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NEWSFLASH : Prufrock’s back

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 22, 2010



Prufrock’s back – the gentleman poster and scholar is back, posting up a storm on BigBabyKenny’s site to warrant being called ‘Conspiracy Posterboy.’ …or is he?




13 Responses to “NEWSFLASH : Prufrock’s back”

  1. From fake Prufrock’s blabberings:

    Prufrock says:
    Feb-22 at 5:37 am
    But not the last time you’ll be posting here under other monikers on other topics as idf anyone cares any more really daffy. C’mon, think about it.

    Quite the amusing accusation, as *I* really only post under the DaffyDuck moniker on these sites – unlike ‘Prufrock’, who has established a long history of posting under multiple alias’, as it fits his agenda; or Kenny, who let’s his sockpuppets pretend to be his audience.

    Then again, the only reason ‘Prufrock’ posted this, is just another provocative attempt to bring traffic back to his site.

    Daffy , I’d wager that no one really cares about this BBK/Mango stuff anymore stuff any more (thank gawd). But as Mr. ‘Shakes mentioned a while ago there IS a bit of a drought in the bloggist field these days.

    Obviously, Kenny cared enough about it to risk his livelyhood. How’s that going, so far, Kenny?

    BTW I’ve as much as told Kenny that he would be right deluded to claim any credit for the general bad times in the bar industry and the hard row that bar-owners in general have had to hoe. Haven’t heard a lot from him though, he’s probably busy with his classes and his card playing and his hobbies.

    Oh, I’m *sure* that Kenny’s being kept mighty busy these days – and I’m sure it’s related to his ‘hobby’.

    I don’t go to that Big Dummy site of yours because aside from its being kinda old news about very little of importance none of which has ever really concerned me, I suspect there’s all kinds of tracking cookies and silly jive waiting there.

    Ah, sounds like little ‘ronru’ is being all paranoid about being discovered – after all, if this were the ‘real’ Prufrock posting, what does he have to fear from ‘tracking cookies’? All that imaginary ‘tracking cookies’ would be doing, is to verify his identity; verify that he’s coming from the same IPs Prufrock has been using historically, and not an altogether different carrier (say, RoadRunner) or different country (say, Hawaii, or Afghanistan).

    Sounds like ‘win-win’ to someone as obsessed about truth & honesty, as the real Prufrock.

    (Oh, and P.S., BigDummy is not *my* site – I’m just a lowly contributor, just like a bunch of others. Where’s all the reader submissions and contributions on

    I understand that several people in the blogoshpere feel the same about 9/11 and so chose to diss those of us who see it as the watershed geopolitical issue that could very easily trigger WWIII. An atomic war, Daffy. Nukes and all that shit.
    That’s important to me.
    More important than alexa stats and adbrite’s claims
    Its not badly designed but in view of your low hitt-age you appear to be getting (we’ll have to wait for the skinny from “adbrite stats” there) in spite of “the” site’s thin traffic I have an issue with the general idea of moving traffic over to that site.
    I may even start a site of my own

    “That would be a hoot – that’s what it’d be” (gratuitous Assberger’s reference, for our special ed buddy)

    Daff. You never seem to post anything specific about hitting the bars or about where to meet women who want to party and where to get good food and where to find light-hearted welcoming Thai people who are comfortable around foreigners. I used to get that on the Mango site and I get loads of it here only its got a slightly different less earnestly “hipper-than-thou angle which as a senior I find more welcoming.
    You’ll understand soon enough

    Ah, the usual bait – oddly, the same bait previously tossed out by Kenny, ronru, and now ‘Prufrock’ — who’d have ever thought to see all three of them in such solidarity. It’s almost as if they were speaking with a single voice.

    Kenny seems to be making a good stab at this and after hitting a few clubs with him I’d say he has a pretty good idea of what is going on there.
    He isn’t doing “How to” any more (if he ever has) and he seems to be indifferent to my 9/11 arguments making the occasional appearance here.
    So thanks but no thanks; I’ll stick with this site for the content, the fun and games and the certain knowledge that you are lurking in the shadows.
    It’ll be like getting the right fly on the leder on the right afternoon and luring that sleepy old trout from under his comfortable over hang.

    … albeit predictable.

    I am excited about partitioning this 4gigMac tho and running windows concurrently with OS-X 10.6.2. It was on the advice of Sideshow that I developed an interest in the Mac incidentally. Nick as well. They seemed to get good action from theirs and the odd bit of tech gossip I was able to decipher is of interest to me.

    Gratuitous bait – But the *real* Prufrock is more than welcome popping into this thread at any time, and I’ll be more than happy dispensing Mac and Apple advice. Of course, we know that won’t happen. Keep trying, kid.

    In spite of all this fuss and furor I can still say that is was a pleasure to have met you and perhaps we’ll see one another again.
    All the best to you.

    In fact, I would be looking forward to another snack at that place we last hung out — where was that, again?

    In fact, maybe, just for added fun, maybe you could repeat and repost the SMS text message I just sent to your phone? It’s a really short message, heck, you could even repost it over on — but I have a feeling that your “mobi’ phone is b’oken”, or maybe you recently had to change your mobile number, urgently; That’s what happened, right?

  2. … and he continues. Apparently, he’s getting his comments stuck in ‘moderation’ on Kenny’s site, but fortunately BDK-CLIT was able to procure them through super secret hacking techniques (and a ‘tracking cookie’ or some ‘nano termites’ or two…)

    Prufrock says:
    Feb-22 at 11:50 am
    Yeah whatever. Just a thought.
    Now Daffy? Here’s a fact for YOU.
    I didn’t ever buy your silly Nok Air “Galt, airplane wing” story. Don’t bother defending it unless you want it up here for all to see. (You probably regretted spewing it as we got deeper and deeper into what I assumed was neutral friendly conversation and which I must say I found to be an enjoyable respite from the usual blather and gas that passes for conversation here.)
    But honestly, Daffy? I just sat their gobsmacked that you’d try it. relax I haven’t talked about it to anyone who’d really give a shit about this spat. I have taken out the names and run it by experts though. Um no numbers on the dorsal side of Nok Air wings for starters?
    Were you trying to impress me? .
    My physics, meteorological and aviation history buff type friends never bought it either. Here, at Harvard, at U of T etc. etc. And some IT guys asked what kind of clearances you thought were pretending to.
    Seems to me that you saw it in a movie and thought it was a fit that night .
    Why on earth did you float nonsense like that?

    So yeah, apparently you’ve created that Duck Pond site and you have run away from this one and you expect all your fans to follow?
    Looks like they have 200-300 hits? ??? a day???.
    Daffy posts over there in his Duckpond at the request of people who think that hits on THIS site are bad for their business. They seem to forget that their are other elements in play here which absolutely and conclusively DWARF any of Daffy’s nonsense.
    This country is on a travel alert, the economy in the UK and the US is in the shitter, loads of reasons. It was a bad time to get into an internet pissing match is undeniable but it takes two to piss/match.
    BTW. DAFFY posts here under loads of names but you can be as sure as diction that they’re all Daffy and (just look at the adbrite stats, contrary to orders he’s driving up BBK’s numbers. 😉

    Me? I’m just having some fun.

    It’s just so packed with bait, it’s not even worth responding anymore (or posting anything subsequently, I think — he’s gone full circle into ad nauseam repetition now.

    Funny, though, to continue seeing ‘Prufrock’ carry on the partyline dogmatic belief that somehow *I* own and am in charge of — quite hilarious, and I’m sure it must come as a big surprise to BigDummy.

  3. So, really, the options are :

    – ronru, et al are just sockpuppets of Kenny’s, and they have now dug up the ‘Prufrock’ sockpuppet in their feeble attempt to encourage more traffic – meaning that the person posting as ‘Prufrock’ is not the real ‘Angry Xxxx’, but the same person posting as ronru, elwood, cluey, and the plethora of other alias’ in use over there.

    – or (sad to think) the person posting as Prufrock is the same person posting also as ronru, elwood, cluey, etc… and that person is Prufrock, the above mentioned ‘Angry Xxxx’, who already has a vast history of posting under many different alias previously (showing that he doesn’t actually have any regard, high or otherwise, for truth, or honesty) – in which case he is complicit in everything going on over at Kenny’s site, no matter how much he tries to absolve himself that he is just ‘having fun’.

    It’s starting to look a lot like Option 2.

    Well, karmaKO – enjoy whatever you had planned.

  4. Reverand Jim said

    Daffy, you appear to be talking to yourself. You sure are obsessed.

  5. twoser said

    Daffy is a complete cunt.

    A question to the stupid quacker …. Why the fuck do you give a shit about that fat gook? What did he ever do to you?

    Are you so desperate to ass-kiss a certain Bangkok clique that you spend so much of your time attacking and obsessing about a dude on the net? Is your life that empty?

    Oh sorry, you’re not lonely, you’ve got those buddies of yours on Soi 4.

    Get a life dude.

  6. Daywalker said


  7. twoser said

    I prefer to spend my money on cunts not to sit and drink with cunts.

    • If you prefer ‘not to sit and drink with cunts’, then I am genuinely surprised that you seek them out, as you do.

      Little bit of hypocrisy, there, Mr. Balloon Chaser?

  8. katechon said

    Daffy Duck = Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Von Dutch said


    Leave daffy alone. let him feel important. without fools like him buying my stupid slogan tees and purses, i would have to get a real job.

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