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No More Mr. BlurryCam!

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 22, 2010

8-bit KennyWe’ve all had a good laugh at my simulated BigBabyKenny restaurant reviews, complete with BlurryCam shots and pictures of the bill (albeit missing GPS coordinates – mea culpa), but I have decided to retire this ‘style’ in favor of actually including the ‘real’ pictures I took.

To be perfectly honest, it pained me every time to include blurry, shaken (not stirred) photos taken with my iPhone — it is nearly impossible to take bad pictures with the iPhone; altering them (by forcing low-light conditions, and shaking the hell out of iPhone while taking the pictures), just simply paints the equipment in a bad light that it doesn’t deserve.

Sure, it’s all in the interest of comedy, and poking fun at Prof. Kenneth Ng of CalState Northridge (CSUN) and his BigBabyKenny style – but really, that was good for a laugh or two (just like him), and eventually that routine was bound to get old, boring and tiresome (just like him).

From now on, I’d much rather prefer to follow-up sharing experiences, reviews, etc … with more accurate representations.

I even have plans to maybe have a post or two describing and explaining what tools I use, and opening up the floor for discussion.


You know, kinda about the science of photography, and lots of scientific formulas, and boasting all the cool and expensive equipment I have an use… Oh, wait, I’m doing it again.

You dig?


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