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Anonymous – I Love The GoGo Girls

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 14, 2010

I know I should know better. Still, I can’t help myself.

I’ve read the blogs. The horror stories about guys get scammed into sponsoring a gogo girl believing she’ll be faithful or spending his life saving to build a house and worse.

We all have, right?

Keep a tight grip on your wallet and don’t get involved in their personal life and you damn well shouldn’t get attached is what you’ll be told by most Expats, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At least for me it hasn’t been. I love going to the gogos and going out with gogo girls.

You just need to be on your toes and keep your guard up a bit. If you can’t put reason and logic in front of feelings then you best keep a relationship strictly professional with a gogo girl.

Don’t exchange phone numbers. Don’t give her your email address.

Have a fun night or three with her on your visit to Thailand and leave it at that. You’ll be happier in the long run and won’t be the next sorry sap writing your sob story on Stickman. But if you want to have an ongoing relationship with one of these girls and know what to look for you’ll keep your bank account intact and still sleep well at night.

I’ve got a list of favorites in my phone. Enough that I get two or more calls or messages each day from girls requesting that I meet up with them before, during or after work.

It takes time and you need to sort out the good gogo girls from the bad. I’m an honest guy. I don’t have any baggage and no girlfriend back home, so I want to spend time with girls who are honest with me. So separating the good girls (honest ones) from the bad took some time, but I’ve found some general behaviors which are very reliable in identifying the girls I don’t want to spend my time. Yes, I’ve written off a few good girls for bad ones but shit happens. (I’ll post the criteria I use another time.)

Why gogo girls? That’s easy. Where else do you get such a variety of girls already half naked. No surprises. You know where to find them and you know they are farang friendly. Yea, there is the potential for a lot of baggage but the gogo girls work for me. Maybe one reason is that I treat them nice and I’m honest with them. I expect honesty in return and don’t put up with any attitude – zero tolerance.

I suppose most people will say that’s asking a lot from a gogo girl. But it makes it easy to put her on my do not call list no matter how well she treats me.

What it comes down to is I don’t want to worry about one of her problems becoming my problem. I’ve found that the honest girls are less inclined to have drama in their life.

That means less potential for drama in my life.

I’m not going to tell you they don’t ever ask for money. They do. But when you’ve got a girl who makes you their world why wouldn’t you want to give them enough money to make them want to come back? I suppose having a trendy condo with a view near the top of a high rise building doesn’t hurt, but that doesn’t mean I short change them.

Besides, if you treat them well the gogo girl telegraph will work it’s wonders and other girls will know how you treat a girl. That is important to remember. The girls talks to each other about everything so don’t expect what happened during your encounter with the girl to be kept private.

So what is it that I love about these girls? Well, once I sort out the good from the bad, what isn’t there to love? Their smooth as silk skin; dark or light makes no difference to me. Exotic eyes, their slender bodies and long hair exude sexuality. But what I really love most, make that second most behind the sex, is their willingness to do almost anything you ask and desire to please.

Something that has to be said about most gogo girls is they are excellent housekeepers and cooks. Maybe it’s an Isan thing, but I’ve had girls clean my kitchen make breakfast, make my bed, without asking, while I get ready for work.

I even had one girl help me pick out my work clothes and tie my tie (which shocked me that she knew how to tie a tie).

On their day off I’ve had them call and ask to hang out at my place and spend the night (which is fine by me). If I tell them I haven’t eaten they bring street food or will cook at the apartment. They cater to my needs and most do more than expected.

I know there are shop girls and girls in other venues who you could meet who could probably give you all you want as well. But in terms of easy access and availability for me the gogo girls are the best.


13 Responses to “Anonymous – I Love The GoGo Girls”

  1. Young Penfold said

    Why someone would sponsor a gogo whore, and expect her to keep her filthy legs shut is beyond me

    Banging hookers is great fun, but why someone living here, would want to get emotionally involved with one, is beyond me. Its not as if hot girls are in short supply in BKK

    • katechon said

      words of wisdow, mistah.

      Since a few weeks, Im courting (and shaging) a Chiang May slut who’s not (never was) a whore. She’s way too hot for me, but the relation is much more fun and light than with any whores I’ve met. More cryptic, but loaded with much more potential.

      To fall for Thai whores’ magick AND to survive boosts the affective immune system. One can then enjoy the whores and yet keep hunting for ‘honest’ sluts with their own job and cash-flow.

    • Bangers Bill said

      Young P

      Right you are. Nobody in their right mind should sponsor a gogo girl. The guys who do and then are gone for months at a time end up writing in the blogs about how they were cheated on.

    • “The guys who do and then are gone for months at a time end up writing in the blogs about how they were cheated on.”
      …and providing great entertainment to the rest of us about it.

    • katechon said

      it’s interesting that *spouse* and *sponsor* share the same etymology.

  2. BigDummyKenny said

    I think I get Anon’s POV. Spend as little time possible setting yourself up with a list of no-drama girls you can meet on a moments notice.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    @ katechon – So you’re in Chiang Mai now? You don’t waste time!

  3. Werewolf said

    Yeah… what BDK said….

  4. Canadian Boy said

    Katechon, why you looking at my pecker in washrooms when you have a stunner like that in the photo above??

  5. SBDOTKU said


    I got no problem with your thoughts. I’ve hung out with some really great girls who happen to be go-gos (and I have hung out with some not so great girls who happen to be go-gos).

    Sounds like you know about the pitfalls and you’re filtering the sand for the few gems. And ah, the filtering process can be FUN!

  6. Canadian Boy said

    I know she wasn’t yours…. 😉 I was just trying to make you feel good.

    Meet in the bathroom with a turkey baster….

  7. ausrob said

    Mates! A turkey baster?

    What do you bring for angry sex? lol

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