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Please God…

Posted by dapurplespy on March 10, 2010

…I wanna shag a tall gal with long long legs like that tonight. I don’t care if she’s 30 or 20; white or brown; a whore or just a horny slut.


There are days when I crave for a very young woman, and others for a more mature one. Sometimes I’m hungry for big round bouncing tits; other times for sensual red fleshy lips, revealing a a powerful tongue. Today, I really need to feel firm, endless silky legs — perched on very high heels. And stick it between them.

Toodle Pip!


17 Responses to “Please God…”

  1. God said

    Ask and ye shall received.

    …. and so it shall come to pass for you, my son…

    • dapurplespy said

      Well, You sure did play *funny* tricks on me last night, Old Man!

      Why? Have I sinned? I don’t bareback anymore… Well, yes, 3 weeks ago, but since I’ve been a good boy.

      So why, God? WHY?


      I had the kind of night that if precisely reported à la Werewolf, Kenny would call me (again) a liar or a truth-bender.

  2. RealDaffyDuck said

    OK – awesome legs, but what’s the deal with the whole whispering, pantyhose thing? Is that some kinda weird japanese ritual?

  3. Oh, yeah, and good luck finding what you’re looking for — I have a feeling you will…!

    • Purple Fetish said

      I like to ride in the Thong Lor area, hunting for good cheap legit massages. I’ve found one place — I’ll blog about it later on — where they provide fantastic 1-hour oil massage, in a very serene, peaceful atmosphere, for 400 TB.

      During those trips, I’ve noticed that in many Japanese Karaoke joints, the girls are wearing nylon stockings and high-heels. The Japs love it, and so do I.

      I dunno precisely why, but sheer nylon stockings or pantyhose can seriously turn me on — it makes them legs so shiny and sexy. I suspect I would wank myself to death during lunchtime and coffee breaks were I working in a office full of leggy nyloned sexy sluts.

  4. dapurplespy said

    In the West, part of the ritual of life was to wax my black Italian leather boots; in Bangkok, I have to clean my white running shoes.

  5. dapurplespy said

    Wow. I just bought lots of jeans at Imperial World, on Lat Prao, @199TB each. Very very good looking jeans. Really.

  6. Young Penfold said

    Your best bet is cracking your wallet open, and going to Caesers in Ratchada. I saw a few tall wenches in LaBelle models lounge a few months back aswell

  7. Young Penfold said

    Who gives a fuck if she was a ladyboy or not? Slip her tackle to one side, and plough her in the shithole. Simple.

  8. SBDOTKU said


    Give us a less-than-Werewolf-quality run down. I won’t call you a liar, just one lucky bastard!

  9. farang_jai_dee said

    Hell, If I laid on the floor and pointed my camera up the midget on Sukhumvit would look like she has legs that go on forever. Though, I must admit, her legs did look dam good.

  10. Purple Luck said

    Holy Cow! — I just got lucky there.

    Mother Girl wanted to come live with me, at my place, for about 2 MONTHS, with her adorable little baby-boy. I was kinda suggesting 3-4 weeks… to which I was looking forward to. But 2 months minimum? Hmmmm. I was feeling nostalgic in advance.

    She was kinda begging for it. I couldn’t possibly refuse to accomodate her, if she thought she needed it. Really. No way. Not with this girl. I wouldn’t care for any other gal, honestly. But not her.

    So she was supposed to take a van tonight with her cousin and the little fella and to knock on my door this morning. But she called it off this morning.


    I’ve probably slept 20 hours since my last comment at noon yesteday!

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