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Make Us An Offer

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 12, 2010

In the latest of many attacks on other websites at Blog X, BigDummyKenny has now been unjustly attacked. Comments made by some Self-Proclaimed Master of the Universe wannabes would have you believe that web traffic is a slow trickle and the website is dying following the same fate as and The Big Mango Bar (that everyone knows after reading Blog X has been sold several times, closed, sold again, reopened as a Jewish Deli, closed again to be reopened by the original investors with the original staff).

Nothing could be further from the truth.

BigDummyKenny continues to see phenomenal growth and is a must read for anyone wanting a dynamic read on the Thailand Scene. BigDummyKenny is a full on fire hose blast of content and activity. All BigDummyKenny readers know where the real trickle can be found (and shouldn’t they see a doctor for that?). What would you rather have? A trickle or a fire hose blast?

Could it be that Blog X is feeling the heat from the loss in readers and now sees it’s #1 Fansite – BigDummyKenny as a legitimate threat to it’s existence? Consider the following: Why does Blog X petition it’s readers to make an offer for the website? Why are there comments by Blog X owners constantly requesting readers to submit content if web traffic is so fantastic? Inside information obtained by BDK-CLIT operatives tells the story. Blog X is feeling the heat from the authorities and the founder of Blog X has lost nearly all of his $300,000 investment. The inside story is he will soon have to go back to working in academia and will be forced to give up blogging on the Thailand girl scene and instead will be blogging on the Southern California Soccer Field MILF scene. It’s true.

Here at BigDummyKenny our success has surpassed all expectations and we’re jealous of our own success. Do you see BigDummyKenny begging it’s readers for content? No. In fact we discourage reader submissions because it takes too much time to edit them and arrange the Hubble Telescope Photography into THESIS QUALITY CONTENT. Do you see BigDummyKenny asking it’s readers to make an offer? No. Unless your last name is Gates, Jobs or Buffet you wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. What other website gives you a list of other websites to encourage you to spend your time elsewhere? Not on Blog X. Only on BigDummyKenny!

It’s easy to see what has happened in the two short months since BigDummyKenny appeared in the blogisphere. The readers at Blog X see what is happening too. The Blog X readers come here with their daily hate and invective against However, they seldom comment anymore. Realizing they can’t make unfounded comments without receiving a Bullshit Award and getting a verbal beat down and being publicly humiliated they quietly depart, only leaving behind the web stats which prove our phenomonial growth.

Everyone at BigDummyKenny would like to thank the dedicated readers as well as the dedicated detractors for making a dynamic must read for everything on the Thailand Scene. Only and exclusively on BigDummyKenny will you find No Something, No Another Thing and No Something Else. What is your original and exclusive source for syndicated articles and New York Times quality reviews from authors like Daffy Duck & Purple Spy? Where else will you get the facts that only BigDummyKenny can provide?

Nowhere else but

No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else.


47 Responses to “Make Us An Offer”

  1. smelly farang said

    errr, funnny shit this site

    good waste of ng kunt. doing real well eh loosa.

    ya dum kunt.

  2. karmako said


  3. At least BDK doesn’t require a tool constantly reloading the page to claim high traffic rates and ‘unique’ visitors.

  4. adman said

    I think this post is more appropriate for my response.

    The Alexa stats illustrate that Kenny is “playing fast and loose” with the truth.

    His traffic dropped by more than 50% from the previous month for December and January.

    His traffic is up only 3% over January numbers.

    That is not record traffic. That is a bullshit claim!

  5. Visa Runs said

    For a short period of time I visited BBK.COM. Even posted a couple comments there.

    That was before I realized he is one of those guys who can never be told he’s wrong. Knowing that now, I don’t bother with his website anymore.

  6. adman said

    DaffyDuck, The problem (BBK’s sockpuppet) ronru has is he’s an idiot. Much like Kenny with a camera: has the technology but not a clue how to use it.

    This is why I suggested he ask if he didn’t understand the stats. I knew he wouldn’t understand. His reply is the proof. My statement was that the previous 2 months the numbers dropped by more than 50% each month. This month’s 3% bounce does not make up for those drops as proven in the screenshots below. The “record numbers” claim coming out of BBK (ronru’s puppetmaster’s) mouth is not true.

    GOOGLE.COM has the #1 ranking. Here are there statistics

    Here are the traffic numbers, the lower the number (#1) the better.

    Here are the “reach” numbers with the higher number the better.

    For pageviews/user, the number sockpuppet was quoting, means nothing as far as total of visitors.

    More pageviews/viewer only means each viewer is looking at more pages. So yes ronru, there are more pageviews per user this month but the number is still down 20% from 3 months ago. This along with the the traffic and rank numbers makes your “record traffic” claim dubious at best.

    Here are the BBK.COM pageview numbers. Notice how there aren’t any?

    True to BigBabyKenny form ronru, you took the facts and twisted their meaning to suit your agenda.

    Thankfully, ronru’s puppetmaster can’t be goaded into showing his numbers to prove me wrong 😉

  7. Daywalker said

    Question for moRonru….

    Kenny says that the Mango has changed ownership.

    Being an owner, I know this to not be true.

    So one of us is a liar. Would that be me or him?

    Of course, you could come to the bar and see for yourself…waaaaaaaaaaay down soi 4.

    -No? Didn’t think so.

  8. karmako said

    Daywalker is an owner, right? Does anybody deny that? So, BBK and his alter egos or mentally ill friends in Canada (does anybody know if he does have a mentally ill friend in Canada?) are lying constantly. Faking traffic numbers. Everybody with half a brain knows Alexa is worth shit-all.

    In a court of law, once you lie, you are toast. Anything you say from then on, can be considered a lie. Lying is really bad. So again I ask, why does anybody care what a liar says? He will get his punishment I’m sure, but shouldn’t he just be ignored?

    • “does anybody know if he does have a mentally ill friend in Canada?”

      Prufrock hails from Canada. He’s even currently still there.

      Is he mentally Ill?

      Ignoring his 911 conspiracy obsession, he considers himself a close friend of Kenny’s, has a history of posting under several always different alias’, and has a loose relationship with the truth (which he consider ‘normal, on the Internet’).

      Take that as you will.

    • karmako said

      Interesting. Well, it sounds like this friend Prufrock condones this behavior as well, and is even helping him out. Does anybody know who he is? Maybe it’s time to expose his personal life, business, and family. He seems to think it’s okay if his friend does it to others. Okay, time to see how he likes it. Does anybody have any personal information on this canadian friend of Kenny? I am guessing he is a real stable character. Anybody have any pictures of him? In my line of work, I can do quite a bit with a picture.

    • karmako said

      A follow-uppie, did the people that are being lied about and attacked do anything to this Prufrock guy or any anybody else attacking them? This whole thing is mind boggling? The Big Mango Bar is just a little bar in the Nana area, right? What is really going on here? I feel there is something not being talked about. The Big Mango Bar people must have done something to these people to warrant these lies and attacks.

    • Prufrock’s known as ‘angry John’ around town – aside from that, I’m not aware of anything Big Mango has done to him. I get the feeling it’s more an issue of blind solidarity with Kenny, and a skewed sense of ‘right & wrong’.

      Worth noting, though, that Kenny’s got no other ‘friend’ (and I use that word with caution).

    • Do you see how this whole thing is more and more like a slow-motion trainwreck on the side of the road, now?

    • Daywalker said

      I have to chime in here and say that Prufock has never been anything other than a Gentleman and a Scholar each time we’ve met.

      o.k so his pal is a twat, but then WW is also a pal (I think) and he also appears to be a nice guy.

      It’s not like they are anything like Ronru or BKKSpy…

    • Fair enough, DW — I have met prufrock myself, and I can echo your sentiments about his demeanor in person. Nevertheless, the fact remains that he is:

      – a close friend of Kenny’s
      – that he has a habit of posting under numerous alias’
      – that he has been MIA, and *very* silent about all of this.
      – “It’s not like they are anything like Ronru or BKKSpy…” – he’s not bkkSpy (unless he’s moved to Southern California), but that still leaves ronru / cluey / elwood as possibilities that I’m not going to exclude.

    • karmako said

      Daywalker, you are an owner, and you’ve met Prufrock, and you think he’s a nice guy? Willickers, now I’m confused. Still, blind solidarity to such nonsense deserves punishment as well. In WWII, the Germans that followed Hitler were still Nazi’s and were killed. Prufrock, if indeed he was a scholar and a gentleman, would spit on Kenny for such behaviour. The fact that he doesn’t, and the fact that he still supports him, makes him just as guilty and just as punishable. Post a picture please. I will find out where he lives, who his friends are, what business he does. I will create a website and expose it all, and lie about things he does and what his businesses do. I will send that website to his friends and any business associates. I will try and hurt his business any way I can. Let me give him a taste of what the Big Mango people are experiencing.

      Scholar and a Gentleman? I doubt it. He’s nice to the owner and yet he still goes against them in a Kenny way? Sounds worse than Kenny, but makes sense that he is a friend of Kenny. Why do there have to be such scummy people on this Earth? The Big Mango people do nothing to these people from what I can gather. They try to run a business and work hard, and they get this? This sounds like such an injustice, which again, makes no sense to me.

      I’ve been to the Big Mango Bar, but not the new one (soon, I promise). I went to the one when it was in Nana Entertainment Plaza, but I’ve been reading their blog for a long time here and there. I guess when you have such a blog audience you should expect some weirdos. Look at the notstickman fiasco. Still, even though Stickman’s site and the content on it are crap, he didn’t deserve the notstickman thing. Many similarities here. I think the notstickman guy got in some trouble and I expect the same if not worse for Kenny, and I’m happy to help with that. However, I really need some additional information here. Initially I was very upset, especially after reading doctorbond’s comment, but the more I get into this, the more it seems there is something missing.

      If Kenny or Prufrock or any of the other supporters are reading this, please let us know what the Big Mango people did to you, besides the pulling of a post. I need to know before I really get engaged here. No offense to this site or the Daywalker owner, but I would like to hear from them on why they are on such a crusade? What makes these people attack and lie about somebody else’s business? I’ve been to the kenny site and it disgusts me so I won’t go back and ask there. Plus, I don’t want to give him any browser web traffic for his bogus Alexa statistics. I would however understand and not be disgusted if there was a reason for what they are doing. I would then probably be disgusted with this site. Would be nice to know what’s really going on here.

      I have another question. Since the owner of the Big Mango knows Prufrock, have they tried to all sit down and work this out? In the end, I suspect they will all lose if it continues on this path. I am really amazed that people have time to waste like this. Before anybody jumps down my throat, I am on holiday so can spend a little time on this. It is a train wreck after all. Unfortunately, people are getting hurt and I hate to see that. Perhaps realdaffyduck can be the peacemaker here in the end? That would be far more interesting.

    • Daywalker said

      Karmako / Daffy,

      I hear you. I really do. And if you can find out what Kennys beef is other that we pulled his post and hurt his ego then please, we’d be interested to know also.

      I once commented on a post of his saying I didn’t bother reading on, after I saw the words ‘poker’ and ‘reservation’ in the text… too boring.
      – I then get told by my partner that Kennys taken the time to write and submit, so I should at least take the time to read it. I then did so and retracted my statement. (What an Gent & Scholar I am too!)

      As for Prufrock, like I said, on the occasions we have met, he’s been nothing but polite. I’ve not seen any personal attacks from Prufrock. o.k, his pal is a dick, but I am sure I have pals that are dicks also. In fact, I think some of my pals are dicks!

      From what I can tell, it’s only Kenny. He’s the nut job.
      He has many different screen names and does exactly to our site what he claims others do on his. He is a hypocrite.

      – And what’s this I hear that Dean someone is also an owner of the Mango… hilarious!

      Oh, and have we tried to sit down and work this out… well, I can say that one of us tried to. It wasn’t Kenny.

      I will however have a good ‘talk’ with him next time he is in town 😉

    • Daywalker said

      correction.. just re-read what moRonru said. No one is claiming that Dean is an owner.

      I got that wrong. (in the style of moRonru and Kenny)

    • Daywalker said


      Not sure Daffy could be a peace maker. After all, (like Kenny) Daffy has been seen in the Mango with a smile on his face and a couple of girls on his arm.


    • doctorbond said

      @ Karmako – I am truly sorry if I fired you up with my comments, it’s just that to me the whole thing seems farcical. That a damaged ego could lead to such a sustained attack beggars belief and I thought it important to remind people how all this hassle started.
      I don’t think the BM boys are looking for warriors to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in some epic battle – in fact they probably think that the sooner people like me stop talking about it the sooner it will go away.
      I just put my two penneth/cents in to be informative, not to start a revolution.
      Hope to catch you up in the BM bar one day whereupon we can have a drink and laugh about the idiots of this world.

    • Yeah, and since I had a good time at the Mango, I am surprised that Kenny hasn’t already labeled me as a Mango owner and investor as well.

      In fact, I’m getting a special treatment from Kenny — he pretends I don’t exist, meaning he knows everything I write is correct, and he’s afraid to reply (well, the ‘Kenny’ personality is – he makes up for it with ‘ronru’ and his pals ‘bkkspy’ and ‘jack bauer’).

      It’s a bummer that the ‘inside information’ he thinks he knows, isn’t quite as accurate as he thinks… He’s certainly a gullible gookamonkey, isn’t he.

      Oh, he’s not reading over here, seeing as how he’s too scared to (and he was told about the ‘dangers’) so I don’t care sharing this little gem.

      No, I doubt I’d be any sort of peacemaker to an asshole. I’d rather see him go down in flames.

  9. Bangers Bill said

    I should have come to this site sooner.

    I can see why ronru is so upset.

  10. adman said


    My theory on why the sockpuppets you mentioned are afraid to post here. BDK would see they’re coming from the same IP address and the jig would be up.

    • Exactly – which is why they are sticking it out on their side of the fence, prancing around and loudly exclaiming that they aren’t afraid — all the while being afraid to so much as post over here.

      Of course, little do they know…

  11. Karmanko:

    Here’s a picture of Kenny.

    The same image also contains a picture of prufrock, nearly opposite to Kenny.

    • karmako said

      Thanks for the information. Is prufrock the one with the blue shirt? I will once again say, after seeing the picture of Kenny, how can anybody believe that this guy is going to be a nightlife anything? What a fat miserable looking loser.

      Does anybody know what Prufrock’s real name is? I still think that the friend(s) of Kenny should get the same treatment as what is being dished out. They should not hide behind this and not be accountable. Let him feel what he and Kenny are giving out. It’s only fair, no?

      To doctorbond, thanks again. You do seem like a nice chap and I’m surprised you are involved with this. I just feel for those who are not doing anything wrong and are being attacked and lied about this way. I’m in a position to assist, but I want to make sure they really are this evil.

    • karmanko : “Is prufrock the one with the blue shirt? ”

      No, the blue shirt is *not* nearly opposite to Kenny, is he? (blue shirt is *next* to Kenny, ‘nearly opposite’ would be ‘across the table’). Think ‘yellow’.

      karmanko : “I still think that the friend(s) of Kenny should get the same treatment as what is being dished out. ”

      This becomes problematic, then, as Werewolf has been declared, numerous times, as a good friend of Kenny’s – a position Werewolf has confirmed and defended – yet WW is not the kind of person I would want to see on the receiving end of any sort of wrathful acts. Despite any statements, he appears to remain quite neutral on the issue.

      Your call, of course.

    • doctorbond said

      We can’t really attack neutrals – of course if that policy changes just let me know and we’ll go and bomb the shit out of the Swiss.

    • The Swiss are boring – bombs away!

    • karmako said

      If Kenny is responsible for attacking and lying about businesses, he’s basically started a war, and with any war, there are casualties.

      There are many fronts to attack. One of them is his social network. Break down his support structure. This is where the casualties of war come into play. Werewolf and Prufrock and whatever other friends you know of should be those casualties of war, and even his fellow professors at the University.

      Expose Werewolf, where he works, spread lies about him. Call his place of work. Let’s see if he starts really understanding what Kenny is doing and starts putting pressure on Kenny to stop his attack, because, hey, it’s not so much fun when unwarranted attacks are made on your person and business.

      Expose Prufrock, where he works, spread lies about him, call his place of work. Let’s see if he starts really understanding what Kenny is doing and starts putting pressure on Kenny to stop his attack, because, hey, it’s not so much fun when unwarranted attacks are made on your person and business.

      Contact University faculty, as many as you can. Tell them what Kenny is doing. Ask for their assistance to talk some sense into him.

      They need to feel what the Big Mango business is getting. They need to feel what Stickman felt with notstickman. They apparently don’t feel it now so they need to experience themselves. Until they feel it themselves, they won’t do a thing. Attack the friends.

      I just need that final confirmation to get rolling on this. It will be easy to find out all about these guys for me, but I need to know for sure, What did the Big Mango people do to Kenny to warrant this treatment?

      If there is no reason other than pulling a post, I will be glad to assist with the war.

      If Werewolf or Prufrock want to tell us their side, I would love to hear it. Do you guys think the Big Mango deserves the treatment they are getting? and if you do, Why? Would you like if the same unwarranted lies and attacks were thrust onto you? Careful how you answer, because that may very well happen. You guys can put real pressure on him and avoid this. If you know that the Big Mango didn’t do anything to deserve this, tell Kenny to fuck off, otherwise you are on his side and prepare for the same shit that Kenny does to others. You are going to feel it, and then maybe you will do something about it. It’s a shame though that you haven’t already done so. A mistake that may cause you some serious headaches.

    • doctorbond said

      Cripes this is getting complicated… you see Werewolf is a friend of mine and I am a friend of the BM boys (albeit the sort that doesn’t write home much) so adopting ‘guilt by association’ would travel full circle.

    • doctorbond said

      … and of course – Werewolf is a supporter of the BM bar – witness his latest post – he just chooses not to get involved in other peoples fights – perhaps he’s the sanest one here…

    • Daywalker said


      If you find that we did something other than pull his creepy post that we had many complaints about, I’d be interested to hear about it also.. because it’s news to us!

      As for punishment… I was THINKING about beating the crap out of him the next time I see him and before he has chance to call the cops.

      I can’t say that his pals are in the same category as him. Kenny is certainly a unique creature.

  12. nano thermite said

    discussing the finer points of the events that occurred on 9-11 ?

  13. Vice Squad said

    It’s been said before that Werewolf has been quoted as telling people offline that he likes kenny as a mate, but thinks the blog is shite.

  14. katechon said


    Attacking WW?!
    As the other guy said *Don’t u have any decency?*

  15. You see, Karmanko – using your logic, you would soon be attacking and lambasting everyone on here as well.

    Your arguments are well-reasoned, in terms of people that acknowledge to be friends with an asshole, should explain themselves, but the kind of scorched Earth strategy you advocate quickly gets out of hand — plus, doing so would make you no better than Kenny.

    I favor surgical strikes much more.

    • karmako said

      I don’t necessarily agree, but will stand down on attacking the friends since I’m only trying to help, and if the people I’m trying to help think it’s out of line, then it shouldn’t be done.

      Still, Werewolf and any other people that are still friends with Kenny deserve it in my opinion. Personally, if Kenny was attacking me like this, and I knew of any friends of his that didn’t tell him to fuck off for his very scummy behavior, I would tear their heads off to.

      I don’t think you truly get it, or doctorbond, because it’s not actually happening to you. You guys are doing great work here in trying to combat the injustice, but if it was you being attacked, you would totally be on board with scorched Earth.

      If Werewolf or Prufrock had any balls, they would tell Kenny to fuck off. I mean, how can you be friends with somebody who attacks and lies about people like this? Very weak and pathetic people in my opinion. I would NEVER be friends with such a monster, and I definitely would not try to be friends with both the attacker and the people being attacked. VERY LAME! They deserve to be exposed and punished for such behavior.

    • Daywalker said

      Karmako….I do like your ‘lets get the fucker’ attitude.

      – I think we should just concentrate on the main target here. 😉

      With all Kennys slagging and lying, is there any legal boundary’s he’s crossing?

    • Of course, karmako, you do have a point when you say “If Werewolf or Prufrock had any balls, they would tell Kenny to fuck off. I mean, how can you be friends with somebody who attacks and lies about people like this?” – yet, how do we know that neither prufrock, or werewolf haven’t exactly done that?

      Consider that prufrock has been veritably MIA from (albeit I hold that the various sockpuppets flittering about and sowing hatred, do fit his M.O.), and that Werewolf has been staying out of both sides of this debate (nice recent posts on his stats, and an awesome post on how enjoyable the Big mango is, though), trying to walk a line of neutrality.

      It’s pretty clear, to me at least, that Werewolf doesn’t want to be involved in this hate war, and that he prefers to post what he likes – I think he’s sending that message rather clearly.

      prufrock’s another story, and the continued traffic coming from Canada, his history of posting under different handles, a vituperative and offensive style when writing under alias’, and his prufrock alias’ having gone completely missing do not exonerate him here — up to him to chime in, or let his silence speak louder.

    • karmako said

      Well, Werewolf wouldn’t be able to post anything if Kenny attacked and lied about him like he does to the Big Mango people. Sounds like Werewolf is the kind of guy who would have folded a long time ago. I would love to hear from Werewolf. Are you still friends with Kenny? I somehow doubt he will answer. If Kenny was attacking Werewolf and Kenny was friends with the Big Mango people, how would Werewolf feel about the Big Mango people?

      Prufrock sounds more scummy than Kenny. I still don’t know what these guys gain from this? Web traffic? They are going to become web millionaires off this? Stepping on somebody else to get nothing seems like one of the dumbest things you can do…and further understanding behind the bigdummykenny name emerges.

  16. BigDummyKenny said

    Quite a few interesting comments. If I may, I have a few of my own. Oh wait, it’s my blog, of course I may 😉

    Having been to Thailand a few times I’ve been an avid reader of the blogs about all things Thailand. When I came across BigBabyKenny I enjoyed some of his reports, but what I enjoyed most was the bantering between him and the couple hardcore supporters on his site and everyone else.

    I don’t agree with much of what he says or his analysis, but I could see from other’s attempts that pointing out mistakes or disagreeing with him really wouldn’t result in any meaningful discussion. With all the quirky and interesting characteristics of his most vocal supporters there I decided to start this site as a parody, and so here we are.

    Most criticisms of BBK has been said by other people so I won’t belabor everyone with the details. One thing I will elaborate on which I said before is BBK could stop the Big Mango – BigBabyKenny war of words if he would substantiate his claims or just drop attributing every criticism to the Big Mango and the owners/investors/regulars/occasional BMB patrons/BMB blog readers/hotel guests who stay on the same soi as BMB, which gets the majority of the attacks. Perhaps then bkkspy, ronru and their multiple screen persona’s would find a better use of their time (maybe submit articles about Thailand which aren’t Big Mango related?).

    As much that sounds like a easy suggestion it’s unlikely to happen since BBK thrives on the traffic the controversy creates.

    I encourage those who do post at BBK.COM to be a bit more lighthearted about the deficiencies there when commenting. Get creative. Throw a bit of BigDummyKenny sarcasm and parody into your comments.

    Better yet, submit your sarcastic response here at BigDummyKenny.Com. Not that anyone will read it since we have no web traffic. But you’ll feel better about yourself and be helping the environment.


  17. BigDummyKenny said

    Regardless of what is being said on a certain other Blog about BigDummyKenny, by the second week of being up and running we gained critical mass and have way, way more traffic than what is allowed by law, let alone by what is being speculated by certain dedicated haters.

    Read that again: Way, way more! Plus, where else can you get No Something. No Another Thing. No Something Else. Nowhere else and “Exclusively” on, that’s where.

    BigDummyKenny Yea! Yea! Yea! We Rock!!!
    Look at us!!! Yahhhoooooooo! GO GO GO!!!
    Party On. Good times! Yeeeehawwwww! Ride ’em cowboy!!


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