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Waking Up and Hitting a Night Club

Posted by dapurplespy on February 26, 2010

She’s sleeping in my bed now. Snoring a bit. Two fingers ’round a nipple.
(The pix is real shitty coz I didn’t want to open the lights or the curtains for fear of disturbing her sleep… First I had turned off the flash but then the camera catched absolutely nothing.)
I met her in Climax this morning — at 4h00 or so.
I was asleep at 7 o’clock last evening, and woke up at 4 this early morning fresh as a baby butterfly ready to fly around. I jumped on my bike, and drove playfully to Climax.
[ALSO : A few low-res *quality* pix I took in Pattaya]

It can be thrilling to ride in Bangkok very late in the night. Ratchadapisek and Suk are fluid; and many bikers like to fool around. When a 3-minutes red light switches to green, man, there’s a rush. 3 minutes is a long time in a Bangkok street, even at night; at least 20 motorbikes drivers will accumulate until the light switches to green; and then — bang! — all of us speeding up together — noisily — fast into the heart of the city. Very pleasurable, this gregarious feeling. Almost worth the wait.

Anyway, I hit Climax like I never did before. Absolutely sober and uncannily fresh. I also had popped 10 mg of Cialis in an empty stomach…

I first spotted a young leggy gal, very slender yet noticeably busty. And dressed to show her annoying boobs. A weird stiffness in her face sent a cold feeling in my spine however; she had this stiff rictus typical of someone who’s lying or bluffin’… But I was going nowhere; she was too sexy. And probably real easy. I was horny, so… i sticked around her.
She was accompanied by a 5-foot-tall tom-boyish lass who was however moving her hips like a good female Arabian dancer. With a very pretty face, spiced with blood-red pulpous lips; and small, bra-less perky tits.
I quickly learnt that Stiff Rictus was *working* at Nana. Hmmmm. Not surprising. I didn’t lose anytime. My Diet Coke was still pretty full when I asked:
— You wanna go short-time with me na?
— “My friend”, she replied, moving her chin toward the *dwarf*. “She has to come with me. You give 1,500 each.”
— Ok, no problem. Very good.

She stood up and began to dance with me, her arms around my shoulder, bulging her round breast, and keeping her mouth slightly open, flashing a pierced tongue now and then.
— You wanna go now? I asked
— Nah. Wanna party first.
— Ok…
Hey, who was I to complained. I really like to dance with a beautiful girl!
She then kissed me.
Hmmmmm. She had me hooked.
At one point, she ordered some drinks. When they arrived, she gave me the bill.
— “Hmmm. I’ll give you 1,500 each in my room”, I said. ” “You pay for your drinks.”
— “Give me 1,500 now”
— Hmmmmm?
— If you don’t give me money now, I’m not going with you.
— Ok, no problem.
I bowed slightly, smiling, and went away.

Many times, I’m very happy to offer drinks and meals to a party slut; and to *tip* her well for sex… But I didn’t feel like paying this *Nana* girl any drink. It might have been the stiffness of her smile, I dunno — but something made me feel she was tryin’ a con on me. It might as well be I got the feeling that she would star-fish me. I did not rationalise it; it was a very quick, instinctive decision.
I think I’m becoming very good at spotting girls who are genuinely horny. I’m bored of the *working* girls in general; I like slutty *party* girls bettah.
She wanted to party, no problem. But I won’t pay for it, not for you; I’ll pay to shag you ruthlessly, however…

Anyway — there’s so many sluts in Bangkok begging to get banged…

Turned out to be a very good decision. As 2 minutes after I was dancing with 5 genuine *party* girls. Slutty, but not *working*. They were a jolly bunch. One was obviously the *girlfriend* of a beautiful Aussie guy. And all of them had almost finished 2 bottles of whiskey. They were enjoying silly the cheesy music.

Nipple Girl first took my fancy — but she didn’t mind, apparently, me feeling the legs and breast — and occasionally even the lips — of her friends who were dancing with me one after the other. (3 of them had the same t-shirts with a the name of a different city on it : Chiang May, Bangkok, Kon Khaen.) One of them even put her hand in my underpants for quite a while — to the great amusement of the crowd… and invited her friends to do the same…
I really was pleased by my decision to ditch Stiff Girl, and above all to have come to Climax soon after waking up… even if I was drinking a bit of whiskey that early in the day…

Anyway, five of us — including Beautiful Boy — went to a small club named *Swing* — just opposite to Spicy.
Last time I was there, a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, the electronic music was really really good. Not so much this morning. Same cheesy music as in your typical after-hours Bangers club.
The place was virtually empty when we arrived, but it rapidly got packed.
But I didn’t mind much about anything; Nipple Gal was *taking good care* of me.
In my room, she was a bit awkward at first. We took a shower together and I notice some serious stretch marks on her butt. The kind I’ve never seen before. She must have be quite fat in the ass, probably. But her stomach is perfectly flat, her breast quite proeminent but polished and firm.
Completely naked after the shower, she asked:
— I go now na ka?
— Hmmmmm? Why?
— Why you want me to stay?
— Hmmmmm?
I was not feeling very talkative, and just proceed to lick her unshaved puss. (I almost asked her if she wanted me to shave her, but witnessing her shyness, I refrain.)
I shagged her like that and like this. Then she told me she did not enjoy to fuck.
— Hmmmm?
But then she mounted me, and jumped non-stop, breathing deeply and fastly, while holding my hands on her tits, until I came. She didn’t. I had lost control — but then, she had kinda told me that she wanted to stop, no? So I wasn’t feeling guilty about it.
Until it became clear she wanted more.
I don’t understand why some girls manage to say one thing while doing, or wanting, the diametrical opposite.
Anyway, I just wanted to sleep a bit now.
But she wouldn’t let me to. She licked my nipples, sucked my dick, sticked her tongue in one ear, moaning — but to no avail. I needed a quick nap. Or my dick did anyway.
I felt asleep on her shoulder; and she listened TV.
When I woke up, she immediately dragged my head between her breasts and began to moan when I played with her titties.
I eventually managed to make her cum. Needless to say, she fell asleep soon after.
And for the first time in weeks, I felt like writing a blog.

It has been a crazy few weeks.
Here are some pics from Pattaya.

Fortune-telling at 7 in the morning. A few whores trying to decrypt their future, methinks.
Interesting body language of the fortune-teller. What does this *tell* means?

Many many Indians in Pattaya. Not all of ’em tailors.
In the bus on my way back to Bangkok, I was unlucky enough to be surrounded by some. Yes, It stank. The Thai guy on my right was really pissed off.
Why — oh why? — don’t they put deodorant? It really is beyond me.

One handsome man in Pattaya. I’m surprised that Bush Junior didn’t put Patts along Irak, Iran and North Korea on the Axis of Evil thing. I might have supported the invasion and destruction of the place…

The guy didn’t move for a while after this punch. It ended the fight. And the winner asked me for some money…

Walking Street

I took this pix from a short-time room on Soi 6. Do you think they’d noticed me? 😳


Pregnant Girl — who’s now the mother of a one-month old baby-boy — whill come in Bangkok to spend a few weeks with me in my room.
I look forward to it. It will give me the opportunity to detox… And I kinda crave to spend time with the adorable little fella. He’s very quiet. He gets drunk on milk — literally, I mean — he look real ecstatic after each ration…; sleeps ; shits and pees; and above all, smiles. And he smells so good.

Mother Girl wants to get back in shape, and to go back to work. Before Cow-Boy she was working in a skin-clinic on Suk. We’ll see what she’ll do… Her mother takes care of the beer-n-whiskey shop *my* babe had opened in Isaan recently.
I will not marry her to get a visa, or for any reason; I’ll get an Ed Visa this year. When I’ll get my new passport in a week or so, I’ll get all the paper-work ready, and fly to Kuala Lumpur at the end of April.

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    10 Responses to “Waking Up and Hitting a Night Club”

    1. That first Walking Street picture with the big nose farang really catches the ambiance from WS & Pattaya, while other pix really shine with their composition and show your steady hand – seriously, quality pictures, well capturing and accompanying your internal monologue.

      • dapurplespy said

        I like this picture too.
        The expression on his face is very genuine. Natural. He didn’t notice I was photographing him.
        Lucky shot.
        Too bad my phone’s camera is so shitty.
        I almost bought an iphone yesterday at the Mac Shop opposite Siam Paragon. 21,800 bath for 8 gig (is it the storage or the processor?) She told there were iphone up to 32 gig. But someone called me when she quoted me the price and I had to move on.
        Any advice as to what to buy — I want the cheapest price — and where to would be appreciated.

      • Daywalker said

        Pic number 2. Is that Kenny in the background? Blue check shirt? 😆

      • Honestly, any of the 8GB models (and all the ones with the aluminium back) you’ll end up with shitty pictures as well. The camera on those models was 2mpxl and thus borderline — the newer models have 3.2mpxl, which is the sweet spot of resolution, but also auto-focus and auto-white balance (those last two make all the difference).

        21,800 for the 8GB model is overpriced – you can get it brand new, directly from TRUE MOVE for 19,900 Baht right now. You should be able to find used ones from that vintage in the 12000 – 16000 Baht range — but, as I said, you won’t be happy with them.

        Your best bet is to pay a little bit more, and just walk into a TRUE MOVE shop, and ask for the ‘iPhone 3GS’, ‘contract free’ (meaning it’s unlocked and you can use any SIM in it).

        Pick up the 16GB model from TRUE MOVE for 24,500 (there’s hardly any use for the extra RAM in the 32GB models — yes, the number refers to memory capacity). The 8GB models are roughly 3-4 times slower, and not worth it. The 3GS model is well worth the extra ~4,000 Baht than what you were quoted.

        I’m actually writing up an article on all the uses of the iPhone 3GS, particularly when ‘traveling’.

    2. SBDOTKU said

      PURPLE! Where have you been man? I was just reading about education visas for farang on (I think). If I had cash in my pocket and wanted to stay I would definitely get an edu visa. I’ve seen advertisements for a couple of Thai language schools that actively advertise that they will get you the visa. Walen is one. Anyway – find one that IS advertising that they will provide you with the visa as some schools don’t have their act together regarding providing it. I want to say Walen said 1 year tuition (including visa) will cost <30K Baht.??? No clue if Walen or any of the others are legitimate or what…

      Here's some info on schools:

      You may want to look on too. I think there is some info about it.

      And thanks for the hottie report.

      • dapurplespy said

        I was in Bangers and Pattaya and Isaan all along, Supreme Being — but didn’t feel like blogging!

        I plan to go at this school : Unless someone credible tells me it’s real shitty, or signal me a better one.
        They have a promotion — 180 hours for 22k. Usually it’s 30k.

    3. Punter said

      I know the girl in the black & white striped top and the dark blue denim shorts. Banged her once.

    4. Wombat said

      “I don’t understand why some girls manage to say one thing while doing, or wanting, the diametrical opposite.”

      Ah, the old don’t stop don’t stop phenomonom.

      BTW I’d look ecstatic too if I had those tits shoved in my face regularly.

    5. Dedicated D1ck said


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