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The Slut On Stage

Posted by dapurplespy on February 8, 2010

Another reminder in this age of mobile phone cameras to never go anywhere or do anything in public that you wouldn’t want posted on the internet.

— Werewolf

It’s kind of scary that one’s form of life can be exposed barely on the Net. Is there virtually no privacy anymore? Do I really want to be an agent in the slow but steady indetermination between the private and the public by exposing the sluts — not all of them whores — I’m hanging out with and banging?

Since the last 2 weeks, I’m meeting gals that wanna fuck me for free. They introduce me to new venues, and welcome me into their circles of friends. Some of them work for big companies, some own their own small business, others are just rich enough so as to study full-time, or not having to work for a living. And I have no intentions whatsoever of betraying their trust and new friendship by posting potentially embarrassing pictures of them on the net…
I’d bet that to have her naked breasts posted on the web is not exactly a beautiful girl’s idea of how to carve a work-of-art out of her own lifestyle…

And it has quickly became kind of boring to write what myself, about what I did, what I experienced. I’m yet to find a way to blog about the wonders of life in Thailand without conveying the wrong impression — that I’m the cause of my lifestyle, the author of what’s happening — whereas I genuinely think of my own life, as well as of myself, as something *imagined* by an invisible artist. And that artist is not me.
What I’m really craving for now is to get rid of myself, and at the same time — to refine my lifestyle, to beautify the form of my life.

Exposing sluts on the Net has thus quickly became repulsive. Especially if they are generous, and don’t ask me to get paid. I want to be able to look into their clear eyes without shame, or double-thoughts…

And to re-live some events through the activity of blogging can really feel like a punishment at times, a bit like when in school I had to copy the same sentence a thousand times…

I’m yet to find a way of blogging that’s not potentially embarrassing for the sluts I befriend, and that does not make me a fool tool of the incipient society of control in which we are all living…




13 Responses to “The Slut On Stage”

  1. doctorbond said

    DPS – I expect they would only really be upset if they were identifiable – so I guess you could stick to photos like the one heading your post or do as werewolf does and grab pics of other women from google images to illustrate his stories.
    Alternatively, you can mess with contrast/colour saturation etc (I would include an example if I could add a photo to this post) until they no longer become recognisable.

  2. dapurplespy said

    Yes, a bit like the way I made unidentifiable that crazy guy’s immatriculation plate.
    That man was carrying a big shovel with his left hand on Ratchadapisek at peak hour!

  3. dapurplespy said

    it’s hard to do if someone wants also to convey the amazing beauty of a woman.

  4. doctorbond said

    true enough DPS, for head and shoulder shots it may be very difficult to disguise them… but for whole body shots the photo manipulation tends to work better

  5. SBDOTKU said


    You seem to be in a bit of a philosophical quandary. I thought the photos of body-parts-without-faces you were showing were fun and still maintained the girls’ privacy but I do understand if they don’t think so. Frankly I was amazed you were able to get those photos at all as my attempts usually resulted in screams of “am shy!” and a quick covering up of all fun parts – but then I was going for total face & body shots.

    Your dilemma is probably one felt by other authors trying to share their life with avid readers: how to share as fully as possible without embarrassing / exposing those you come into contact with who may NOT wish to share their lives with your audience.

    I think you could take Werewolf as a good model to follow. He seems to have struck a fairly good balance between providing his readership with good stories and still maintaining the privacy of those around him. Of course he does so by not providing specific photos of the people he discusses, so we are thankful his writing alone is entertaining enough! (I do have the oddest image of his “snuggler” looking a bit like B’elanna Torres of Star Trek Voyager based on previous descriptions he has made of her and would love to have a real image to dispel this rather disturbing one but…)

    I do have to chuckle a bit about how you wish to respect the women you refer to as “sluts” – usually that term does not imply respect, though you seem to use it as a term of endearment. 😉

    Anyway, please feel free to provide whatever you feel comfortable providing, it sure beats my boring life!

    • Purple Sky said

      ” you seem to use [“slut”] as a term of endearment”


      Indeed! I love naughty girls, girls you can sleep with on the first night, girls that welcome you to their small room (in which I sleep better than in any 5-stars suite),. I love and respect sluts — girls who are not shy answering their phones at 2h00 am even if it’s a thai dude calling, and won’t feed you any bullshit about it. I love pure, straightforward beautiful sluts — girls that ask you to cream their arms and legs and back in the morning; young women who take 30 minutes to make-up and fix their long, curvy hairs in front of their crowded mirror; girls that don’t ask you to meet their family; and girls who really, genuinely enjoy being nailed for hours until they came, exhausted.

      I love sluts.

    • Inquiring Mind said

      The photos were interesting but I’m not surprised he was able to get photos of these sluts in the nude. At some point the Purple Spy’s slut loving ways are bound to catch up with him. Perhaps they have already.

  6. Werewolf said

    I constantly struggle with the “privacy” of those around me. And not just the women.

    Even the male friends I go out with don’t always want to be identified by name, and even when they don’t mind, it’s possible that they might get caught up in some issue due to my stories or descriptions that they didn’t anticipate.

    One friend recently told me that his girlfriend had found my blog and read about a night that he and I went out together. I had taken a bargirl home (he hadn’t, but she didn’t care, I guess). It caused some grief in his life, I think, even though my descriptions of his activities were accurate and involved nothing more sinister than drinking himself and buying a few bar drinks for girls.

    I try to use descriptions that are detailed enough to be interesting to a reader, but not so detailed that I compromise people’s privacy. The only person I never worry about is Penfold… he’s pretty much given me carte blanche to write about his whereabouts and activities without restraint.

    When I first started my blog I used real photos of real bar girls, but over time I began to question whether that was really the right thing to do… after all, I wasn’t posting my own pic.

    At first I figured that since they were flogging their mutton in public it was okay, but then some of them retired, or got sponsors, or whatever. Things usually aren’t simple.

    I began to regret some of the photos I’d posted, and started being a lot more reticent to post pictures of the people I was talking about.

    I still wanted images to help the story along and make the site more appealing, so I started googling for images that were already on the net. That seems to be working as a decent compromise.

    I guess the only problem with that is if a person’s photo that I grab from the internet becomes associated with one of my stories that that person would find offensive (and they found out about it).

    As for the snuggler looking like B’lanna Torres, I think there were three pics in that blog (B’lanna was #2). The snuggler looks very similar to pic #3 at the bottom of the post. Hope that makes things less disturbing for you, but if it doesn’t, send me an email and maybe I’ll send you a pic of the real snuggler so you can start sleeping again.

    I think this issue of privacy in the internet age is a very real and very serious issue. Clearly I write a blog where I try to be very open about what life in Thailand is like for me, but maintain a “cushion” between the blog and my work, family & friends, where the knowledge of the blog might cause some real problems. It’s a strange balancing act, and one I don’t always perform very well.

    I have to say that one of the most concerning things to me over the past few months has been the “outing” of people’s identities, first on BigBabyKenny’s site, and then on this one. From my uncomfortable perch as a blogger who writes very explicit accounts of life in Thailand while trying to also maintain work and friends here, seeing people’s identities ” outed” is really the last thing I want to see, and for that reason I guess I have to say that I don’t approve of it, regardless of who does it, where they do it or why they do it.

    Not that anyone should really give a fuck what I approve of and what I don’t….

    • Werewolf said

      My bad… there was no photo of B’lanna on that blog. The comment on the final photo still holds tho…

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Werewolf – Have you considered telling the girls that you wanted to take their photos to post it on your blog? I don’t know what type of response you would get, but I think there would be some girls that just don’t care. Maybe even feel flattered that you want to take their photo and write a story about it – whether a casual encounter or a more intimate one.

      In my visits to Thailand I’ve noticed that generally girls enjoy having their photo’s taken in public places. I haven’t taken any photos of girls in an intimate setting, but it wouldn’t surprise me that even if you did tell them what you were doing with the photos they would still be OK with it or at least be OK if you said you wouldn’t show their face.

      Perhaps that’s what Purple Spy is doing? Purple?

    • Werewolf said

      To be honest, I don’t even want the girls (including bargirls I barfine one time only) to know anything about my blog…

      I try to be very honest about what I write about on the blog, but for me at least, that requires some level of disconnect between the blog and the people in my life.

      I occasionally have to ‘shush’ my pals when they start talking about my latest blog in front of the snuggler or another friend.

      I guess it might seem strange, but most people who know me don’t know about the blog. It’s just a hobby for me.

    • Werewolf said

      One thing I wanted to do before was write a different kind of blog that was focused on “the girls” — pictures, interviews and the like about bar girls. Hence the URL of my blog.

      Werewolf’s Lair became something different, rather by accident, and it’s too late go go back now.

      I’d still like to do a different site (different name & URL) where the entire focus was doing photos and interviews with Bangkok girls in the farang scene — bargirls, club girls, coyote dancers, go go dancers, bartenders, waitresses and the like. Something aimed at letting Bangkok women tell their own stories.

      If anyone would want to collaborate on a project like that — posting pics and interview with one or two bar girls per week focusing on their lives and stories — you know where to find me.

  7. radar said

    Purple Dude,

    I been with many girls who don’t mind photos being taken and a few of them also want photos of the grinding action. Seems that some of them want their photos taken. Ever gotten real cozy with a girl and she starts showing you the photos and videos on their cellphone? Yea, they is real freaks some of them. Photos of guys cocks and video porn.
    It ain’t just the gogo girls. So I know you aren’t talkin shit because I’ve had the same experiences.

    SBDOTKU, I know what you is saying too because I run into those shy girls too. Just goes to show you can’t just say they are all from the same molde.

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