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Sunday Bangkok Trivia

Posted by dapurplespy on March 7, 2010

Why would anyone go to a McDonald’s or a KFC for a quick snack when one can get healthier and tastier big fat juicy squids for 20 bahts baht?

Or pulpous grilled chicken’s breast with sticky rice for 60 bahts?

Do you guys eat meat-balls?
I don’t — for I really can’t imagine what they are putting into those!

This little reptile fella is living in my room since a while now. What is he eating? Flies? I’ve not seen any. No ants either.

There’s this very friendly guy in my building — sporting this helmet when he rides his motorbike. Only in Thailand?

Exit question : what a guy does when he feels both lazy and horny?
Yes — he goes get a blow-job at Lolita’s. 😉


Speaking of food — one of my favorite dish is chicken-and-rice.

It always comes with a few raw cucumber slices, a burning-hot soup and, at the good places, a very tasty sweet-and-salty sauce, mildly spiced with chilly, along with bits of raw ginger on the side. One can usually mix boiled chicken with fried chicken.
If you opt for a take-out, they’ll pour the soup into a plastic bag!
Cost oscillates between 25 and 40 bahts. This dish can be found on virtually every corners of Bangers. Yummy.


67 Responses to “Sunday Bangkok Trivia”

  1. Daywalker said

    Pic No.1. Blimey, Mike Tyson has let himself go.

  2. BangkokMilkshakes said

    sometimes only KFC will do

  3. BangkokMilkshakes said

    but yeah. with you on the meatballs. however i do like 7/11 hot dogs in all their incarnations, so what the fuck do i know

  4. Daywalker said

    I like those fried banana thingys… nice touch too, wrapping them in what looks like Thai bank statements?

  5. dapurplespy said

    I’m off to party all-night-long, for I won’t sleep until the Oscars are over, and that will be way past 10h00 morning time in Bangkok!

    My final predictions:

    — I’ve got $500 running on “Avatar” for Best Picture @ 6/4; I have hedged my bet on Unglorious Basterds as a possible upset at 19/1. My head tells me “Hurt Locker” will win it, but my gut feels it’s gonna be “Avatar”.

    — I’ve got over $10k on Bigelow to win Best Director, so she’ll do it. It’s a lock, lockety lock. I promise to spreads all my gains amongst the hottest sluts and possible whores I’ll encounter over the next few weeks.
    Oh, I maybe I’ll get a free soapie from Daffy if he wants to accept my bet. Quack quack!

    — I’ve got a about 5,000 baht on Bollocks to win Best Actress @ 4/6 — just to get a free soapie. It’s been a while! Really.

    • Didn’t see this until now.

      You’re on!

      Only reason why Cameron *might* lose, is because the Academy knows he’ll be intolerable on stage (grin) and Bigelow being his ex-wife, they might consider giving him a little slap in the face. Then again, the Academy being mostly divorced old guys, that might be a reason to vote *against* her.

      Either way, you’re on.

      So, what is this — I buy you 4 soapies if you win, and you buy me one if you lose??

    • katechon said

      ok duck!
      It’s 4 soapies for u if she doesnt get it; 1 for me if she does win…
      She’s a HUGE favorite 8)

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Your choice of Soapies. All good. Let’s see what happens.

    • katechon said

      there’s a good duck!

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Soapie of your choice coming up.

  6. BangkokMilkshakes said

    good luck…think youre gonna need it for the best director…hurt locker was good, but was it anywhere near Avatar in terms of a directorial achievement? not in my opinion…still a woman has never won best director (i think?) so that may be in your favor… i would of put the 10,000 on the best film personally. lets see….

  7. Scampering Jack Wilshere said

    @ Purple – I’d say you’re right about Bigelow UNLESS this is the year they decide that Tarantino gets his lifetime achievement awards. As in Spielberg got best picture for Schindler’s List when ET and Close Encounters were better movies by far. There might be a decision for payback when the academy stiffed Tarantino on Pulp Fiction. However, knock ’em dead anyway, I’m sure the local lovelies will be happy if you win.

  8. SBDOTKU said

    It is all politics. Hurt Locker was a good indie movie and thus deserves a “reward” but Avatar was a game changing movie. Therefore, the academy voters will “split” their votes between best picture and director – whether or not it is deserved.

    I don’t know if Inglorious will get anything. It just didn’t have that big an impact when it was released.

    @Purple. I’m bummed. I couldn’t get an account set-up soon enough in order to be able to make any bets. I could have made some GOOD money. But I’ll set one up for the future.

  9. Purple Nervous said

    “It is all politics. Hurt Locker was a good indie movie and thus deserves a “reward” but Avatar was a game changing movie. Therefore, the academy voters will “split” their votes between best picture and director – whether or not it is deserved.”

    Absolutely. This was indeed my thinking for a while. Thing is, I got it wrong at first, with Hurt for Best Pix, and Cameron for Best Director. But I was lucky : Hurt became favorite, and i was able to sell back my previous position with a profit, and to bet on Avatar for best pix, and Bigelow for best director (i lost around $500 on Cameron).

    SBDOTKY — the next GE in the UK will give fantastic betting opportunities, as well as the US midterms in November.
    My prediction for the UK : Conservative Overall Majority. The actual media narrative is fucked up, completely corrupt. The British journos don’t know how to read a poll, AND a desperate for a tight race in order to sell more papers…
    We can actually get a return of 65% on this. I will be virtually all-in.

  10. Purple Nervous said

    betfair is blocked because of the Republicans. Socialist bastards!

  11. Purple Nervous said

    one of the guy in the oscar thread in the betfair forum is named “viva el presidente!” — that makes me chuckle since 5 minutes.
    i think i’m tired!

    I’ve waged 500$ more on Avatar for best pix cause it went down to 2/1 — i couldn’t resist those odds! Its now back at 45% chance for Avatar / 55% Hurt Locker.

  12. Purple Nervous said

    film editing for HL — doesn’t loook good for Avatar!

  13. Purple Nervous said

    now 60% for HL, 40% for the smurfs

  14. Purple Nervous said

    Oscars counts:

    HL 4
    Smurfs 3

  15. Purple Nervous said

    good luck to find “”El Secreto de sus Ojos” ” at MBK or on Suk!

  16. Purple Nervous said

    next : Best Actress, Actor, Director, Picture.

    Go Bullocks, go!

  17. Purple Nervous said

    btw, were I American, I’d probably be a republican prick!

  18. Purple Nervous said

    the gal in my bed seemed surprised i don’t want to sleep…

  19. Purple Nervous said

    the gal in my bed seems genuinely puzzled to see my sporadically laughing nervously in front of Alice, my computer

  20. SBDOTKU said

    If you have Bigelow, Bullock, Bridges and Avatar you will sweep these 4

  21. burgundy truth said

    @Purple Pant Shitter; you’re wrong about the UK elections. My money’s on a hung parliament with Labour getting the most seats and in some form returned to power (possibly without Brown). This is the Tories to lose and they will. Labour are an open book, but lots of shit is going to come out about Cameron and his cronies. Cameron is a weak leader, the Financial Times will come out in support of Labour because Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, is a dick. Ashcroft will haunt them and remind the electorate what kind of party the Tories are. This is the most detached “old boy” Conservative party for a generation. This is an election about money and at a time when people are hurting financially, I don’t see them voting in old money millionaires. Had Ken Clarke been leader – they would have walked it.

    • Purple Deferential said


      it’s because there are people like you that i can live a nice life in Thailand!

      god bless u and ur kind.

      Thanks 😉

    • Purple Laughing said

      one guy on betfair about bullock:

      ” she looks great with all that makeup on”


    • Purple Laughing said

      u r right that two posh boys as the head of the Tories is far from ideal; Cammo should have chosen someone else.
      But u’ll see: people hate Brown, and the LibDems are fishing from the same pond as Labour.
      There are so many reasons, but I can’t be arsed to enumerate them now.
      I have been warned however!
      oh and stop reading the Guardian and listening to the Beeb– ull make better forecast. stick with the polls.

  22. Purple Nervous said

    i didn’t on best actor

    but i have the rest indeed!

  23. Purple Nervous said

    my offer at 27% for Avatar to win best pix just got called!!!!!!!


    almost 3/1 !

  24. Purple Laughing said

    Free soapie!

    Thanks Bullocks! 😉

  25. SBDOTKU said

    Bridges, YES
    Bullock, YES
    Bigelow, YES…

  26. Purple Laughing said


    Thanks Daffy! 😉 8)

  27. Purple Laughing said

    I’m in the money now! $4k up.

    I’ve got $1,2k on avatar… please!

  28. Purple Laughing said


  29. SBDOTKU said

    NO WAY! Can’t believe it!

  30. Purple Laughing said

    oh well!

    it’s an effect of the new voting system.

    I,m still $2,8k up — with 2 soapies!

  31. SBDOTKU said

    Avatar will be the movie remembered for this year, not Hurt Locker

  32. BangkokMilkshakes said


  33. SBDOTKU said

    I agree. It HAS to be the voting system. I would love to have been able to be the one counting the votes…

  34. burgundy truth said

    I don’t read the Guardian – Beeb is okay sometimes. You have to look back at the last time Kinnock lost and Major won. Polls said Labour were going to win. People told the polls one thing but when they were in the voting booth they got scared and voted for the status quo. I think a similar thing is going to happen – that’s certainly Labour game plan. Do you really want a bunch of untested toffs in power in uncertain times? Plus, the electoral system is weighted against the Tories.

    I also live a good life in Bangers. And although I enjoy a punt from time to time, I make my living (and tart money) via other means.

    Enjoy your Oscar soapies.

    • Purple Sky said

      Thanks Burgundy.

      I’ll get back to you on the GE — zing zing — when my brain will be back to normal mode. From the retard mode I’m on now.

      And it’s nice to hear you’re enjoying a good life in Bangkok. Would be nice if you can send us a write-up or two!


      PS British pollsters made radical changes in their methodology since 1992. ICM in the first place.

  35. RealDaffyDuck said

    Soapies coming up — how many soapies do I owe you, purple?

    How do we do this? I can paypal the equivalent cost to you, or I can send an avatar of mine to deliver and make good on the bet.

    • katechon said

      we could go together next time u’r in Bangers.

    • Sounds like a plan, albeit I don’t plan on getting back until around June’ish (you know, summer university vacations), and I really don’t want to leave you hanging 9so to speak) until then.

    • Purple Sky said

      Never mind. It’s not like am sex-starving or somethin’.

      June or July sounds just fine!

      (It kinda pisses me off now that I’ve flip-flopped on Hurt Locker for Best Pix. I was betting on it before I bet against it!)

      P.S. I don’t know what to do with that over-staying girl. She does n’t want to go now cause “there is traffic jam at this time”.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I sure would know what to do about that overstaying girl, or rather, with her … Heh! (evil grin).

      The other thing I’m worried about is that by June, I’d owe you a dozen more soapies 😉

  36. Young Penfold said

    Daffy – Send him the cash in the post

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Indeed – foolish me, how could I not think about that? In the post, it is. I swear.

  37. Young Penfold said

    Very foolish indeed. This way, Somchai, the friendly neighbourhood postie (postman that is, not post surgery katoey) will be able to steal your cash, cheaper, something else and more efficiently

  38. trapshooter said

    There is no such things as “Bahts”, you ignorant sack of shit. “Baht” is both singular and plural. Stay the hell off of the internet until you learn the proper use of the English language.

    • dapurplespy said

      …thanks for the lesson…

      English’s not my native language. It’s nice to read beautiful prose such as yours to get a better feel of the language.

      I suggest you go get yourself a nice blow-job while listening to classical music with your ipod (Strauss, perhaps?); might reduce the tension, and cool off the anger.

    • dapurplespy said

      I’ve corrected it.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      I’d send you’s some Bahts to help ease your tension, but I have a strict policy to not send any money to puppetry performers, or cretins… So, sorry

  39. SBDOTKU said

    Unlike other sites that will remain nameless, we don’t like to create sock-puppets to curse at each other. And we are tolerant of those that want to post no matter what their level of English proficiency (or lack of medication in the case of the angry poster above). Maybe we should have a thread in Purple’s native language so he can get a chuckle out of our poor attempts to communicate?

  40. Geheimratsecken.

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