inglorious bastard.

  23. BigDummyKenny said

    I agree. Time to move on.

    Cheesecake anyone?


  24. Daywalker said

    Gents, I know I should ‘move on’… but that fucking idiot keeps insistng that my partners and I are posting under ‘Wombat’ now?! And we are not.

    But what he has done is confirmed he has no credibility by once again claiming the Mango has been sold. It hasn’t.

    • DW,
      I also say ‘consider the source’ — at the rate he’s going, I am surprised that he hasn’t claimed that *I* am a Mango owner and investor yet. Then again, it’s not that he doesn’t know that I’m not — but he knows that everyone else knows that I’m not (if you see what I’m getting at).

      Kenny just goes on fishing expeditions, because, you see, he doesn’t really know anything – and the less you respond to him, the less of a reaction he gets out of you, and the more he’s in the dark (more than usual, you know).

  25. dapurplespy said

    Kenny’s a sad boy, and I fear the comedy will become a tragedy when he’ll lose his daily job, and have to try earning a living playing poker in dusted card-rooms…

    • Well, that would be fortuitous for Kenny — as he can then show us how successful an entrepreneur he is, when he sets up his rakeback site in a Bangkok villa.

  26. Vice Squad said

    You notice he has a plugin that deletes words like College and University automatically?

    • Apparently not anymore, though that’s not a plugin — WordPress has the feature to censor certain words automatically built in.

      Of course, it makes you wonder why these types of words, from a certain profession, are the only such words being filtered out (albeit I have a feeling that his name and employment affiliation are also censored out).

  27. Wombat said


    Have you considered the possibility that the big sook may be paying you a compliment?

  28. karmako said

    Does anybody really care what a fat, ugly, middle-aged, Economics Associate Professor, mentally-ill, loser who doesn’t even live in Thailand and has no friends think???? C’mon, he’s a lying piece of shit. Why would anybody but another mentally ill person really care what he says?

    Karma does care however and will definitely get him back for the lies and the fucking with other people’s rice bowl. That’s a big no-no in my book. The only thing about kenny that will interest me in the future is the story about officials not being able to find the body. It may not happen right away, but rest assured, it will happen. The torture scene in Law Abiding Citizen comes to mind as well, and also the Kathy Bates character in Misery. Kenny is basically Kathy Bates. Do we really care what Kathy Bates has to say? Is this the Bangkok Nightlife representative we want? It will never happen. He’s just too big of a lying scumbag piece of shit.

    Doctorbond. You are the man. Thanks for laying it out so honestly and concisely. The truth is very refreshing. Werewolf has a nice piece up about the last Big Mango party as well. These are the true accounts, as well as, what you read here. Thank goodness for that at least.

    All of these people just want to have a good time. No reason to tear others down for no reason. Just go out, meet good people, and enjoy this great city. Anybody who’s not into that is fucked up. Kenny being the number one fucked up dude. His cheap ass miserable and also mentally ill follower or two also fit this bill. Bigdummykenny? That’s being way too nice and hopefully time will take care of such scum.

    I run a few businesses of my own. I can’t imagine what I would do if somebody lied about them and attacked me personally. That is some fucked up shit. Everybody should think, what if it was me and my business that was being attacked? How would I like it? And for no good reason at all. Because a post was pulled? Unbelievable. May God have mercy on his soul, but first some Law Abiding Citizen shit. Just a matter of time and probably when he will least expect it. I imagine this will follow him for the rest of his life, however short that may be. What a major fuckup. How stupid is this guy? What has he got to gain from this?

  29. doctorbond said

    @ K … “Kenny is basically Kathy Bates…..”
    I had him down as a Walter Mitty/Karl Rove hybrid

  30. doctorbond said

    me an’ maaa big mouth !!!

  31. Vice Squad said

    The ax is about to come down on Kenny Ng. Below is the reply from the CSU Northridge HR department:

    I am responding to your email below on behalf of the University.

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us and are currently reviewing the matter. While the University is prohibited from discussing the details of any findings or actions related to specific internal personnel matters, please be assured that the University is obligated to take action as appropriate whenever a violation of University policy is found to have occurred.

    Again, thank you for sharing your concerns.

    Randy Reynaldo
    Executive Assistant to the President
    California State University, Northridge

  32. Vice Squad said

    I just noticed the signature line says “Executive Assistant to THE PRESIDENT” OF THE UNIVERSITY. So, obviously, it got escalated from HR to the President’s Office.

    I don’t think he’ll lose his job, but will certainly have to tear down his splog.

    • Not unless they have absolute proof that he was accessing his blog / splog on University time, using University resources.

      This is something their IT department should have no problem verifying, by simply doing a trace of IP traffic.

      Of course, there’s also some additional information they can be provided to assist them in such tasks.

      Such as:

      New comment on your post #4234 “Daffy in Thailand-Version 1.1”
      Author : BBK (IP: ,
      E-mail :
      URL :
      Whois :

      Daffy Duck,

      Thank you for posting to

      From day one, I have always said that for to really take off it needs contributions from the readers.

      To everyone out there, including the people who regularly send their contributions to Stickman and TF2SM, please consider as the outlet for your work.

      Instead of having your work controlled, edited, rejected by Stickman or the owners of The Big Mango Blog, you can control your own work if you post it on

      I do not insist that your posts promote an approved message and will not censor or delete your thoughts.

      I will happily allow posts where I disagree 100% with the poster!

      The widest possible latitude will be given to what is posted and you have the additional ability to post your pictures with your posts.

      You can have the same author privileges as Daffy to post on without prior approval. Just email me.

      And, of course, you will enjoy the unedited, uncensored, wide open comments and debate from the readership!



      New comment on your post #4234 “Daffy in Thailand-Version 1.1”
      Author : BBK (IP: ,
      E-mail :
      URL :
      Whois :


      Don’t worry about the traffic.

      The Brand X crew coming with the daily dose and the gang of dedicated daily detractors are all providing and producing an interesting and dynamic daily must read.

      And then, of course, there is Drummy, his fans, and the crowd of Drummy imitiators …..


      You can see all comments on this post here:

    • Purple Sky said

      Too much?

  33. Vice Squad said

    Well, remember that the student newspaper, which I’m sure is staffed by many young liberal PC types, have also been sent the same letter as the one that went to HR.

  34. Purple Sky said

    Ok, me need to get laid. SawadeeKrap.

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