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Where’s BKKSpy…?

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 16, 2010

(sung to the tune of …. “Where’s Waldo?”)

Where is BKKspy? As an avid reader of the BigBabyKenny, Bigmango and the offspring blogs, I have noticed that BKKspy has pretty much disappeared from the blogosphere. No comments or inane drivel has been credited to him in months.

Certainly he hasn’t high-tailed out of town to avoid creditors.

He may have hoodwinked a few investors, but I doubt he would run from his buddies leave them blowing in the wind?

He must be somewhere. But where?

So, is the G-Club stud in Bangkok or has he given up on being a big shot and returned to flipping burgers for cash in Cali?

Or maybe he’s donned a disguise, hiding out under a pseudonym, or a fake beard, afraid to be recognized and called out for his spreading of false rumors.

Maybe someone can do some recon?


3 Responses to “Where’s BKKSpy…?”

  1. Crikey said

    Most likely he stuck his head so far up kenny’s ass it’s now permanently impaled.

  2. Daywalker said

    BBK says:
    Feb-20 at 2:37 am

    Homosexual Daffy,

    What about when Stevie, Barry and Michael sit around in their underwear, sweating like pigs, getting hard ons watching sweating half naked dudes wrestle on TV, i.e. watch the pirated broadcasts of the UFC fights at the Big Mango Bar?

    Does that make them homosexuals?


    Can someone help me out here, Wasn’t it Kenny that had a post saying “where’s Waldo’… insinuating that a certain member of the Mango had skipped town and was no longer around? And then he makes a comment saying this guy is sitting in his skiddies in the Mango?

    Oh dear, not only has Kenny sunk to low, childish (even baby like?) comments he is even contradicting what he publishes on his own site.

    Is this a symptom of his meltdown… will Kenny soon be found rocking back and forth in the corner of a classroom, drooling and crying like a bigbabykenny?


  3. Katchenon said

    gaywalker is german right?

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