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A Mother-Girl, Her Baby and The Ugly

Posted by dapurplespy on March 14, 2010

Now my life in Bangers will take another turn, for a coupla months. Mother Girl is coming to live at my place for a while, with her 2-months-old babyboy.

Her own mother is a gambling cunt, and the gal does not trust her anymore with neither her money and her baby.

Strangely enough, after having spent a few years in Bangkok, she does not have any friend who can host her. I’m apparently her last refuge.

It upsets me a bit, to be honest, for I’ll lose, momentarily, the ability to host various sluts at my place all night long. Without those sluts, I would live on the beach, not in a polluted metropolis. So I’ll kind of lose the very reason I’m staying in Bangers…

On the other hand, it will be refreshing to spend days and nights with the little fella; he’s very adorable.


It has been hard to witness the recent hardship of this gal; her mother really really does not want to help her at all. Yet this girl virtually built the house her mother lives in; she paid ALL of the outstanding gambling debts her mothercunt had contracted. Now her mother owes another 100k, and Mother Girl doesn’t want to pay it. She could use half of her savings for it, but she doesn’t want to. She has a baby to take care of, to build a future for.

In Bangkok, she doesn’t want to live alone with her baby-boy. Not now. She’s basically never been alone. Never. Even when she enjoyed a sponsored 15k room, she’d rather sleep in Soi CowBoy with her fellow barwhores most of the time, playing cards and smoking yaba until dawn. Or to pick up manly company in an after-hours club.

So she comes to my place. Tomorrow morning.
I can’t say “No” to that. I mean — could you?

I told her however it must be temporary. That there’s no rush, but I’d like her to take eventually her own place, maybe with her cousin, or a friend of hers.
Her cousin doesn’t want a room, she answered. And she has no actual friend; there were fellow barwhores and fellow yaba-smokers, sure ; and customers — but without neither *work* nor drug, there’s obviously no friendship left, none to speak of. Not the kind that will help or host a new deterritorialised mother with nowhere to go.

It’s kind of tragically poignant. But I hope, and feel, everything will turn out to be all right for her. I really hope so. She’s a very beautiful girl; the kind who can pick up any customers in Spicy or Bossy, young and good-looking ones. And she has a six figures bank account (in baht). So she’ll hopefully be all right.

Yet tonight she’s leaving her native village, potentially for good. And her mother — whom she swore to me on the phone yesterday she’ll never see again.

This is what happened, she said : Basically, she wanted to come work in Bangkok. In a skin-clinic, and do some sporadic freelance whoring, in the ultimate hope of finding a proper farang boyfriend. While leaving her babyboy in Isaan, in her mother’s care. Of course, she would send her money. Good money. But in the last week, she came to the cold conclusion that her mother would NOT take proper care of this babyboy. No matter how much money she’d send her. She just would not.

She knows her mother will gamble most of the cash she’d send her to buy milk and clothes and diapers for the kid.

This gal is 19 y/o. And she took this week the decision to quit her native village and her mother for good. She has no roots now. And a newborn boy in her arms.
Despite everything, she still wanna send money to her 16 y/o brother, who does not work after school, for he has to watch for a little 6 y/o bastard their mother conceived with another guy. This other guy is living in the same village with his wife and 2 kids, and does not maintain any link with his boy.

Mother Girl had seen how her mother treated this little bastard boy. Nothing. She didn’t care. Mother girl was about 14 y/o and she had to change every diapers, she gave him powder milk, she slept with him when he cried, etc. Her mother thought only about gambling and eating. Fat fat stupid selfish cunt.

So she just can’t let her babyboy there.

We’ll see how things turn out.


45 Responses to “A Mother-Girl, Her Baby and The Ugly”

  1. She’ll be staying with you for good. Might as well be married 😉

  2. Honest question – why did you get her pregnant?

    • dapurplespy said

      The child is not mine. I though for a while it was; but it’s not.

      When she told me she was pregnant. I kinda assumed it was from me — even though I had been relatively careful no to cum inside her. But one cannot be 100% sure about these things.

      And philosophically I strongly believe, mainly for topological reasons, that a woman shall be sovereign of her uterus — i.e. that the decision “to abort, or not to abort” must be taken, ultimately, between a woman and God, so to speak.

      I’ve told her I would pay for an abortion, no problem; she only had to pick up a clinic.

      Yet under pressure, paradoxically, from her mother and her barhwore-cousin (who recently stole about 60k from an unsuspicious chopper-flying Brit), she decided to keep the child. Some superstitions were involved in her faithful decision, also — the fear that the unborn baby would hunt her angrily…

  3. Wombat said

    Time to move,

  4. Baa loy yet mae said

    chock dee na khrap

  5. SBDOTKU said

    Purple, you’re a good man. I hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in your sacred sack.

    I’m really surprised that she doesn’t have a group of friends from her home town now there in BKK. Most of the stories I have heard explained that a girl ends up in a bar (or down in BKK) usually because a friend or older sister or cousin, etc is in that bar (/ came to BKK) before her and paved the way for her.

    I can understand if all her last set of friends are now yaa-baa using BGs so not the best group to hang a future on together / share a room but I am surprised she doesn’t have at least some very close friends or family to which she could also turn. Not doubting you have it correct, just surprised. Thai culture is such a communal society and family ties are so very strong.

    Is she still in contact with the father? Not that he could provide a “home” but maybe money for a dwelling. I would imagine the offer of free rent and food to some of her more distant friends and relatives might be an incentive to move in with her (and preserve her savings account).

    Ah well, I’m sure the future will be interesting if nothing else. So now we get to hear interesting stories of dirty diapers and breast feeding? And maybe even some stories about the baby?

    • dapurplespy said

      A very closed friend she’d been to school with in Bangkok is now a yaba junkie barwhore.
      Another gal from her native village with whom she also studied to work in a medical clinic is now quite busy — 6-days schedule, and she’s living in a small room with her Thai boyfriend, who apparently treats her quite badly. They were very close, but since Mother Girl began whoring, they slowly lost the close connection.
      Neither “friends” have seen the baby. And the first gal still owe her 5k TB. She’s never answering her phone; might even have bought a few new SIM cards without any prior notice.
      Her close family can hardly take care of her very young baby, for many reasons.
      The father is out of the picture. Ok ok, he sometimes contact her to beg for money, shamelessly, it seems. Last time she saw her, soon after the birth of her son, he asked for her (only) cellphone, which she gave away. He’s an unreliable drunk. Handsome fellow, however.

      I guess she’s just quite unlucky regarding the cuntness of her money-hungry mother, and the unreliability of her violent and drinking father. I really do wonder how 2 such scums were able to produce such a good “bad” girl. She really has a good heart. I can know.

      Regarding the “good man” thing. No, I’m not. I’m a selfish vain neurotic, unstable, cyclothymic commitmentphobe prick — a slut-monger and a gambler; I just don’t have the heart to say “no” to a young rootless mother crying on the phone, basically begging to be rescued for a while.

      And I must admit looking forward to spend time with the little boy…

    • SBDOTKU : “Is she still in contact with the father? Not that he could provide a “home” but maybe money for a dwelling.”

      Dude, the father’s Thai, it seems — what more do you need to know to realize the silliness of your suggestion 😉

      Not that there aren’t any ‘good’ Thai guys around, but it’s been my experience that you’re not gonna find too many of the upcountry, or of upcountry origins.

    • SBDOTKU said

      As I recall Purple advised that the father was another falang the mother-girl had been accompanying directly prior to associating with Herr Purple. He had stated all that in some posts that didn’t involving banging hot young TGs ’til the break of dawn so I can see why you might have missed the info 😉

      Just look at the kid’s pic: he is definitely “luk keung” (half falang/half thai for the folks playing at home). His eyes even look gray / blue. He’s going to have no problem scoring TGs when he gets older as long as his nose grows.

    • dapurplespy said

      Re the babyboy’s father
      Well, he’s obviously farang indeed. But Mother Girl would not tell me anything about him other than he’s a Brit or somethin’. And she has no way of communication with him, or so she told me.

    • A farang acting like a bad Thai boyfriend — oh, wait, you said he’s a Brit.

      Never mind. 😉

  6. doctorbond said

    jai dee indeed – I too hope it doesn’t bite you in the happy sacks

    • dapurplespy said

      I’ll be sure to ask you for advice, doc, if I ever develop any issues with my “sacks” that neither Zithro nor Cialis nor an old-n-wise Bangkok slut can’t fix. With *quality* pictures, of course.


  7. Burgundy Something said

    I hate to agree with the duck, but I think she’ll be with you for a while. She knows you’re a “goodish” man and probably hopes you’ll get attached to the kid, which you probably will. It’s all a cunning ploy …

    I was shagging an ex-whore for a while who had aborted a kid. I used to sleep at her place. At the end of the bed there were always two bottles of red Fanta. She said it was to stop her aborted kid haunting her. Annoyed the fuck out of me cos there were always ants in the bed, but she refused to get rid of the damn things.

    And the best place to abort a kid is PDA above Cabbage and Condoms on Suk Soi 12. Cost about 1,000 baht a couple of years ago. Don’t let some tart scam you out of more. It’s a charity so it’s subsidised and is good and clean. All they do is suck out babies all day long. Entrance to Soi 12 can be a fun place to people watch – you can always spot the girls who’ve been vacuumed. They tend to have a sad look on their faces and walk slowly.

    • Why do ghosts *always* like Fanta, particularly the red?

      If I’m a ghost, and you try to pawn off some crappy Fanta on me, watch out!

    • dapurplespy said

      re the coppers’ cameras on Ratchadapisek soi 3 (from a previous thread).

      I’ve not seen them again yet. I just thought maybe it was a technical test to set them cameras near Esplanades or somewhere else in anticipation of the actual red-shirts manifestations.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Nam manao ok? 😉

  8. Burgundy Something said

    Actually, the entrance to Soi 12 would be a good place for Kenny to hunt for girls.

  9. SBDOTKU said

    Oh yeah, and Purple, click the link below to find a listing of short-time hotels throughout BKK. Sounds like you’ll need them. 😀

    Chok dii, Muang Kaboht! (Purple Spy in pasa Thai 😉 )

    • dapurplespy said

      Kapt kum krap!

      This made me think : I have 5 or 6 friends who’ll join me in the coming months. Some are positive; others not so sure they’ll be able to do it. some will come for 1 month, others for a week or 2.

      So now you got me thinking : Hmmmm, sure, I’ll need a short-time room at least twice a week. But I don’t like the noon check out thing.
      So I could maybe rent a room somewhere for 7 or 8k a month. And some of my friend would be able to use this room when they’ll be in Bangkok…


      If, say, your typical ST room is about 600 baht…. (I don’t fancy the 2-3 hours thingy; I like to play longer than that, and to sleep, also, between the rounds; and to be able to play good music; and to store alcohol in the fridge, etc.) That means I would pay about 1500 per week in average; that’s about 5k a month. So for 3k more only, I could get a full-time room without any check-out hassle.

      I note also that nowadays I tend to bed girls, usually, around 4 or 5 in the morning. Might be hard to find a ST room clerk who’s actually awake at that time.

      Hmm…. I’ll sleep on it.

      I might call it my “minor room”.

      Hmmmm. This idea excites me pretty much.

    • You can find decent apartments for around 5K already. Really depends on how far you want to drive…

    • A link?

      Clearly, you are in the employ, or just another owner/investor of Team Mango, trying to sow your propaganda and daily dose of hatred.

    • SBDOTKU said

      Curses! Foiled again! I’ll get you RDD and your little dog too!

  10. To be quite honest — the superstitious nature and embracing all kinds of dumb superstitions, are the one aspect of Thai culture that worries me the most in most of these girls.

    It’s always refreshing to find one that doesn’t buy into the superstitious crap, that doesn’t believe in ghosts, and that doesn’t feel she needs to go to temple every weekend. Albeit rare, they exist, and they are worth spending time with.

  11. Hello guys! I’m about going on holiday to Asia. I would like some info on Pattaya in Thailand. It’s a good place to go with family or I should choose another place? Thank You 🙂

    • SBDOTKU said

      Hello Mr. Gallager,

      Hmmmm. While I am sure some families do go down to Pattaya to vacation, I would not recommend it. The Ago-go scene is very, very, very present and obvious. Depending on your family’s sensitivity and sensibilities, this may cause some uncomfortable situations. On the other hand, if you have a teenage son, HE will be in frustrated heaven and secretly vow to come back there on his own as soon as he is old enough. (If anyone can comment on how family friendly Jomtien beach is, please feel free.)

      I am assuming you are originating from Bangkok and perhaps want to travel by taxi / car to your destination. If so I would recommend Hua Hin on the West side of the Gulf or driving further down the East side to Rayong. I stayed with my girlfriends family in Rayong and went to the beach during the rainy season. It was still very nice however it did not seem a town that would be easy for foreigners to navigate as there was very little English present and I saw very few foreigners (though that may change during the high season).

      If you don’t mind a cheap air flight, I would also recommend Koh Chang off the western shore of Cambodia (yet still part of Thailand). You can check on flights from Bangkok Air (a subsidiary of Thai Airways) to Trat. You then take a ferry over to the island. It is all very organized. As you land at the Trat airport you tell the person at the reception desk what hotel on the island you are staying and they put you on the right shuttle bus which then goes on the ferry and then drops you at your hotel. I would recommend White Sand Beach as the best place to stay. Nice beach, many good places to eat, a fun bar with a great band – Sabai Bar. You can also travel a bit of distance and check out the peer on the southern tip of the island, and there is a elephant preserve where you can see and feed elephants, as well as ride them on a half-day trek should you so desire. Just very relaxing and pleasant but with some other fun things to do.

      Again, if you wish to hit other beaches and don’t mind flying I researched Phuket thoroughly. I would not recommend Patong for a family as there are many Ago-go bars there. I have heard that Karon and Kata are very nice beaches, just not sure what there is to do for nightlife. I flew to here via Air Asia as they had the best price at the time. Air Asia is a local airline based out of Singapore I believe and has routes all over Southeast Asia.

      Ko Phi Phi is a “destination” place and was the location used as the mythical island in the Leonardo DiCaprio move “The Beach”. It is quite beautiful and has some exploring to do and snorkeling and diving are pretty good. Again, not sure what there is to do in the evenings. To get here I believe the only way is to first fly into Phuket (probably Phuket City) and then take a boat over.

      There is also Krabi and Ko Samui as possible alternative destinations in that area that have good revues but I have not been to either.

      I am not sure what a flight costs currently to all of these locations as this is still considered “high season” by most businesses so there may be some slight inflation. I just checked and the flight to Trat / Koh Chang from BKK is about $110, which is about the same as it was when I last traveled there.

      So, in short, if you are driving from Bangkok I recommend Hua Hin on the West side of the Gulf or Rayong on the East side. If you are willing to fly I would recommend Koh Chang on the East side. Otherwise there are many nice places in the area of the southwestern part of Thailand.

      I hope this helps and feel free to ask further questions.

      Enjoy your trip.

  12. Burgundy Something said

    The baby looks a bit like Daywalker …

    • Daywalker said

      The baby has more hair.

      But there is a similarity, and we both probably see more tits than you. 😉

  13. Purple Sky said

    Listening to “District 9” with Mother Girl.
    I’ve told her it’s for real, and she believes me.
    It’s filmed as a documentary, after all.
    She’s fascinated, and a bit terrified.


  14. Purple Sky said looks like it’s down… 😯

  15. adman said

    Purple Spy, Tell us you haven’t tried some of that milk action yourself.
    Yesssss, we know you have 😉

    • Purple Movies said

      I’m actually not sexually attracted to her at all. Not anymore. Dunno why, honestly.

      The lil’ fellow is giving me a crash course in the Art of Sleep… I’m very grateful!


      I’m gonna do a post soon about a rarity in Bangkok: a DVD store in Fortune Mall — named Movie 2003 –, on the 4th floor, which has an incredibly deep selection of non-Thai movies (by Bangkok’s standards): from Pasolini’s “Passion of Christ” to all the Truffaults; from the complete Tarantinos to the first 10 episodes of the 8th season of 24; from most of the Fellini, Scorcese, Kubrick, Woody Allen, Hitchcock, Buñuel, Milos Forman, David Lynch, Andrei Tarkovsky, Akira Kurosawa, Soderbergh, Ingmar Bergman, Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood, Coen Brothers, to the last award winnings documentaries, some quality Japanese erotica, and the 3 “Godfathers”.


      I’ve bought 30 DVDs; she made 115 TB each. More expensive than your 80TB/per DVD in MBK, but worth it for “rare” movies.

      I’m off to watch Wong Kar-Wai’s “In the mood for love”…


    • SBDOTKU said

      WOW! The only (non-pirated) English language DVDs I’ve found have been at Mangbpong (scorpion) stores in MBK, etc. And they don’t have a deep catalog, mostly new release and only those that did well in Thailand (so mostly blockbuster/action-type movies).

    • Purple Movies said

      Exit question : Any fan of Kinji Fukasaku out there? Is it any good? Suggestion?

    • Purple Movies said

      Watching movies alone is so boring; but it can be captivating when you’re with someone else. I don’t understand why, but it’s a fact as far as I’m concerned.

  16. Poodle said

    I don’t mean to be rude, although I often misinterpreted to be so, but isn’t anyone else slightly distressed by the nipple on the bottom tit in the first photo?

    Damn, that areola look like a bald rat caught in a freezer.

  17. BigDummyKenny said

    @ Young Penfold – I admit I cringed a bit when I saw the photo of the little guy getting a mouthful of Issan milk straight off the tap. After reading the post I decided to stay hands off because it’s Purple Spy’s decision on how much of his Thailand life experiences he does/does not share on this blog. Which I think is similar to what you’re undertaking on The Big Mango Bar Blog.

    There seems to be interest in these personal diary blogs and Werewolf’s Lair attests. The readers may choose to look at it positively or negatively but it will make them think and hopefully it will make a few future Thailand sex tourists who happen to read this story think about their actions before they make the bleak future of a Issan Thai girl even bleaker.

    Am I being too optimistic or hopeful here? Yea, probably.

    Regardless I respect Purple Spy’s decisions to be as open as he’s been and think this has been an interesting development in his life that he most certainly couldn’t have imagined 1 year ago.


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