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Where are the beautiful sluts in Pattaya?

Posted by dapurplespy on March 2, 2010

I’ve been there one week, and was basically stuck between Walking Street and Soi 6.

There are things I clearly don’t get about Pattaya :
Why is the food way more expansive than in Bangkok? Why are the motosai taxis 100% more costly? And why is the pussy 50% cheaper?
Weird economics.
Good, quiet clean rooms are also very easy to find at ridiculously small price.

But above all, the thing I’d really like to get an answer to is: WHERE are the beautiful sluts in Pattaya?

I mean, come on — I might have been unlucky, but they’re quite difficult to find. Lots of them look just sick. Or old. Or both.
Some evenings it took me up to 5 or 6 hours before spotting one with a clean smooth skin and a healthy glow; and half of them were not interested in me!

In Walking Street’s Lucifer Disco, the band is better than in any farang-oriented clubs I’ve been to.

But most of the girls are ugly as hell. As a result, the few lookers feel like super-stars.
Granted, many girls can look quite good under the red and yellow lights; but I’ve had to ditch a lot of them as soon as I saw their faces under the street lights. I’m not joking. It happened at least a dozen times.
They’d have atrocious skin; or would look older than 30 y/o…

— “Ok, I think I’ll have to go back inside, sorry” did I whisper more than once, shyly, and while sliding her a coupla hundred baht for a (literal) loss of face.

So — where are the good looking sluts in Pattaya?
I’m picky but not that choosy. I know I look like a skinny monkey. And I’m very happy with the girls available Bangkok’s Climax, Spicy, Bossy, etc. But very very few lasses did hit my fancy in Patt’s Insomnia, or Lucifer, or in that other club opening at 3 in the morning.


P.S. One precious advice I can share as we don’t have many readers : guys, don’t be shy to hit the few tall and whiter girls in the after-hours club scene. Most of them are from Chiang May Mai.
Don’t be shy: Even if they are stunningly beautiful, and well dressed, and way more elegant than your typical Isaan slut, and have their own cash flow. If they’re there, it’s because they wanna meet farangs. And most of the guys there will neglect them, for some reasons that are beyond me.
It’s a fact. They’re available; and they want to meet you.
Isn’t fantastic? Many such lovely lass told me : “Farangs prefer Isaan girls; darker girls, and smaller girls. Me, I’m white, and I’m tall; farangs don’t like it too much.”

Oh! Baby — I for one love you all!

*Thanks God silently for all the gorgeous Chiang May Mai sluts willing to fuck a pale skinny monkey like me*


81 Responses to “Where are the beautiful sluts in Pattaya?”

  1. John Brown said

    At least you spelled Chiang right…

  2. PE Mcguiggan said

    youre cool as

  3. John Brown said

    Katechon, I just picked up the latest edition of After Dark. It’s about 20 pages of gloss worth half of a self jerk.

    I don’t know why I buy these things, but it could be a start into a long journey if I wanted it to be… exploring Patts and the gogos.

    It gives the locations of the sluts and their names too 🙂

  4. SBDOTKU said

    In my VAST experience of TWO visits – one of which I brought my own sand to the beach – I get the vibe (and seasoned professionals please chime in / contradict me) that Pattaya is much more of a GOGO place rather than a freelancer place. I found PLENTY of cuties, but then I was in the GOGOs and ended up buying my candy from there.

    Pattaya’s whole economy seems to be based on the GOGOs so the normal freelancer-types: uni girls, pretend uni girls, office workers, pretend office workers… that feed off (mostly) expats in Bangkok can’t survive in Pattaya as there is not the quantity of farangs / Men-with-money. The visitors to Pattaya are two-week tourists and young guys on shore-leave from whatever navy is in port. These aren’t the type of guys that will go search out a freelancer when the GOGOs are plentiful and have a large and good selection.

    If a guy is only in a place for a few days and has a choice between trying to figure out the where, who, how and how much of a Freelancer versus a much more straight-forward transaction at a GOGO, I think most first-timers / infrequent visitors will take the GOGO experience.

    That’s my view of it. Expats and old-hands feel free to disagree.

    • dapurplespy said


      Yes, I think you are right.

      Yet Gogos bore me very much. I won’t miss Patts! Only maybe I’ll go back to hit again a chick or too I met last time. Or in the very low season — for some three-fun with hungry gogo-girls.

  5. Daywalker said


    Just to clear something up… the person posting on my pal Kennys site under the name ‘Daywalker’ is not me.

    I don’t know who it is. My 1st thought is that it is a pal of Kenny trying to cause trouble for me.

    If ROTF is reading this, please note that it is not me (big head?) that is hurling abuse at you!

    Kenny is the only person I have issues with.

    – I refuse to post on his site.

  6. trapshooter said

    “Why is the food way more expansive than in Bangkok? Why are the motosai taxis 100% more costly? ”

    Because the 10 million guys who used the toilet before you… The 10 million guys who went to Pattaya before you are the scum of Western civilization, brain-dead fucks who couldn’t analyze the real value of things and just quietly acceded to the ridiculous costs.

    “And why is the pussy 50% cheaper?”

    Because these are the whores who can’t find work in Bangkok. It’s the low end of the market where prices are always lower for imperfect goods.

  7. Purple Curious said

    Sounds like you nail it. It feels absolutely right.

    trapshooter = 8)

  8. Tom said

    Pattaya sluts are fucking ugly :/

  9. Big Black Gulliver said

    Really? The whole city? All of them?

  10. Big Black Gulliver said

    Agreed but he said all! Not true, I just got back a mere 5 minutes ago!

  11. jake jake said

    ok guys….. Im getting ready to go to Pattaya for 2 weeks for my leave time cause I hear it is an amazing place… but I want there to be hot chicks cause im picky. I already have a resort so I really dont want to back out if there is gonna be alot of nasty ass girls everywhere. what do you suggest?

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      Jake Jake,

      For quality women you could not have picked a better place than Pattaya. If your picky, the best bet is the Soi 6 Bar located of all places on Soi 6, you can’t miss it! Leave your condom at the 7/11 you won’t need it. When you go in ask for “John’s Wife” If they don’t understand tell them “you know the old white haired guy who teaches in Bangkok, his daughter works here too” Make an offer to pay one barfine for both mom and daughter. 1150 Baht each will get them long time back in your luxurious Pattaya suite. Have fun and send a post of your success.


    • I didn’t know there was a ‘London’ in Ontario, Canada.

      I second BBG’s healthy suggestions. You can’t lose with that information.

      What resort are you staying at?

    • Big Black Gulliver said

      For a place to stay I suggest the Lord Nelson. In the morning you can watch the hookers come back in the morning and spot you next friend for the evening. Its also funny to watch some old white haired English Teacher stumbling down the Soi looking for his wife who didn’t come home the night before. Buy him a coffee, remind him to take his medication and tell him those 13 towel-heads just got lucky for even more entertainment than the whore you bagged last night!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      You are cruel, BBG, albeit accurate.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hey JJ,

      Just in case this is an honest question, I will provide a answer you can use rather than the wise-ass cracks of my fellow contributors.

      Find walking street by heading south on the main beach road until you find a huge sign that says…wait for it.. “Walking Street.” As you walk down there you will see GoGos on all sides as well as some open bars. (The gogos are the places you can’t see into. Super Baby? Baby Dolls? something like that on the left in a complex of gogos was pretty good last time I went. AngelWitch, further down on the left usually has at least a handful of hotties. Just keep going in places until you find a girl that fits your criteria. You could even go into one of the upstairs places owned by Euro Mafia that have the Euro chicks dancing. Club Buche (?) had one girl I still regret not taking. But I had already grabbed my friend for the evening, who was still extraordinarily beautiful and cool, but mmmm mmmm mmmm, the one that got away!

  12. Big Black Gulliver said

    London, Ontario? Absolutely, you can still pu the Canadian TV stations in Cleveland from London with the old rabbit ears. Great for watching HNC.

  13. Last time I was in Pattaya September 2010 I met some thai beauties in a soi 2 beer bar Supergirl and Champion gogo down walking street. It was a good mongering trip. They are there, seek and you shall find. 🙂

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Sirmarjalot and welcome. Always enjoy a new voice. And by the way, I like your website. Only checked out the first article but found it interesting and liked your writing style.

      For anyone else interested, just click on his Nom-du-Net to be taken to his site.

    • Thanks very much SBDOTKU, Im enjoying reading the articles on here, you have good social interaction on here. And im learning a few things too

    • Just found MongerPlanet myself by clicking on Sirmarjalot’s name.

      Nice articles, nice writing, good contrast. Are you associated with any of the related sites, like Planet Asia, etc, linked on your site?

  14. Thanks Daffy, yes they are mine kind of an experiment working as an affiliate with some other sites to promote some of their material, but not done much on them – but I much prefer writing my own real life experiences, just wish I could travel more.

    I have a blog on wordpress sirmarjalot.wordpress too that works as a kind of doorway to my main one at mongerplanet. MongerPlanet is my own paid for domain name, took me 3 years to get to that stage. Had alot of problems about what I could and could not post on some of the free hosting sites. For any budding blogger I would recommend getting your own domain name and then installing wordpress. But this is an excellent blog. Thanks again

  15. Davo said

    Heading to Pattaya after not been there for a few years, any suggestions where to find a good performer to look after a 50 year old?

    Same again for Chiang Mai

  16. @Davo

    Try Rioja Gentleman’s Club in Jomtien Beach.

    They are open from 1200 to 2000. Soi 7 off Wat Bun Road.

    They can find exactly what you are looking for by calling the Mamasan at 0808310710.

    • Davo said

      Thanks Big Fella

    • Robert said

      I don’t think Davo has to schlep all the way to Jomtien in order to find “a good performer” and there’s no shortage of girls in central Pattaya and Walking street.
      Do the usual beer bar / Go-Go’s round, talk with the girls that appeal to you and if the chemistry is there performance will usually follow.
      Just keep in mind that you can’t put the ball entirely in the girl’s court, it takes 2 to Tango and don’t expect miracles on the first time you have sex with a new partner.

      Enjoy your coming trip.

    • Not sure that going 5 minutes down the road to Jomtien Beach is schleping.

      Given the choice of calling Mama and telling her exactly what you want (specs) and having a couple of girls waiting for you in some air-con or schleping up and down some Soi’s wasting time and money looking for chemistry….I’ll take option # 1

      Robert, if your ronru/Ronru why don’t you just post under your known moniker? Kinda childish don’t you think?

      Grow up, grow and pair and we may let you come visit Thailand some day.

    • Robert said

      I never pay any attention to the advice of a mamasan and as matter of fact do my best to avoid having anything to do with them.
      Davo is looking for “performance” which has direct correlation to the chemistry between him and the girl and no mamasan can help him there.
      If Davo is old, overweight, etc it is unrealistic on his part to expect a young looker to put her heart into the act or that his idea of performance might be just laying flat on his back while the girl is riding on top of him until he cums.

      16 days to go and I’m in Pattaya. YEAH!!!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “16 days to go and I’m in Pattaya. YEAH!!!”

      Wanna bet he’s a no-show?

    • Daywalker said

      I’ll be in Pattaya in 15 days.

      Fancy a drink? 😉

    • Robert said

      Life is like a box of chocolate Graham. I might hop in a taxi and surprise you at the Mango anniversary party.
      It can’t be worse than the yawn of last year.

      P.S. Keep the pigs away from the birthday cake and share it!

    • I’ll bet a 1000 Baht that he’ll be a no-show.

    • Daywalker said


      I’ll be the one (again) in the Daywalker t-shirt. Same as last year. I will be the one that you said was not me!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      DW – wear a name tag. Change it several times during the party – that will leave Robert confused.

    • Robert said

      Daywalker – many thanks for the tip. And I always assumed you’re the roustabout working for Saudi Aramco:

      [INCORRECT LINK REMOVED TO PROTECT THE WRONG PERSON] (editor’s note: and there’s your proof – as if we needed any – for “Robert’s” dishonesty and disingenuousness…might as well turn the link to a bullshit award!

      Daffy – feeling rich? BBK will pay a lot more than your measly 1000 Baht for a non-Photoshopped, “in perspective”, in focus, pixel-contiguous shot of Graham.

    • I think that Robert’s link should be removed, that’s not the right G. Jones.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      BBG – done!

      “Robert” – really, BBK is offering a prize (that he will never pay) for pictures that are al;ready publicly posted? Precious.

    • Robert said

      Picture #8 (Graham the coward hiding behind a yellow smiley) is the one before.
      Watch for the picture after. 500USD is what Kenny will pay.


    • RealDaffyDuck said

      “Robert”, are you somewhat retarded? Seriously? Are you?

      The *VERY FIRST* picture displayed is DW :

      Then this one:

      Then this one:

      Then this one:

      Then this one:

      Of the 18 images seen on this page, DW is clearly visible in 9 of them.

      You are retarded, that’s it, right?

  17. Davo said

    You are very correct, I will bring some chemistry to make me perform and if I could put my balls in her court as you suggested I would want nothing to do with her

    Thanks Robert

  18. […] I've been there one week, and was basically stuck between Walking Street and Soi 6. There are things I clearly don't get about Pattaya : Why is the food way more expansive than in Bangkok? Why are the motosai taxis 100% more costly? And why is the pussy 50% cheaper? Weird economics. Good, quiet clean rooms are also very easy to find at ridiculously small price. But above all, the thing I'd really like to get an answer to is: WHERE are the beautif … Read More […]

  19. martin d said

    after a big push by dafne and his merry band of muppets the tumble weed bloweth again

  20. What The Hell said

    Robert – You’ve got issues bud. Relax a little. Enjoy life.

    • Robert said

      You are entitled to have an opinion but I didn’t ask nor need your advice thankyouverymuch.

  21. davo said

    Whats my chances of connecting with any of those beautifull creatures in photo number 9 on my visit??????????

    • Davo it depends on how much Baht you have in your wallet and you don’t look like Kenneth Ng.

      Speaking of Dr. Kenneth Ng, I like his new website much better. The performance is much better and doesn’t lockup my machine like the old site.

  22. davo said


    Plenty of dough ray me in the skyrocket mate, beauties like that are on my bucket list, just give me a hint as to where I can sniff them out……………..literally

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Davo – first stop, BKK – I would suggest signing up with one of the DrLove Nightlife Tours. Best 800 Baht spent to get your situated and familiarized with the territory.

      Then, have a couple of fun days in BKK.

      Next stop – Pattaya!

      DrLove offers Nightlife Tours in Pattaya as well, to get you started.

  23. davo said

    Thanks RDD for your suggestion

    Back in 1982 I first hit the shores of asia and have been to BKK many times over the years.
    I reckon Pattaya is the better of the two but I have not been back there for awhile hence me getting info of you blokes connected to this forum. Now I have bugged up this morning by deleting those photos of them there beautifull chicks, please advise how I can get those and other photo’s.

  24. davo said

    I forgot to ask the following, the last time I stayed in Pattaya the hotel wanted extra coin if I brought a girl back, told them to shove it and moved out.

    Any reccomondations for a good hotel, own spa in room etc ???

    Need to spoil myself a bit.

  25. SBDOTKU said

    Hello Davo,

    Here’s a quick list of no-joiner hotels:

    Which hotels to take depend on the ratings, reviews and feedbacks of the hotel. In North Pattaya, Nova Lodge in Sabai Resort does not have any joiner fee together with Tropicana Hotel, Pattaya Garden Hotel, Sunshine Garden Hotel and Best Western Bella Villa Cabana Hotel while those in Central Pattaya include Flipper Lodge, LK Metrapol, Sabai Lodge, R-Con Residence, Siam Sawasdee, Baboona Beach front Living Hotel and Mantra Pura Resort. South Pattaya has Areca Lodge of Diamond Beach, Diamond City Place Apartments, J&P Court, Naris Art Hotel, Camelot Hotel, Mercure, Natural Beach Resort, Opey De Place, Pattaya Centre, Sunshine Hotel and Residence, Tim Boutique and WElcome Plaza. Some hotels under 100 dollars usually do not have joiner fee but still are decent and quite popular with guests. All of these popular hotels with out joiner fee in Pattaya are clean and decent and are guests- friendly.

    I got from here:

    Though I personally do not recommend the Tim Boutique Hotel. Dirty, run-down and overall poor service was my experience when I had the misfortune of staying there during my last stay.

    You can also get a list of guest friendly hotels here: You can choose the third tab of descriptors marked “amenities” then hover over the “more” arrow and “girl/guest friendly” will be a choice you can select.

    Here is the resulting url for Pattaya, girl friendly hotels:

    I would then cross check this list against or but then I do way too much research before I travel.

    I was looking at the LK Renaissance and the LK Royal but they were both unavailable when I was going to be there.

    I’ve stayed at the Mercure, which was a bit off the beaten path but very nice and the Penthouse (rolls eyes), which everyone should stay at once, just not if they want to feel a “touch of luxury” as you requested.

    Hope the above helps with hotels.


    • davo said


      I have narrowed the accomodation down to the Baboona, LK Renaissance, Nirvana,LK Royal or the Penthouse ( which I thing would be too noisy plus cleanlliness does not appear to be a priority.

      Appreciated your advise

    • Davo, I have stayed at the LK Royal Suites numerous times, good staff, great pool and a relaxed environment. Guest friendly but you need the girl to leave her ID with the Security Office rather than the front desk just writing down the information.

  26. Robert said


    Davo – you come across as an imbecile and your dumb questions sure indicate so. FYI, none of the girls in picture #9 is the regular syphilis ridden prostitutes employee at the Big Mango bar who will give you a quick blowjob in the dirty toilet for 500 Baht. They’re agency girls who got hired for the night in a desperate attempt to make the dive look better and your chance to shag any of them is virtually zero unless you’re prepared to throw away some serious cash. If you want to sniff them out then go for the hole which is as dark as their heart and if you don’t know what I’m talking about read the current Stickman weekly.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Thanks BigDummy for appropriately tagging “Robert’s” contributions.

      I wonder if his abusive behavior is part of the improvements that he was suggesting for the site…?

  27. Robert said

    Many thanx to the readers who keep voting my comments 5 stars. Much appreciated!

  28. Soobig park AKA Robert said

    Onya Robert. Yur da man!

  29. Its time to send Robert back over to that ash heap known as BigBabyKenny. I have a feeling that Robert needed to wander over here due to Kenny’s continuing site performance problems.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I have a feeling you are right on both counts – “Robert” must have gotten bored over on Kenny’s site, both waiting for every single page to load (funny how quiet he is about that), and probably bored by the tumbleweeds over there, because that’s all the traffic he’s getting nowadays.

    • Robert said

      I’m the first to admit that as of April 2010 is a waste of time and we all know who to thank for ruining a once great blog.
      There’s very little reason to visit there and the technical problem are of no importance as far as I’m concerned. If not for the Galt continuing saga Kenny’s site would have been dead by now.

      And BTW, John Galt did a sensational detective work by exposing “The Bastard” Marc Holt as the cunt behind the Not Keith Summers hate site AND revealing his private home address.
      [ editor’s note: we see no reason to contribute to or support this feud – link removed ]


    • Who should we thank for ruining Kenny’s master plan?

    • Robert said

      Congrats, Ronru, another Bullshit Award!The people responsible for the demise of are the same who forced Werewolf to terminate his blog and delete the entire precious archive. Even a person with an advanced Alzheimer will remember the abuse, name calling, Nazi references and subsequent death threats against WW and BBK.

      Back on The Galt topic. I note with great interest that in the ongoing thread on many heavy weight commenters think very little of you Daffy and here is just one example:

      Marc #2 says:
      July 12, 2011 at 8:10 pm
      in a different perspective if Daffy Duck is doing what you said, then he possibly may be a miserable antagonist who also has no life and sets about destroying others for amusement to compensate for his inadequacies.


      And in recent comments the Big Mango bar is getting dragged in the mud… Hahahaha!

    • @Robert – The multiple personalities of you and Kenny do not count as “heavy weights”. It’s just more of the same when things are slow on BigBabyKenny. Once again resorting to using the names of Daywalker, Nick, BigBlackGulliver, DaffyDuck, etc, to fool those who don’t know any better.


  30. dave said

    This Robert snoozer is a bit of a tosser eh??

    On the 9th he wrote a derogatory line or two which far out weighs what I wrote.

    Thats a good sign of a hypocrite

  31. Robert said

    Daffy – The #1 suggestion I have to improve this site is for you to stop interfering with comments to suit your agenda and allow readers to make up their own mind. Isn’t the star rating system to serve this purpose?

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      You comments have not been deleted.

      But you just earned another Bullshit Award!

      Your mother must be so proud.

    • Bangers Bill said

      As someone who has been to the Big Mango countless times both before and since the remodel I can tell you you’re full of shit. As Daywalker mentioned, the staff has only been there for a couple months. Every time I’ve been there the bathrooms have been very clean (and this was most certainly the case when you were there at the anniversary party last year).

      You’re so full of shit I would like to suggest to RDD/BDK that the name on all your comments (including aliases) be changed to “Bed Pan”.

      RDD/BDK – Robert’s comments are devoid of value. Why let him continue to comment here?

    • BigDummyKenny said

      @Bangers Bill – He’s walking a fine line. Other than the occasional worthwhile comment most people ignore him.

      Well, unless you count his sock puppet supporters 😉

  32. robert said

    Bullshit AwardDaffy – Seeing that you twice deleted my response to Davo I’ll post it once again for the benefit of readers who might have missed it: 1. Davo – you come across as an imbecile and your dumb questions sure indicate so. Who goes to Thailand and doesn’t book guest friendly hotel or simply a room for two? 2. I explained to Davo that the girls in the mentioned picture 9 are not the regular ugly, syphilis ridden prostitutes I prefer who will give blowjobs in a filthy toilet for 500 Baht. 3. The girls in picture 9 are from an agency and got hired for the night in a desperate attempt to make the money losing Big Mango bar more appealing for the lame party and Davo’s chance to sniff any of their arses is zilch!

  33. davo said


    Why don’t you go back under your rock, I plugged fella’s fair between the eyes in Kuwait back in the early eighties for saying the same crap you dribble.

    I would say you are one of those queer pricks who gets his rocks off by abusing people and hiding behind a forum.

  34. I’ve read several excellent stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you place sex make this type of fantastic informative website.

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