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POLL – RESULTS: BigBabyKenny RSS Feeds

Posted by BigDummyKenny on February 27, 2010

Only and exclusively on BigDummyKenny do you have election quality polls.

Should the BigBabyKenny RSS feeds be dropped? We let you decide.

Poll will close next weekend.



16 Responses to “POLL – RESULTS: BigBabyKenny RSS Feeds”

  1. Daywalker said

    Kenny knows that if he posts yet more lies, then we’ll see them over here and want to read further.

    The only viewers he has are from here, so I say drop them and leave his his site to evolve into a chat-room for moRonru and himself.

  2. Agreed.

    Seeing as how the only conversation taking place over is between ‘Kenny’ and his various sockpuppets, *and* the whole goal behind their current staccato comments is to provoke a response.

    So far, all they are doing is also providing their own responses, while posting under previous posters’ handles, to make it seem like there’s an actual back and forth. I guess there’s a lot of desperation going around over there – heck, they even have a sockpuppet posting in the Duck Pond, as he finally realized I’m not posting over there.

    Plus, the BTF posse of dedicated detractors (hahaha!) is doing exactly what I was hoping they would be doing. They are such well trained puppies, aren’t they?

  3. Odd thing – with the installment of this poll, suddenly a whole slew of ‘celebrity sockpuppets’ have started posting back and forth over at

    They even dug a Prufrock impersonator out of the closet — correct, that’s not the ‘real’ Prufrock posting, which is kinda ironic, considering Zero-Pruf’s obsession with ‘truth’ and ‘proof’, to see his alias now getting misused for misdirection and deception is sweet irony, indeed.

    I wonder if we’ll see the Werewolf impersonator next, as well…?

    • Irony is ‘Prufrock’ posting:

      “Freedom of speech smeared vs propaganda ?
      I’ll take freedom of speech.”

      and posting that statement in support of


      Yeah, back on topic – at this point, nothing critical lost if we lose the RSS feed, though they come in handy to see when he steals content from So, I’m torn.

      What they would be useful for, is to see what crap is being tossed around, and then to talk about it over here, on

  4. Purple Vampire said

    My sleep pattern is completely fucked — since I went to Pattaya… I slept between 9 fucking AM today, until 17h00…
    Like a proper vampire. Some gal bite me, playfully, in Patts (not to the blood, however); maybe I’m turning into a monster.

    Can exchanging saliva with a Succubus do that to you? I’ve deep-kissed plenty there…

    Happily, I’m still able to run 90 minutes on the treadmill; I feel fit; but out of touch with the actual world.

    Yet I have to go to the Embassy tomorrow, to renew my passport, which is virtually full. At 9h00. Hmmmm, I think I won’t sleep tonight, in order to be “fresh” for this real-world task. Maybe I could try to not sleep all day long as well, in order to re-establish a decent sleep pattern…?

  5. Purple Vampire said

    oh, and Kenny Boy : why don’t you wanna play me @ hold’em poker?


    I want to play against you! 8)

    Zing Zing loy!

  6. Purple Vampire said

    Can we have one feed comment from multiple tweets?

  7. SBDOTKU said

    Big Baby who?

  8. So, looks like will become an even more ‘ronery’ place, with the only conversations between Gookamonkey and acolyte.

    Of course, this also means that he’ll start another wave of ever increasing provocations…. well, that is, if he’s still around…

  9. Punter said

    So, looks like will become an even more ‘ronery’ place, with the only conversations between Gookamonkey and acolyte.

    This comment takes on a special irony when you look at the avatars on the first eight comments in this string. Daffy seems to relish playing the counterpart role of talking to himself on this site. The only real question is whether Daffy is trying to imitate BBK or the acolyte. Funny guy, that Daffy.

  10. Daywalker said

    You have to laugh at Kenny constantly pointing the finger at the Mango owners saying they are forcing girls into having sex with customers… then he fails to acknowledge that (before he spat his dummy out) he was in there trying to hire women for sex. Unsuccessfully I might add.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Holy cow, no way? It’s nearly impossible to fail at hiring a woman for sex, especially in the Mango area. That surely explains Kenny’s bitterness and hate, more and more.

      ‘Rejected’ by the Mango blog (for – gasp -removing a post of his) and the rejected by a girl that is NOT available for hire – he then decides to ‘fire back’ by spreading all kinds of lies on how he WANTS the world to be — somebody buy this man a hooker. Quickly.

  11. adman said

    No surprise on the results.

    I see ‘Ronru’ and his cast of alias’ have turned on WW now.

    I also see that these attacks have increased since BBK got his hands slapped by his employer.

    • dapurplespy said

      I don’t get it. I’ve just logged into, to witness by myself what’s going on.

      Why on earth is BBK encouraging speculations from his angry mob about WW’s decision to eradicate the bulk of his archive, as well as BBB’s, on WW’s Lair?

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