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From Nana Liquid to SWING

Posted by dapurplespy on March 9, 2010

Yesterday night I had a rendez-vous with a pal at NANA LIQUID, the reincarnation of the infamous Nana Disco, on soi 4.

[Bonus Questions : Who’s shagging Suk’s legion of Black whores near soi 4? And why are the coppers filming a minuscule soi in Ratchada?]

We moved on rapidly : the music was too loud, and there were no chicks to speak off. It was a Sunday night, after all — and still early, around midnight or so.

So we proceeded to walk to Climax, on soi 11, via Sukhumvit.

The presence of Black whores always suprises me. Where are they coming from? Nigeria? And who on earth would hire a black cunt in Thailand? Call me a racist dick, but I’d put at least 2 robbers if I had to fuck one under gun point. Who are their typical customers?


Climax was packed, and it felt really good by contrast with Nana Liquid. My pal hooked up with a slut, and they went to his place together. And me, I went to Spicy at 5 in the morning.

There, I met a gal before finishing my first beer. Together, along with a couple of her female friends, we moved to Swing, at 5 or so.

As Kenny would say : there was music, alcohol, and people.

In Swing, I was slightly regretting my petite slut, who was sticking to me like chewing gum on a foot. For there was one stunning girl who was eyeing me like crazy : tall, ravishing long hairs, young, slender body, lovely face, and annoying tits. Were I more drunk, I probably would have ditched Sticky-Girl for her. But hey, we were all sharing a bottle of whiskey, and I didn’t want her to lose face in front of her friends.

When you’re horny in the morning, yet alone, here’s an idea : hit SWING at 7 or so.
The place is rocking, and infested by dick-hungry chicks. Some of them quite attractive. And ALL of them quite horny : They’re drunk; they’ve been dancing and flirting and teasing for hours — so sex is very much on their mind. And it shows; they gives this *easy* vibes.


We woke up *early* in the evening, and I just lingered in my room, hoping Sticky Girl would soon be ready to go. But no, after her shower, she just opened the TV and lied on the couch.


I played with my computer ; uploaded some pictures on BigDummy and downloaded some cash into a bank account. Hey, I’ve won almost 60,000 baht of free party-money from bettin’ on the Oscars, and I seriously intend to dilapidate it by buying booze and handing banknotes to the hottest sluts I’ll learn to know from the inside in the coming weeks!

So I switched ON the sixth DVD of 24, season 7, and didn’t put on the Thai subtiles for Sticky-Girl to follow it more easily. She comes from Chiang Mai, works in a Beauty Salon in Bangkok, and her English is very rudimentary. She has only one day off per week, on Monday, poor girl. (I’ve met a coupla “Beauty Salon” girls yesterday; so I guess Sunday’s a good evening to meet them!)

Still, she was apparently going nowhere. I do hate it when a girl overstays.

“Ok then,” I thought, ostentatiously putting 2 thousands baht under her black Nokia, near her purse, and even coughing, while doing so.

But still, she was looking intently at Jack Bauer *taking care* of a bad guy.

I went outside to buy some food and drinks. And noticed on my way that the coppers have installed some cameras on Ratchadapisek, soi 3.

There were a couple of them monitoring a TV screen the cameras were feeding. Is it something new? Why are they doing this? I mean, it’s a very small soi, nobody’s speeding there. Are they doing all this just to record some youngsters riding without an helmet?

When I came back to my place, I was a little pissed that Sticky-Girl had not cleaned the dirty dishes and wiped the bathroom floor clean. That must mean she’s not a totally regular girl, but some kind of shady whore.
I’ve thought of taking back one of the 1,000 note I’d slipped under her Nokia… She didn’t suck my cock, after all, and didn’t let me taste her puss…

So I cleaned yesterday’s dishes, and we ate while listening again to 24.

But eventually, after dinner, she seemingly got bored of Jack Bauer’s ruthlessness, and of me not speaking to her at all.

— Ok, I’ll go, she said.
I instantly paused the DVD, stood up, pocketed my motorbike’s key, and replied “ok, baa”.
— Not now. At 10.


Finally, I gave her a ride to Ratchapisek and she disappeared into a cab. Good.

Ciao ciao.


15 Responses to “From Nana Liquid to SWING”

  1. RealDaffyDuck said

    You are heartless, and a bastard. Good.

  2. “Who are their typical customers?”

    Arabs, from what I understand — or, really confused white guys, or farang who have been living in Bangkok too long, or Chinese guys out to show their dominance, CSUN associate professors who can’t frequent the regular hotspots for fear of being discovered, those sort of people…

    There is, as you can see, a market for them (lest they wouldn’t be plying their trades)

  3. SBDOTKU said

    So Nana Liquid not happening yet? Hmmm, it seems like the perfect spot and the old Disco was always going until the owner went CRAZY with the entry fees.

    And I feel very bad about the Oscars. I still can’t believe that Avatar didn’t win. But I WAS 7 of 8, so if you used my info for the rest, you came out well ahead.

    • dapurplespy said

      Don’t feel bad; it’s really not your fault. I would have done the same move anyway. When I woke up that morning, my guts were screaming “Avatar”. My head — cold hard logic — had became silent.
      It happened many times before: an emotional silly flip-flop of position just before the conclusion of an event.
      I even put it as a rule not to change positions so late into the betting — for I’m more vulnerable to irrationality as I become nervous.

      It’s the run-off voting system that tilted it.

      And as my pal said yesterday ; Hurt Locker was pro-troop while not being pro-war. That’s a big feel-good emotions for the Hollywood lefty type.

      James Cameron is hated in Hollywood, also.

      Before the flip-flop, I was convinced for a coupla days that the Basterds had more chance to win than Avatar.

      Anyway — it’s good fun. And I’ve got TB60k for fun, and 24 to buy an iphone. I might invest it in the UK General Election. Iphone can wait; not the chicks.

      It’s my duty to spread money to the so-called ladies of the night — of all shades, except African Blacks. For some reason, they put me off — maybe cause of AIDS. Since I’m in Thailand, I’m becoming more of a racist; quickly despising a fat white girl in a club, with her unkept hairs, bad unflattering dress and flip flop shoes, usually standing there moving her ass slightly while crossing her arms under a sinking chest; or holding my breath when by-passing a group of Indian guys; or expecting Russians to pay their cigarette pack with coins at the 7/11; or Arabs to speak louder than the music in Nana Liquid while showering the neighborhood with saliva; or Brits to start suddenly running to the nearest corner to vomit beer and burgers while praising some soccer team; or Africans to ask me “hey yo, wassup?”; how am I doing.

    • Pretty much spot on — couldn’t be any more accurate.

      “or Brits to start suddenly running to the nearest corner to vomit beer and burgers while praising some soccer team” <<< My absolute favorite, and sooooooo true!

  4. “So Nana Liquid not happening yet? Hmmm, it seems like the perfect spot and the old Disco was always going until the owner went CRAZY with the entry fees.”

    Was that former owner Indian?

  5. Young Penfold said

    Swing is the easiest place to pick up bitches in the world. A mate of mine finishes trading on American time around 6am in Bangkok, and regularly takes a cab to Swing, and scoops up drunken crack-whores and drags them back to his place for a crushing

    Beware, the ‘hotties’ you find in Swing, often look like shit on a stick, once you get them in the harsh 9am BKK sunlight. I was in that very same boat 2 weeks back

    • Daywalker said

      “I was in that very same boat 2 weeks back”

      – Are you saying you turned out not to be a ‘hottie’ in the sunlight?

    • dapurplespy said

      The crude morning light can be harsh indeed. To insure that my gal du jour has a fresh complexion and a smooth facial skin, I sometimes take a picture of her in the bar with my phone. This routine has helped me avoid some troll, for the white light of the flash does register weird skin textures and ghostly complexion!

      On our way out of Swing in the morning we encountered this oldish fucktard farang who had got a kicking inside the club.

      I was amazed by the equanimity of the staff : the altercation had thrown many tables and drinks on the floor, and distressed quite a few gals. However, no cops were called, and no revenge taken. Smooth.

    • RealDaffyDuck said

      Drunk, violent, stick-out gut – always a combination to charm the ladies.


    • Lefty said

      Christ, so that’s what happened to me… I remember going to Swing, and some asshole taking my picture in the morning but I couldn’t remember quite why I was outside instead of inside, or why I was so sore when I woke up.

      By the way, I fucked the girl in the white top :p

  6. Burgundy Something said

    I used to live in Ratchada soi 3.

    It’s on the side of the Chinese embassy.

    Maybe the camera is something to do with that.

  7. adman said

    Purple Spy.

    Thanks for the report and nice BBK D300 quality photos. It appears they’ve decked Liquid out in their refitting the place. What did you think? nice?

    If they keep the prices down and the cover down they should do fine. I’ll put that on my visit list next time in Bangkok.

    • dapurplespy said

      There was no cover when we went. I don’t recall the price of the bottled beer. 180? 130? I couldn’t possibly say. 😳

      But the place was virtually dead; there were no proper chicks. Hecatombic. Climax felt like a sunny bleu-skyed day in contrast; and Spicy like Paradise; and Swing like a phantasm I could have in Paradise.

      But I’ll be back, and will report.

    • Birth pains — they have an initially uphill battle, but it will all depend if they make it attractive for the freelancer crowd.

      …and, as that other guy pointed out, THEY NEED THE DANCERS BACK!!

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