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Restaurant Review : Tacos & Salsa

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 10, 2010

Tacos & Salsa is a Mexican restaurant on Sukhumwit.

They serve Mexican food.

It looks like something straight out of a Mexican movie. It is a favorite destination for many Thai.

Doesn’t it look authentic?

The place is decorated to look like a Mexican place. If I had known how to speak Hispanic, I would have wanted to order in Mexican. Many Thai people speak Mexican.

check bin, na khrap

The food was tasty, albeit a bit meager. The chips were crispy and crunchy.

Mexican food is the best. I love Thailand! Tchaing tchaing!


7 Responses to “Restaurant Review : Tacos & Salsa”

  1. Werewolf said

    That’s two Mexican restaurants in three reviews.

    You must be racist!

    • That is incorrect – all of these restaurants are located in Bangkok, which makes them Thai restaurants. No dedicated detracting from owners and investors in a money losing bar waaaaay down soi can change that. My information is accurate and spont on. That is a fact.

  2. Drunk Plogger said

    i also heard that bunches of Thailan peoples speak mexican to. word on the street is some guy known on the blogs as uncochinkowetback setup a underground mexican language school in one of the soi cowboy super secret shorttimes rooms. BUT IS ONLY RUMORS

  3. karmako said

    I’m a big fan of Tacos $ Salsa. Some authentic Mexico Mexican and great guacamole. Pop/American Mex is not their thing so don’t expect your tgif style sizzling fajitas. On a serious note, the stools are tiny and wooden, and the whole restaurant feels kind of cramp. So, if you have a big fat ass and a gook-a-monkey head, you may feel claustrophobic.

  4. Young Penfold said

    Im all for sizzling Fajitas. There used to be a really swish Mexican restaurant in my town in England.

    The Fajitas were awesome, and they had a stable of really slutty waitresses in low-cut tops, with their ample young breats, heaving over the top.

    Went back there one Saturday night with my mum for dinner, and it had closed down, and re-opened as a faggots bar.

    I heard that Charlie Browns on Suk 11 is shit, and theres also a place right next to Patpong which is meant to be gash aswell – Any reports?

  5. UnCochinoWetback said

    that new los cabos place is pretty good. they have a tuesday taco happy hour. tacos are 25 baht a piece and there are a buy 2 get 1 free coronas. but it takes two days to pass mexican food so stock up on TP or make sure your ass sprayer is on at full blast.

  6. My only problem with T&S was that they got nearly every part of my order wrong.

    I ordered an iced tea without sugar, I got sugared tea (replaced upon complaint); I ordered an order of taquitos and an order of tacos, I received only tacos. No taquitos. My check bin reflected the taquitos, though.

    The chips, guac, and salsas were spot on though – then again, what can you screw up about those?

    Yes, the place is smallish and might feel cramped to some, but honestly, that aspect is what I feel gave it the most authentic touch – and the food was very good, and very authentic. They just suck on the whole order taking and delivery part.

    The owner was regaling a couple of English teachers on the adjoining table with his life’s story, so I didn’t want to tear him away from that with something as petty as a customer service issue. I’ll just go to Coyote’s next time, instead.

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