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Shooting Pool in the Afternoon

Posted by dapurplespy on March 3, 2010

That guy beat me for 700 bahts at Country Road, Soi Cowboy, this afternoon.

I played bad; and he was lucky! Bangkok pool’s rules are strange. You don’t need to call your shot, unless you’re playing the black 8 ball. And if you make a mistake, your opponent will play 2 shots in a row!

I found Country Road in the afternoon to be a bit depressing. Seedy. The girls are used and average-looking at best; but very friendly, and ready to make the first moves. And the sole customers were very old guys. One had a giant beard; another a massive gut. The third one looked like he might die soon of natural causes. Some gals looked hungry for cash however…

I was waiting for a friend with whom to hit the gym, the CaliWow near Asok. He called me to say he would be late. So I moved to Gullivers, as I was in the mood to keep on playing pool.


I had to go to the Embassy this morning, and got lost on my way back, as a result of a détour I made in order to avoid of group of cops. I don’t have a driving license, and the coppers still make me a bit nervous. I’ve asked a couple in the last weeks : “Hey, if you arrest me riding a bike with no driving license, what will happen?” The usual answer is something like : “You gotta pay 400 bahts. Or 200.”
— That’s it. No big problem for me?
— That’s it. No problem.


Oh, and BTW, Werner Herzog’s The Bad Lieutenant is the best movie I’ve seen in a long long time.
The story unfolds in the New Orleans Post-Katrina landscape. Nicholas Cage plays a corrupt cop — a ruthless gambling junkie in love with a thirtyish whore — who’s in dire need of cash.

— Shoot him again!
— Why?
— His soul’s still dancing…

*Fantastic Jazz music playing, and surrealist lizards walkin’*

Awesome. As a shark’s dream.


25 Responses to “Shooting Pool in the Afternoon”

  1. Daywalker said


    Just to clear something up… the person posting on my pal Kennys site under the name ‘Daywalker’ is not me.

    I don’t know who it is. My 1st thought is that it is a pal of Kenny trying to cause trouble for me.

    If ROTF is reading this, please note that it is not me (big head?) that is hurling abuse at you!

    Kenny is the only person I have issues with.

    – I refuse to post on his site.

  2. “Bangkok pool’s rules are strange.”

    Not really – same exact rules I have been playing in Europe (well, France, ok) while growing up. Same rules I’m playing in Southern California.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Yeah. Good to make the distinction. France is NOT Europe. It is, well, FRANCE! Er, on second thought, France IS part of Europe. I’m so confused.

      Anyway. I agree these are similar bar rules I’ve played, though the two-shot rule was a new one.

      I only play cute BGs, that way I never resent losing and get to have a lot of fun while playing with them as they try to “distract” me while shooting. Of course, I don’t usually lose. But some of those veteran BGs are GOOD.

    • Purple Sky said

      You don’t usually use against Bar-Girls?
      Wow, your game must be top-notch, mistah!

    • Purple Sky said

      use = lose

  3. SBDOTKU said


    In case you want to get a Thai driver’s license, I got the link to this website off Werewolf’s blog:

    *shrug* Could be a good idea especially given your plan to stay a while.

  4. Bangers Bill said

    There are so many pool halls between Soi 4 and Soi 33 you shouldn’t be surprised by what you see during the day. You get the cheap charlies out taking advantage of the cheap beer. The girls are lower than average because they can’t compete with the hotties which roll in for the late night shift. Well, thats my thought on it.

    Still, it’s fun for an afternoon change of pace and you will find a few gems out there that you’d be happy to lose to.

    • Purple Sky said

      “you will find a few gems out there that you’d be happy to lose to.”


      I’ve meta staggering gal in Gulliver’s a few months ago (in April, methinks). Very beautiful, with a sparkling smile and a stylish haircut. One of the best kisser ever.
      I’m still *thinking* about her sometimes when I’m horny.
      Looks like it was a one-time deal for her however; I’ve never seen her again since; and I’ve long erased her number from my phone.
      On her way out, she had made sure to make me read some SMS of her farang boyfriend.

      So tanks Bill, I’ll keep hunting for her and her kind…

    • “… and I’ve long erased her number from my phone …”

      Why do you do that? I never erase girl contacts (and I always store them with a picture).

      You never know when they might come in handy.

    • Purple Sky said

      That’s the thing: storing them with a pix.

      I’m not doing that now. And it quickly became confusing : Nung, Nung from Climax; Nung2 from Climax; Nung with the big tits met at the 7/11 in front of Climax…. Nok1…

      There’s also the intermittent feeling that there’s SO many of them. Available. And that’s it’s better not to see the same one more than once… for the sheer pleasure of hunting and wondering into the unknown. At those moment, I’m vulnerable to do stupid things like *cleaning* my phone book.

      Also, I had this silly deal with Mother Girl, at one point. It’s not standing anymore now. I’m a free man again : the spirit of the deal was that I could shag any slut as long as I don’t keep her number and meet her more than once.

      BTW, if *The Hurt Locker* wins Best Pics at the Oscars, I’ll definitely buy an iPhone (it would feel like free money, so I won’t feel any guilt). As you advised me, I went to a True Store recently, and noticed the 16Gig deal. Locked for 6 month only — but the monthly contract is very good : 300 min/per month; many many SMS, Internet GRS and 3G as much as I want for 600 a month. Looks like very good value. IIRC, the phone with contract was around 22,6 k.

    • “As you advised me, I went to a True Store recently, and noticed the 16Gig deal. Locked for 6 month only — but the monthly contract is very good : 300 min/per month; many many SMS, Internet GRS and 3G as much as I want for 600 a month. Looks like very good value. IIRC, the phone with contract was around 22,6 k.”

      Glad to hear you checked it out — the 6 months lock is probably a tolerable deal, particularly if you don’t mind switching to a TRUE number. For me, as I travel a lot, the full unlock was more important – if you stay mostly in Thailand, it’s not such a big deal to you.

      Bear in mind, you *also* get free roaming, and seamless switch over on all the TRUE wifi hotspots across Thailand (well, really, Bangkok), so that’s just an added bonus (the same deal costs 700 Baht on pre-pay).

      The biggest advantage of the iPhone address book is that it is synchronized with the Mac’s address book (or, whatever the equivalent Windows contacts thing is, for those unfortunate to be on Windows), and you can handily organize and edit address cards after the fact on the Mac — one quick sync, and it’s all on the iPhone as well (or, if you have MobileMe, it’ll happen automagically, behind the scenes – usually, by the time you are done editing on the Mac, it’s already sync’d on iPhone).

      Well, good luck with the Oscar bets — I’m betting on AVATAR, but then again, there’s not much guesswork or magic in that.

    • Purple Sky said

      I think the wifi thingy is included into the 600 bath/month contract.

      “I’m betting on AVATAR”

      You are? lol
      You have no chance…. lalalilalère…

      Do you occasionally bet on politics as well? I made a small fortune on Sarko against Ségo; that was in fact my first political bet evah!

  5. adman said

    I think it’s interesting watching guys bring in their girls that were obviously picked up the night before. Some are really cute and then there are those where I ask myself what the guy was thinking.

    • Agree — yeah, I’m always happy to see guys with real lookers, but never understand guys that have a really ugly girl on their arm (???)

      I’m always thinking “is this the best he thinks he can do, compared to what he was pulling in his country — or was he just really, really, really drunk?”

  6. BangkokMilkshakes said

    I bet Avatar wins it. Nothing Hollywood likes more than kissing its own arse. Agree that Bad Lieutenant was a great piece of work. Cage was on fire – better than the original in my opinion…

    Purple, have you tried New Wave pool bar on soi 7? its hit and miss, but sometimes they have some interesting talent…

  7. You know, I have to tell you, I truly savour this site and the great insight. I find it to be refreshing and quite educational. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I finally decided to write a comment on Shooting Pool in the Afternoon – I just wanna tell you that you did a awesome job on this. Cheers mate!

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