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The Real Big Dummies Guide To Leaving The Bathroom – Part 1 – Why?

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 26, 2010

“I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up..” Jack Dawson – From the movie Titanic

The Bathroom is comfortable and it is farang friendly.   Most bathrooms have a sink and toilet with toilet paper.  Some even have toilets which flush, a bidet and full bath tubs.  Bathrooms are usually well located next to the bedroom or if in an office building, near a bar or within a few hundred meters of a decent Taco Restaurant or an authentic English Breakfast.

And of course, Girls are comfortable in The Bathroom.   They use their time and clock cycles making themselves attractive and desirable to non-Thais, and are ohhhhhhh soooooo willing and easy to get naked in The Bathroom.   Many farang find happiness here, and never consider leaving or expanding the envelope.

Many men eventually bump up against The Bathroom’s limits and start yearning for more. Eventually, they see Behind the Facial Mask, tire of defending against the shrinking counter space, get disillusioned after running out of reading materials, or just get bored after banging silly the bajillionth bar girl in the shower, bathtub or on the counter. Ennui sets in.

As experience and knowledge grows, most Thailand veterans eventually realize that The Bathroom is just the tip of the Thailand Girl Scene iceberg and the urge to explore and venture out into the wild sets in.  The Bedroom, The Living Room or for those really adventuresome farang, The Kitchen.

As experience and knowledge grows, most Thailand veterans eventually realize that staying in The Bathroom is like visiting America and spending your time exclusively at Disneyland.  Disneyland is fun but coming to America and never leaving the amusement park means you never really saw or experienced the real America and, more importantly, missed out on a ton of fun and a ton of adventure.

As experience and knowledge grows, the idea of leaving The Bathroom gets put on the agenda.

This series of posts is about how to do just that.

Since this is The Real Big Dummies Guide, it will be written as a cookbook. You can just read it, follow the instructions and you’ll get the job done.  Getting you out of The Bathroom can be just as a complex an operation as it was getting you into it.  Consider all the Real Big Dummy Guide information provided on how to properly use The Bathroom.

The complexities of using toilet paper, the Bidet or even your hand(s).  Each depends upon a complex set of circumstances and factors that is confusing and confounds many novice in The Bathroom.  Deciding when to use what and how much was a daunting task until The Real Big Dummy Guides simplified everything so that even a child could understand how to use The Bathroom.

Before the withering barrage of criticism gets started, I want to make it clear that this series of posts is not about saving money or doing it on a budget.  This series of posts is about producing a simple set of easy to follow instructions that any newbie, albeit only highly adventurous ones, with money and some time to burn can follow to get out of The Bathroom.

I also want to make it clear that this is not about creating a pre-packaged Japanese Style tourist excursion out of The Bathroom.  Where a minder meets you at your hotel, loads you onto a tour bus, and hauls your ass to a series of canned, sterilized Room experiences and photo ops. This is not about 5 countries, 8 cities in 4 days for $500.

This is about creating a clear easy to follow template that will get you to the right Room where you create your own unique experiences based on your own style and preferences. There is no right or wrong way, no mountain to climb, no checklist of been there and done that.

This is not about the destination but the journey itself:  Out of The Bathroom.

You can modify the template to fit your own budget and preference, and, of course, since this is, if you have a better way or an improvement or modification to the basic plan feel free to chime in.

Coming Next – Part 2 of The Real Big Dummies Guide to Leaving The Bathroom – Where?



74 Responses to “The Real Big Dummies Guide To Leaving The Bathroom – Part 1 – Why?”


    I was thinking about something along the exact same lines when I read his stuff ‘over there’, but you Sir, have bested whatever I could have come up with.

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo — undoubtedly, you are now really, really off ronru’s Christmas list.

    “… with money and some bum to burn can follow…”

    There, I fixed that for you…

  2. SBDOTKU said

    OK. Since I haven’t even glanced at bbk I had NO idea what was up with this. Now I do. You guys are twisted. I like that.

  3. doctorbond said

    Well, as trailers go… that was a beaut – looking forward to the main feature….

  4. Purple Cunt said

    Hey Dummy,

    I’ve got some pix of the The Bathroom in my shitty yet fabulous-looking nokia iphone. I’ll send ye some, mkay?
    No wait — I’ll upload some in a new “gallery” tomorrow.

    If you want me to go and take some more — if you have some specifications — consider me as your cunt on the hunt, your clit with a click.

  5. Daywalker said

    I see on the ‘other’ site, that someone posted under the name Daywalker, calling Kenny a cunt.

    Of course, this was not me. I don’t and wont post on his site. I much prefer to call him a cunt here, as more people will see it.

    My guess is that Kenny did that himself to boost his entries. Looking at the dates of the comments, it seems that Ronru was his only commenter on the 28th! Ha!!

    • I’m pretty sure at this point that it’s not Kenny posting over there, or posting under the various alias’, but that it is, indeed, Prufrock doing what is known to do – post under multiple alias, including your’s.

    • Daywalker said

      ** under direction of BBK?

    • Probably, albeit more in collaboration.

      He’s basically trying to snow-job his university’s administrators by showing ‘Kenny’ posting during times that he is not accessing it from the university’s network – basically, claiming that it’s not him posting as Kenny.

      (of course, if he had half a brain, he’d just admin it from his G1 Android phone, but he’s too dumb for that).

  6. Likewise, ronru keeps playing the ‘dumb’ card when it comes to Werewolf’s deletions of his archives and his blog.

    ronru : “As of today Werewolf removed the BangkokBadBoy posts and all photo galleries from his blog.All what’s left from 4 years of extensive writing (over 1000 entries + approx 15,000 comments) are 49 sterile posts. His choice.”

    I have made my opinion abundantly clear, regarding ronru’s and Kenny’s actions that have obviously precipitated this:

    “I sure hope you’re proud of yourself, assholes!
    (the inclusive plural includes both ronru and Kenny, in this case.)”

    Yep, good content, and a good blogger, screwed with by assholes — that’s always how these things go. With a psychopath who has no problems outing his former friends from the Mango when he pops an ego aneurism, it comes as no surprise that WW might be trying to protect himself (at least that’s what it looks like, until we get any better information).

  7. BigDummyKenny said

    @ RealDaffyDuck – I’m a out of the loop on what’s happened there. I didn’t see Werewolf post anything about it so I wonder, is this fact or fiction?

    Also, where does he get these numbers? 1000 posts on Werewolf’s Lair were deleted and 3000 post from the Big Mango were deleted?

    I questions the accuracy. Especially the Big Mango number. The Big Mango Blog had been active since when, 2005? Divide 3000 posts by (365days x 5years) you get

    3000/1825 = 1.64 posts per day.

    That would mean on average each and every day there would be one post and every other day you would see two.

    For whatever reasons, it seems someone has it out for Werewolf in the same way they’ve had it out for the Big Mango.

    What do I know, I’m just a BigDummy with No Something. No Another Thing and No Something Else.


    • SBDOTKU said

      WW removed access to his archives via his menu bar.

    • Of course none of the numbers are correct – that’s besides the point. Werewolf *did* remove all of his archives and older materials (it sounded like he aluded to doing so on a previous blog entry a few days ago “I was planning to go to bed early, but I got busy doing some things on the computer and ended up sitting up all night.  I was still up working on my computer when the alarm went off at 5:30”).

      Kenny and ronru are playing dumb on their end, claiming ignorance as to why WW did so, when they know fully well they are responsible.

      I doubt we will see WW address the issue publicly, and frankly, I’m hoping he won’t, and deprive the assholes of the attention they crave; I was initially considering a write-up as well, but won’t do so for the sane reason – and I encourage everyone else to not acknowledge these assholes.

      In the end, they will get what’s coming to them.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Thanks for the further clarification Daffy. I was just being lazy.

    • Further, he has removed the link on his navigation menu, but even if you direct links to his posts, the links are still active, BUT THE CONTENT IS GONE.

      Like I said, I don’t blame him – same reason I have not posted anything about girls on here either (sadly), as these guys are just on phishing and outing expeditions … and since they are unsuccessful they instead go for low hanging fruit (ie nice and decent guys) doing EXACTLY what karmako has advocated doing (surprise, surprise)

  8. ronru said

    I’m sure that in time WW will explain his actions and undoubtedly you will have to swallow back your vomit.

    This pathetic blog is the root cause of all the problems.

    • Daywalker said

      ronru .

      You know nothing. There are reasons behind all deletions or editing. You are just not in the know. Don’t worry, you’ll catch up with the rest of the people here at some point.

      Whilst it is true that some people have had their picture posted on here, it is also true that your little love interest ‘Kenny’ has also posted personal information and printed many, many lies. But you never seem to acknowledge this for some reason. Why is this?

      It’d not surprise me it were Kenny posting under ‘Daywalker’ on his little chat-room to drum up some interest as it is quite clear that he has nothing to offer there.

      But whilst I have your attention, would you be as so kind as to share your thoughts on Kennys constant accusation that the Mango forces girls to have sex with customers (on the 3rd floor) or their salaries are cut.

      Now, I know (as does everyone else) that this is not true. But what amazes me is that Kenny is a sex tourist who used to go to the Mango to pick up women. None of the girls were forced to have sex with him (horrid thought) when he made advances. (yes, I was there to see it) Do you think that is why he is bitter?

      And ronru, having met a lot of these people, Kenny, WW, Daffy, Prufrock, Dr.Bond… I think I have a better grasp on what goes on around here.

      One last thing, it is absurd that WW is/was under any kind of threat!! He has written good and bad things about the Mango. That’s his prerogative. Having taken your little pics did you not notice that WW is a big chap and is not the kind of person who’d do anything he didn’t want to do?

      Looking forward to your thoughts.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Ronru – Calling Bullshit on this,

      “This pathetic blog is the root cause of all the problems.”

      Can you prove this as fact?

      More misrepresentations, but just so I’m sure I understand your position…..

      Someone posting a negative comment about WW here and you automatically associate those who regularly post here and this website to be a “gang” that is “out to get WW”. Is this correct?

      This appears to be the same pattern you and several others (and the multiple aliases) follow when someone says something positive about the Big Mango or negative about BigBabyKenny. Sure, it’s one big gang and it’s a coordinated effort, right? In your eyes maybe. And if you say it often enough you may even get a few unsuspecting new readers to believe it. That’s what you’re really hoping for, isn’t it?

      Do you need to be reminded that DaffyDuck didn’t know squat about the Big Mango and enjoyed BigBabyKenny for a certain period of time before he got fed up with the other crap he found distasteful on the website. He’s not the only one who got fed up.

      Now you and the multiple other aliases (such as cluey) are all to glad to do as much as you can to stir up more trouble. Are you too stupid to see that Kenny could care less what goes on over here?

      Let me correct that. He actually finds some of the posts funny or interesting and has said as much when he’s cross posted on his website (as he did about this post). So if Kenny can put this site in it’s proper perspective then why can’t you? Maybe you can help me out in understanding.

      Has Kenny indicated to you this website bothers him?

      Does this website offend you personally? Why?


    • ronru said

      Perhaps administrator would like to post a picture of DocBond.
      No doubt plenty were taken on his birthday party at the Big Mango.

    • No, but we could post a picture of you (and you as well). How’s that?

  9. doctorbond said

    Am I being outed? Whooo Hooo ! If someone outs me to my boss I will have to call myself into my office and give myself a good dressing down….

    • Daywalker said

      Doc, I hope to God that I am never around when you get a dressing down. 😉

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ doctorbond – Yes, we all know about your cross dressing in Uhura outfits and those shag Spock fantasies.


    • dapurplespy said

      Yeah!!!!!!!!!! That’s how I imagine docbond on be in real life, like the person on the right, but blond with shorter hairs, no earrings and a maybe lil mustache. Maybe.

    • doctorbond said

      He he – well it’s better than all you pervs with your Smurf fixations pretending you were just pre-Avatar visionaries

    • Old Smurf said

      What’s wrong with Smurf fixations? Hmmmmm?

    • Purple Sky said

      What’s wrong?
      Only one girl for the herd.
      That and the fact that the one with the glasses was the coolest one.
      I for one was a big fan of Gargamel.

  10. ronru said

    Daywalker & BigDummyKenny,

    I don’t know what motivated Werewolf to delete his archive but with all probability the recent going on this blog is the paramount reason.
    I’m 100 percent certain that not you nor anyone else closely associated with this blog have / had any intention to harm WW, Prufrock or BBK but you must understand that there are few unstable characters reading this blog, who seem to be easily led and are capable of taking regrettable actions.

    It is the blog administrator responsibility not to encourage hate and violence but sadly on this occasion he did the exact opposite and inflamed the situation.

    I’m glad common sense prevailed and some calmed restored.

    As of the Big Mango Bar, its girls, their work conditions, the third floor (??) ST room, etc I cant comment as I’ve never visited the place but shall definitely check it out incognito on my next trip to Thailand.

    The assertion that BBK issue with the Big Mango bar is because of a rejection by one or more of the girls makes no sense to me. Is there a shortage of *working* girls in the Nana area who will be more than happy to go with a customer ?
    I hardly think so.

    Last but not least. I find it impossible to believe that an honorable person like Kenny will intentionally spread lies as you are suggesting.
    His sources of information are impeccable but hey, no one is perfect.

    • Daywalker said


      Thanks for taking the time to sort-of respond.

      The fact of the matter is. Kenny tells lies. He can’t prove any of his claims.

      1) I am not a roustabout
      2) I’ve not lost 300k
      3) Girls are not forced into anything at the Mango (they don’t even have a drinks quota)
      4) There is not s.t room
      5) The Mango has not been sold
      6) We do not post on the Kenny site..under any name
      7) ssB has not left
      8) Staff at the Mango do not have salaries cut

      I could go on, but I cant be bothered. I’ve only listed the things that I am directly linked to. I know this to be true.

      Kenny even wrote that our old Bar Manager was ‘shown the door’!! Those of us who know who he is, will also know that when in town, he stays with me at my place. Again, it’s just crap coming from Kenny.

      It is also worth noting that Kenny realized that he’d said one too many lies when I saw him in a bar some months back. He called the Police because he knew he had done wrong and would have to answer for his actions.

      You’ve read everything on both sites. Do the maths..Are you really that naive?

    • Daywalker said

      ah… 8 ) is the image for 8) duh..

    • dapurplespy said

      Kenny Baby called the Police? The Thai police? 😆

  11. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Ronru – Reading what you post here is not nearly as inflammatory as what you’ve written at BBK. Still, a couple things are out of line.

    “It is the blog administrator responsibility not to encourage hate and violence but sadly on this occasion he did the exact opposite and inflamed the situation.”

    Can you can link back to the comment where you think I inflamed the situation? I’ll tell you right now you can’t because it’s not true. Nothing was said by the administrator to encourage any action of any sort.

    However, what you said about there being certain unstable characters online is true. Them being led by anyone here? Again, it’s untrue.

    Do you think these “unstable characters” also visit the Big Mango Blog? What about BBK?

    Given how regular readers who support BBK are so anti-mango because of the way Kenny has polarized his readers to promote controversy don’t you think that is inflaming the situation? (Is this in line with a blog owner’s responsibility?)

    Could these be the same guys complaining here and on BBK about being censored on the Big Mango Blog and Werewolf’s Blog?

    “Last but not least. I find it impossible to believe that an honorable person like Kenny will intentionally spread lies as you are suggesting. His sources of information are impeccable but hey, no one is perfect.”

    Impossible? Really?

    So it’s not BBK, but BBK’s source who’s providing the information. You take that over Daywalker and others stating it’s not true and that not one customer has come forward and said it’s true.

    This has been pointed out to Kenny as well, hasn’t it?

    Seems your choice is to continue believing BBK’s sources are impeccable or have your “impeccable” source bubble burst and accept other first hand accounts as more reliable.


  12. SBDOTKU said

    @ Ronru,

    I’ve never met BBK nor the owners of the BMB. I *have* eaten / had drinks at, played pool at, and been entertained by the friendly staff of, the BMB when in their former location on a few occasions.

    I’ve also read many of BBK’s posts on one incarnation or another of the BMB blog over the years and found them interesting.

    In short, I am familiar with the situation and the players but don’t have any overt loyalty to either party.

    My observation has been that BBK has been very hostile in his invective towards those associated with the BMB. He has “outed” them repeatedly and said very negative things about them and their business. On the BMB side, I could see no similar negativity (initially). I also have never heard of any reason for BBK to act this way except that one of his posts was removed from the BMB blog. All posts by BBK before this incident are positive about the BMB and those associated. After this incident, all comments are negative.

    In my view, what appears to have happened is BBK’s feelings were hurt and he was unable to let it go when the BMB guys censored a post of his. I would say his reaction has been very excessive. Has the reaction by those associated with the BMB been perfect? No, they don’t appear to be up for nomination for sainthood, but I think that given the uncalled for negative comments and what appear to be deliberate attempts to demean them as people AND imply that their businesses are failing, their reaction(s) have been very moderate and understandable. If I were in their situation I do not think I would react as well.

    As I said, I used to read BBK’s submissions and so went to his blog to continue to do so. But his constant need to carry on his negative agenda with the BMB guys simply got in the way of any enjoyment I found regarding his posts.

    As someone who is also posting under an alias I was not happy to see him “out” those he was angry with. Nor was I happy about him being “outed” and troubles this may be causing. But sadly he seemed to think he could exact all the revenge he wanted and cause as much damage as possible with impunity and he has now been proven wrong.

    On bDk you will note a post by an unknown”Karmko” asking for pictures and information about other posters to “out” Prufrock and others (can’t recall who else at the moment?) in an effort to “inflame the situation”. You will also note that NO ONE RESPONDED. For the simple reason that nobody on this blog (or probably 99% of other similar blogs) wants to cause anyone problems (least of all WW, whom many, if not all, seem to read and enjoy). I think I can safely say that all WE (the readers and contributors to this blog) want to do is talk about Thailand, the wonderful Land of Smiles with the pretty girls with the great easy-going, fun attitudes and the sanuk that can be had there with other lucky souls who have made the discovery. Maybe share our experiences, ask our questions and, perhaps (OK, definitely!), brag a little about our conquests.

    And if a blog owner feels a great need to censor a post one of us has made, that is their right… maybe we could call them an over-sensitive twit or something similar, apologize, LAUGH IT OFF and move on, because life is too short.

    • Well said, SBDOTKU, wise words – that other should well heed.

    • dapurplespy said

      SBDOTKU, commenter of the month!
      Can we hang his picture somewhere for a while? Under “Hot off the press” maybe?

    • doctorbond said

      Great response SBDOTKU

    • OldFatBastard said

      I have been following this since it began on the BM site without feeling the need to make any comment but SBDOTKU, that is by the far the best post on the situation.
      Good on you and let this be the end of it.

    • dapurplespy said

      SBDOTKU’s picture to be prominently flashed on BigDummy! With some Gold Frame or somethin’.

  13. adman said

    Kenny’s sources of information impeccable? For anyone but a sockpuppet ass kisser that’s a very dishonest statement.

    Would you like a list of the information provided by Kenny that is wrong?

    • adman — that’s actually a very good idea.

      Could you create a bullet point list of all of Kenny’s information that is wrong — we can keep referring to it in a central location (and updating it on occasion).

      This’ll give ronru some homework, at least, and Kenny yet another thing he can ignore.

  14. dapurplespy said

    ronru = 😳 😳 😳

    WackyDummy = 8) 8) 8)

  15. Wombat said

    For fucks sake. Ronru, cluey, elwood – though not Prufrock – are all BBK.

  16. Daywalker said


    Just to clear something up… the person posting on my pal Kennys site under the name ‘Daywalker’ is not me.

    I don’t know who it is. My 1st thought is that it is a pal of Kenny trying to cause trouble for me.

    If ROTF is reading this, please note that it is not me (big head?) that is hurling abuse at you!

    Kenny is the only person I have issues with.

  17. ronru said

    @BigDummyKenny – It’s a pity that you fail to understand where it all went wrong and what is your responsibility as administrator.

    By snaking, twisting the true facts and refusing to learn from past mistakes you leave the door open for a lot more trouble in the future.

    Certain people live by the sword, die by the sword.

    • It’s a shame that you do not apply the same stringent code of administrator ethics to BigBabyKenny — as Kenny KNOWINGLY allows impersonations of members of this site to be posted. Not only that, he knowingly allows these same impersonators to post hateful threats of violence on

      I guess you are okay with that as well?

    • ronru said

      The response clearly demonstrates just how unstable you truly are by doing your best to deflect from the situation and blaming BBK.

    • You did not answer the question.

    • ronru said

      Only a blind person wouldn’t know the answer.
      ALL threats on Kenny’s blog are by hateful commenters and SOLELY directed at him.

    • SBDOTKU said

      BDK has done nothing but tease BBK a little, point out BBK’s B.S. in a very mild way and go through the effort of creating this site as an alternative forum. Given that you are a supporter of BBK, I couldn’t imagine you are actually encouraging an administrator to CENSOR someone on his blog? If you mean he should censor his own comments, again, his comments have been very even-handed. He has expressed an opinion based on his perception of the situation and BBK’s actions and statements.

      If you haven’t noticed yet Ronru, you are getting no support for your arguments here. I suggest you just give up and go back to BBK and have conversations amongst yourselves about how BDK and all the many, many, owners of the BMB on that site are being so unfair to BBK. At least you would have a sympathetic audience, because you aren’t getting one here.

    • ronru said

      You simply don’t get it. My beef with the administrator is for allowing AND encouraging on this blog the threats of physical violence against WW, Prufrock and BBK.

    • It’s a shame that you still did not answer the question.

    • Interesting enough, ronru, as my beef with Kenny is for allowing hateful comments to be posted on his blog by impersonators (which he knows to be impersonators) and encouraging such behaviors and posts on — I find it fascinating that you seem unable to realize that Kenny engages in the same behavior you find abhorrent.

      But then again, that’s not really any surprise, now is it?

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Ronru – I gave you the opportunity to provide the link to the comment you’re referencing where the administrator (me) did anything “to encourage hate and violence” and “did the exact opposite and inflamed the situation.”

      You have not. Therefore, you’ve earned a few more bullshit awards.

      Congratulations 🙂

      Myself and others have tried to have a reasonable discussion and you’re intent on slinging mud. Although this is BigDummyKenny, most people aren’t so dumb that they don’t see what’s going on. You won’t respond to valid issues and continue to make baseless statements.

      I fail to see any point in continuing and will focus my effort on the upcoming post The Real Big Dummies Guide To Leaving The Bathroom – Part 2 – Where? ROXXXX! Yea YEA YEA! Go GO GO!


    • Bangers Bill said

      Good on you BDK. Part 1 is a gem and I hope Part 2 will be just as good.

    • Purple Sky said

      ronru = 😳
      BigDummy = 8)

  18. SBDOTKU said

    Again, ronru, YOU don’t get it. Daywalker (the REAL one) is the only (non-one-hit-wonder) person who has said anything that might be construed in such a negative way, and that only at BBK. And I think we can all understand why. Given the situation I might make a similar statement.

    BDK is in no way encouraging threats or violence in any way.

    I am surprised, considering you were so very diligent in grabbing links from WW’s blog (causing him to remove his archive), that you haven’t grabbed any links / quotes as evidence – because there are none.

    I’m sure you can find a few one-hit-wonder / anonymous posters who have threatened violence. And I (and the rest of the readers here) are certain that that if we could trace these posts back to their source IP addresses and compare them to BBK and his supporters we would find matches.

    We get it. Post invective on this blog under a pseudonym and then point it out as evidence of the bad, bad people here and how horrible we have been to BBK. Everyone knows you are doing it. Everyone wants you to stop.

    Please feel free to post with a comment of interest regarding THAILAND, we would be happy to read it.

    • “I’m sure you can find a few one-hit-wonder / anonymous posters who have threatened violence. And I (and the rest of the readers here) are certain that that if we could trace these posts back to their source IP addresses and compare them to BBK and his supporters we would find matches.”

      Particularly strange and odd how these same IPs match other users on other Thailand based forum / discussion boards – all surprisingly hailing from the same locations. Must just be some weird coincidence, I’m sure.

      “We get it. Post invective on this blog under a pseudonym and then point it out as evidence of the bad, bad people here and how horrible we have been to BBK. Everyone knows you are doing it. Everyone wants you to stop.”

      The funny part is that if we wanted to point out plenty of hateful invective being posted by BBK’s sockpuppets over on, there’d be no shortage of examples.

  19. RealDaffyDuck said


    … on, that is.

    I have been posting a notification to ‘Kenny’ that the Daywalker posts on his site are all fakes and impersonators – the reaction and response from the administrator of is to delete every single of these notes, and to not only leave the fake Daywalker messages untouched, but to encourage further posting by that guy.

    Oh, I’m sorry – the comments are not ‘deleted’, they are all ‘held in moderation’ == but, see, what’s funny about that is that initially all of them were published, it’s only now, suddenly, after the fact, that they were placed into ‘moderation’.

    No censorship, right?

    On the other hand, I’m sporting a big smile, as I now know who’s involved…

  20. Daywalker said


    I guess I should be flattered. Looks to me like Kenny and Co. want to be me! 😆

    • Worse than that – after incessantly complaining about the ‘band of dedicated detractors’, it becomes quite obvious that once they find themselves abandoned, they desperately, desperately want us to be there.

      That’s the only reason they keep escalating this crap.

      So, have you heard about Kenny and his partners making a mint off child pornography? He’s got quite a collection, I hear.


      So, looks like Kenny has activated his number one censorship weapon again — the moderation filter. Every single comment goes back and is banished into moderation, so he can censor all that those comments that make him uncomfortable.

      Then again, not really a big surprise — now that his little child pornography side business is about to be uncovered, I guess he is just trying to protect his ass-ets. Of course, that’ll be a lot more difficult to explain to his department heads and the university’s HR department. Pictures too, I hear.

    • (Let’s see if they fall for it)

    • Daywalker said

      Daff, looks like we are at each others throats on the FFK site?!?! What will Kennyboy dream up next?

      Whats the latest on the rate-my-perv site? Students still impressed with our fave sex tourist are they?

      Notice that Kenny will not turn his avatars back on. As that’ll identify who the ‘real’ posters are – assuming they use their own details.


  21. BBK said

    It doesn’t matter where you spread your daily dose of hatred and invective — you are all liars, and you all will receive a spanking.

    ha ha ha ha
    he he he he
    ho ho ho ho

    ronru — they just don’t understand, and they are blinded by their hatred. I think they are lost causes.



  22. BigBabyKenny Wannabe said

    My cock is bigger than yours! 😉

  23. Stuck in the Toilet said

    Please write part two. I can’t find the door out of here.

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @ Stuck – Sorry, but you’ll need to wait for Part 3. Before you get out of The Bathroom you need to decide where you want to go. Part 2 has been posted to give you the opportunity to consider your options.

      But now is a good time to reflect on your present dilemma:

      – How did you get stuck in The Bathroom?
      – Was your experience in The Bathroom satisfying?
      – Will you need to get back to The Bathroom quickly?
      – Have you explored all of your options in The Bathroom?

      Once you consider all the above you can decide on where you want to go. In Part 3 you’ll learn how to get there.

      I understand that if you’re in an Issan Bathroom your options will be limited. In which I have to ask, are you a moron? Nobody goes into an Issan Bathroom without a proper exit strategy. However I’m not completely insensitive to your plight and hope that you are able to extricate yourself from your current situation before a medical procedure is required to remove the toilet seat from your ass (assuming you’re not using a squatter).

      If your’s isn’t a prank comment and you really are stuck in The Bathroom you can understand the importance of modern amenities like wifi access. Feel free to click the Amazing Thailand links while you plan your exit strategy.

      Oh! Don’t forget that Monday you will get your digital serving of cheesecake! Perhaps staying in The Bathroom until then isn’t such a bad idea?

      Best of luck!


  24. RealDaffyDuck said

    Uhm … We appear to be out of toilet paper…?

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