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Restaurant Review : Popular Hi-So Thai Restaurant

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 6, 2010

Thai people love to eat, and being social creatures they enjoy congregating around popular eateries and hot spots.

This is one of them, and only delivers an in-depth review of the venue, the food, and the ambiance — along with an exclusive second opinion from my wingman, “Brandon”, along on these adventures.

This is a flagship store of a chain of popular Thai food restaurants, that you can find everywhere in Thailand.

Many Hi-So Thai stop by here to enjoy some fine local cuisine. It was easy for me to extrapolate that these are hi-so, based on the neighborhood, the locale, and probabilities based on theoretical localized wealth distribution within the geographical region. BigDummyKenny’s numbers are never wrong, thus you can take my advice and statements to be spot on and accurate.

The food is really good. I had a coke, with the ham and ham pie, and some deep fried vegetables.

Here’s what the flagship store looks like. It’s an architectural marvel, indeed, and the Thai owners have every reason to be proud.

This chain of stores has a rather unique branding, that makes it blend in with the local environment, but once you know what to look for, you can find them rather easily. Here’s another one down the street.


Wingman, “Brandon”, with some exclusive notes of his own… He seems to have more insight into the inner workings of this chain.

“McDonalds is nothing but the tail end of a long chain of value exchange giving you an empty experience while you enrich a secretive elite. They run more than you know (food/oil/entertainment industry) but once you see that you have a few options to secure your personal freedom. And it can be tasty and fun.

“Start with the simple things and have them always put your food in a take-out bag even if you plan to eat there. This is not foolproof but it gets the job done and you get to your table without anyone knowing what you ordered. It’s okay to always order the same thing, their computers are not set up to track that (YET!) but make sure you eat in a different McDonalds every time, never the same place twice in a row (COUNTERHUMINT point #1). And order the same thing and you will know instantly if they try to do anything to your food. Would you if eating a Samurai Pork Burger for the first time?

“Side benefit that you can change your clothes or even your hair or put on a cap but people could know you/track you from what you order and they can’t look into your bag. There is no app for that. This can’t be overstressed too often esp. when so many ex-pats so carry a grudge easily. (COUNTERHUMINT point #2)

“Pro Tip: Don’t let anyone EVER photograph what you are eating because you cannot control what they do with this information or the internet. But carry a strong magnet in case they get too close with a digital imager (what you used to call “cameras”) and you can effect their circuits. But leave quickly afterwards.

“Do not mock a statue of McDonald the Clown, or sit on it or point your feet at it as the Thais consider this an offense. You will never get into a fair fight in Thailand. Be safe in Bangkok by being smart.

“Note that this MacDonalds has no security cameras that you can see so you can count on the fact there are ones you can’t see. But at least they are not stirring hysteria with the alcohol gels and SARS/H1N1/AIDS nonsense. The inside of the human mouth is cleaner than that of a dog, but you aren’t supposed to know that.

“And you can be sure you can live on McDonalds for a long time. Michael Moore and his disciples are clearly fingered for disinfo stooges but if you’d had a half a brain you’d know that already. Unless you are just another sweaty, fat farang bastard plumber type sex-tourist then you’ll probably fall down dead off a barstool so does it fucking matter what you eat?

“I can always recommend this because it doesn’t matter how many Japanese want to come in they just don’t put the prices up. And the food is always warm. The one near Nana Plaza is full of khatoey and the faggots who pay them.”


3 Responses to “Restaurant Review : Popular Hi-So Thai Restaurant”

  1. THE Drunk Plogger said

    This being an international chain is a testament to the quality of the food and cleanliness of the restaurant. Are reservations required? Is this on or off the reservation? Can you take your P4P honey here or will she feel out of place since it is hi-so.

    So many questions. Please give us more details and don’t pull a BBK and not answer.

    One other thing. Where is the receipt?

  2. doctorbond said

    Is this the same chain that pulled the Bacon and Egg McMuffin leading to the entrepreneurial provision of the glorious Mango McMuffin (same same + a slice of mango) available a mere two minutes walk down soi 4?

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