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Restaurant Review : Kaborae Korean Restaurant

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 13, 2010

Kaborae Korean Restaurant is a Korean restaurant that serves Korean food.

It’s very tasty.

I had some food there. It was good. Really good Thai food.

It’s located across from the Emporium shopping mall, somewhere on the other side.

We had a couple of dishes. It’s very reasonably priced.

I love Korean food served in Korean restaurants.

Isn’t Thailand great?


36 Responses to “Restaurant Review : Kaborae Korean Restaurant”

  1. doctorbond said

    How was the dog?

  2. Daywalker said

    I am pleased that we can get these quality reviews still.
    Now that a certain person seems to have taken a Hiatus?!
    (at least we announced ours)

    The only time I have taken ‘shaky’ photos was because I was pulling the head off my todger at the same time.

    I guess this is more common that I thought.


  3. bigblackgulliver said

    Big Black Gulliver says:
    Feb-12 at 1:29 am

    Editor’s Note: Please don’t post personal information in the comments.

    Just an FYI……Big Black Gulliver is …….. If I don’t write it like this it will get censored by BBK. Big Black Gulliver is here in Bangkok doing a internship with a major corporation with regional offices here in Bangkok. In the course of my online surfing on where to go have some fun, drink some beer and grab something to eat I stumbled across a couple of websites named BigBabyKenny and BigDummyKenny. No Kenny I am not affiliated with the Big Mango Bar. In fact I have never been there or to the Soi 4 area. Only Soi Cowboy (taken by boss and superiors who knew I had never been there before), Gullivers on Soi 5 to watch sports and some Beers Bars on Soi 22 to play pool and relax on my VERY, VERY limited budget! From there I learned what Kenny and I have in common….not that we are over 35 and cannot hookup with real chicks it’s that we know …….. LOL. …….

  4. bigblackgulliver said

    Big Black Gulliver says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Feb-13 at 7:06 am

    Too late everyone knows it’s his as well as the content that lives on the web forever. Let alone doing it on company time. What an idiot! The sad part is if he didn’t attack The Big Mango he really could have had something here but he had to do it his way!

  5. bigblackgulliver said

    And now the end is near

    And so I face the final curtain

    And more, much more than this, I did it my way

    The question is what type of meltdown will BBK have since he can’t blog anymore!

    He will need to find a new home with a new alias??????? I vote for BigDummyKenny

    • “The question is what type of meltdown will BBK have since he can’t blog anymore!”

      Yeah, I was discussing this very issue, in fact — I mean, the guy went off the deep end just because he’s had a single post rejected by tfs2m – imagine the kind of meltdown we’d get to witness once his livelyhood, and his toy are at risk, and he gets his wrist slapped by some real authorities?

      As BigBlackGulliver pointed out, quite truthfully, “The sad part is if he didn’t attack The Big Mango he really could have had something here but he had to do it his way!”

    • BBK said

      Big Black Gulliver,

      You don’t have to admit you are from The Big Mango Bar hiding behind yet another screen name. It is apparent to all.

      Ask yourself, “what have you accomplished here?”

      You are driving up traffic on—which was already at record levels and has continued to grow each month since the site opened.

      You are not representing your bar very well and I put it to you that you are actually hurting your cause.

      Every comment you make and every anonymous hate message posted by you and the rest of The Big Mango Crew just drives home to the growing readership what nasty people are running your bar and blog.

      Every open and veiled threat to beat up people who stand up to you just drives home to the growing readership the real character of the people running your bar and blog.

      Read back through this thread from the point of view of an unengaged bystander and ask yourself whether your words and actions will make potential customers more or less likely to spend money in The Big Mango Bar.

      The Duke of Wellington was already sold because it was losing money every month. The investors took a financial bath.

      The Big Mango Bar has been passed on/sold to new management and the point holders took a financial bath.

      Has this thread helped your cause?

      Has all your hate accomplished anything?

      Mohatma Kenny aka BigBabyKenny.

    • WTF? Has he gone completely mental?

  6. Jimmy Boy said

    I don’t get this cause I can’t figure out. Was it Korean food prepared by Thais or Thai food prepared by Koreans? Did you have Thai food or Korean food or both because I can’t tell.

    I like Korean food so I will look for the restaurant…somewhere on the other side from Emporium.

  7. Daywalker said

    Ahh… once again Kenny is talking out of his arse.

    1st of all, he claims one of my fellow Mango crew posted on his site.. which we dont and will not.

    2nd is the Mango has been passed on/sold to new management?

    Really? Once again I can confirm he is talking shit.

    How much egg can he fit on his face?

    And how many names is Kenny posting under now? I’ve lost count.


    • Where do you mean about the names Kenny is posting under? On here I have only ever seen him post under his handle — I suspect the reason why ronru, elwood and cluey stay away from here, like the plague, is because the person writing them realizes that it would be easy to identify them, and they would lose the safety of their anonymity once it were possible to match their IP numbers to another poster’s.

  8. Daywalker said

    Kenny and his crew go over to the Mango site and post their crap. It gets deleted of course.

    If Kenny will continue to post his lies, I’ll continue to expose him.

  9. adman said


    I’m calling BULLSHIT on your claim that you have record web traffic this month. I checked out your stats here and it shows your 3 month trailing stats are down 51%, which followed a drop of more than 80 percent when I checked in January.

    So your pitiful 3% increase is not record visitors.

    You and your sockpuppet users ids ronru/cluey/elwood/etc pumping your site isn’t working.

    • BBK said


      You too don’t have to admit you are from The Big Mango Bar hiding behind yet another screen name. It is apparent to all.

      Ask yourself, “what have you accomplished here?”

      You are driving up traffic on—which was already at record levels and continues to grow further each month since the site opened.

      Every comment you make and every anonymous hate message posted by you and the rest of The Big Mango Crew just drives home to the growing readership what nasty people are running your bar, blog and this site.

      Only is a must read while providing truthful and honest content to anyone looking for a dynamic read on the Thailand girl scene. is the only place on the internet where you can find a dynamic environment encouraging opposing viewpoints, and lively debate.

      You are not helping your cause or your bar by posting your cut and paste hateful comments everywhere – readers can tell your agenda, and are calling you on it.

    • Daywalker said

      Fuck me… exactly how many partners do I have? I can’t keep up. Thankfully Kenny is on hand to keep me informed of what’s going on.

  10. katechon said

    ‘It has food.’


    • Daywalker said

      Not only has Kenny run out of material… he’s also run out of answers. He is the ‘cut n paste’ King.


  11. karmako said

    On topic: Who cares what BBK says? Really. C’mon, enough already. He lies and attacks people and their businesses without reason, and will gain nothing but problems at work and serious physical problems because of this. He really is one of the dumbest people I’ve heard about in recent times. He doesn’t live in Thailand and is a fat sack of shit from what I can tell. Again, who cares what this loser says?

    The whole “censorship” thing is more bullshit. He censors more than any blogs out there based on the truth being checked here. Think about magazines for a second. Many magazines have content that fits their magazine. Car and Driver won’t print Meatloaf recipes, and Better Homes and Gardens won’t print sex articles. Are these magazines censoring or are they managing the content for what they want to put out there? He’s such a fuckwit with his stupid arguments. He has no credibility and his site is shit because of it.

    I would love to see him post an article that talks about his University President Dr. Jolene Kester fucking young college boys with photoshopped pics of her doing doggystyle. Will he post that or will he CENSOR? Of course he will censor, and I’m sure he censors every day. He has no argument. Again, one of the dumbest people around.

    BBK, you are drawing dead, so keep putting money in the pot you fat disgusting no friend fool. I’m sure the only thing you will get out of this is REGRET!

    People, I was enlightened by DoctorBond’s and adman’s comment the other day on the Inside the Big Mango Story. I think that comment should be on the front page of this site for all to read. I think fat head Kenny should read it over, and over, and over, and everyone should remember adman’s words “Nearly everything you read on Bigbabykenny about the bar is wrong. Or should I say a lie?”. I don’t know how he lives with himself. Mental illness, no friends, obese, bad combo indeed.

    Bad people should get threatened, and they should be punished. BBK is a bad person and he is clearly mentally ill. Let’s just remember that. I guess it is fun for people to read, and I’m sure he gets a kick out of the attention, because I’m sure he never gets any attention, but there is usually a price to pay for doing it at the expense of others.

    Enough of his bullshit already. I’m hungry for some fuzzy Korean.

    • “Mental illness, no friends, obese, bad combo indeed.”
      I think this should be the new tag line.

    • doctorbond said

      @ karmako – let’s add your comments to that page. As you suggest, people who run businesses were particularly sensitised to the Kenny stuff, imagining what it might be like to have someone attacking your livelihood – I particularly liked your phrase about ‘fucking with another mans rice bowl’
      I’d go further, the BM boys were pretty ‘peace and love’ about the whole thing to begin with, more astounded than anything else; and convinced it would blow over.
      But the ‘Toyota Prius’ of the blogging world just wouldn’t stop.

    • karmako said

      Thank you doctorbond. You are right, I am very sensitive about if somebody were to mess with my business and my family, and my family name. These are big fucking no-no’s.

      I can see however, how a University Professor has no concept of this. Let’s see him run his own business.

      I still don’t see what the BM guys did other than pull a post? Also, can somebody please tell me what Kenny gains from this? It seems like it’s all bad for him. Is he really this big of a scumbag?

    • Daywalker said

      “I still don’t see what the BM guys did other than pull a post”?

      – That’s all we did.

      “I am very sensitive about if somebody were to mess with my business and my family, and my family name. These are big fucking no-no’s.”

      – He did threaten to call the police on me when I e-mailed him telling him I was going to ‘see him’ next time he is in town.

      “Toyota Prius of blogging”. 😆

    • katechon said

      @Daywalker re:threat from Kenny (and other cunts)

      I’ve never received such opened threat in my life, until now. 3 threats from 3 different girls. The last one was from that gal who invited me in Pattaya — when I told her I was gonna visit Walking Street alone to shag a whore or two.

      — I know many people here, she said, looking sideways. My father is big police. U have problems.

      I ignored the cunt. And she seemed genuinely surprised I didn’t want to talk with her anymore!

      Is it a common thing?

    • Katechon – you have problems with social
      skills, don’t you?

    • katechon said

      i wasnt that explicit and succint! 😉

    • katechon said

      i’ll report the details in a post when ill be back in Bangers. Ull then be able to judge my skills. Ive scripted our conversation — and i wont embellish my part.
      I just wanted to hit WS alone for a coupla hours on a saturday night!

  12. Young Penfold said

    Korean food sucks big black dog dick. Horrible stuff

    Although theres a funky Korean BBQ place on Thong Lo 20. 299baht all you can eat if I remember. Its one of those low slung table kind of places. Usually you get hot uni girls, or korean trollops there

  13. bigblackgulliver said

    I am responding to your email below on behalf of the University.

    We appreciate you sharing your concerns with us and are currently reviewing the matter. While the University is prohibited from discussing the details of any findings or actions related to personnel matters, please be assured that the University is obligated to take action as appropriate whenever a violation of University policy is found to have occurred.

    Again, thank you for sharing your concerns.

    Randy Reynaldo
    Executive Assistant to the President
    California State University, Northridge

  14. bigblackgulliver said

    Dear Dean Jennings,

    The following is a post by one of your professors Kenneth Ng aka on his own blog that is read by a hardcore group of sex tourists based here in Bangkok.

    Thailand has a bad reputation throughout the world as a country filled with illicit sex, illegal drugs and out of control behavior by foreign backpackers and sex tourists. Some of this reputation is well deserved and some of it is not. However, there are a number of American Expat’s living and working here in Bangkok the same as they would in Los Angeles, Miami, New York or elsewhere in the United States. They own cars, pay taxes, raise their children and try to lead normal lives albeit in a sometimes strange foreign land. The foreigner in Thailand does not have the best of reputation and the actions of your employee….an American College Professor certainly don’t help that reputation. Thai’s do read these sex oriented WebPages and Blogs. They are aware that they exist. It is becoming fairly well known that an American College Professor from California State University Northridge (CSUN) posts and manages one of them. How do I know about this? Am I a participant on one of these sites, No! The short, simple and embarrassing answer is that I was confronted about it from a Thai Colleague of mine. His direct question to me was how could a major university in America condone this? Are there no ethical standards built in to teacher contracts in the United States?

    Some recent examples……the first being somewhat disturbing when Mr. Ng actually speaks about trying having sex with University Students:

  15. bigblackgulliver said

    Dear Dean Jennings,

    And the latest from your Economics Professor Kenneth Ng:

    Once again his “economic view” of Thailand along with his justification………….

    I do object to your characterization of as being “about whoring”.
    The blog is about The Thailand Girl Scene.
    This includes The Reservation and “whoring” but that is only a small part about what is about.
    Regular readers know that the site is as much about getting away from “just whoring”, getting off The Reservation, and getting out into the general population.
    TF2SM is about “just whoring” (this is not a criticism by the way). is about much more.
    When you show Thai girl this site, you are really doing them a big favor.
    I wish more Thai girls would read
    Instead of mindlessly ingesting and regurgitating the propaganda Thai schools (including Thai universities) pass as education, the more exposure they get to the outside world the more educated and sophisticated their thinking will become.
    Let them see that the indoctrination in the Thai school system is at odds with reality.
    Let them come to question what they have been taught.
    It is good for them.

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