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Sent to us by Anon

Posted by dapurplespy on February 27, 2010

[Editor’s note : we received this morning the following email. And since we have a no-something policy, we do publish every email we receive.]

My best and only friend in Thailand has been sent in rehab to cure the smoking and beer-drinking habits he had picked up.
Boozymonkey had become aggressive, and most annoyingly, he was vomiting in my own new shiny pick-up a Daily Dose of the cheap beer he was drinking at the money-losing Brand X Bar.
So for his own good (and that of my pick up), I had to send him in the best rehab center in the The World.
Here are the GPS coordinates : [Editor’s note: Please don’t post coordinates that include geographical informations].

Boozymonkey’s drinking problem began years ago a few months after landing in Bangers. My friend was fathering a lot of childs. Tons of them. For he was always *forgetting* to wear a rubber in his nightly *expedition*. 🙂
But being a fundamentally good, decent monkey, he did nurture the bastards. Sadly, his money quicky ran out, and he recently had to pester passers-by for booze, cigs and pussies. I for one was sending him $20 in a P.O. box every week. He’s my best friend after all! (Even tough I was seeing him almost everyday, I came to the conclusion, after a very lengthy chain of thoughts, that it was the cheapest and most efficient way to give him money.)

All the girls of the The Puss Scene seem to believe he’s my actual brother. Now pathetically, I’ll have to stalk the girls alone. 🙂 [Editor’s question : was it joke? If not, why the stupid smiley face?]

Please Bro, get rid of your vices fast, wear again quality -fabrics, and we’ll soon explore again the The Puss Scene outside the boundaries of the The Zoo.




11 Responses to “Sent to us by Anon”

  1. dapurplespy said

  2. dapurplespy said

    Dummy, feel free to alter the thing to make it funny…

  3. RealDaffyDuck said

    I had no idea he smoked and drank …

  4. SBDOTKU said

    So he is the PurpleMonkey? Always more fun to hunt for TGs with a wingman!

    • Katechon said

      BoozyMonkey thinks I smoke and drink and shag and gamble too much — don’t wanna be seen with me! 😦

  5. Daywalker said

    I think I am seeing his Sister. 🙄

  6. Hey Daffy said

    Hey Daffy, you seem to be real tight with the Mango Crew now. Have they invited you to go on one of their G Club crawls? No? How about one of their Soapy crawls? No? It won’t happen either.

  7. Daywalker said

    Hey Daffy,

    Fancy going on a soapy crawl?

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