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Monday Night Cheesecake

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 23, 2010



21 Responses to “Monday Night Cheesecake”

  1. twoser said

    I’d like to add this video for your viewing pleasure:

    Probably the best movie ever made.

    • Thai Pad said

      Two thumbs up on the video!

    • ronru ‘stole’ your link, of course, and posted it on claiming he found it.

      This, of course, is no surprise.

    • twoser said

      Why is it no surprise? Are you claiming I am the runt also known as ronru?

      I am not.

      But interesting that you think and obsess in the same way as Kenny.

      You’re a dick … move on.

    • Wow, you’re not just incredibly insecure, but you’re also an exceptional moron — no, what is obvious is that it comes as no surprise that ronru would visit this blog, steal the link, and claim it as his own find.

      I wouldn’t give you that much credit to be part of that troupe.

      Like I said, you are certainly proving yourself to not just be a balloon chaser, but also a dedicated idiot.

  2. clay the carpenter said

    werewolf is such a fukken snitch. he moderated my comment asking if his new pants were of quality fabrics.

    hes a grouchy old fat kunt

  3. Spartacus said

    That bird on the front cover “cheesecake bird” we’ll call er – shes fuckin fit. Look at that buff mount produding from her delicious cunt. I for one would devour that. Rape if needed.

    So anyway. Fluffyduck. 10/10 for buff bird pictures, but your bait and switch dont work. I’ll still pop over here to see what tasty muff pictures are posted, but cos your such a twat there’ll never be anything good here to read.

    Now fuck off and leave me alone with the cheesecake chick you twat.

  4. mung chuppa said

    I’d like to add this video for your viewing pleasure:

    Probably the best movie ever made.

    Comment by twoser | February 23

    Best movie ya ever seen???????????????????????

    yup she’s a fit girl. but best you’ve ever seen??????????

    need to get out more fella

    • twoser said

      Yeah … you got me …. it isn’t the best movie ever made or the hottest girl ever filmed. Jeeez, just trying to share a trim quim movie.

      If I was a dick I’d obsess that you were some stupid quacker posting under another name because your too afraid to be a real man and face me … man to man …. ooooh noooooo, don’t out me!!!!!!


  5. Katechon said

    Speaking of cheese….

    When I fingered her pussy, I felt immediately that something was wrong. It was err cheesy, I’d say. Like cottage cheese. Weird texture.

    I went down to smell it and almost puked on her. Thing is, she was fresh from the shower…!

    My hard-on was gone, obviously, and I asked her to leave as politely as I could.

    She didn’t move.

    — How much you’ll give me? she asked.
    — If you go now? Err…. 500.

    She slowly stood up, woke up her friend who was pretending to be asleep on my couch (don’t ask), and dressed up.

    In the escalator:

    — When’s the last time you had your pussy checked by a doctor?
    — I have a boyfriend — farang — and we make it no condom.
    — Err?

    She was real pretty, but gosh!

    Outside, she didn’t ask for her cash.

    First time this happens to me in Bangkok!

    Cheesy pussy smelling worst than a rotten fish. God bless I wasn’t drunk.

  6. Katechon said

    About the 4th pic : I’d guess that that’s how every ladyboy want to look like.

    Annoying tits! Unsettling — begging to be violated.

    That’s the kind of girl you don’t want your brother to be married with — for fear you gonna rape her when drunk at some Christmas party…

  7. Katechon said

    Hmmmm…. I’ve just begun to incorporate whey protein isolates in my diet — to gain some muscle weight around my arms and shoulders.

    Rereading my last comment, I think that maybe I should slack a bit on the doses.
    Some violently savage thought are visiting my mind. And I was censoring myself.
    Or maybe it’s just that my furious shagging session has been interrupted — before it even began — by some freaking disease ravaging a beautiful slut’s pussy.

    Never mind, the gym is opened now…

    Krap krap. Tong tong.

  8. RealDaffyDuck said

    Amoxicillin is your (and her) friend.

  9. BigDummyKenny said

    @Katechon – I concur. You’ve got a hormonal imbalance of some type happening. Maybe the fumes from the girl’s nether region gassed you up a bit.

    Lay off the performance stimulants and vitamin supplements and get right with Buddha. Maybe go to the temple on Monday. I hear it’s a Buddhist holiday.

  10. dapurplespy said

    Besides, *equilibrium*, *equanimity* and even *equality* seem boring to me. And nothing’s worse than boring. I’d rather suffer actively than be bored.
    So indeed, on reflection, I might be unbalanced… cyclothimical, maniac — but not depressed — yet everything is fine about it. At least for me.
    I thought yesterday that many things farangs don’t like about Thailand can also apply to me.
    This is a perfect place for me — an unbalanced junkie who needs his dose of sex and gamblin’…
    So you’re right Daffy, probably!

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