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Typically Thailand : Tuk Tuk Passengers

Posted by RealDaffyDuck on February 25, 2010

Tuk Tuks, with farang tourists, and their temporary tee-ruk, are a common sight when driving in Bangkok.

Tuk Tuks, with farang tourists, and their temporary tee-ruk, are a common sight when driving in Bangkok - which this picture just so perfectly captures. I apologize for the quality, though. There must be something wrong with my camera, as the image does not live up the regular professional quality I am used to.


17 Responses to “Typically Thailand : Tuk Tuk Passengers”

  1. doctorbond said

    Strewth ! That’s my sheila with some Aussie! – fair dinkum mate, but don’t stretch her orifices. G’Day.

  2. Chuckie said

    Picture of me fucking your teeruk to come

  3. Obvious said

    Thats good shit man, like me sayin’ ” look, they like juice, orange juice. And watch them drink it!”


    2-3 comments per post. Maybe yur a germanic cunt and that even if everyone slightly respects your intelligence they still have you down as a doughnut.

    Ching le pow?

    • I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say? You wouldn’t happen to run a bar on Koh Chang, by any chance, would you? or be a displaced Aussie on his last leg?

  4. SBDOTKU said

    Doughnut? Strudel maybe…

    I have noticed, for the most part, that when someone insults someone else they do it under a “one hit wonder” name…

    I’m always amazed at the way people act online. I bet 99% of you would be very pleasant if met face-to-face and not behave anything like you do here. Ah anonymity, allowing bitter people with low self-esteem the opportunity to insult people with impunity (usually).


      “Ah anonymity, allowing bitter people with low self-esteem the opportunity to insult people with impunity (usually).”

      That’s usually the case, ain’t it?

      “I bet 99% of you would be very pleasant if met face-to-face and not behave anything like you do here.”

      I know a guy on Koh Chang who might actually be improved by acting that way online… but I digress…

      I actually think that most of these one-hit-wonders would act all nice and friendly, not because they are nice guys in real like, but rather because they are backbone-less milquetoasts in real life, and would be afraid to say the wrong in any real confrontation.

      Even tosser, I bet, would be acting all friendly like – he certainly did on Daywalker’s birthday (albeit people might say he’s creepy – tosser, not DW)

      Well, unless these guys are British lorry drivers on a holiday, or they are the usual Aussie blue collar workers high on their faves — about 27 beers by the time any time rolls around 😉

    • Daywalker said

      Daffy, c’mon now. How many times do you have to be told. There were no people in the Mango that night or any other night. They couldn’t find the place.

  5. Purple Sky said

    To farang backpackers,

    Whilst in Bangers, take a taxi — they’ll be cheaper for you. I hear all the time tuk-tuk drivers quoting outrageous prices to you on the streets; and you accept them. 400 baht from MBK to Siam Paragon?
    Take a taxi. Its’ way more healthy also — for you won’t have to inhale directly all the toxic fumes from buses and cars when you’re stuck in the traffic — AND it will be much much more cheaper. Without the hassle of negotiations.

  6. Bangers Bill said

    Purple Spy makes a good point. The tuk-tuk mafia is hoping the farang has no clue either how far they are asking to go or if they do know how far, what the fare would be in a taxi. Backpack crowd, these are tricycles with a motorcycle engine. How much can it cost to operate and maintain? Not as much as a taxi, get it?

    My biggest annoyance is most are lazy and tied into at least one of the scams you hear about in Thailand – suits, gems, massage places, “why you want to go that bar, I know better one”. You get the picture. Unless the trip is convenient for them thy don’t budge for under 100 baht.

    With all that said, there are a few really good ones if you can find them. Anywhere from 300-500 baht for being hauled around for 4-6 hours to various sights around the city. One driver asked 300 for taking myself and a couple European friends to visit temples and other sights for 4 hours. Deal. It wasn’t high season mind you, but a deal regardless. He even helped my friends negotiate prices at the market. He got quite a bit more than the 300B for the extra service.

    The fumes? The air in Bangers is bad to begin with so don’t take a tuk-tuk if you have respiratory problems.

  7. Reminds me of the one time we got lured into a Tuk Tuk – we had to go a couple of blocks, and traffic was crap, so we figured, it’d be quick trip – plus, the Tuk Tuk driver beckoned with the “low low fare” of only 50 Baht.

    Needless to say, I knew what would come next — not even a minute into the trip “You do me favor, I take you my friend, I get gasoline coupon”. Yep, yea olde gasoline coupon scam.

    I tried to be sympathetic (yeah, big mistake) “No, we don’t have time… We need to go Radjadamri”

    “15 minutes, sir?”

    “No, Radjadamri”

    “only 5 minutes. have good deals”

    “No, Radjadamri, and if you ask again, we get off”

    “”only 5 …”

    “stop the tuk tuk!”





    He stops.

    Being an honest chap, and he took us about half way to where we need to be, I grabbed a 100 Baht note I had read to give him.

    He points to the street, yells “get out”

    We get out, and before I could hand him the money, he takes off.

    A grinning and laughing taxi drive pulls up, not even seconds later. “tuk tuk, no good, I take you”

    5 minutes later we were in Radjadamri, with 40 Baht on the meter.

    I gave the taxi 100 Baht, and he was enthusiastically appreciative.

    As Purple Spy said — “take a taxi”

  8. Young Penfold said

    TukTuk drivers are pricks. All of them. They should all be piled into an airplane sized tuktuk, and driven into the a building full of rusty nails and AIDS

    My mates once got stung for 400baht from Dusit Thani to Patpong. Ive also expericned the same fate as Daffy, with the gasoline coupon bullshit, although he took us further away from where we should of been going. Cunts Cunts Cunts

  9. Beenie Segal said

    “My mates once got stung for 400baht from Dusit Thani to Patpong”

    speaks volumes about you and ya mates. If ya get mugged off you either deserve it, dont notice it, or have too much money to worry anyway, or are too much of a pussy to deal with the situation?

    • Ditto. Yeah, what he said.

      In all fairness, if his mates were a) on their first trip to Thailand and b) without YP to chaperone them, then you can’t really hold them liable.

      Happened to me plenty of times, with friends or acquaintances that get to Thailand the first time, and right off the plane, hop into a ‘taxi’ offered to them, and then they tell me about the ‘great deal’ they got on the taxi ride (900 Baht), and subsequently about the ‘great deal’ they got for a tuk tuk driver (!) taking them around to see a couple of temples (because, you see, the main temple was closed that day), *AND* take them shopping, all for 2,000 Baht!!! (What a bargain, eh – that tuk tuk drive must have gone home early that day).

      My favorite was still “We got a great taxi driver – he offered to turn the meter off, and gave us a special flat rate from our hotel to the shopping center – 800 baht. We gave him a 1000 for tip. He was so nice” Yep, he was.

      Oftentimes tourists have more money than common sense and make the common mistake of comparing prices to prices back home (“well, a taxi ride to LAX easily costs $100, so this was a bargain”)

  10. Young Penfold said

    Beenie – Notice I said ‘my mates’ and not ‘me and my mates’? Speaks volumes for how clearly you read that morsel. Prick

    Every tourist falls into the trap of comparing shit to how much it would back at home. This was back in maybe 2006, when 400baht would equate to about 8 GBP, and they had no idea, how far the 2 were apart.

    In the scheme of things, it was nothing, as there was 4 of them, but considering it SHOULD of cost 20-40baht max, it still grates

  11. Donald Trump said

    Shut up you penis folding dutty battybwoy.

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