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Inside Hillary Pub & Bar

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 11, 2010

Hillary Pub is a bar somewhat waaaaaaay down Soi 4, on the way to the Big Mango Bar, which is waaaaaaay more waaaaaaay down Soi 4. Hilllary Pub provides live entertainment every night.

Here’s what it looks like.


29 Responses to “Inside Hillary Pub & Bar”

  1. doctorbond said

    Some notes can be awfully hard to hit can’t they?

  2. katechon said

    some freelancer whore — to whom I’ve lended 10k baht — just threatened me: ‘I know mafia’ she said, smiling, and waiving her hand through her hair.

    • Alors, pourquoi t’es un con? C’est ta faute a toi de lui donner un pourboire de 10K.

    • katechon said

      Daffy Dick,
      Ce n’était pas un pourboire, mais un prêt. Every other whores to which I’ve loaned cash gave it back. That cunt’s the exception.
      Now let’s talk ’bout that rat-hole, H2, before Penfold get angry, again.

      BTW your french is pretty rude… Je suis un con? Maybe. But so what? You pissed blood this morning?

    • Any money you give a woman (whore or not) is always to be considered a tip — getting it back is a bonus, but never expect it to come back.

      The tip would invariably be for you to heed: “Never loan chicks money”


      My French is Parisian taught.

    • katechon said

      parisian, maybe, but not flawless: u basically asked me why am I a cunt! I really dunno the answer to that, of course,

    • Maybe that was the intent, in which case it would be flawless 😉

    • katechon said

      😆 I owe u one then!

  3. SBDOTKU said

    Purple-chon should I ask what you said so that she would reply that way? And what are u doing loaning money to a freelancer whom, it seems, you don’t know very well? At least if u had GIVEN it to that Mojo hottie over on WW’s you would have had a reasonable expectation of getting SOMETHING in return!

    And I love drunk chicks singing karaoke. Always makes me laugh.

    • katechon said

      i’ve asked her to gimme my money back — it’s been since August now — when we crossed paths by random. When she said ‘no have’, I sticked a hand into one of her pockets… I tried to do so elegantly, mind you, as if I suddenly fancied dancing so weird tango…

  4. Young Penfold said

    I hate Hillary Bar with a passion

    Was dragged in there once, and would rather suck off a soi dog then return. The music was shit (and painfully loud) the girls were fucking ugly, the selction of beer was poor and it was full of old men, dancing like your dad at a wedding.

    The security guard on the door is a twat aswell. Hes goes to California WOW in Ekkamai, and thinks hes such hot shit. He lifts his shirt up in the mirror, gives everyone the ‘toughman’ stare and prances round like he owns the shop. If I wasnt so damn spinless, next time I walk past, Id glass the prick and dive into the nearest taxi for a hasty escape

    How they pack this place out is beyond me

  5. Daywalker said

    You’ll not catch me walking waaaaaaay down soi 4 to a bar.


  6. Werewolf said

    Fukk penfold!

    I like thiS barr!

    yer druunk ya fukc!



    I wanna do the girl i met on soi 33 tonight! kIN i BORrow 5,000 baht???????????????????????????

    yer pal


    errr… i mean…


  7. katechon said

    on topic
    in the 2 first weeks of my second trip, i used to hang sometimes at Hillary. Didnt know better.
    I was basically waiting for the Baccara busty spinner i ‘dated’ for a coupla weeks to finish working.
    At one point, Nan sms-ed that she be busy for the full night. I planned then to go to Spicy. I went with some Hillary girls. I wasnt interested to pay for any of them, even if they were to suck my cock in team. One gal — the least unacttractive — told me she’d come in my room free. She was too fat but had a promising rack and a decent face. I guessed she was about 25.

  8. katechon said

    we skipped Spicy and went straight to the guest-house room I was renting in Huay Kwang. At least she was horny and willing.
    My phone woke me up at 7h00 or so. Yes, it was Nan. I will have my fix.
    I let the Hillary fattish gal sleeping, and eagerly jumped in a taxi to join my sex-goddess. She really was the nec-plus-ultra, for me, at the times.
    Nan looked very fresh. After breakfast and sex, she a pool-n-sauna, and i went back to my guest-house with a super-strong ice coffee for horny Fat Girl.
    She was sleeping in the freezing room. I woke her up, shagged a lil’ (IIRC), and asked her to take a taxi. I needed sleep. I handed her 200 baht.

  9. katechon said

    But Fat Girl was still siting on my bed, looking stupidly into the air. Silent like a cow. With a cloud in her eyes.
    — I’ll see you later, hmm? I might pass by Hillary tonight.
    I was waiving and jumping and yawning loudly, but Eat Angry Cow remained silent and motionless.
    After 12 minutes — maybe even more — i undressed and took a shower, bring all my ‘stuff’ into the bathroom with me.

  10. katechon said

    Needless to say, Fat Cow had not moved nor spoken.
    — Ok, take 1000 and let me sleep alone now.
    Ouf! She took it and disapeared into the light.
    I dont think I ever went to Hillary since.

    Nan basically ditched me a couple of days later.

  11. katechon said

    sorry for the bad writing — with my phone from the room of a girl in Pattaya at 6 in the morning.

  12. katechon said

    Pattaya’s freaking circus. Lots of busty chicks, but all too whore-like.
    Whoring brings some recognisable features into a woman’s face. That are repulsive.

    I hate those sleeveless Russians sticking and touching u in the 7/11. WTF?

    Many very rude people on walking streets. The bigger, the ruder.

    Saw so many fat and vulgar faces it actually made me feel kinda sad. Really.
    This is not Thailand!

    We had to move spot twice yesterday night at Lucifer Disco Club coze some foreigners — not all of em farangs — were smelling like sulfurous hell.

    I hope I’ll never be back in Pattaya in a thousand years. Or during no-tourists season.

    • Why did you go to Pattaya? It’s not like any of this was a surprise?

      Why does anyone go to Pattaya?

      If I have to head to Chonburi, I head down to Bang Saray, or past to Rayong. The only thing Pattaya is good for is to take a newbie, watch their jaw drop, and then get out again asap.

    • katechon said

      thanks for the advice, Daffy Doc. I like the sound of ‘Bang Saray’.

  13. BigDummyKenny said

    @ katechon – All the unpleasant distractions and you were still able to score a girl. The trip wasn’t a total loss 😉

    What was the draw for you to go in the first place? I thought you were having too much fun in Bangkok.


    • katechon said

      The draw? :Two lesbian gals i’ve met last friday (last week). One owns a beauty salon in Pat. Her friend was supposed to give me a ride from BKK in her car yesterday but she had to cancel in order to concentrate on her MA (or so she told us). So i took the 113 bus and the Beauty Salon gal fetched me to her room with her motorbike from the bus station. I might stay tonight but already I miss Bangers.

  14. Young Penfold said

    Pattaya gets a bad wrap. We all know that its a cess pool of social excrement, but thats part of the fun.

    Even if my mother had just died, and my pet dog had just been kicked to death in front of my very eyes, I can go to Pattaya, and come back feeling good about myself. The farangs down there set the bar so fucking low, that its hard to go down there, and not come back feeling better about yourself.

    The ladyboys are vicious there aswell. As apposed to the mild mannered and demure sorts of Bangkok

    • “The farangs down there set the bar so fucking low, that its hard to go down there, and not come back feeling better about yourself.”
      So, there is some sort of therapeutic purpose to it, for those with self-confidence issues. Maybe.

      I get your gist, but honestly, I don’t see how comparing myself to a collection of biologically worthless waste and bottom breeders could make anyone feel better about themselves. That’s like feeling good about being better than the excrement on the bottom of an elephant’s foot. Not really a bar of any kind.

  15. katechon said


    I’ll be hitting Walkin’ Street alone tonight.

    Any suggestion?

    What’s that place where girls bath naked on stage, with short-time rooms?

    BTW the CaliWOW here is good: colder, many machines n tvs, better music. Not as many sluts as expected, but then it’s Saturday evening! Many old farang guys with long hairs. Urgh. I’ll the sauna.

  16. katechon said

    I suck.
    3 times, last night, i chose a girl at Lucifer Disco Tk, but once I see them outside, under the Walkin’ Street light, I backed off.

    -Hmm, I’m sorry. Take this — *hands her a 100 note*. I have, ahem, to go back inside.

    The fourth one looked dangerously young.

    — Me lost my I.D. card.


    I ended up at Insomnia.

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