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Red Shirts On The Corner of Suk/Asok

Posted by dapurplespy on March 13, 2010

Yesterday, in Bangkok, early afternoon, as I was riding on my mopped.

Are those guys in red in any way related to these chicks?


8 Responses to “Red Shirts On The Corner of Suk/Asok”

  1. RealDaffyDuck said

    So, I’m interested in how you can use these demonstrations to get laid. You know, kinda like stalking a temple chick and pretending you’re Buddhist / Red.

    Any luck?


  2. Working , so have time to slate this shit said

    Daffy and Purple = Seigfried and Roy.

  3. mopped said

    Hey I’m a german cunt! I cant spell moped!

  4. Big Black Gulliver said

    No traffic on Big Baby Kenny/ronru soooooooooooooooooo the sock puppets attack

    OK, lets play

  5. Thai language school drop out said

    Thank you Katechon. I love the Bible.

    It’s moped not mopped.

    it’s easy to fuck a red and/or yellow shirt. Just lie.

  6. SBDOTKU said

    Watching “Man With The Golden Gun”… ol’ school BKK and surrounds. Not a red or yellow shirt in sight. But the MiB (men in brown) make a guest appearance.

    I am very interested to see what happens. Wondering if the Red Shirts can maintain their energy and focus without Thaksin’s direct presence. Kind of like seeing if BigDummyKenny can maintain its energy after its “reactionary” beginnings.

    And you probably stand a better chance with BGs if you are sympathetic to the Red Shirt faction as most of the BGs are from the NE rural regions that the Red Team purports to represent.

    • Purple Sky said

      i can tell ya that the young men I saw in the parade pictured above — lots of them were standing in the back of pick-ups and small trucks — looked awfully determined. Really really so.

    • I disagree, albeit I have a smallish sample to go on, only — in terms of political awareness when hanging with BGs, the reactions to my political inquiries that I have experienced:

      – their parents are mostly into the Red / love Thaksin, while the daughters are *not* pro-Thaksin at all.

      – very few are in support of Thaksin, and the Reds, but if so, vehemently so.

      – invariably, Taxi drivers are pro-Thaksin/Red (surprise) and I have had quite a few BGs tell them to shut up (which was interesting) to experience.

      – “You want to fuck again?” — there is a certain percentage of girls who are completely politically oblivious, draw a blank expression followed by “Arai Na?”, and then invariably reach into my pants, asking the above question. Those are my favorites.

      I’m in Thailand on vacation, and my priority is not the political situation — unless it affects the Baht exchange rate (which I would not notice anyway, as the $$ is in freefall still), or it prevents me from leaving, or flying there (I angrily recall the day all flights *to* Thailand were cancelled because of the Yellow Shirt BKK grab, as I found out *on the way to my departing airport*).

      Priorities, my friends, priorities.

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